LLJ – Chapter 4

Chapter 4   

Temporary Residence

Author: Luo Bing Ling       

Translator: Shadowfang

TLC: Miki995

The accommodation area was composed of many single-family courtyards of varying sizes, separated by bluestone paths in a ‘ # ‘ pattern. The style had a bit of a modern Villa group feeling. An Jun Yue took out one hundred silver taels banknote and handed them to the servant. The servant then respectfully led the carriage directly to a beautiful and tranquil courtyard.

“Xiao Quan! Xiao Quan, come out!”

The servant called out as he took An Jun Yue into the courtyard. The courtyard was small but the ambiance was very good. The elegantly decorated small house was perfectly suited for An Jun Yue’s kind of ‘family’ to live in.  

A teenager of thirteen or fourteen years ran out of the house. He had dark skin with an ordinary appearance. He looked very witty and capable.

“Young Master Xiao Quan is the little servant who cleans this yard. He’ll do whatever you direct him to. Your humble servant will leave first.”

An Jun Yue nodded faintly. The servant then commanded Xiao Quan to serve him well with a smile before he left.

“Mister, what do you require of me?”

Xiao Quan respectfully stood on one side and secretly looked at the person in front of him. ‘I’ve never seen such a good-looking person in my life.’

“You’ll have to wait a minute.”

An Jun Yue smiled at him and then went to the door of the carriage. He could already no longer hear Qing Ran’s crying, but that made An JunYue more worried instead. ‘Liu Li should not have done anything to the child, right…’

“Liu Li, how is Qing Ran?”

“Well… he’s asleep.”

Liu Li got out of the carriage with Qing Ran in his arms. Following that, he stuffed the child into An Jun Yue’s arms before walking into the house at his own accord.

“I’ll go inside and have a look. “

An Jun Yue looked at the little boy in the quilt. “How did you fall asleep?”
He was indeed comfortably sound sleep. ‘Can it be the crying had tired him out?’

Liu Li secretly stuck out his tongue inside the house. ‘I really can’t do anything other than to use magic to make him sleep…’.

When An Jun Yue saw that Qing Ran was fine, he wanted to instruct Xiao Quan to the areas where he needed to pay some attention. Yet, he saw him staring foolishly at the direction where Liu Li had disappeared.  An Jun Yue frowned slightly with displeasure. He hated trouble.

“Do you live in this yard, Xiao Quan?”

“Huh? No, no. This humble one only comes daily to sweep.  When there are guests, I will stay in the yard to serve them.”

Xiao Quan looked in the direction of the house with reluctance to leave. ‘So beautiful… He looks like a man, but it can’t be. She must be a woman in disguise!’

“You’re only in-charge of just cleaning outside the house. You aren’t allowed to come inside. You generally don’t need to come over. We’ll settle our meals ourselves. I’ll write down all of the ingredients I need and place it in the kitchen.”

When An Jun Yue saw Xiao Quan’s extremely panicking expression he added a few words.

“You’re not at fault. We’re just not used to having strangers nearby. Hence, all you need to do everyday in the morning is once you have swept the area and prepare the ingredients, you are free to go. On another note, buy a few clothes according to the size of this cloth. The material must be comfortable. As for the color… anything light-colored will do.  Lastly, you are to prepare some vegetables and fresh meat to the kitchen.”

An Jun Yue took out the a rather clean toddler’s clothes from the carriage and wrapped the rest in a bag before passing that bag to Xiao Quan. Following that, he took out an ingot of silver.

“Throw the rest of these clothings away. You can pocket the spare change as a reward for your hard work.”


Xiao Quan timidly took the money and retreated. ‘I know that rich people have taboos, but from now on, I’ll never be able to see that pretty person anymore.’

“You… don’t like to be in contact with people?” Liu Li wandered out of the house again. ‘I’ve listened into their conversations. I am a little curious as to why An Jun Yue’s way of speech to others is quite distant. Usually, other people can’t sense it, but I can hear that clearly.

‘An Jun Yue’s words and actions when facing the little toddler showed some affection. It is due to the baby’s light that changed my impressions of him…’

Liu Li raised his eyebrows with interest and chuckled. ‘An Jun Yue is an interesting human being.’

“I just…don’t fit in.”

‘I’m also not interested in fitting in.’ An Jun Yue still had his usual gentle smile. ‘There aren’t many things that can make me interested. Things that I really care for are even more limited. However, I like innocent and beautiful things. The best example is this little fella in my embrace. I don’t know if he will become as complicated as the people in the world when he matures. But at least, he is beautiful now. Therefore, I feel inclined to care for him.’

“I don’t fit in either. They’re all so annoying.” Liu Li said as he squatted in the doorway without a care of his image, looking at An JunYue with a frank smile.

“First things first, I really can’t take care of the kid. Moreover I am very slow-witted. You must have patience if you want to teach me how!”

“……It will be fine.”

When An Jun Yue looked at the current Liu Li, he inexplicably felt very… comfortable.

‘Perhaps we can get along.’

The next day.

“Liu Li.”

“I don’t want to!”

“There must always be a first time.”

“No! An JunYue, don’t force me!”

“Liu Li…”

“I’ll choose death over helping that little devil piss!”* Liu Li roared and simply ran away, leaving the somewhat helpless An Jun Yue and the constantly giggling Qing Ran behind.

T/N: It actually said ‘ba niao’ which is to support a child (or invalid etc) while he or she urinates

The third day.

“Wah wah…”

“Liu Li, what’s wrong with Qing Ran again?!”

An Jun Yue put down the half-cut up vegetables and hurried to Liu Li’s room.

“About this… he bit me.”

“Why is he crying then?”

“I bit him back…”


“Just how old are you Liu Li…”

An Jun Yue had a feeling that he was taking care of two infants instead of one.

The fourth day.

“Mother… Ha… Yeah… Yeah… Mother…”

Liu Li picked up the main culprit who had disturbed his nap and could not help but shout, “You little Devil, don’t climb on top of me!”


An Jun Yue’s gentle voice came from afar, but it sent a chill down Liu Li’s spine.

“Oh~ be a good baby! Mother loves you. Oh~ please don’t cry.”*

*Liu Li says this in a chanting/sing song manner

An Jun Yue, alone in his room with a headache, gently pressed a book against his temple. ‘Can I really entrust Qing Ran to Liu Li…’

Fifth day


“An Jun Yue, can Qing Ran sleep with you tonight?”

Liu Li pushed open the door of An JunYue’s room with Qing Ran in his arm. It was the 15th of the month, a night with a full moon. He wanted to cultivate his Neidan with the help of the moonlight.

“I want to sleep on my own… Ah! You’re taking a bath!”

When Liu Li saw An Jun Yue, who had just risen from the bathtub, he was somewhat embarrassed, looking away.  ‘His figure is so good…’

“Liu Li … please Remember to knock on the door before entering a person’s room.”

An Jun Yue put on his outer robe and stepped out of the tub with his back facing Liu Li. He smoothly tied the jade talisman which could conceal his aura to his waist.

Liu Li could hear the slight helplessness in An Jun Yue’s tone. ‘After several days of getting interacting with him, An Jun Yue has been gradually showing increasing amounts of emotions to me. Although ordinary people can’t tell the difference, I can clearly feel the fluctuations of An Jun Yue’s moods. This feeling… gives me a great sense of accomplishment!’

“Dad… hug…”

Qing Ran had already learned how to voice different sounds under the education of An Jun Yue. This meant that Liu Li who was forced by An Jun Yue to take care of the child suffered severe noise pollution.

“Alright”  An Jun Yue chuckled as he took Qing Ran from the arms of Liu Li into his own. The faint sweet fragrance emitting off An Jun Yue after bathing made Liu Li a little restless. But it was obvious that An Jun Yue did not notice his odd behaviour.

“Then… I’ll leave first!”

Liu Li quickly ran out of the room, making An Jun Yue a little baffled.

“Did you do something to make him mad?”

An Jun Yue looked curiously at the little man in his arms, while Qing Ran returned a sweet and innocent smile to him.

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  1. Liu Liu is so easily moved by An Jun Yue! It must be his indifference to him, he’s not used to not be harassed with States and flirting, I guess.

    The little Child sure knows how to manipulate his parents ha😄

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  2. Thanks for the update! Liu Li sure has little skills with kids. I wanderimg what made him pick up the boy and what will An Yun do when he notices that Liu Li is not exactly an human. If he’s not realized yet…


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