LLJ Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Liu Li’s Farewell

Author: Luo Bing Ling       

Translator: Shadowfang

TLC: Miki995

The next morning, An Jun Yue got out of bed, washed up and dressed as usual. After that, he picked up Qing Ran who was still half-asleep before heading to the kitchen.

Qing Ran’s small mouth was constantly rumbling something in displeasure that the adults couldn’t understand. He kept rubbing his small hands on his eyes, which he still could not open. He then simply rested his little head on An Jun Yue’s shoulder and continued to sleep in the end.

When An Jun Yue came into the kitchen, he found that Liu Li was unexpectedly standing inside, stirring porridge. He was still dressed in crimson clothes and trousers. His hair was freely let loose over his shoulders. But his usual bright and charming face which glowed with vitality and vigor was now indescribably pale and feeble.

“Good morning.”

Liu Li endured the pain of his injuries, forcefully revealing a happy smile on his face. Yet, it was so weak that it made An Jun Yue’s heart tremble.

“When I see you cook so easily, it looks so simple that I gave it a go. I didn’t expect it to be so difficult. I can just cook some porridge…”

Liu Li lowered his head, embarrassed. He had lit the fire with Fox fire. As for the pickled vegetables, they had all been previously prepared by An Jun Yue…

“Not bad.”

An Jun Yue looked at the sticky, overcooked porridge before smiling at Liu Li.

“I’ll take it to the dining room then.”

Liu Li avoided An Jun Yue’s gaze and took the lead carrying the tray that held the porridge pot.

An Jun looked at his obviously unstable figure as he followed him silently to the dining room.

On the small round table, there were a few vegetable dishes. Liu Li took the initiative to serve their porridge before taking Qing Ran from An Jun Yue’s arms.

“Mother… Mother.”

The giggling Qing Ran encircled his arms around Liu Li’s neck.His little mouth called out to him before he kissed Liu Li’s face. Liu Lii did not avoid him and tease him as usual, allowing him to kiss his face. In return, he chuckled and nibbleded the meaty flesh of Qing Ran’s little face. Then, he blew hot air against Qing Ran’s short, small neck. It was so  ticklish that the little fella giggled and swayed his head away, constantly trying to avoid it.

“Niu… Ni.”

T/N- Ok, so the words ‘Liu Li’ literally translate as glazed glass or coloured glaze.  “Niu Ni” translates as “cow mud” lol

Liu Li was stunned for a moment and An Jun Yue, who was drinking porridge next to them, nearly choked. An Jun Yue placed down his bowl after a light cough.

“Perhaps if you hear a name frequently, you will eventually know it.”

“…You’re the only one here that calls me by name. He is learning from you.”

Liu Li had a habit in picking out An Jun Yue’s flaws. After that, he taught Qing Ran the proper pronunciation of his name.

“Liu Li. It’s Liu Li. Liu… Li.”

“Niu… Ni.”



 “Qing Ran is such a clever boy!”

After wasting innumerable saliva, Liu li finally succeeded in getting Qing Ran to say his name right. He was so happy that he kissed Qing Ran firmly. Then, he buried buried his face in Qing Ran’s small chest.

With a muffled voice, Liu Li reminded, “Oh~ Qing Ran must remember Liu Li.”

An Jun Yue looked at Liu Li with a gentle gaze. It was obscure why the current Liu Li made him feel discomfort. ‘I don’t hate the demon race at all. On the contrary, compared to people, I prefer to be around innocent demon spirits. There were also several demon spirits that neighboured the cave that Master cultivated in, which have interacted well with me. My interaction with Liu Li has been very pleasant. In my heart, I’ve already regarded him as a friend. But I don’t know what had happened to Liu Li. Hence, I’m not sure if I should bring it up or not.’

“I have to leave for a while.”  Liu Li said as he looked at An Jun Yue with his lips pursed feebly.. He was clueless how pitiful he looked right now. An Jun Yue felt like he was looking at an abandoned puppy…

“I have some matters to deal with so I can’t take Qing Ran with me. I will have to trouble you to look after him. Since you are very fond of him, I can entrust him to you.”

Liu Li closed his eyes and sighed, subconsciously tightening his arms that were holding Qing Ran.

“I don’t know if there will be another chance for us to meet again. But if I successfully handle my matters smoothly, I will definitely come and find you two!”

Liu Li suddenly raised his head tightly and looked at An Jun Yue. With a sincere tone, he stated loudly, “I’m glad to have met you! I’ve been very happy during my time with you! Thank you very much. Goodbye!”

Liu Li feared that he  would be unable to leave if he continued to stay. He tossed Qing Ran toward An Jun Yue before rapidly leaving.

An Jun Yue leaned back and caught the flying boy, Qing Ran. Following that, he looked at the candidly laughing Qing Ran in his arms who wasn’t the least bit frightened. An Jun Yue gave him a big smile.

“This fellow, Liu Li, didn’t give me a chance to speak at all!”

Liu Li ran out of the small courtyard. He no longer had any hesitation, forming into a red light and soaring away.

He didn’t know when the monk would find him again and with his current condition, he was no match at all. Although he was reluctant to be separated from An Jun Yue and Qing Ran, he was better off leaving first than to be put on the spot when his identity was exposed!

‘First, I will find a hidden place to recover and cultivate. Maybe in the future, we can meet again and continue this family … friendship.’

Flying to a mountain that he didn’t know, Liu Li found a hidden cave and set up a protective barrier. He then spat out his Neidan and began cultivating.

In the glade where he had fought yesterday, Monk Zhi Guang sat cross legged on the ground and meditated. His monastic stick was stuck upright into the ground in front of him, emitting a faint golden glow.

Suddenly, the monastic stick began to tremble lightly.  Zhi Guang slowly opened his eyes. He formed a seal with both of his hands, shooting a Buddha ray of light to the monastic stick. The monastic stick trembled slightly and began to float.

The monastic stick had previously been in contact with the treasured sword formed by Liu Li’s Neidan, so it remembered the ‘taste’ of Liu Li’s Neidan.

The monastic stick suddenly  flew in the direction of the mountain forest. Zhi Guang sneered as he got up and chased after it.

“Evildoer, I shall see how you will try and escape from me this time!”

Liu Li’s palms and fingers were connected and were positioned in front of his chest, while his Neidan glowed with a red glow slowly revolved in the middle of his palms.

Suddenly, Liu Li’s attention was stirred, making him abruptly open his eyes.

‘Someone has touched the protective barrier I’ve set in my surroundings!’

Liu Li knew it wasn’t good,hastily forming his Neidan into a  sword and flew out of the cave.As soon as he flew out, a Buddha light exploded the cave into smithereens.

“Stinky monk!”

Liu Li landed on the ground,steadying himself. He then looked angrily at the Monk Zhi Guang in the distance. ‘He really wants to kill me!’

Zhi Guang did not speak, but with a cold hum, he raised his stick and struck toward Liu Li. Liu Li, who was severely wounded, and wasn’t able to  avoid it. He could just fight hard with his sword to try and turn the stick aside. Zhi Guang continued to pursue and attack him. The monastic stick was full of Buddha power, which had restricted Liu Li’s demon power. After taking a few hard blows, Zhi Guang hit him on his right wrist , making Liu Li’s sword fly out of his hand.

“Oh no!”

In spite of the burning pain of his wrist, Liu Li rushed towards his Neidan that had already restored its original form. The Neidan was the core of demon power. If it was lost, at least 80% of Liu Li’s millennium years of cultivation would be lost.

Of course, Zhi Guang would not let such an opportunity slip to seize the Neidan first. He then used the monastic stick to send Liu Li flying away.

“Evildoer, let me see how you will escape from me now!”

Monk Zhi Guang complacently held onto Liu Li’s Neidan as he looked at Liu Li who was vomiting blood.

“Monk, I have no grudge and resentment with you. Why do you want to kill me this badly?!”

Liu Li fell weakly to the ground. With his Neidan forcibly taken from him, his body no longer had enough strength to resist against Zhi Guang. Liu Li glanced at his Neidan with a complicated look. ‘Right now, I can only detonate the power within the Neidan. Even if it can’t seriously injure that monk, it should be enough to buy time for me to escape…’

“Evildoers should be eradicated in order to avoid your race from creating havoc in the human world!”

“What nonsense! Human beings kill each other, and there are seldom incidents of humans being killed by demon spirits. Why don’t you control them instead? We, the demon spirits, only have cultivation in mind so the thought of harming human will never cross our minds. Yet, you want to wipe out every single one of us!”

Liu Li stared closely at Zhi Guang that was nearing him, laughed miserably.

‘With the lost of my Neidan, I am going to be beaten back to my original form. I doubt I will be able to  see An Jun Yue and Qing Ran again in this life. They should already have reincarnated by the time I can regain a human form again.’

“The human world has the human world’s rules. We don’t need you demons to care about us. Accept death!”

Monk Zhi Guang raised up the monastic stick which contained abundant Buddha power. Liu Li sighed. But just when he was about to detonate his Neidan, a sudden white ray of light was shot over, instantly enveloping Liu Li within.  Liu Li was shocked to find that the light had forced him to turn back into his original form!

Surrounded by the light, Liu Li transformed into an arm-sized blazing red fox. He was surprised to see that Monk Zhi Guang’s monastery  stick was rebounded by the light rays surrounding him..


Zhi Guang monk was shocked. ‘This light can block my strike. The incoming person must have a high level of cultivation!’

“This junior, An Jun Yue, greets the great master.”

Curling in all of his limbs, Liu Li, floating within the light, shuddered as he looked in the direction of the voice.

‘An Jun Yue! How can it be him?!’

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