RAAS Chapter 1

Shi Qing slowly closed his eyes, and quietly passed away. The last things he saw were his mountain-like father, his gentle mother, and the brother who grew up watching over him, even though he had always been so rude to him.

In the end, his heart was truly filled with deep regret and sadness. As a child, he was really an unfilial son. He broke his parents’ hearts, caused all of their dark black hair to turn white as snow, and he had even inflicted suffering on his brother who had lovingly cared for him…he was sorry, sorry to all who had loved him. Read more

RAAS Chapter 1

Déja vu a little? Well, I’m taking on just one more project.  Just one more! This one has been on my mind since I first came across it in November. I really hoped someone would pick it up, but that didn’t happen.

Since Screen Partner is only 31 chapters, I will be trying to get through it in bulk, so I’m giving up my reading time for the time being (sobs uncontrollably). The good news is, if you’re looking for some smut, we’re only a few chapters away and then it gets pretty hot for quite a while!!

My plan is to equally balance between Picked up by the Protagonist and this new one, Reborn as a System. It is AWESOME you guys! Both novels are! They are unique in their own ways, and quite different, and that is what drew me to each. I do the proofreading myself, so if you notice any typos please just pop it in the comments and I will fix it asap.

A quick note if you’re new to my site. I don’t know any Chinese. I translate using several online translation sites (the famed MTL) and cross reference them. If I’m stuck then I call in the big guns (aka the folks in my discord group). This means that it’s not going to be perfect, but I think it gets pretty close! If you think I’m way off, please use the contact me portion of the site to email me and I can try to fix it. Also, if I don’t like how something flows I will adjust it accordingly, while maintaining the overall meaning–I don’t intend to stop that. My goal is a cohesive, enjoyable story that is true to the source material but not necessarily word for word–I want it to flow well.

Thank you so much for reading!

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Screen Partner Chapter 3

After repeated psychological struggles, Xu Zheyi decided to sign the contract.

He arrived at the audition 10 minutes earlier than the appointed time, and after checking in with the receptionist, he was taken to the lounge.

There were already two people sitting in the lounge. One of them was the GV actor, who appeared to be more petite than his photo suggested. He glanced indifferently at the door when Xu Zheyi walked in, gave him a cursory glance, and closed his eyes and continued to listen to music. Read more

PUP Volume 1 Chapter 13

After “jiejie1” popped out, the surroundings went completely still for a moment; even Zeno himself was a little surprised. He had worked hard for a long time, hoping to have a “heart to heart” exchange with his protagonist, but slow laryngeal muscle development has made this wish difficult to achieve. At best, he can only babble messy, meaningless syllables. Perhaps, because he has been diligently practicing for so long, he was able to succeed this time.
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Screen Partner Chapter 2

Xu Zheyi, after his contract ended, began searching for work.  
The bank’s compounding interest was crushing him, he had to find a stable and well-paid job to get his debts paid on time each month, which was not easy for him. But he had no other work experience after graduating from college, except acting in an entertainment business.

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PUP Volume 1 Chapter 12

Until they left Fenhong Street, Zeno could not regain his composure. Xi Lun’s men, surprisingly, did not further investigate their situation, and only asked a few questions before letting them go. Of course, they will not receive any more xue nu. Xi Lun may have been kind to them, but this is not a charity.

However, as long as there are no accidents, Zeno has no worries—this is good news. Read more

Screen Partner Chapter 1

Xu Zheyi knew that his acting career was coming to an end. He debuted ten years ago, but only the first three years were fairly good. At that time he was still a fresh college student. Almost every popular magazine displayed his figure, and in the industry he was a fairly well known male model.

Later, a start-up brokerage company found him. He didn’t think much about the signing since from the start he was a star. At first, his income was really good. He played supporting roles in several idol dramas, commercials and was even a regular guest on some variety shows. Read more

New Project

Hello! I somehow found myself deciding to pick up another translation project. It’s called Screen Partner. It is completely different from PUP, and don’t worry, it shouldn’t interfere. {Next chapter of PUP is close to being finished!}

It’s only 31 chapters and they’re on the shorter side (at least off the bat). It’s about a fellow who is cheated into debt, and has to act in a gay AV to make money.

Since there is no supernatural element it is much easier to MTL, so I’ll be doing it on my phone when I’m on the go. I don’t know what kind of release frequency I’m looking at.  I’m hoping to keep PUP close to one chapter every week to ten days, and that one is my main priority.  But, I have a busy life so I can’t really promise anything.


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PUP Volume 1 Chapter 11

Xiao Wu is not a particularly beautiful or dazzling girl, but her smile radiates sunshine and her personality is straightforward. She is a typical girl next-door, brimming with compassion for the weak, but not in a holier-than-thou way.

She can be said to be humble compared to most of the beauties in the novel, but Zeno thinks that her gentleness will bring a warmth to Xi Wei that the poisonous beauty of the others cannot match.
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PUP Volume 1 Chapter 10

The development of things until now are not always as the baby wants, but this kind of hard-pressed emotion that seems to slide into the abyss of ignorance will not be understood by a second person1. Despite this, one point still makes Zeno happy.

Ya Sang has unknowingly rushed to his own demise by tormenting the protagonist. “Curse” is a supernatural novel, and within it the protagonist is almost always miserable. Even so, the guy who makes the protagonist even more miserable will face a fate 10,000 times worse than the protagonist.
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