RAAS Chapter 51

Translator: Helli

Editor: Kleep

Qi Zimo was injured? Yes, indeed, he was injured, and it was no light injury either. There was a bloody wound on his arm that was gushing with blood. Qi Rui who was next to him had an expression full of shock, and the fruit knife he was holding in his hand was dripping with blood.

When Jin Lei saw this, she had begun screaming since a while ago.

As for what on earth was going on, we have to rewind a little.

Qi Rui brought his five siblings as well as his two sons over to the Qi residence, and their main idea was to take the opportunity while Qi Lu was away to show off a bit and abuse Jin Lei as well as the third generation Qi.

They just so happened to have an excuse too; the magic stones had matured and they came to take their shares. Qi Rui had one quarter of it, while the rest of his four siblings had another quarter. Together, they took up one half of the Qi family’s magic stone output!

Even though they could not get the magic stones if they did not meet Qi Lu, they would still come over to ‘make some noise’ every time the magic stones matured.

Qi Lu was rarely at home, Jin Lei was not loved, Qi Zimo was only a ten year old child, while Qi Zixuan was no more than a little baby. If not for the fact that they were unable to enter the main residence on a usual day, then they would not mind coming over every day to make noise.

The entire Qi family knew that if a child could activate their dimensions at the age of eleven, a stable mind, good habits, and proper nurturing were all very critical conditions to take note of.

The reason why Old Mrs. Qi’s body was in such bad shape was exactly because of how hard she fought to protect Qi Lu, allowing Qi Lu to grow up healthily even if he was surrounded by wolves and tigers!

However, right then Qi Rui had to clear a path for his sons, so naturally he would think of tormenting Qi Zimo and his brother while he could. It was a pity he could not come every single day, otherwise he would definitely report in every single day to irritate them.

Yet even if he could not come each and every day, nobody could stop him when the magic stones matured. He was protected by the government when he went to take what rightfully belonged to him, and nobody could do anything about it.

Coming over with such impure motives, it was only natural that they would not be doing anything good.

Qi Zixuan was too young so they could not bother him in any way, so they could only bother Qi Zimo.

Jin Lei was selfish. For the sake of her own child, she could hardly care about anything happening to Qi Zimo; but she was not completely nearsighted. She still knew that she had to act consistently at the key moments.

So, she was still standing on Qi Zimo’s side for now.

Qi Zimo had already gotten used to this. Magic stones matured three times each year, and they would come three times a year. It was hard not for him to get used to this.

Since a young age, Qi Zimo had been taught to keep calm and to temper his mind. So, even if Qi Rui came to pick a fight and cause trouble, he would still come out to see meet them out of basic etiquette, but that would be the end of it. As for the rest, he was too lazy to even spare a glance at them.

Qi Rui had drawn the shorter end of the stick several times when it came to dealing with him. Though he was already half a century old, he still did not feel any shame hating on a child not much more than a decade old. Today, he even brought his two sons over, thinking that young people had many more tricks up their sleeves, they’ll definitely screw up that naughty little child Qi Zimo half to death!

In the beginning, they were only counting their family funds as things usually went by routine, and they took turns throwing words of ridicule against them. Those were all old tricks they had been going through for a long time, so Qi Zimo found it very annoying.

Who knew that Qi Rui’s eldest son, Qi Zihui would suddenly have a thought, and suddenly burst out with some aggressive material, “Hey! Qi Zimo, aren’t you curious about how your mom died?”

With that, even Qi Rui was stunned. Qi Zimo’s mother had died of illness, everyone knew that. He had even taken that out to piss Qi Zimo off in the past, saying words such as ‘you are the debt your mother owes to the heavens, and it’s you that caused the death of her!’ And many such words had been brought up time after time.

Reasonably, if you had said such a thing to a child, if they had not died of anger, then they might have died of crying. Qi Zimo was not a normal child like that, he had matured way too completely at an early age, so such things had already gone past his mind many times a long time ago. Even he himself thought that way, so hearing someone else say it, he would just agree in silence, and the impact was far less than they had imagined.

When Qi Zihui brought this up today, Qi Rui felt that his son was not skilled enough. That trick doesn’t work!

However, who knew that Qi Zihui was an idiot. After hearing some gossip, he now came over to run his mouth like a train, throwing blind accusations wildly about, “Hey, you really thought your mom died cause she injured her body from giving birth to you? I’ll tell you, that’s false! Your mom’s a liar! Other people have already found out! She actually committed suicide because she was too scared to admit her own crime…”

With this, Qi Zimo stopped abruptly in his steps, and raised his eyes to look at him.

Qi Zihui could feel his goosebumps rising from being stared at like that, but he thought that he had unleashed a great skill, and he had to continue to work harder!

“You thought your mother was some paragon of chastity? Do you really think your parents had a great relationship? As if!”

When Qi Zihui’s younger brother Qi Zirui saw his brother coming on so strong, a thought sprang up his mind as well. He recalled what he had heard the other day and rushed to throw himself onto the oncoming lane as well, “And you’re doing the same as your mom too! You’re only eleven years old but actually went out to seduce people, and even slept with them! You’re so young and you’re already a horny little bastard, and you’re not picky either! I heard it’s even with a student, what was he called again? Xia Nuo was it?”

Qin Zimo had already known that Xia Nuo was Shi Qing, so when he heard what he said at this moment, his black eyes were completely burning with rage.

Both Qi Zihui and Qi Zirui were still feeling quite proud about themselves. Damn, they finally incited a reaction from this little brat. It’d be best if he could die of anger, or at least hurt his heart over this, then hopefully when his dimension activates it’ll come out as trash in the assessment! That would be great!

Qi Zimo looked at them, but he suddenly turned his head to whisper to Yan Qi. Yan Qi’s face changed, and immediately he started walking out. His young master asked him to call the police! Even though Yan Qi could not understand what he wanted to do, he had always been obedient to Qi Zimo, so whatever he asked him to do, he would do. Thus, he ran off quickly.

After Yan Qi left, Qi Zimo started walking towards Qi Zirui and Qi Zihui.

The two brothers were still working hard, and they were in a competition to see who was going to die faster.

Watching Qi Zimo walk over at that time, the two brothers could not understand why but they felt a shudder run down their spines. If they thought about it carefully, he was just a little kid, what could he do? Could he even hurt them?

So, the both of them tag-teamed up on him with their witty remarks, and they were both burning with enthusiasm.

Unexpectedly, Qi Zimo suddenly came close to Qi Zihui, and grabbed his arm. Qi Zihui wanted to shove him off, but then his eyes suddenly widened as a gush of pain shot over. He actually lost feeling in his arm!

A scream broke out in the air. Even though Qi Zihui was already a man over his thirties he still fell as if he had slipped on dog shit, and his face just happened to land on a sharp corner of the coffee table. His teeth shattered, and his face had been battered into a bloody mess.

Everyone present was shocked! There was simply not enough time for them to react.

With one down, Qi Zimo quickly headed towards Qi Zirui. He did not give him any chances at all, with a kick in his shins, the sound of bones shattering was heard! Turning around, he caught his arm. Crack, even his arm broke! Even that was nothing, he aimed towards his chest and struck out with a kick, actually throwing him three meters away, crashing onto the shelf that lined the wall. He also ended up face first in a very accurate landing, and his mouth was slammed into the solid wood. Four of his big incisors came out, and he even bit his tongue by accident, filling his mouth with blood!

It was only a short ten seconds, but the scene was punctuated with wild wailing.

Jin Lei picked up her child, completely stunned.

Qi Rui had also gone foolish from the sight.

Despite all that, Qi Zimo did not stop there. He once again moved his feet, and headed towards Qi Rui.

Looking at the pitiful sight his sons had been reduced to, Qi Rui had long been dumbfounded. When he saw Qi Zimo coming over to him, it almost felt like he could see the Devil himself, his legs were shaking!

Fortunately, Qi Rui was an old man with the corresponding wisdom, and he was also prepared. He saw the fruit knife on the coffee table and he picked it up without even thinking about it. As he retreated backwards, he spoke in a stutter, “You… You… Don’t you come over!”

Qi Zimo’s lips curled up into a mocking sneer, but he continued to step over without stopping.

Qi Rui kept retreating backwards, and finally, he reached the wall. There was nowhere he could run!

He was holding a fruit knife, but he was so scared by this ten year old child that he nearly pissed himself. Seeing that this demon was going to reach him, Qi Rui shut his eyes tight and started to wave his knife around like a madman.

Qi Zimo came close to him, grabbed his wrist, and actually brought it towards his own arm and sliced through. Following that, the smell of blood emerged.

Qi Rui opened his eyes and saw the vicious wound on Qi Zimo’s arm, as well as the fresh blood dripping from his own knife.

And it was right at that time that the door of the living room was pushed open, and a group of police officers dressed in black uniforms quickly rushed in.

What they saw when they entered was… Qi Rui holding a knife, and stabbing it towards a ten year old child.

“Halt!” Following that shout, Qi Rui was quickly arrested as some of the men protected Qi Zimo.

Though the scene was now under control, the originally magnificent and luxurious living room had turned into a mess. Both Qi Zihui and Qi Zirui were unconscious, while second brother Qi had long turned into a fool. Qi Rui was arrested while Jin Lei was just standing at the side stupidly with her son in her arms.

There were too many people on the scene, but everyone’s minds were in such a mess that they had already turned into porridge…

The two injured men were taken away, while Qi Zimo was given immediate medical attention by the doctors. His head was constantly lowered, and when he reached a remote corner, his eyes peered silently over to Qi Rui. With the corners of his eyes slightly raised and the pressure on his lips, his expression was one filled with sarcasm and ridicule.

Qi Rui’s entire person was frozen stiff, and after reacting in the next instant, he quickly argued, “No! It wasn’t me! It wasn’t! It’s him, him! It was Qi Zimo!”

He yelled out, but the only response he got was the contemptuous glare of the people around him. Was the brain of this old uncle from the Qi family okay? If he was going to blame it on someone, then even blaming it on the second brother would’ve been way better than blaming it on a ten year old kid, wouldn’t it?

Just look at how badly injured Qi Zihui and Qi Zirui were, you think a ten year old child cause cause such huge injuries? What a joke!

Yan Qi who came in with the police did not know what happened, all he saw was that his young master had gotten injured, instantly filling him with pain and regret. Qi Zimo looked at him and said, “I’m fine, go pick Shi Qing up.”

Yan Qi was hesitant. How would he be able to just leave without worry under such circumstances?

Qi Zimo looked at him again, and his eyes squinted, “Did you not hear what I said?”

Yan Qi shuddered, but he quickly got up and responded, “Don’t worry, I will definitely bring him here!”

Then, he quickly rushed to the school gates, saw Shi Qing, and nicked him into the car.

Shi Qing, who had gotten into the car, was still feeling troubled. As soon as he heard that Qin Mo had gotten injured, he was filled with anxiety. When he heard Yan Qi’s explanation, and realized that his life was not in danger, he was only barely able to calm down.

It took only ten minutes to get from the school to the Qi residence. Yan Qi drove very quickly, but Shi Qing still felt that it was much too slow. He just felt bitter that he could not just activate his divine steps and rush over immediately!

When they finally rushed back to the Qi residence in their haste, the scene had already been cleaned up. What had to be carried away had already been carried away, while those that had to be arrested were arrested. Even Jin Lei had been called over to another room for questioning.

Qi Zimo had also been sent back to his room.

When Shi Qing rushed over, he was met with the sight of a huge bed. On it, was a young boy who sat quietly with a blanket covering the lower half of his body.

Qi Zimo raised his head, and as soon as he saw him, he put on a smile, “You’re here.”

Shi Qing could not be bothered to care about anything else and rushed over to his side quickly. First, he checked his injury, though it had already been bandaged. Qi Zimo was small, he had slender arms, and this whole arm of his had been wrapped up in bandages. It was not hard to imagine how big the wound was, and how dangerous that had been.

As soon as he thought about how dangerous that situation must have been, Shi Qing could feel something tugging at his heart, and could not help feeling worried.

After feeling worried, he could feel a gush of anger rise up. Shi Qing wanted nothing more than to cut that bastard Qi Rui into pieces right now. Damn him! And he calls himself an uncle? He’s just a beast! Such a young child, how could he even bear to do such a thing! How much did he hate him? Was there really a need for this?

Qi Rui, was it? Blacklisted! If I don’t take revenge then don’t even call me a man! So angry!

He was beside himself with anger, and when he turned to look at Qi Zimo’s pale little face, he felt very pained and distressed.

Such a natural display of concern made Qi Zimo’s mood gradually clear up. He raised his head to look at Shi Qing and said, “I’m thirsty.”

Shi Qing hurriedly acted upon his order and carefully tidied up his blanket for him before pouring him a glass of warm water, bringing it to his lips before speaking in a gentle tone, “It’s just right, not too hot, drink it slowly.”

Qi Zimo nodded and slowly started to drink. Then, he raised his head and stared at him again with his black eyes, “Shi Qing, I’m hungry.”

Currently, Shi Qing’s heart was as soft as a blob of water, while his wild imagination was slowly suffocating him with the abuse. When he heard his tender and child-like voice, don’t even talk about being hungry, even if he asked for the moon in the skies, he would still try and pick it for him.

For that reason, he quickly brought in his dinner and fed Qi Zimo by hand. Qi Zimo fed him as well, and this meal shared between the two of them ended up lasting an hour.

After their meal, Qi Zimo said he wanted to read, but it was not convenient with his arm. Therefore, Shi Qing read it out for him instead.

The two stuck around each other until it was nine, and then Qi Zimo finally said he was sleepy.

Shi Qing hesitated for a moment, but he said, “I’ll sleep next door, I’m worried that when we fall asleep, I might accidentally press on…”

Even before he could finish, he was denied, “No!”

Then, Qi Zimo tugged at his hand, “I won’t be able to sleep.”

A pair of big eyes were looking at him with their eyelashes fluttering, whilst that tender little face looked almost translucent due to anaemia. In addition to that, there was that sweet voice that could almost be described as pampered! How could Shi Qing walk away! After washing up quickly, he got into bed.

When the two held each other tightly, Shi Qing’s heart finally started to slowly stabilize. As he started to relax, he managed gained back a little bit of his already deficient IQ.

This is not right… Qin Mo strengthened his body, so don’t even mention his strength and stamina, wouldn’t he also have an insane amount of agility?

Qi Rui was an adult, but even if special ops wanted to hurt Qin lil’ Mo, that would still be hard, wouldn’t it?

Just as these bad ideas were cropping up in his mind, Qi Zimo rubbed himself on his neck and softly whispered, “Shi Qing, you’re so nice.”

With just this, Shi Qing started to feel a little dizzy. Cough… I’ve always been pretty nice.

“Shi Qing, don’t leave me, okay?”

Shi Qing was quite happy, and could not help saying to himself in his heart: I couldn’t leave you even if I wanted to, we’ve already signed the contract!

“Shi Qing, when I grow up, I’ll marry you, okay?


RIP Shi Qing, whose brain almost shone through for a brief moment there. Also, this is pretty much the halfway point for this novel!

I decided to share a picture of my new little bun in a separate post that can be found here. I’ll probably delete it after a little while, but feel free to take a look.

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