RAAS Chapter 49

Translator: Helli

Editor: Kleep

After seeing that scene, how could Shi Qing still bear to leave?

Especially when Qi Zimo turned his head to stare at him. Even though there was no expression on that little face, it still made his heart hurt even more, okay! This was a child who would not even cry to ask for a reward…

Shi Qing’s heart had turned as soft as water, and he quickly walked over to the bed. Then, he worried again that this was still Qin lil’ Mo after all, with his super strong pride…

So, after taking a few steps, he scratched his nose and laughed, “Uh, I’m too used to sleeping here, so I’m not used to suddenly changing beds.”

A flicker of joy clearly entered Qin lil’ Mo’s eyes.

Shi Qing continued to work harder, “If you don’t mind, can I squeeze in?”

Qin lil’ Mo nodded quickly.

Shi Qing had also slipped into bed. A bed measuring at one and a half meters really could not be considered too wide. However, Xia Nuo’s body was as thin as a strip of bamboo, whilst Qi Zimo was a half-grown child, so sleeping together was not too cramped.

Even so, Shi Qing still ended up being squeezed.

Originally, he thought that just holding Qin lil’ Mo’s hand would be fine, but he never would have thought that this brat would actually hug him while he slept no matter what, and it wasn’t even the standard hug. Reasonably, you would think that with the differences of their height, Qin lil’ Mo would be the one nestling in Shi Qing’s embrace; but clearly, Qin lil’ Mo had never held anyone in his life, so he forcefully treated Shi Qing as some kind of big pillow. He held Shi Qing’s head, and aggressively shoved him into his embrace…

Shi Qing tried to rebel several times, but he made a sad discovery; that child was too strong, he couldn’t do anything!

With all the tumbling about in the dead of the night, Qin lil’ Mo said with some dissatisfaction, “Stop moving, sleep.”

Shi Qing, “…”

He thought he would not be able to fall asleep, but in fact, right after he stopped struggling, he fell asleep even faster than anyone. As soon as his eyes closed, and opened again, the sun was up!

Damn, if he knew he was going to sleep this well, then what did he struggle all night for?

Yet it made sense. Qin lil’ Mo was a child after all, no matter how much of a beast he was, he still would not have any thoughts for this child, right? As expected, he had been overthinking it!

Qi Zimo woke up earlier than Shi Qing. He had never lazed about in bed as far as he could remember, he had always woken up at his standard time of 6:30, washed up, went for a morning run, and had his breakfast after. Even though he was a small child, he still had more self-discipline than the average adult.

That was because of the expectations people had of him. The Qi family had been going on for hundreds of years, for so many high level dimension carriers to appear in the family—the bloodline was only part of it. The other part was because they had their own ways of cultivation.

Before the age of eleven, they would put even more focus on resting and nurturing. The more their bodies were kept in their peak conditions, the more outstanding their dimensions would be when they activated.

Qi Zimo had been showered with high hopes ever since he was born, and with such a family history weighing down on his head, and with a father like that at the forefront of it, he could only do even better.

Today, however, he did not wish to get up. He opened his eyes to look at the man before him, and he could feel very clearly the calm and peace in his heart. Subconsciously, the corners of his lips rose up, curving into a pleasant arc.

Since he did not wish to let go, then just don’t. No matter what the reason, he had already caught him, so he would keep him by his side for the rest of his life.

As he thought about this, he could not help but get closer to Shi Qing. On those warm eyes that were still closed with rest, he landed a light kiss.

——I gave you the chance, you were the one who chose to came back by yourself; you don’t want to leave me either, do you?

——So, obediently keep yourself by my side.

Father and Mother Nuo both woke up very early, mainly to collect ores, but they had already prepared food for the two children early on. Yan Qi looked at the time and estimated that Qi Zimo would be waking up at that time, so he reheated the food.

By the time Qi Zimo came out, he saw the hot steaming rice porridge, soup-filled dumplings, and some refreshing side dishes.

Shi Qing said first to Yan Qi, “Sorry to trouble you.”

Yan Qi was slightly stunned, and a little embarrassed, but he still responded properly, “It is only proper of me.”

After sitting down, Qi Zimo turned to Yan Qi, “Sit down and eat.”

With that, Yan Qi felt even more panicked; he hummed and hawed for a long time, but Qi Zimo glanced at him, “This is not the Qi residence.”

Instantly, Yan Qi’s eyes filled with warm tears…

The mysterious change in facial expressions made Shi Qing’s face turn into a for a moment, but seeing how calm Qi Zimo was, it would not be good for him to act too surprised either, so he held it in and pretended not to have seen anything.

After their meal, Shi Qing brought Qi Zimo to Father Nuo’s mineral ore dimension again. Father and Mother Nuo just so happened to be resting and was drinking water at the side. Seeing the two enter, they quickly said, “Go out and play, we can handle it here.”

Shi Qing insisted on helping, and Qi Zimo even added on that he needed to get more familiar and learn about personal dimensions.

With such a proper reason, it was only natural that Father and Mother Nuo would not chase them out.

The two worked together this time, and were even more productive than before. In just one hour, the amount of work that they did was comparable to what Father and Mother Nuo had done.

Father Nuo complimented them with good humour, but then he drove them out completely. They’re kids, so they had to rest more, how could they stay here and do such hard work?

Shi Qing was as tired as a horse, but Qi Zimo was in an even better state than yesterday, he had become even more vigorous.

Shi Qing looked at him both with admiration and envy. Secretly, he thought to himself that when he went back, he definitely had to strengthen his physique. There were no cons to being strong!

The morning went by in a flash, and when afternoon came, Shi Qing urged Qin lil’ Mo to take a rest for the good of his body, almost as if he wished he could replace the two days and three nights of sleep he had missed before.

Qin lil’ Mo had always been very obedient. If you gave him food, he would eat, if you let him sleep, he would sleep. As long as Shi Qing was there, he would display a perfect performance. Compared to any child Shi Qing had seen, he was a hundred times more obedient than them.

Despite that, as long as Shi Qing left, this good child would turn into a stubborn child into an instant. Not only that, he would be at the peak of stubbornness, and also very domineering… It really made it hard for him not to step down.

For the entire weekend, the two were stuck together, and Qi Zimo had also never mentioned anything about going back to the Qi residence. Instead, it was Shi Qing who was getting anxious.

After the weekend was over, it would once again be Monday. He had to go back to school, and if he did, he would not be able to bring Qi Zimo with him.

Even though he had already formally become Qi Zimo’s instructor under his string pulling, but the pre-school lessons were only during the weekends, and lasted only two to three hours. The school would not allow children who have yet to enter to school to study inside.

Even if he came from the Qi family, it was still impossible. That was a rule that has been passed down through the years, and nobody could change it.

What’s more, it was also not possible for the Qi family to anger the school just for such a small matter.

All these noble families would want nothing more than to butter up to the school, how would anyone take the initiative to put themselves on their blacklist?

It was also impossible for Shi Qing not to go to school. It was the crucial moment before graduation, how could he ruin Xia Nuo’s life now? After working so hard for more than a decade, if he ended up ruining this last month, it would definitely end up angering Father and Mother Nuo to death.

Shi Qing could never do that!

So, a goodbye awaited them…

On Sunday night, the two washed up and got into bed. Shi Qing looked at the ‘obedient’ Qin lil’ Mo, and his heart felt soft. After staying two days with him, he realized something.

Qi Zimo was a noble young master, but he did not have the temper of one at all.

Even though he had a stiff and unsmiling face even at such a young age, and looked like someone that was hard to get along with.

In truth, he was a very caring and thoughtful person. Everything he said and everything he did was done with consideration. He was very sensible, and also had good self-restraint.

Take for example when they were eating. He would never eat before everyone, nor would he be picky with his food. If there were three dishes on the table, he would definitely take a portion of each. He had an accurately balanced intake of vegetables, meat, and rice, with not one bit too much or too little of any part.

Learning, doing sports, entertainment, even his resting times were very regulated. Of course, if you wanted him to sleep, there was that requisite that Shi Qing had to be in front of him.

Qi Zimo had also been very polite and respectful with Father and Mother Nuo the whole time as well. The Xia family had very ordinary conditions, so perhaps when placed in front of a rich young master with a golden spoon in his mouth, this was very simple and crude, but he never showed that he had any of such thoughts at all. Whether it was a grand house or a crude room, they were all the same to him.

For him to have such a mindset, even when it was on an adult, it would still be a very admirable trait, much less on a ten year old child.

In less than two days, he had already entered Father and Mother Nuo’s heart, and they treated him as if he was their second child.

Shi Qing did not feel jealous at all. On the contrary, he was overflowing with pride! Just look at how lovable his host was before he went sick, it’s simply heart-rending!


Thinking about it again, he had a tugging feeling at his heart. He had once seen Qin Mo’s life experiences, including the times when he was young.

Qin Mo was very similar with Qi Zimo when he was young. Though the two grew up in different family environments, their personalities were very much alike. They were both overly demanding of themselves, and very proud. Due to the cold shoulder they received from their parents, they asked more and more of themselves. They had to be able to hold on, not be afraid of any hardships, and have incredible perseverance, but they were also very smart since they were young, turning them into outstanding existences that were perfect in every regard.

Nobody would hate a child like that. Even just finding out about the tip of it was enough to cause one’s heart to ache.

Unfortunately, even if Qin Mo had done that much, his parents had still never looked at him. Even from the very start, they still regarded him with their cold indifference. It was Qin Mo’s persevering character that forced him to work harder and harder, to want more and more from himself, and at the same time, become even better.

For him to exert so much effort, the only thing he ended up receiving was a head-on blow.

He was framed, brutally wounded, left bruised and battered, and thrown to the side to be left for dead; but none of that could ever compare with the collapse of his faith and hopes that he had always upheld.

His character had always been very distinct. He could be outstanding enough to reach the heavens, but when he fell, he could fall as deep as the deepest layers of hell.

So he had blackened completely, and both his persistence and faith had become a dark hatred, while the progress of his hard work had changed into mad and lawless destruction.

He could have been been recorded as a resounding name through the six realms, and ascended into godhood, but now he had chosen instead to abandon the light, and sunk down to turn himself into the devil.

Shi Qing missed Qin Mo’s childhood, but seeing Qi Zimo now felt like he was touching upon that part of his memories.

So, he had the instincts to watch over Qi Zimo well, and hopefully, the Qin Mo of this world would have a completely different ending.

While Shi Qing was still lost in his thoughts, a light touch on his neck quickly brought him back.

A pair of black eyes on a beautiful face was staring at him, “What are you thinking about?”

Shi Qing was stunned for a moment. Of course, he would not tell Qi Zimo that he was thinking about Qin lil’ Mo, so he quickly said, “It’s Monday tomorrow, I have to go back to school…”

Qi Zimo, “Mm.”

Shi Qing could only stiffen his resolve and continued, “That… You can’t go to the school…”

Qi Zimo, “Yes.”

Shi Qing, “…”My child, do you not know what big brother is implying here?!

Shi Qing took a deep breath and prepared to just lay it open for him, but Qi Zimo continued on, “Come to my place after school, I can handle the procedures for you to stay outside of the dorms.”

Shi Qing, “…” Damn! So you could do it this way as well!

Just that… Why did it sound kind of strange to hear that coming out of the mouth of a ten year old child?

Young master, you’re still just a little bun, you’re not a cool, glorious, cold, and wild hegemonic president!

But… It really did not seem like much to just request to stay outside of the dorms. At the very least, it was much more acceptable than overturning the skies.

Shi Qing mourned for his deficient IQ for half a second, then he scooped up the little doll (Qin Mo) into his arms and fell asleep.

Compared to Brother Qin Mo whose mental illness was enough to blind him, the relatively healthy Qi Zimo was much nicer than him. At the very least, he did not have to be stuck to Shi Qing at all times. As long as he was there for when he needed to sleep, and as long as the Shi Qing brand pillow was always on call, that was already enough.

Considering that it would not be easy to explain things to Father and Mother Nuo about the dorm leaving procedures, as well as the Xia family being too far away from the East 2nd District, Shi Qing felt that even his legs would grow thin with all this running around.

However, the Qi residence was located in the Central district, and was very close with every other district. It would take only ten minutes with bus to get back to the school which was located in the East 2nd District, so it would be much more convenient for Shi Qing to go to school that way.

Moreover, Brother Yan Qi had also expressed that Qi Zimo could not stay away from home all the time, and it would not be too conspicuous even if Shi Qing was added into the Qi residence, so they decided that to be the location.

Shi Qing did not have much of an opinion on that.

On Monday, Shi Qing rushed to school early in the morning, and unexpectedly, the slow Blondie had actually gotten there extremely early today.

Blondie had a sad face, but seeing Shi Qing, he cried out, “Xia Nuo, our first class today is Old Wang’s class! I still haven’t done the homework he gave us last week!”

Homework? Shi Qing’s heart jumped. Shit! It completely flew past his head!

Wang Yang is Old Wang, and he still had a good impression of Shi Qing last time, so the assignments he gave Shi Qing were of the practical type. He was assigned to plant some seedlings inside of his dimension.

Unfortunately, Shi Qing had been too absorbed in taking care of that shota, and ended up forgetting all about it!

It would be their first class today, what could he do?

No, that won’t do, he could not ruin Xia Nuo’s good reputation. What’s more, Wang Yang had a good impression of Xia Nuo, he might even be able to help him out in staying in school. If he destroyed the impression he had of him now, wouldn’t that be terrible?

After thinking for a long time, Shi Qing finally decided.

No matter what, he had to hurry into his dimension to plant those seedlings!

However, seedlings took time to grow; especially these special seedlings that were used specifically for planting in the early stages. If you took good care of it these two days, it should have been long enough for them to mature.

If Shi Qing planted them now, there would only be two hours before class, they definitely would not have grown much! When that time came, Wang Yang would definitely realize that something was wrong.

Shi Qing had other ideas though. With some thought, he dug several pits in his dimension, making the illusion that he had replanted them. After all, according to the analysis of the soil composition previously submitted by Xia Nuo, the survival rate of plants within his dimension was very low, so it was very possible for him to have had multiple failures.

Even though it stank of deception, Shi Qing could not just let Xia Nuo pass in a blank on his assignment… Ah, but the more he thought about it, the more he regretted it; it really had been a long time since he had been a student, how could he have forgotten something so important!

Xia Nuo! I’m so sorry!

He rushed into his dimension and planted the seedlings according to the instructions given to him. Then, he loosened the soil and made some preparations, and only left his dimension after he had worked himself a big sweat.

Blondie was still looking at him with eyes wide and full of pity.

Shi Qing knocked him on the head, “Quick, get your homework out, don’t even think about getting me to do it for you, you do it and I’ll watch over you!”

After another hour of struggling, and under Shi Qing’s forcing, Blondie had also managed to finish his short essay.

So, the two brothers in trouble could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

When they drew their lots today, both of them had the worst luck anyone could ask for; one drew the number one, and the other the number two.

Blondie was one, and Shi Qing was two.

Their great professor Wang Yang came really early today, and after their regular lectures, he began to check their homeworks.

Since Blondie’s homework was theoretical knowledge, he only had to look through them, and do some light marking.

In contrast, Shi Qing’s homework was practical, so he had to enter his dimension.

When he entered his own dimension with Wang Yang, Shi Qing’s heart was jumping up and down nervously, and his mind was also blaring sirens.

But who would ever have thought that when Wang Yang entered Shi Qing’s dimension, that he would be so satisfied. He even gave Shi Qing a pat on the shoulder and encouraged him, “Good, you’ve worked very hard.”

Shi Qing, “…” Professor, how could you be this easy to fool?! My conscience can’t take this!

Just as he thought about it, and turned around, even he himself was stunned.

In just two hours, the seedlings he had planted had actually grown into a field of greenery!


Somehow I managed to lock Helli into translating the longest chapters in this novel. Teehee!

The other day I wanted to find a picture of what Qin lil’ Mo would look like, so I tried to google it. I sort of wonder if I’m on some sort of government watch list now for that search…

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