RAAS Chapter 53

Translator: Helli

Editor: Kleep

The headline was shocking, and the content was staggering.

What happened that night had never been a secret, especially after they called the police. The reporters with good sense had followed them over as soon as possible, and though they could not enter the house, that did not affect their observations from the outside.

Two ambulances came. Both Qi Zihui and Qi Zirui were also celebrities in the Lanxin District; they had power, money, and an outstanding dimension. On top of having that pretentious look, they would indulge themselves in promiscuity quite often, and also had some ambiguous relationships with several pretty ladies in the entertainment circle.

Therefore, they have long been making appearances in the newspapers. Though their faces may not be known by any ordinary person, the entertainment circle remembers them very clearly.

Even if their teeth were gone now and their faces were all bloody, in addition to having their eyes rolled behind their heads, they could still be distinguished as Eldest Young Master Qi and Second Young Master Qi. With bright flashes pointed towards their faces, a few close-up shots were thrown in.

The reporters were all still imagining what the two brothers could have done when all of a sudden, the great Master Qi, Qi Rui, had been dragged out in shackles.

Oh fuck! Now that’s explosive content!

The cameras were clicking away and Qi Rui had yet to come back to his senses at that time. He was still trying to defend himself to the police, “It wasn’t me, I didn’t hurt Qi Zimo, it was he who…”

When the reporters heard those words, energy surged into their brains in an instant and they were all filled with excitement.

Oh my fucking god, what a big event! This was a real case of rich family domestic brutality, a big war between the uncle and his nephew, even the knives had been pulled out and lives were put in danger!

With an entire bowl of dog blood splashing over their faces, it was simply enough to get the citizens talking happily for at least a year!

Even though the Qi residence guards appeared very quickly and instantly sent the reporters away, those two pieces of information was already enough to rouse enough noise from them to turn over the sky.

All sorts of ideas came crashing into their minds; Qi Rui, Qi Zihui and Qi Zirui, these father and son trio practically had their names blacked out!

Meanwhile, the ‘severely wronged’ Qi Zimo who had been hurt by that crazy madman was being showered with sympathy by the people who did not know what had happened.

My god, how pitiful, this child was only ten years old!

Yet already, by his uncle, and his cousins…

It’s all the power! The money! It’s hard coming from a noble family! It’s all scandals!

This one sided opinion made it so that Qi Rui and his entire family had no way of raising their heads. They could only stay at home with their heads hidden, not a single one of them dared to go outside.

If you said that the disdain of the people was barely anything, then the punishment waiting for them at the government’s side would be big trouble!

The government was established jointly by noble families, and for such a thing to happen in the Qi family, as well as Old Man Qi’s departure, they now had the right to dispose of these perpetrators.

If Qi Rui’s crimes were to be set in stone, then there was no need to mention anything else, they would have no problems throwing him into jail for at least several decades. Also, Qi Lu would then have a reason to remove him from the Qi family registry.

Once his name was taken out, the rights he had to a quarter of those magic stones would be returned to the Qi family.

Then Qi Rui would really have nothing!

How could he not panic? How could he stay calm?

However, that matter could not be settled this quickly. There were quite a lot of people at the scene, and after removing the involved parties, there was still the second eldest brother of the Qi family, as well as Jin Lei.

When the police were doing their investigations, the second Qi brother had not yet had any time to discuss things with Qi Rui. What’s more, he had already been shocked silly by Qi Zimo at that time, and he really thought that his nephew was the Devil. When he was being questioned, he was extremely panicked, and insisted that it was Qi Zimo who had done it. Qi Zimo hurt his cousins, and also framed his uncle, he used his uncle’s hand to cut a wound into his own arm!

Even though that was the truth, when spoken by a person whose eyes showed a trance-like fear, and anxiety, there was no credibility at all.

There was also a female officer amongst those who questioned him, and she almost glared him to death right then and there. What the hell kind of person was that, you call yourself an uncle, you’re nothing more than a beast! And even a retard at that, you don’t even know how to make up stories!


On the other hand, there were naturally those who questioned Jin Lei as well. Jin Lei had both the motivation and ambition, but she still was not rotten to the core. What’s more, she was not as big a fool as Second Brother Qi. So what if Qi Zimo did it? Who’s going to believe her? What’s more, she also hated Qi Rui and his entire family to bits. Even though she was shocked to see Qi Zimo pull such a trick, she was still overjoyed.

Therefore, during questioning, another version was created. Compared to what was written in the newspaper, it was not much different… She even described in detail the reasons why the two brothers got into a huge fight, and while she was at it, even vaguely mentioned that something may be wrong with Qi Rui’s head, he had been getting pretty extreme these recent years…

Coincidentally, Jin Lei’s story was almost identical with what was written in the newspapers. So to say, everyones’ thoughts about the matter were similar, so it was hard for the people not to believe.

Nobody would understand if you told the truth, but those who knew the truth were also making up stories, and so there was a big possibility of covering up the matter.

After looking through the newspaper, Shi Qing sighed and put it aside.

He had faintly touched on the truth in his mind, but he figured that if Qin Mo had his memories, then it would definitely be as he thought. However, right now, Qin Mo was only a child, there was no way a child could go this far!

After class, Shi Qing returned to the Qi residence. Before he entered the house, he felt that something was wrong.

As soon as he entered the living room, he saw the man sitting on the sofa.

The instant he saw him, Shi Qing was petrified.

Qin Mo! How was Qin Mo here?!

No, that’s not it, didn’t Qin Mo turn small? Didn’t he turn into Qi Zimo? Why did he grow up now?

Shi Qing’s mind was in a mess, and he stood there like a fool without moving.

The man finally sat up after seeing him enter from afar, and raised his brows slightly. His thin lips parted slightly, “Xia Nuo?”

That cold voice finally shook Shi Qing back to his senses. He frowned and eased down the palpitations in his heart, and reason finally returned to his mind.

Right at that time, a young boy had sat up at the right side of the sofa. His fair face was stiff, and his eyes that were staring straight at Shi Qing showed a hint of displeasure.

He walked towards Shi Qing and held his hand tightly. He put so much force into his grip that it caused a frown to form on Shi Qing’s face.

“Xia Nuo, this is my father.”

After he was done speaking, he turned towards the man and continued with his introduction, “Father, this is Xia Nuo.”

Only then did Shi Qing come back to his senses. Even though his mind was in shock, he still accepted that fact.

The man that resembled Qin Mo so much was actually Qi Zimo’s father, Qi Lu!

After he greeted him politely and gave him a well-behaved bow, Shi Qing finally calmed down and observed the man in front of him. Then, he was able to pick out many differences.

Indeed, the general shape of his body and appearance was almost the same as Qin Mo’s; peerless elegance, and beauty that outshines even the most dazzling of stars. Yet, after looking at him carefully, you could tell that they were two completely different people.

Their habits and demeanor were very different.

Qin Mo had a very good appearance, but when he stood, the first thing you noticed would not be his looks. Rather, you would be completely shaken by the strong momentum of his person, his leisure and calm, and occasionally, you may not even dare to meet his eyes.

Qi Lu was different. At first glance, definitely, one would be shocked by that exquisite appearance. Between his demeanor, you could pick out his coldness, but even more, you could feel that distance and defensiveness. Especially the fatigue that could be made out between his brow, as well as the lassitude that covered the skin beneath his eyes.

Shi Qing had never seen such emotions on Qin Mo. It seemed to him that at every moment, that man remained strong. He was confident, and no matter what disaster or hardship was thrown his way, still not a single hint of weakness could affect him.

With that comparison, their gap was now obvious.

Perhaps Shi Qing was observing him too seriously, but he could not help but think that Qi Lu’s complexion was not very good, and his face was a little too pale.

Since it had gone by in a flash, he might have seen incorrectly.

Qi Zimo should have mentioned Shi Qing to Qi Lu before this, and after seeing him, Qi Lu spoke to Qi Zimo for a little while.

One asked the questions while the other answered. You could not say that the conversation between the father and son pair was intimate, even to the point of being unfamiliar. One could see that the two rarely saw each other.

After a brief inquiry, Qi Lu got up, “I’m going back now, you better behave at home, I’ll be back during your dimensional assessment.”

Qi Zimo responded with only a cold hum of acknowledgement.

Qi Lu seemed to have thought of something, but he also seemed unable to say it. In the end, he took another look at Shi Qing, and relaxed his stance in a very rare occurrence, and said, “Sorry to trouble you, Mr. Xia, please look for me if you have anything you need.”

Shi Qing nodded. He could feel that Qi Lu wanted to treat his son better. Unfortunately, because he was not good at it, his attempts came out clumsy, so they were all counterproductive.

Since other people had no business getting into that, and Shi Qing would not be dumb enough to bring it up. He only responded with, “Don’t worry, I will take good care of Xiao Mo during this period.”

Qi Lu, “Then, thank you.”

Following that, he turned to leave.

Only Shi Qing and Qi Zimo were left in the room. Qi Zimo pulled Shi Qing forcefully, and for a moment, Shi Qing was unable to resist him. In an instant, he fell to a seat on the sofa.

Qi Zimo stood in front of him and his hand that reached for the armrest just so happened to be holding Shi Qing’s hand. Then, he looked down at him from top to bottom, “You’ve already promised me!”

Shi Qing still hadn’t come back to his senses yet!

“You said you’d marry me!”

Shi Qing, “…” What is this boy mad about?

Seeing that Shi Qing was not answering him, Qi Zimo stared at him without moving.

Just stare at him was not the right way to go, especially as Qi Zimo’s arm was still injured!

Shi Qing did not dare to provoke him, and quickly responded, “Mmhmm, I promised.”

“Then you’re not allowed to stare at other people!”

Only with that did Shi Qing realize what had happened. Fuck me! Was he jealous? My child, does your father know you already learned to become jealous at such a young age?!

Shi Qing had long been experienced with dealing with a mental patient, so he still had a trick up his sleeve to deal with a tiny mental patient.

So, he quickly placated him, “I was just surprised, your dad looks really good.”

Qi Zimo scoffed.

Shi Qing changed the topic, “I was just thinking that when you grow up, you’ll definitely be a hundred times more handsome than him!”

A single sentence was enough to shoot straight into his heart.

Qi Zimo was slightly stunned, but the darkness in his eyes receded. His pale little face was still slightly red, but as usual, he kept a straight face and responded with a snort.

That little face of his that looked like he was very happy but still had to hold it back felt to Shi Qing like it was a cat paw running through his heart. He felt a strong tingling.

It was simply too cute!

Damn, host, you’re so adorable when you’re young! Starry eyes!

Qi Lu walked out of the house and continued to maintain his pace. Step by step, he walked out of the yard. After only a hundred meters, he had actually worked up enough sweat to cover his body. Only when he got into his car did he finally manage to catch his breath. His face was an ungodly shade of white, and not a hint of colour could be seen on his lips.

The butler quickly handed his medicine to him and helped him take it. Only then did he speak in worry, “Master, you… your body…”

Qi Lu closed his eyes and leaned back into his seat before slowly waving his hand and speaking in a hoarse voice, “It’s nothing, I was just too tired recently.”

The butler did not dare to say anything, he could only lightly cover him with a blanket.

Qi Lu closed his eyes, but he could not rest just yet. Harvest season had yet to end when the magic stones had already matured. He definitely could not miss the recent events, it was an excellent opportunity for him to topple Qi Rui, he definitely couldn’t let it pass!

Just a little more, hold on for a little more, when Xiao Mo’s assessment ends, he could finally rest…

His son would definitely get an outstanding dimension, he will definitely be able to inherit the family.

The following month, all was calm.

Shi Qing was simply busy to the point of getting dizzy. Almost all his energy was poured into his various examinations, and because of the special nature of Xia Nuo’s dimension, he forced himself even harder to get full As, only then could he successfully stay in school.

It may also be thanks to luck, but because he had always performed well in class, Professor Wang Yang was willing to recommend him. In that case, even if he had a B+ in one subject, he would still be qualified to stay in school.

Shi Qing planned very well, and he had confidence in his other examinations. However, for Foureyes’ class, he was truly lost. Mainly it was because Foureyes was infamous at being stingy; asking him for an A was like asking him to cut off his own flesh.

Thankfully, now that he had Wang Yang’s recommendation, Shi Qing could finally rest easy. As long as he performed well, it should not be too hard to get a B+.

He never would have thought that Foureyes would actually be generous enough to give him an A. He even patted him on the shoulder and said seriously that he “liked serious kids.”

Even though Shi Qing felt befuddled by this, it still did not stop him from jumping in joy.

Full As! He succeeded smoothly! At the very least, he did not waste Xia Nuo’s ten years of hard work!

After graduating smoothly, Shi Qing could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Yet in the next moment, he instantly tensed up again.

The annual dimensional assessment was about to begin!

The assessment was conducted a month before the start of school. Following, each of them would be separated into different institutions, classes, as well as subject types.

That was closely related to the entire future of these children.

So, the atmosphere of that day was nerve-wracking to the bursting point.

Shi Qing was also incredibly nervous. Even though Qi Zimo still looked fine, he had been holding Shi Qing even tighter during their sleep, and that showed Shi Qing that this child was still quite nervous.

The assessment could not be finished in one day. It would start on the 1st of August, and finally end in a week.

As for the order, it would be based completely on their names.

On the 30th of July, a serial number was issued; Qi Zimo got number 520, which was on the third day.


Hi everyone! Wow it’s been a long time. Yikes. Not even sorry. Well, I’m a bit sorry. As you may have read, we sold our house, bought a new place, and have temporarily moved into a different place while we complete renovations on our new house. All with a new baby. It’s been wild.

I’ll try to keep things coming, but things are so touch and go so I can’t make promises. Renos should be done in around 1-2 months. Then, once we’ve finally settled in, I should be able to get back to normal life. Until then, I’ll do my best to have some kind of regular updates. If I can. PUP chapter coming…soon? Ish?

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