RAAS Chapter 47

Translator: Helli

Editor: Kleep

Shi Qing slept very terribly the first half of the night, but he was actually able to sleep pretty well after that. Without even having any dreams, he slept until the sun rose, and it was even the sound of someone knocking on the door that woke him up…

After waking up, he was still in a daze. Why was it so dark in the room? It’s all dark, the sun’s not up, what are you knocking on my door for!

However, as soon as he turned his head, he saw the two pairs of pajama pants that were blocking the rays of sunlight from entering his room. In an instant, the memories from the previous night came gushing up, and his face turned fiery red.

He had a wet dream, and his mind was even filled with Qin Mo’s…that.

Hold! Hold! This is… this is crossing the line!

How could he sexualize his host like that? Even if his host looked good, he still wasn’t a woman, okay? How could he… How could he do such things?

Shi Qing sat on his bed like a fool as his heart continued to beat rapidly. His entire person felt uncomfortable.

How did he accidentally end up a pervert? How was he going to continue staying with Qin Mo in the future?

At that time, the knocking from outside became louder. Blondie’s voice could be heard through the door, “Xia Nuo, quick, you’re going to be late, how did you end up waking up even later than I did? Quick, we can go on our holidays after we finish four-eye’s class!”

Shi Qing woke up in an instant. He really did not dare to continue his rambling thoughts anymore. It was Saturday today but they still had a class at eight o’clock in the morning. It was only a short forty-minute class, then they would formally be in their holidays.

Since the graduate student’s class schedule was truly packed full, they even had to slot in a class on Saturday mornings. Their class teacher was infamous for being difficult on his students. His nickname was four-eyes, but not because he wore glasses, it was because though he only had two eyes, his eyesight was as sharp as if he had four eyes.

If anyone dared to even think about taking attendance for anyone else under his watch, the only end they would get was simply death.

Xia Nuo had always been a good student, so Shi Qing did not wish to destroy his good reputation. He quickly got off his bed, got dressed, and after a simple washing up, he rushed out the door.

Seeing that he had come out, Blondie stuffed a Chinese pancake in his hands as well as a cup of soy milk, then the two ran off to their classes together.

When they reached the classroom, they managed to make it with ten minutes of free time to spare. Only then did the two start on their simple breakfast.

Shi Qing was very grateful to Blondie’s thoughtfulness. Blondie said to him that since he was such a big help to this buddy of his, and how he did not manage to invite him out for dinner last night, just getting him a simple pancake for breakfast was only proper for him to do…

Shi Qing smiled. When he heard about last night being mentioned, his brain was a little in the clouds, and he could not help blushing a little.

Blondie just happened to be watching his face. Xia Nuo had a really good looking face, and while in the past, with him holding a straight face with his head down, he did not realize it, but the more he looked at him these days, the more good-looking he felt his face to be. Right now, since they had been running too quickly earlier(false), his cheeks were even red, making him appear just like a delicious peach that made him want to take a bite.

Damn, thinking about this, he really ended up craving for peaches. Sweet, soft, tender, and filled with juice, (﹃) his saliva was flowing down… With the food fanatic Blondie’s mind now on a roll, not even ten horses could pull him back…

The two of them were both a mess in class. One was filled with host host host, and the other was filled with peach peach peach. Unfortunately, the two of them picked front row seats, and they were even sat right in the middle. They kept staring at their lecturer four-eyes on the podium, and looked extremely focused, this caused Mr. Four-eyes to be filled with satisfaction. Look at just how much his students loved listening to his lectures!

After the whole forty minutes of class had passed, all the students left, but Shi Qing and Blondie were both still sitting there.

Four-eyes looked at them and he thought to himself, kids who like studying sure aren’t much these days, they should already be going home for the holidays but they’re not feeling rushed at all, how much do they really love learning?

As he thought of that, he even specially noted down both their names so that when their exam came, he could go a little easier on them seeing as how serious they were… These students should know that he really wasn’t as harsh and critical as the legends said, he still loved good children!

Those two luck level Es (T/N: Fate reference about Lancer having shitty luck) wouldn’t even know if the sky had fallen down, they were still sitting there daydreaming.

Blondie was first to wake up from his sea of peaches. He smacked his lips and looked towards Shi Qing, “Xia Nuo, you going home? How about going to mine? I’ll buy some fresh fruits.”

Only then did Shi Qing come back to his senses. Once he heard the words ‘going home’, he suddenly reacted; Qin Mo was still waiting for him!

He had to rush home quickly. He could greet both Father and Mother Nuo first, then he would contact Qin Mo and arrange for the two to meet somewhere.

Thinking that they were about to meet soon, he was actually still a little uneasy…

Aaah! What’s going on! What’s with him! Can he still be saved?!

No, this won’t do! He had to fix up his attitude, he couldn’t continue on being a pervert any longer!

Shi Qing took a few deep breaths, and without even caring about Blondie, he actually picked up his bag, and ran out.

Blondie wrinkled his brows, and shook his head. He did not know what was wrong with Xia Nuo, but he could not stand it anymore either. He quickly messaged his mom while he was on the way, he wanted to eat peaches peaches peaches…

The school was located in the East 2nd District, while Shi Qing’s house was located in East 8th District, 6 whole districts apart. It would take almost an hour to get back on a bus, which was why Mother Nuo asked whether he was coming home or not.

The journey was not short, and since it was a critical time for his graduation, Xia Nuo did not go back last week.

However, he had to go back this week, otherwise, his parents would worry.

Even while Shi Qing was on the way home, he still could not calm himself down. Unfortunately, the more anxious he was, the slower time went, so he simply decided that he would take out his books and review his homework. As he looked at them, he started to get into it, and time was also going by quicker.

After getting off the bus, he followed the path in his memories all the way to the district’s gates.

As he was still pondering on how he was going to message Qin Mo and discuss about where they were going to meet, he saw a car stopped right in front of his own home.

The industrial development of this world was similar to that of the Earth, so the types of cars available here were also somewhat reminiscent.

Even though Xia Nuo’s interest towards cars was so-so, he could still recognize the value of that car; it was not something that ordinary people could afford.

Just as he was starting to wonder, he met the eyes of a young boy through the window of his car.

The dark windows of the car slowly rolled down, and the face of the young boy gradually emerged.

Short, black hair, fair and tender skin, with an exquisite set of eyes that were both familiar and foreign. He was about 70-80% similar to Qin Mo in appearance, but since his age had gone down considerably, his sharp, black eyes were now slightly round, appearing less cold, and a bit more childlike.

With just one look, Shi Qing could hear his heart beating rapidly, so fast that it almost seemed like it was going to jump out of his chest cavity.

The door opened and the boy got out. Dressed in fine and elegant clothes, his figure could be seen as slender, but his steps were stable. Step by step he came closer in an elegant and leisurely stride that was both calm and confident. In that instant, Shi Qing almost felt as if he saw Qin Mo…

When he finally came to face him, the boy raised his head slightly, and his thin lips parted, a wonderful and soothing voice like spring water flowed into his ears.

“I found you.”

After saying that, he held Shi Qing’s hand and pulled him down with force.

Shi Qing was pulled by him with so much force that he staggered slightly forwards, and could not help himself from bending over. The boy took advantage of this opportunity to grab him by the collar and pulled him towards him.

Looking at his pale neck, a sense of thrill could be felt in Qi Zimo’s heart, as well as a strange sense of hunger and thirst.

He followed his desires and closed in before smelling that familiar scent with greed. He stuck his tongue out for a lick, then, he bit down hard on that warm neck.

I found you, I’ve finally found you.

“Ah!” Shi Qing screamed… It hurts it hurts it hurts!

He nearly threw Qin lil’ Mo away, but fortunately, his instincts were still intact at that crucial moment. Otherwise, if he were to throw his host who had turned small, once his host’s memories returned… QAQ So scary!

But… Host, why did you bite me!

It hurts to death!

With his exclamation, Qi Zimo had also let him go. His line of sight fell on that slender neck; there was an obvious bite mark on his fair skin, as well as a little blood. The colour of his eyes flickered, and he lowered his head to lick it. Tasting the strong tang of blood, he was actually not disgusted by it at all, and even cherished it a lot. Carefully, as if he was harvesting a treasure, he cleaned up all the scarlet traces with his tongue.

These actions were truly not normal, and even Shi Qing himself felt that things were not right; why did he feel like his host’s illness was acting up again?

He stiffened his body and resisted that mysterious itch, but finally, he said, “Qin Mo?”

As soon as he spoke, he realized that something was not right, so he quickly corrected himself, “Qi… Qi Zimo?”

Even though the two names were similar, the first was made up of two syllables, while the other was made up of three, the difference was still quite great. Qi Zimo heard it loud and clear, and for an unfamiliar name to come out from his lips made him extremely unhappy. He let go of Shi Qing and met with his gaze, “Who is Qin Mo?”

Hearing Qin Mo ask such a question… Shi Qing could only feel surprised. It seemed his host’s memories had indeed been sealed, but the tragedy was, without his memories, his host still seemed pretty abnormal… Was it Qi Zimo who was really the abnormal one, or was it the transmigrated Qin Mo who was abnormal?

Shi Qing could not be sure, but he was currently hesitating on how he should explain himself. Should he tell him everything? No, Qi Zimo was only eleven, how could he be able to accept hearing such strange and chaotic things?

He pondered for a bit, but still decided he would ease him into it slowly. He would definitely tell him the things he had to, otherwise, they would never be able to progress in their mission.

“Qin Mo is a good friend of mine, uh, you look similar to him.”

Qi Zimo stared at him silently, but following that, his eyes suddenly closed, and he fell towards him.

Shi Qing caught him quickly and felt a shock in his heart. What on earth happened to Qin Mo? He quickly checked his breath; his breathing was steady and smooth, it seemed like he had fallen asleep?

He looked at the sleeping boy, and only then did he notice the clear bruising underneath his eyes… Shi Qing could not help but frown.

Yan Qi who had always been watching over them silently finally stood out at this time. Even though he was unsure of who this beautiful man was in front of him, seeing Qi Zimo finally falling asleep still put him at ease.

Two days and three nights, how would he be able to hold on if this continued?

Yan Qi started softly, “Please don’t let go, let the young master sleep for a while.”

Shi Qing frowned and asked, “What’s going on?”

Yan Qi told him, “The young master has not shut his eyes for the past two days and three nights.”

Two days and three nights… Shi Qing was slightly stunned, but he immediately understood.

Ever since he transmigrated over, Qin Mo had not gotten a single wink of sleep.

To stay awake that long, for a child at the mere age of ten or so, was probably the limit.

Shi Qing found it hard to describe the feelings in his heart. He looked down at that palm that was holding him tightly. It was so small, so fair, and looked so weak, but it was extremely firm and persistent. It was so strong that it was as if he could want for nothing more than to imprison him for the rest of his life.

However, that strong attitude of his that did not allow for any rejections was actually hiding within itself a deep sense of unease.

He was afraid of losing him, so he had to hold on tight. He was afraid of being abandoned, so he had to take the first step, and lock him up.

Shi Qing’s eyes curved up into a pleasant arc subconsciously, and held him softly, speaking to him in a gentle voice, “I’m right here.”

Hello everyone! In case you missed my announcement here, my baby girl was born on May 13. I won’t scar you with the gory details, but until l can sit on a chair for longer than a few minutes I won’t be actively translating. I will be posting this novel when I can get the time, but everything is up in the air. I have arranged it with Helli for a while so you won’t be left in the lurch.

As far as PUP, I know it’s the pits since we’re getting so close to the end, but that one will likely be more delayed due to the time required per chapter. Thanks everyone for your patience.

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