RAAS Chapter 50

Translator: Helli

Editor: Kleep

Wang Yang was still studying the greenery on the ground seriously. It was a plant called sedge that was a herbaceous plant with a short growth cycle. When planted in a dimension with fertile soil and a good environment, it would generally take about two days to mature.

Sedge looked a lot like leeks, but it was much taller than the leek, with almost double the amount of leaves.

Unfortunately, sedges had no nutritional value nor any medicinal uses, so even if the growth cycle was short and came with large yield, it had no practical uses.

At most, it could be used as learning material for beginners. After all, if its growth cycle was short, you would be able to see the results as soon as possible, meaning class could also progress at a faster rate.

Wang Yang took a serious look at the field and the more he looked at it, the more pleased he was with it. Looking at its current growth condition, Shi Qing must have tried to plant them as soon as class had just ended. Since his theoretical knowledge was abundant, his technique was also very skilled, and the rate of growth was very high. Moreover, the survival rate of the plants was also very good.

Only… He frowned as he looked at the empty plot at the side, and asked, “Why is it full of pits here?”

Shi Qing, “…” How was he going to explain that? It was something I made deliberately to fool you! But it’s quite a pity that it didn’t come to use…

Shi Qing could only brush it off with an awkward laugh, but Wang Yang did not pursue the question either. Instead, he started to guide him carefully, corrected some details, and summed up his shortcomings, hoping that Shi Qing would be able to go further in his next try.

Actually, Shi Qing was also quite shocked in his own mind, but temporarily, he did not dare to show it. He only listened carefully and quickly absorbed even more knowledge.

It was not till the end of class that Shi Qing finally breathed a sigh of relief. He finally had time to think about what happened earlier.

Clearly, these plants needed two days to mature, so why did they grow in only two hours?

Shi Qing slowly recalled that Xia Nuo had never planted anything within his dimension before. That was also something he had paid attention to.

Since his dimension was too cramped, if he started to plant all sorts of plants before the time was right, he might even lose the nutrients in the soil and destroy the fragile dimensional environment. When that time came, it would affect the future growth of his dimension in the long term. So, even though Xia Nuo was very curious, he still would not dare to plant anything so easily.

However, now that he was close to graduating, and since Wang Yang had also specifically arranged homework for him, Shi Qing finally had the courage to try planting something. Of course, it was also done strictly according to the requirements of his textbook, and even though time was short, he still did not dare to have the slightest deviation.

He really never would have expected that Xia Nuo’s dimension would actually be so special!

Speaking of which, everyone had their own dimensions here, and the quality of each of them were different. Still, they all shared certain common points.

Take for example, those with farming dimensions. Even though the scales were different, both the environment and the soil compositions were different, and perhaps some had better environments that could produce a higher output, or maybe they could mature slightly faster, but it definitely was not like Xia Nuo’s! It was simply god’s speed!


One had to know that despite Qi Lu’s genius level 8 dimension and its unimaginable size, even with a lot of fertilization, you could only increase the production at most after planting. The speed would still be fixed.

When it came to the harvesting type, minerals were different, and so were their replenishing cycles. Some minerals matured faster in such dimensions, while others were slightly slower, but those all came with a reason. It was completely determined by the overall quality of the dimension. If the elements were well-packed, then it would definitely take less time for ores to grow and in greater amounts; but if the elements were dispersed, it would naturally take a little more time and also in lesser amounts.

However, in the history of dimension farming, an early maturation for plants was something that nobody had ever heard of.

Hypothetically, if you planted a field of wheat in Qi Lu’s level eight dimension, and if the time to maturity was three months, the food received would be enough to feed the people over a large region. If the rate of maturity for wheat was shortened to three days… the rate of output would simply be shocking!

If Xia Nuo’s dimension was rated as a level four, then there was already a lot of space for development. Even though the final scale would certainly not be comparable to that of Qi Lu’s, even if he only had one percent of the space Qi Lu had in his dimension, the output would still be enough to shock the world with that rate of maturity!

Shi Qing was a little excited, but he still managed to calm himself down. Those were all merely guesses, he still had to do some tests to confirm. He had only planted sedges earlier, it was not certain that all plants would grow faster.

His schedule for these three was fully packed, and this was the final battle before their exams arrived. In three days, they would officially enter the examination month. When that time came, he would definitely be so busy that he would not have a pause in his life. Shi Qing did not dare to delay his time, if he wanted to practice, he could only do it at night.

Fortunately, the dorm leaving procedures were already done. When he returned to the Qi residence, he would have a lot of time for experimentation.

Shi Qing was listening seriously in class, while Qi Zimo had also arrived back home to the Qi residence. He never would have thought that the cold Qi residence would somehow be bustling with a rare bout of excitement.

Before Qi Zimo had even entered his home, he saw some cars that were parked out in the yard. There were five cars: two that were pure black, a silver car, a fiery red one, while the last one was a deep sapphire.

All the cars parked there were top, renowned brands, especially the red and blue ones; they were limited edition cars that came out this year. They were not cars that one could just buy as long as they had money.

Regardless, after sparing them only a single look, Qi Zimo calmly moved his gaze away.

He had already known that his eldest uncle, second eldest uncle, third eldest aunt, as well as two of his cousins were back.

Without stopping, he walked in with undisturbed calm. First, he returned to his own room, and then he changed his clothes in an orderly manner.

Yan Qi was keeping guard outside. He had been with Qi Zimo for many years, so he was also well aware of the members of the Qi family.

The previous patriarch had already passed away, while his six brothers and sisters had their own developments. Since Qi Lu was the rarely seen level eight dimension carrier, as well as the patriarch of this family, he lived in the main residence.

For the youngest child to actually achieve the greatest heights; while it may be an established fact, but it still could not help ease the discomfort felt by his other siblings.

Especially Qi Lu’s eldest brother, Qi Rui. Qi Rui was the first son that Old Man Qi had. As the first to grow up, he was also the first to activate his dimension amongst his siblings.

He started off strong with a level six dimension. It was already very good, as one had to know that even Old Man Qi himself was only a level six dimension carrier.

Therefore, Qi Rui was raised as if he was going to inherit the family. He was the eldest, and had an excellent dimension, while Old Man Qi also showed great favoritism towards him. It really was smooth sailing for the earlier half of his life, and even the last few siblings that were born could not match up to him, which solidified that idea in his mind even further.

Old Man Qi had nearly set the idea of him becoming the next successor in stone, especially since he and the madame were already in their forty or fifties. They could not have any more children, which reassured Qi Rui even more.

Who would’ve known that, after a year, Mrs. Qi’s life would actually end in an accident. With his first wife gone, Old Man Qi was down in the dumps for a while, and nearly passed the family down right then and there.

Unfortunately, the rules of society were there. As long as one was below fifty, and was a male, carrying a dimension of at least level five, then the government advocated for one to remarry.

Old Man Qi could not remain stubborn, but he had no intention of asking for more children. He worried that even if he remarried, he would only end up ignoring them.

Qi Lu’s mother was also an assertive woman, there was no need to mention what she expected to obtain marrying a man near his fifties. Especially if she did not have to have a child holding her down, truly nothing could be better than that.

Playing the part of a good wife who was both gentle and thoughtful, even if she received the ridicule of Qi Rui and the others, or got herself caught in many unlucky situations, Mrs. Qi also came up on top and gave birth to Qi Lu.

How would Old Man Qi be unhappy to receive a child even at such an advanced age? He also had his concerns as the path of the patriarch had already been paved out for Qi Rui. His grandson was about the same age as his youngest child, but if he were to dote on his youngest now, he was afraid that Qi Rui might have some ideas about it.

What’s more, Qi Rui had already developed an opinion about this matter.

He never thought about doing anything to Qi Lu at that time, he was only disgusted. He felt that his father was already so old, even if he had married another wife due to governmental regulations, how could he just pop out another little brother for him?

What were he and his siblings going to think about this? He already had five? Was there really a need for more? His little brother was already young enough to be his own child, and to tell the truth, Qi Rui did not find it anything to be proud of.

For that reason, he had even been the laughing stock of his friends for a good portion of the year, to the point where he even gained a new nickname of ‘little daddy’. That insinuated that he was likely going to be raising that little brother of his for the later years of his life.

The Qi family was a grand household with many great businesses under their name, so it was nothing for them to raise a few people, it was just the psychological response that bothered him.

Due to Qi Rui’s thoughts, one could not say that Qi Lu’s childhood had been very nice either. The mother and child duo lived their lives trembling in fear of the future. No matter how much Old Man Qi doted on them, he would never dare to show it on the surface.

Owing to that attitude, Qi Rui and his siblings did not save on their bullying at all, so both Qi Lu and Mrs. Qi really had to go through a lot.

On the year of his eleventh birthday, Qi Lu’s dimension was assessed; a level eight dimension carrier that was hard to find in this world, and the news had nearly turned the entire continent over.

With the strong conflict of interests in the wake of that event, Qi Rui’s hate for Qi Lu burrowed straight down into his bones in an instant.

Unfortunately for him, when the results came out, Qi Lu was completely protected, and Old Man Qi no longer concealed his love for his youngest child in the slightest. With the entire family clan protecting him, as well as the support of the government, there was already a troop of elites watching guard over him at all times even though Qi Lu was only eleven!

Even if Qi Rui had any plans against him, there was no way he could do it.

When Qi Lu finally became an adult and ascended the position, Qi Rui could only feel bitter about it in his heart. He blamed himself for not having steeled his heart and killed that bastard before it was too late!

So to say, Qi Lu’s siblings were all tossed into a mess without any hint of affection to be found.

Old Man Qi had also known that they had a bad relationship. Even though the title of patriarch was still handed down to Qi Lu in the end, he had been doting on Qi Rui for most of his life after all, so how could he bear to see his eldest fall to such a fate? Before he died, he left a will that denoted that he would pass the ownership of one fourth of the magic stones to Qi Rui’s name, and another quarter would be left to the rest to be divided amongst the rest of his siblings.

If you were to call their bloodline the very foundation the family thrived on, then the magic stones would be the things they dedicated their lives to protecting.

It was because of those magic stones that the family was able to attract more people to join them. They would join forces, and together, they would strive to gain more resources, and live better lives.

Magic stones were not a product one could find produced in any dimension, they were a miraculous thing that existed in the world itself, and its only function was to advance one’s dimension. It was a great treasure that one could never even see once throughout their whole lifetime!

The level of one’s dimension was set in stone, but each dimension still had some potential for growth, and that growth was divided into six stages. With each stage, they would enter another boundary.

To achieve the first three levels of one’s growth was still relatively common; as long as you spent a lot of time, money, and hard work, you would be able to see some growth after a while.

However, for the later stages, those would require opportunities. On one hand, they needed even more of the basic materials to try for a breakthrough; on the other hand, you had to have a good understanding of the needs of your own dimension, and the most important thing was that it required a large number of magic stones to act as a medium.

Without magic stones, don’t even dream about breaking through the fourth stage, but to break through to the fourth stage could bring more than twice the growth increase compared to stage three. It was an exponential growth!

For example, a level three dimension at the fourth stage had power that was almost equivalent to a level five at the third stage!

Such a great growth span was simply enough to make the masses go mad!

Unfortunately the output of magic stones was extremely low. You had to understand that the veins of the ores had long been occupied by the noble families, so there was constant strife between those families. The most illogical thing you would ever see was the battle of the ore veins.

As the patriarch of such an esteemed family, the greatest right you could receive was the right to control the distribution of these magic stones. UnfortunatelyOld Man Qi was brain dead enough to pass such an important thing away.

He had good intentions because he knew the gap between them. He understood in his heart that Qi Lu most likely hated Qi Rui as well, and he was afraid that if Qi Lu had the power, that he would never allow his five children any good days ahead of them, so he had to lay the foundation for them to stand on.

He never would have thought that it was those actions that actually gave them the nerve to stand against the heavens; if they could not succeed in this lifetime, then there was still the next!

Thus, all the spears gathered and were pointed towards the head of third generation.

While Qi Lu’s eldest son, our little friend Qi Zimo, had simply become the target they were all aimed at.

Qi Rui’s eldest son was a level six dimension carrier, his second had a level five dimension, while his third son was also a level five dimension carrier. His second child had a son that had only been assessed two years ago, a level four dimension carrier.

Qi Rui had tried his best and hated that he could not be reincarnated into a stud horse. Besides his three children that were already adults, he tried hard to bring another three to this world. He had a pair of twins that was the same age as Qi Zimo, and would also be assessed this year, as well as a little girl who was only six years old.

The entire family had been instilled with this concept from birth. If they could not beat Qi Lu, then they had to beat down Qi Lu’s son!

Qi Lu and Qi Zimo’s mother were together out of mutual love, and had a good relationship. After giving birth to Qi Zimo, Mother Zimo’s body was injured and it took a few years before she could finally recover. Sadly, in the end, she was still lost from the world. Qi Lu was very hurt by that event but he held on desperately for two or three years before finally, he had to go on the same path his father did; he remarried.

He remarried his present wife, Jin Lei, a young lady from an esteemed family, but unfortunately the qualifications of her dimension were only so-so. It had also taken her a lot of effort to be able to get married to Qi Lu.

She upheld the excellent ideals of the old Mrs Qin, and spent all her heart on pleasing her husband. Unfortunately, Qi Lu was a romantic and actually never forgot about his late wife. Even though he had remarried, he was still constantly thinking about her.

Finally, two years ago, the lonely and ambitious Jin Lei could not take it any longer. With a little trick, she finally shared a bed with Qi Lu. Even though Qi Lu was storming with rage the next day, there was no way he could talk about that, so he could only endure it.

At the same time, Qi Lu’s thoughts about Jin Lei had turned completely into hate, and he spent almost all of his time away from home.

Jin Lei also had good luck, as that one attempt had actually made her pregnant! With a child now, she would have ground to stand on; the old Mrs. Qi herself was a prime example of that!

After a terrifying and stressful ten months, Jin Lei’s luck blossomed, and she was given a son. With this, she had taken another big step towards a greater life!

So to say, about 90% of the family were hoping to pluck Qi Zimo out like a weed. Qi Lu was a doting father, but he was truly too busy. As he was a person constantly watched over by an army at any time and at any place, it was only natural that he had zero freedom. Every time he came home, he would always be rushing here and there. Not to mention with that disgusting woman Jin Lei around the house, he wanted to come home even less.

He still had not thought up a way to get Qi Zimo out of that house, and there was no way he could constantly bring a little doll like him out and about all the time, that would be a big taboo when it came to raising a child. If he did not manage to cultivate properly, it might end up ruining Qi Zimo’s entire life when it came time for his assessment.

So, Qi Lu could only become an unreliable father.

He hoped to be able to ask for help from his own mother to take care of her grandson, but ever since her children had grown up, old Mrs Qi had already begun her retirement days. She suffered too much in the earlier parts of her life, so before she was even sixty years old, her body was already bruised and battered. Even if she wanted to help, she could not.

Just like that, Qi Zimo was raised in that house for more than a decade.

He changed his clothes and went to the living room. When he saw the scene in front of him, he frowned.

If Qi Rui and his gang were to return to their old residence, it could only mean one thing; the magical stones were maturing, and they were here to ask for their own shares!

With Qi Lu away from the house right now, Jin Lei could not ward off the blows. As soon as Qi Zimo appeared, all eyes in the magnificent living room were gathered on that little doll.

Truly, none of them wanted anything more at that moment than to open their mouths and eat him up!

Shi Qing finished his classes, and after waiting for a long time, he finally saw the hurried Yan Qi who had rushed over.

As soon as Yan Qi saw Shi Qing, he pulled him into the car and said without stopping, “Mr. Xia, please follow me quickly, the young master is injured!”

What?! Qin Mo is injured!

The only thing Shi Qing could hear in his mind was a bomb being set off!

PS: Don’t worry, even though our host doesn’t have his memories, he still won’t be bullied by anyone! Heheh!


Somehow it took me ages to go through this chapter. It’s not crazy long, but it’s definitely long. More info dump, ending in a cliff-hanger!

The next chapter of PUP is nearing completion, so it hopefully won’t be too long of a wait. Thanks everyone for their patience.

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