PUP Volume 1 Chapter 20

Hi Everyone! Before I post this chapter I’m going to write a [not so] quick note.  I know the usual ‘tradition’ is to have some sort of separate post with this type of note, and then link to the actual chapter. However, I intend to eventually delete this note, so I would like to avoid creating issues with links to the chapter and flow between chapters.

First, thank you for reading! Read more

RAAS Chapter 7

Did Concubine Li eat the pill?

While Shi Qing was worrying, she was leaning back on her couch, staring at the little pill.

She was burning good spices in her censer, so her room not only smelled good, but it also provided recuperating effects. These spices were some that Madam Li Er had specially brought from the South, worth thousands of gold—calling them expensive was not adequate. However, because Emperor Xuan Cheng favoured their scent, Concubine Li would burn them year round, never stopping. Read more

Screen Partner Chapter 14

This was not Ruka’s first time sleeping with someone. Thinking over his experiences from past to present, whether it was a coworker or a partner outside work, who among them would not have praised him? So, when Xu Zheyi displayed an expression that looked like he would vomit, Ruka was naturally angry—his pride as a man was wounded. Read more

PUP Volume 1 Chapter 19

“Can’t you see?” The youth speaks in a way that seems unintentional. When Zeno hears those words he feels a burst of guilty conscience. However, he still quickly covers his left eye as well, and then takes two steps, pretending that he cannot see at all. After this, he continues to deliberately knock into the table legs, and then sits on the ground in pain, rubbing his forehead. Read more

Screen Partner Chapter 12

In the spacious master bedroom, everyone crowded around the double bed in a circle. Aside from the hum of the air-conditioner and the suggestive sounds of sucking and licking, there were no other sounds on the scene.  

The videographer standing on the side of the bed received instructions from the director, and then gradually changed the angle and zoomed in on the scene. On the snow-white sheet, a young man lay on his back. Because he was being kissed on his chin, it was difficult to clearly discern his facial features.   Read more

Screen Partner Chapter 11

Until they began filming, Xu Zheyi refused to talk to Ruka again. 

On the one hand, it was because of anger, but on the other hand, it was because of tension.  

He ran to the toilet several times with an upset stomach. The first time he only brought up water, while the rest were mostly just dry heaving. Even so, it still left a bitter taste in his mouth, so he popped in some gum to remove the flavor.  Read more

RAAS Chapter 6

Qin Mo gently stroked him, “Will you die?”

“Of course not! Although we’re bound by the contract, we only need to cooperate with each other in a sort of joint relationship. Our lives aren’t connected like that,” he explained.

“Then what are you worried about?” Read more