LLJ Chapter 7

T/N:  Since chapter 4, I’ve had an awesome translation checker, Miki995.  She went over the first three chapters for me and found a few mistakes, so they have been re-edited and will give a better understanding of the story, we think.

Also, the next chapter posting will be a little more delayed, as Miki995 will be away for 10 days.  I will certainly post chapter 8 ASAP when she gets back!!

Chapter 7  Jun Yue Rescue

Author: Luo Bing Ling       

Translator: Shadowfang

TLC: Miki995

An Jun Yue followed after Liu Li, carrying Qing Ran in his arms, after Liu Li soared away. After about half a month of recuperation, An Jun Yue had recovered nearly half of his power, so he easily caught up with the seriously injured Liu Li.

Having seen from a distance that Liu Li had found a cave to recuperate in, An Jun Yue carried Qing Ran in his arms and stood quietly on top of a hundred-year-old tree outside the cave so that he could guard Liu Li. This tree had already cultivated a tree spirit, which was a little green wooden man with hands and feet. An Jue Yue could see that Qing Ran liked him very much and the tree spirit was also very kind hearted. Thus, An Jun Yue freely allowed the tree spirit to play with Qing Ran.

An Jun Yue stood silently on a branch, gazing attentively in the direction of the cave. He intended to stand guard here for Liu Li’s protection. Since Liu Li didn’t want his identity to be exposed, he would protect him in secret.

Suddenly, a golden light flashed by, heading straight towards the cave where Liu Li was located. An Jun Yue knew it was no good, so he handed Qing Ran to the tree spirit before hurriedly flying in the direction of the mountain cave.

By the time An Jun Yue flew to the vicinity, he saw that Liu Li’s Neidan had been taken by a black and thin middle-aged monk. An Jun Yue quickly analyzed the situation. He knew that the monk’s Dharma was so profound that he most likely would hurt Liu Li in the process if he were to try and fight off that monk…

An Jun Yue pondered. But when he saw a look of determination on Liu Li’s face, he knew that Liu Li was going to do something reckless. He immediately took a ring of white jade from his storage ring and tossed it at Liu Li. It was a body-protection tool that An Jun Yue’s Master had made for him. It could withstand an attack that was not stronger than his Master’s cultivation…

“This junior, An Jun Yue, greets the great master.”

An Jun put away the jade talisman that concealed his aura. With a gentle and humble smile, he then walked out and raised his clasped hands in greeting towards the thin, tanned monk.

Zhi Guang could see that the new arrival was an elegant and refined man with a high level of cultivation. Although he was not satisfied with his actions in rescuing the fox demon, he did not immediately turn hostile towards him. But he merely put both of his palms together to return An Jun Yue’s greeting.

“Why did the benefactor rescue this fox demon? You must know that it is a harmful evildoer!”

“Great Master has misunderstood… This junior is not trying to save this fox demon, but to catch him as a medicinal enhancer…”

An Jun Yue’s slightly smiling expression coming with those words stunned both the monk and the fox. Liu Li’s heart which had been relaxed suddenly rose into his throat. The pain in his body was not as strong as the heartrending tension at this moment. He stared at An Jun Yue closely, trying to decipher whether he was speaking the truth or not.

If it wasn’t for his inability to speak, he would have asked clearly!

“Oh? What medicine will you be making from this Millenium demon fox?”

Monk Zhi Guang gazed directly at An Jun Yue; his suspiciousness from his speech was extremely thick.

“Of course, it’s not an ordinary medicine. I haven’t consulted the alias name of the great master has yet.”

An Jun Yue remained modest and humble, entirely didn’t express any dissatisfaction from being doubted or evade the monk’s question out of guilt.

“This humble monk is Zhi Guang.”

Monk Zhi Guang’s respectful bearing towards An Jun Yue was very comforting, and so his attitude towards Zhi Guang was naturally better.

“Master Zhi Guang, to be quite honest with you, my teacher is very good at the technique of alchemy. Soon, he plans on refining a top-quality fire attributed alchemy pill. It enables the consumer of the pill  to have a 30 years increase in cultivation to their cultivation…”

When An Jun Yue saw Zhi Guang’s face revealed greed, he sneered in his heart but the expression on his face grew more respectful.

“People that use fire elemental cultivation techniques or Yang attributed cultivators can gain more benefits from consuming that pill!”

“Oh my merciful Buddha! Your teacher is truly a great man!”

Monk Zhi Guang chanted praise to Buddha, but his tone of voice exposed his envy.

“Master is truly wise.”

An Jun Yue’s dignified manner of compliments was enough to give Zhi Guang sufficient face.

“Unfortunately, my master had collected all the ingredients, but just can’t find a satisfactory medicinal enhancer, so he sent all of us,my fellow apprentices and I, down the mountain to search for it. This junior was fortunate to discover the whereabouts of the fox a few days ago. With great elation, I went to subdue it, but I unexpectedly had insufficient cultivation and was wounded by this fox instead, greatly damaging my cultivation. ”

As An Jun Yue said this, his face showed a slightly embarrassed expression, and then glared resentfully at Liu Li that was in the ball of light after saying that.

Liu Li was shocked by the resentment and hatred in An Jun Yue’s eyes, coming back to his senses. ‘An Jun Yue really knows how to fabricate a story!’

Liu Li was completely stunned by his nonsense talk. ‘I’ve seen a lot of people in the human world, and I’ve never before seen someone like An Jun Yue that can tell a believable lie to such a ridiculous degree! With the addition of those realistic emotions, if I hadn’t been with him for half a month, I’m afraid I’d believe him too…’

Zhi Guang nodded slightly, and he saw that An Jun Yue did indeed have a lack in cultivation. Moreover, eyes were the best indicator of revealing a person’s true emotions. Of course, the resentment in An Jun Yue’s eyes could not be concealed from Zhi Guang’s eyes. Now, Zhi Guang merely lamented. ‘This guy shouldn’t be as humble as how he presents himself. Perhaps he may be a ruthless junior. Nonetheless, I no longer suspect he is trying to save the fox demon.’

“Great Master must also be aware that when it come to this kind of fire attributed medicinal enhancer, what else can be more suitable than the blood and Nedan of this millennium Fire Fox? This is why this junior can only be so shameless as to request for  the great master to possibly turn over this fox demon and its Neidan to this junior. Naturally……”

An Jun Yue saw that Zhi Guang already no longer had any suspicions toward him. He laughed inwardly before discreetly sinking the hook.

“This junior certainly will not take something from the great master’s possession for free. This junior here also has my master’s gift of a top quality alchemy pill. When consumed, it can immediately add 10 years to the consumer’s cultivation. This junior will give it to the great master.”

An Jun Yue took a small porcelain bottle from the storage ring hidden in his sleeve and slightly opened a small stopper. A peculiar fragrant scent wafted out, and Zhi Guang’s eyes lit up knowing that it was really a good item.

“The benefactor is too polite. If this fox demon can be given to a respectable master as a medicinal enhancer, then this humble monk must give it to him. How can I accept such a precious thing from the benefactor?”

When Liu Li looked at Zhi Guang’s increasingly friendly smile, he pouted in contempt.

‘If it wasn’t that pill being able to increase his cultivation better as compared to my Neidan, I doubt this monk will be able to give in that readily!’

‘But how can such a precious pill be given to this damnable monk? Ah! I want it too!’

Liu Li pitifully whined toward An Jun Yue. Unfortunately, at this moment, there was no way for An Jun Yue to understand what he was saying now…

An Jun Yue didn’t have the time right now to understand what Liu Li was yelling about. He enthusiastically stuffed the small bottle into Zhi Guang’s hands.

“Great master, please kindly accept it. Otherwise, if my Master finds out I didn’t give you anything in return, he will surely berate this junior for not knowing etiquettes.”

Monk Zhi Guang chuckled lightly as he half-heartedly tried to reject An Jun Yue’s pill before accepting it. Following that, he handed Liu Li’s Neidan over to An Jun Yue.

An Jun Yue quickly kept the Neidan in his storage ring. He lightly heaved a sigh of relief.

It’s finally settled!’

An Jun Yue waved toward the ball of light and it flew to him with Liu Li within it. An Jun saw Liu Li was in so much pain that he was about to tear.. He couldn’t help but feel his heart ache. (Liu Li: I’m in distressed due to that alchemy pill! Give it to me instead! Give it to me…)

An Jun Yue then saw there was a burnt wound on Liu Li’s right front arm from a stick. A glow of fury flashed past An Jun Yue’s eyes.

“Meeting the great master today is indeed a blessing for this junior.”

When An Jun Yue turned to look at Zhi Guang again, he recovered his gentle and humble smile. It made Zhi Guang feel comfortable, like he was feeling a spring breeze.

“This bottle of medicated oil has been refined by this junior. If you consume a drop of it when you cultivate, you can achieve twice the result with half the effort.”

An Jun Yue took out a small bottle from his sleeve and placed it in Zhi Guang’s hand.

“This gift to the great master is to show this Junior’s admiration for the great master.”

Zhi Guang said a couple of words in rejecting An Jun Yue’s gift before he happily accepted it. On the other hand, Liu Li was displeased. ‘How can you give him such a good item again? Why don’t you give it to me? Give it all to me!’

An Jun Yue ignored the bared teeth and threatening gestures of Liu Li in the ball of light, and carefully advised Zhi Guang, “When the great master consumes that alchemy pill, you may choose to use this medicated oil first. It will surely improve the great master’s cultivation better.”

Zhi Guang chuckled and thanked him. It could be seen that he was very fond of An Jun Yue. He even told An Jun Yue where he lived, wanting An Jun Yue to pay him a visit in his free time.

An Jun Yue lowered his gaze to hide the impatience in his eyes. He then spoke a few more sentences with Zhi Guang before finally sending Zhi Guang on his way.

An Jun Yue dropped his smiling expression once he could no longer sense Zhi Guang’s aura. He silently hugged the floating ball of light in his arms.

Gently dispersing the ball of light, Liu Li’s tiny body fell into An Jun Yue’s embrace.

“You have suffered.” An Jun Yue said this casually. His gentle tone gave Liu Li an urge to cry. An Jun Yue’s care and concern for Liu Li was something Liu Li had never experienced before. It was so good that it moved his heart…

Suddenly thinking of that alchemy pill, Liu Li’s little paw grabbed tightly on An Jun Yue’s clothes, wanting to teach him a lesson for being such a wastrel. Yet, he had forgotten about the injury of his right paw. With that motion, the pain caused large tears to fall constantly out of his eyes.

“Stop moving around, your injuries are not light.”

An Jun Yue carefully took hold of Liu Li’s right paw, and then after changing the protection tool back into a ring, he adjusted the size of the ring to fit onto Liu Li’s left paw.

“This ring will automatically protect your true body form. I’m giving it to you.”

Liu Li looked at the white jade ring on his paw. He then looked back at the warm smiling face of An Jun Yue. He felt a very comfortable sweetness in his heart. An Jun Yue looked at the fox-formed Liu Li, and thought Liu Li was really cute. It was especially so with his large teary eyes. An Jun Yue couldn’t help but gently peck a kiss between his eyes. Liu Li trembled and a touch of infatuation flickered past his eyes.

“Alright, Liu Li,  reabsorb your Neidan first.”

An Jun Yue took the Neidan out of his ring and put it to the edge of Liu Li’s mouth. Liu Li sucked in and the Neidan was taken back into his body. A red light flashed from Liu Li’s body and he looked much more energetic, but he still had not humanized.

“Jun Yue, my demon power is not enough to maintain my human form. I will need to cultivate for a while before I can regain my human form.” (Bing Ling*: Oh! You have changed your way in addressing Jun Yue that easily~ Liu Li: I’m happy!)

*The author lol

Liu Li had regained his ability to speak, and though his voice was very feeble, it contained obvious joyness within it.

“Well, I will help you. Don’t fret.”

An Jun Yue tightened his hold over Liu Li’s soft body and lightly stroked the fur on the back of of Liu Li with his other hand. The more An Jun Yue looked at him, the more he thought that the current Liu Li was really adorable!

Liu Li hummed comfortably. But when he suddenly remembered about the alchemy pill, he hurriedly hooked An Jun Yue’s collar with his uninjured left paw.

“The alchemy pill! How can you give that damnable monk such a good thing?! There’s also that medicated oil. If you have too many items on you, give it to me! Why did you let that bald donkey rip you off!?”

An Jun Yue was surprised by Liu Li’s holler. He couldn’t help but smile peculiarly when he understood what Liu Li was referring to.

“Do you really think I am that generous?”


I might have to start commenting at the end of these because I’m really falling in love with these characters and I kinda want to vent.   Wasn’t An Jun Yue the absolute BEST??!! So smooth, and convincing!! And Liu Li being so pouty and put out made me laugh 😂 I loved this chapter!

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