RAAS Chapter 4

Qin Mo agreed, and the contract was established.

Then, in a flash of silver, a person and a soul came into the system space together.

Qin Mo’s body was still weak, but he did not really give off a weak look. He was very tall, he had been cultivating for many years, and his level of physical fitness was far greater than that of ordinary people. Read more

PUP Volume 1 Chapter 16

After several days of on and off rain, the riverside has become so muddy that every time Xi Wei takes a step his foot is swallowed in mud. Zeno’s leg bone seems to have suffered a tiny fracture, and if he walks he cannot help but limp slightly, so he has been recuperating.

Since coming back home, Zeno finds that he is indeed unable to see from his left eye. Despite carefully thinking, he really cannot remember when he could have hurt his eye. When his right eye is closed, his left eye has no sight—but it is not absolute darkness either. Instead, his vision is a hazy white, as if he is attempting to peer into a dense fog. Read more

Screen Partner Chapter 7

Later, Xu Zheyi buried the film somewhere in the depths of his computer, but for what reason, he was not too clear on himself. A few days after, the filmmakers sent the new script and a few announcements.

Xu Zheyi looked and found that the new script seemed to have a few small changes in order to better compliment his and Ruka’s personalities. Although overall, the plot was still quite absurd, Xu Zheyi felt that they had intended to follow some sort of plot, despite it being a GV. Read more

Screen Partner Chapter 6

After officially signing the contract following his successful audition, Xu Zheyi rushed home simmering with rage. The first thing he did when he arrived was to open his computer. He searched for a film starring Ruka, and then paid the fee to download it.

He’s going to have a good look at that guy’s package and see what he is so smug about! Read more

RAAS Chapter 3

Finally, this was the truth underlying all that had transpired.

Qin Mo’s mother, Yue Niang, possessed a singular physique that was incredibly rare and ideal for use by demonic cultivators; she was the perfect human cauldron1.

Lu Jiuyuan discovered her secret, coveted her body, and used despicable means to forcibly make her his. However, the delicacy of her physique was beyond the expectations of Lu Jiuyuanthe benefits could only be gained once. Once he had utilized her, further attempts no longer had any effect on cultivation. It was just like a flash in the pan, gone before he knew what had happened. Read more

PUP Volume 1 Chapter 15

Zeno awakens, the smell of burnt meat overwhelming him immediately. Despite the fact that the food he can smell is burnt, Zeno feels a deep hunger—he has not eaten for a long time. In addition to that, he cannot actually recall the taste of cooked food.

Xi Wei can guarantee that he will not starve to death. Unfortunately, due to their impoverished condition, he cannot afford to eat high-end things like meat or other ingredients requiring cooking. Read more

RAAS Chapter 2

It took Shi Qing a long time to read through the “Quick Guide to Being a System” from beginning to end, and it was only thanks to his godly speed-reading skills. Otherwise, with its thickness equivalent to the Kangxi Dictionary, it would have taken him forever to finish it.

Unfortunately, he did not have any kind of photographic memory skills, so although he had now seen all of the information, and gained a vague understanding of it, to actually remember it all? That would be impossible. Read more