LLJ Chapter 5

Chapter 5  Zhi Guang Monk

Author: Luo Bing Ling       

Translator: Shadowfang

TLC: Miki995

Liu Li formed into a red light and flew out of Beiquan City. Following that, he found an empty space within a forest glade on the outskirts of Beiquan City.

Liu Li hovered slightly over the ground, gradually spitting out his Neidan. The red fingernail-sized Neidan floated above Liu Li’s head, and a faint silver radiance circled around the Neidan.

Closing his eyes with a smile, he let the light breeze freely blow through his hair.  Pulling up his sleeves, Liu Li completely relaxed his body as he bathed his body under the moonlight.

Unlike human beings, who were blessed by heaven to absorb the essential energy of sunlight at will, animal and plant derived spirits mostly cultivated solely with Yin energy. The energy of sunlight was too strong to them, so they could usually absorb only the energy of moonlight. Thus, the full moon was undoubtedly the best period for cultivation.

Usually, the demons absorbed energy with Neidan on the full moon night. Following that, they would use a month’s time to fully absorb that energy in order to improve their cultivation.

Gradually, Liu Li’s Neidan moved in a revolving motion. Liu Li freely allowed his Neidan to absorb energy by itself while he faced the moon and pondered.

In order to locate his sister Liu Ling who had entered the human world, Liu Li had been traveling around the human world for more than a year. From an early age, he heard his elders mention how dangerous the human world was. But there were still several of his own race that came running down here. The prosperity and splendor of the human world greatly attracted the spirits. Liu Ling was one of them.

Animal cultivation generally took five hundred years to form a human body. After that, it took another five hundred years to be able to solidify their bodies. Their Red Fox Clan had a rule that they could choose to either stay or leave after having a thousand years of cultivation at their own will. Liu Li’s sister, who was cheerful and lively, had successfully gotten Liu Li drunk before she ran out from the secret realm of the Fox Mountain after successfully completing her millenium years of cultivation.

Liu Li was drunk for half a year. He then realized his elder sister had already left for many days after awakening. Liu Li came down here to chase after her due to being worried for her. But no matter how he tried to contact Liu Ling, there weren’t any replies from Liu Ling. Liu Li did not know whether she was purposely not responding to him or if something had happened to her, so he was forced to stay in the human world, searching for her.

Because of his appearance, since Liu Li had entered the human world, he had been constantly troubled. The human world was too complicated and dangerous. It was due to this that Liu Li’s initial curiosity had changed to disappointment, then to disgust, until he was indifferent to the world.

‘I wonder what’s going on with my sister now…’

Liuli sighed softly. Suddenly, the image of An Jun Yue’s elegant figure hovered before his eyes.

‘That person is really special!

‘An Jun Yue has been  reading and writing daily. Logically speaking, he should be a scholar. Yet, he has no interest in becoming one via examinations.’

‘An Jun has never lacked money, but since he has an elegant temperament, he should be a man from a noble birth. In spite of that, he knows how to do the laundry and take care of a child.’

Remembering the way An Jun Yue smiled at him helplessly, the corners of Liu Li’s lips subconsciously lifted slightly.

In fact, sometimes he had intentionally bullied Qing Ran, making him cry, before passing him to An Jun Yue to coax. Subsequently, he would look innocently at An Jun Yue, and An Jun Yue would not blame him.

He also deliberately bathed and dressed Qing Ran badly, making Qing Ran very uncomfortable. The little guy would then know to send a ‘SOS’ call out for his “dad”.

An Jun Yue was increasingly getting insecure about letting him take care of Qing Ran. Gradually, An Jun Yue took everything into his own hands. Furthermore, he also told Liu Li that he only needed him to accompany Qing Ran in eating, accompany Qing Ran in playing, and accompany Qing Ran in sleeping. He even simplified that instruction into the ‘three accompany functions’ for Qing Ran…

‘I don’t know why, but I always feel that An Jun Yue’s smile is exceptionally dazzling to the eyes when he talks about these matters.’

‘How long has it been since I become so happy in life?

‘How simple and happy it was when I played and fooled around with my companions in the past. But during this year since entering the human world, it seems I’ve no longer joked around as much.

‘I may as well stick to An Jun Yue and travel together with him. I don’t think he will reject my request, right? He mentioned he was going to settle down in Beijing. Anyway, without a fixed  direction to head for in mind, I shall just go to Beijing with him and take a look at that place.

Liu Li suddenly smiled with slight loneliness.

Can I really trust him? Can he really be regarded as a friend? If he knows about my identity as a fox demon…’

“Bold evildoer!”

The sudden explosive roar of the Buddhism power imbued voice snapped Liu Li out from his thoughts. Liu Li looked back in surprise, only to see a golden Buddha light shooting directly toward the Neidan above his head!

Liu Li was shocked. He hastily withdrew his Neidan into his body even if he might suffer from some backlash, barely avoiding that attack. However, the mighty moonlight energy within the Neidan instantly flooded into Liu Li’s body, causing him to be severely injured. He forcefully suppressed the moonlight energy with his demon power, making him painfully spit out a couple mouthfuls of blood.

Liu Li angrily glared at the man that was flying over. It was a scarred-filled, bald head monk in a old and dark monk’s robe. He unexpectedly was a unhealthily thin, middle-aged black and ugly monk!

“Shameless bald donkey that actually dared to ambush me!”

Liu Li was secretly on guard. ‘This monk has a really high level of Dharmic cultivation!’

“Hmph! It’s my generation’s duty to kill monsters and eradicate demons!”

The monk raised his monastic stick and struck it toward Liu Li’s head. Liu Li withstood the pain and spat out his Neidan to form it into a treasured sword, dodging the monk’s attack by a hair. However, the Buddha power contained within the monastic stick still sent him flying from the impact.

Liu Li knew that he wasn’t a match for the monk when he was severely injured now. He then fled with all his might toward the direction of Beiquan City.

“Evildoer, where do you think you’re going?!”

The monk pursued closely after him.

“Damn it!” Liu Li whispered with a curse and angrily released all the moon energy in the Neidan that had been suppressed by his demon power. He gathered it into a ball of light and tossed it at the monk.

The monk felt the immensity of power radiating from that ball of light. He did not dare risk facing it head on. Seeing that he could not avoid it, he hurriedly halted his steps, enveloping his body with a protective barrier.

After the explosion, the monk rushed out of the smoke, but Liu Li was long gone.

“Fox Spirit, I, Zhi Guang, swear that I will not let you go scot free!”

Liu Li flew back to the small courtyard in a sorry state, not wanting to disturb An Jun Yue who was next door. He silently bore with the pain and lightly walked back to his room. He then stumbled and fell on the bed after shutting his room’s door softly.

Liu Li laid on the bed under the quilt in the dark, violently gasping for breath. He didn’t want to be found out by An Jun Yue. He didn’t want to be hated…

‘Evil spirit aura!’

In the darkness, An Jun Yue suddenly opened his eyes. He got up and set up a protective boundary over Qing Ran who was by his side. Following that, he headed to the door. He could feel that the evil spirit’s aura was getting progressively closer.  An Jun Yue circulated power into his eyes to look through the door to view the corridor behind the door.

Liu Li?’

An Jun Yue frowned slightly, looking at the discreetly bearing pain expression on Liu Li’s face. He knew that Liu Li was heavily wounded. But An Jun Yue did not go to him. ‘The current Liu Li appears to not wish for his identity to be exposed…’

An Jun Yue turned around and walked back to the bed after Liu Li had shut his room’s door, and looked at Qing Ran who was soundly asleep.  An Jun Yue indulgently wiped away the drool from the corner of his little mouth.

‘Qing Ran, your ‘mother’ is not an ordinary person..’

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  1. Aw, poor Liu Li. So sad he has to fearfully hide what he is.
    Though might make it extra cute when he realizes he can trust An Jun Yue.
    I hope his sister is doing alright.

    Thanks for the chapter!


    1. Why that crazy Monk had to attack him so suddenly?! What a savage!

      Now that Liu Li has been exposed… An Jun Yue doesn’t seem to be worried. Let’s see.

      Liu Li has bullied his son Just to be noticed by the ‘dad’. Oh, and to get less responsabilities, right? XD

      Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. “It was due to this that Liu Li’s initial curiosity had changed to disappointment, then to disgust, until he was indifferent to the world.”
    Now I’m wondering if one year is a long or short time to come to this realization? xD

    Aww~ LL get better soon D:

    And thx for the chapter :3


  3. I guess An Yun already knows who/what kind of being Liu li. It’s just the he kindly complies in feigning ignorance for the sake of Liu Li. Thanks for the chapter, somehow I missed this realise yesterday!


  4. I usually do no start reading new story with just a few translated chapters but the description looked interesting and now I am hooked. What a sweet and funny story. Thank you for picking it up and for very good translation.

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