RAAS Chapter 52

Translator: Helli

Editor: Kleep

Ma… Ma… Marry who?!

Shi Qing’s brain finally tripped, and completely lost power.

Was he being proposed to? And it was on a bed, by a ten year old little doll, and a male one at that, he got proposed to!?

Furthermore, he didn’t ask to be proposed to, he proposed!

Holy shit! But the key point is that he’s bent! Straighten it quickly!

Shi Qing’s face was slightly red, but he had still come back to his senses. Cough…Qin lil’ Mo was only ten years old, how did he know what getting married was? He probably just said it for fun!

If… If you took it seriously then you’re stupid!

Shi Qing transformed into an understanding older brother and spoke in an earnest tone, “Xiao Mo, you’re still young, so you don’t know what it means to get married. If you marry someone, you have to marry a girl, you can’t marry a guy!”

Qi Zimo did not refute him, but the hand holding his body tightened even more.

Shi Qing was afraid that he would be blindsided, and was about to explain it in an even simpler way.

However, Qi Zimo spoke right then, “I know it, you hate me.”

Stuffy and hoarse, his voice was tinged with sorrow.

Shi Qing’s heart felt like it had been tied up by that sentence so tightly that it hurt. He quickly said, “How could I?”

Qi Zimo raised his head and watched him with his black eyes, “You hate that I’m too young, that I’m just a child. I want to be with you forever, but you just think it’s a joke!”

Shi Qing was stunned.

Qi Zimo rarely became so agitated. Though one of his arms were out of service, his other arm was still very strong, not at all like that of a child’s.

No… He’s still a child. No matter how deep his eyes are, the mistiness in them could still be seen. He put up a strong front, but still, he could not wipe away that shred of fear at the depths.

Shi Qing watched him, and without surprise, his heart softened.

He held Qi Zimo softly and spoke softly in his ears, “I don’t hate you, you’re an outstanding person, you’re the most outstanding person I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Qi Zimo buried his face in his neck. Because of those words, his eyes were sparkling, and a soft pink could also be seen colouring his snowy white face.

He asked for his commitment, “Shi Qing, promise me.”

Shi Qing did not hesitate this time. With just a slight sigh, he said, “Okay, I’ll promise you.”

Even though pain was tugging at his arm, Qi Zimo still felt a sense of warmth he had never felt before. It came from another person, and as if his heart had attached to his, he felt so very reassured, and also filled with satisfaction at the same time.

Since he was there, he felt stronger, and even if he had to face the suffering of hell, he would still be fearless.

He would definitely grow to become a powerful warrior. Then he would be able to protect him in his embrace, and keep him in his heart.

After all, he was just a child, more so one that had been injured and also greatly impacted by what went on in the afternoon. After he received his sincere promise, Qi Zimo fell asleep.

In contrast, Shi Qing did not feel as sleepy. With his head cocked over to the side, he looked at the boy in front of his eyes. From his small and tender face, traces of his glorious adulthood could already be seen.

When I grow up, I’ll marry you.

He did take it as a joke, but he couldn’t help but keep those words in his heart.

He had never seen himself as clearly as he did now. The heart within his chest had already been forcefully invaded by another person when he didn’t realize it, and would be occupied by them forever.

He leaned in close to Qi Zimo, and landed a trembling kiss on top of his pale forehead. With his eyes closed, and himself as nervous as if he were an immature teen going through his first love, he spoke in a voice that was soft, yet lingering, “Qin Mo, I like you.”

The thoughts from the depths of his heart that would never be heard anyone, he spat them out without any defences up under the night. Like a fairy under the moon, dancing freely, swaying so tenderly, so purely, a scene so perfect it could move the world.

After a good night’s sleep, Shi Qing had a rare chance to wake up very early.

When he turned around, Qi Zimo had actually woken up earlier than him. Here he even wanted to wait on this young master! He never would have thought that this young master would be more diligent than him!

After finishing his bath, Qi Zimo came in while Yan Qi followed behind him with a food trolley.

Firstly, Shi Qing carefully examined Qi Zimo’s arm and nagged him a little. Then, he even specially looked through his breakfast. When he found that there was nothing he could not eat, he finally calmed down.

After having their breakfast, Shi Qing hesitated for a moment, but he still requested a leave from school.

Even though it was close to their examination month and the courses were all tense, they were all rushing towards their important final assault, but Shi Qing still could not stop worrying about Qi Zimo. He was worried that if he went to class like this, his mind would end up with a bunch of unnecessary thoughts.

What’s more, Xia Nuo’s work in school was solid, and Shi Qing had also been combing through his studies without halt, and with the presence of his ‘clear and never forgetting memory’, he was quite confident about passing the exam.

So, he decided to just take the day off.

When Qi Zimo found out, a smile finally emerged in his face. It was so shallow and light that it made him appear even more obedient and adorable.

When the two were together, their morning passed by almost in the blink of an eye. When it was lunch time, Shi Qing finally remembered a thought that he had been interrupted from last night.

He couldn’t ask… No matter how strong Qi Zimo was, he was hurt after all, was it really good to pursue that issue with him?

Even so, Shi Qing still urged him seriously, highlighting things such as “don’t worry about being too young, if someone bullies you you have to fight back, whether it’s an adult or not, you have to dodge as long as you’re able to, no matter what your safety is the most important!”.

And Qi Zimo had also nodded his head. As for what happened, he mentioned not a single word of it.

Shi Qing could only give up. When they were taking their afternoon nap, he changed Qi Zimo’s bandages and reapplied the medicine. Because of his strengthened physique, his ability to recover was very strong. The wound that looked very brutal previously had gradually healed, but because it no longer bled, that horrifying wound was even more obvious. On his fair arm, it looked like a savage dragon, it was very terrifying.

Fortunately for Shi Qing, there would not be a scar due to his physical strengthening; if it did leave a scar on such an obvious spot, it would look terrible when he grew up in the future!

After reenergizing in the afternoon, Shi Qing thought about his own dimension. He wanted to take this time to enter it to experiment a little, but he did not just treat Qi Zimo as a kid, and told him directly about his dimension.

After hearing it, Qi Zimo was slightly stunned, and a hint of tension could be heard in his voice, “Can you bring me in to see?”

“Of course.”

He brought Qi Zimo into his space, but then he was stunned in an instant…

His dimension… there was actually no place to stand at all!

Coming in so suddenly was like falling into an azure sea! He was 175 cms tall, but right here, only the parts above his shoulders could be seen… And his little friend Qi Zimo… was completely buried!

However, our little buddy was always the domineering type. Even though one of his arms were injured, it still did not hinder his other arm from showing off its oppressive power. With a wave of his hand, the sedge that was taller than him were shortened to half in one fell swoop, and Qi Zimo emerged.

When Shi Qing saw this scene, he could not help but think of Napoleon’s famous saying: If you think that I am shorter than you, then I will immediately cut off your head to eliminate this gap.

Light a candle for the sedge.

Contrary to what Shi Qing had expected, Qi Zimo did not seem the least bit annoyed. Instead, he actually saw a rare look of excitement from him.

Though he was only ten and had yet to enter school, he knew much more than anyone else due to his family. In addition, common learning materials such as the sedge plant were something he had learned about very early on in his life.

Yet no matter which book it was recorded in, the height of sedge was only about 20-60 centimetres. Never has anything ever happened like what he now saw before him, they were the extremely tall height of 1.5 meters!

If there was nothing wrong with the sedge seeds planted by Shi Qing, then the problem definitely lay in Shi Qing’s dimension!

Adding onto what Shi Qing said about the sedge taking only two hours to reach the height it would grow to in two days, then according to this ratio, Shi Qing had never entered his space since ten in the morning yesterday. Until now, a total of twenty-eight hours had passed!

It would be just about the equivalent of twenty-eight days in a normal dimension, so does that mean that these sedge plants were growing freely for twenty-eight days?

But there was something else, the sedge plants had also surpassed their own growth limits, and went from their maximum height of 60 centimeters to a total of 150 centimeters. It was more than double the height!

If he were to plant actual practical crops, then the output would simply be beyond imagination!

What’s more, Shi Qing’s dimension was still at its first stage, so there was still ample room for improvement. If it was upgraded to the sixth stage, then its ability might even be many times stronger than Qi Lu’s dimension!

No! There was no need to mention the stage, Shi Qing’s dimension was definitely worth more than a level four!

Qi Zimo pressed down the excitement in his heart and cleared out the sedge together with Shi Qing, and then took care of the soil once again. After finishing their work, they then planted some water sedges at an area that had previously been untouched.

Water sedges, as the name implied, were also a type of sedge, but after some improvements, would have a certain effect. It could be made into straw, and then into paper.

The growth rate of water sedge was slower than that of regular sedge, about three days, but it was extremely small so the output was not very high. Fortunately, it was useful, so it was quite a commonly farmed crop.

It belonged to a higher level of experimental plants and was also one of the preferred targets for early learners.

After planting the water sedge, the two left the dimension and then re-entered after three hours. As expected, they had matured, and it was not any worse than what they had expected.

Shi Qing was also a little excited; it seemed that Xia Nuo’s dimension was truly quite extraordinary.

Qi Zimo was also very interested in this, and he even wanted to continue planting. Shi Qing stopped him though. Since he was injured, he had to properly recuperate.

Qi Zimo had still calmed himself down. What’s more, there was only a month left before his own dimension was to be assessed; he really could not be too careful.

The two of them left the dimension and discussed it for a little while longer. Even though one was older than the other, it was quite surprising that their thoughts could actually reach a consensus.

That was that they had to keep this a secret no matter what.

It would still be all right if nobody knew how badass Xia Nuo’s dimension was, but if anyone were to find out, then it would definitely cause a big uproar.

You’ve seen the tragedy of Qi Lu’s life, haven’t you? If Xia Nuo had also been exposed, then he would become the second Qi Lu.

No… It would be even worse than Qi Lu! If Qi Lu had an entire division of army guards, then Xia Nuo would have a legion!

Thinking up to that point, both of them quieted down.

It was a simple idea to understand. It was like a three year old crossing through the city with a pile of gold in their hands; without any ability to back up the need for such wealth, if it were to be exposed, would it not rouse the envy of the people?

After a moment of silence, Qi Zimo looked towards Shi Qing and said steadily, “Don’t be afraid. I’m here, I can protect you!”

Shi Qing was slightly stunned. Being given such a promise by such an adorable little bun like this, he was starting to feel embarrassed!

Even so, he could not bear to rip apart Qi Zimo’s good intentions, so he only responded with his eye curved into a pleasant arc, “Yes!”

Qi Zimo was still a child after all, so hearing his promise, he could not help curving his lips up to reveal a faint smile.

Shi Qing’s only thoughts were: Damn… So cute! Host, you’re so adorable, does adult you know this?

About his dimension, it would not be too hard to hide the truth. Xia Nuo had yet to graduate anyway, and he decided to stay in school. If he stayed in school, not only would he have the resources to improve the stage of his dimension, it could also avoid the peering eyes of the others, it was simply the best.

After resting for a day, Shi Qing returned to school the next day, and Blondie was rushing over to him in excitement.

He waved a set of newspapers in his hands and the words “gossip, gossip, there’s gossip!” were practically written on his face.

“Xia Nuo Xia Nuo, big news! There’s an explosive scandal from the Qi family!”

Shi Qing frowned slightly and snatched the newspaper over. In big letters, the headlines wrote:

Mutual brutality amongst brothers, uncle goes crazy, the adolescent young master gravely injured!

The author has something to say:

Oof, the next chapter will be faster, then Qin lil’ Mo will get his assessment!


Well, I have some good news…for me anyways! We have sold our home and are purchasing a farm (it’s only 10 minutes or so from where we live). However, that means that I will be pretty busy for a while. Especially when you consider the little bun bun keeping me busy. I am going to try keep up with things though, and somehow, someway, finish up PUP. So close…and still so far.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter. I found it quite heartwarming, and it was nice to see a little self-awareness from our main. He’s not 100% oblivious!! Thanks for reading.

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