RAAS Chapter 46

Translator: Helli

Editor: Kleep

Yan Qi was worried, super extra major worried

He was Qi Zimo’s close attendant that had been with his young master since he was 12 years of age.

At that time, his young master was only six years old. He was just a child, but he was so quiet that he did not really seem his age.

It was his young master who chose him, and saved him. He pulled him out of the mud and kept him by his side as his personal servant.

He would always be grateful, and he would never forget that scene: a beautiful child, like that of an angel, reached out to him with his hand. His skin was white and tender, as if he was shrouded in a pure, holy glow.

Unfortunately, his own hands were so thin, dark, and stained with both dirt and blood. It was such a sorry sight.

That sharp contrast made it hard for him to muster the courage to accept his hand, but that young child who was six years younger than him pulled him up strongly. It was only when he stood up that he saw those deep-colored eyes on his angelic face beneath the sunlight.

They carried with them a look of perseverance and appraisal that did not belong to a person of his age.

The child’s tender voice was so wonderful, like a beautiful lark, but the words that came out from his lips were pounded straight into his heart.

“Come with me, I will give you a new life.”

Without any hesitation, Yan Qi knelt down in front of him and made a pledge of allegiance to his new master.

He was sick of the feeling of being trampled in the mud, sick of the discrimination and contempt that they threw at him for his origins. He was born with a useless dimension no different from trash, and he had no way of changing it, but he would not admit defeat!

His master pulled him up, so he had to do his best to stand!

In the blink of an eye, four years had passed, and Yan Qi had always stayed by Qi Zimo’s side.

Qi Zimo was not hard to get along with, and neither would he make things hard for people. Yan Qi’s dimension had no uses at all, but he still found him all the coursebooks so that Yan Qi could study by himself, and he even made sure to include some self-defense techniques that Yan Qi could learn.

Many of them were things Yan Qi would never be able to come across in his life, so Qi Zimo’s generosity and care made him even more deeply loyal towards him.

Recently, however, Yan Qi was not sure what had happened, but he could deeply feel that something was wrong with his young master.

After he had been woken up on that night, his young master did not continue to sleep. For the entire rest of the night, he sat by the window and waited until the morning.

Everything went on as usual the next day, but he would still be sleepless when night came.

With the body of a child at only ten years old, how could he go through two days and two nights without rest? How could he hold up?

Yan Qi was so anxious that he paced in circles. He had tried to persuade him several times with a soft voice, but Qi Zimo would only look at him with eyes even deeper than they were in the past. Clearly, his appearance was as refined as that of an angel’s, but being stared at by him still made his chest feel numb.

Yan Qi did not even dare to meet his gaze straight on…

However, there was only a month left till the dimensional assessment would ensue. With how unstable the mental state of his young master was, it might end up affecting his whole life if any accidents were to happen during that period!

Yan Qi racked his brains on that issue, but the only thing he could do was to report the matter to the young master’s father. In any case, the dimensional assessment could not be delayed.

For every single person in the world, the day of their eleventh birthday was the day the path to their future was unfurled. They would either be met with sunny skies, or fall into the darkness.

Yan Qi could understand that pain more than anyone else, so how would he be willing to allow his young master to suffer through that?

Even so, the master of the house had already been away for two weeks. It was the grain harvesting season in his personal dimension, and it was the busiest times of his life. That was related to the food supply of more than half the population within the Qi family’s territory, no delays or mistakes could be allowed within this period.

How would the master of a household with so much work on his hands be able to care about what a menial attendant needed?

As for the madame of the house, Yan Qi would even try to cover up the matter, never mind telling her anything.

If the lady was to find out, he was afraid that things might end up even worse.

So, after being tormented by this matter for two days, his young master who had been silent for two days suddenly stood up on the third night, and yelled out three words.

Yan Qi was standing guard right outside, so he rushed in immediately. In that instant, he seemed to hear him say, “Where are you!”

But as soon as he came in, Qi Zimo turned abruptly to him and gave his order, “Get out!”

Yan Qi was stunned for a moment, then he tried to open his mouth to speak.

However, Qi Zimo eyed him coldly, and even the tone of his voice was lowered, “Yan Qi, keep watch outside the door, do not let anyone come close.”

Hearing this, Yan Qi’s heart was full of doubts, but he still obeyed his order.

Qi Zimo suppressed the tumbling emotions within his heart and waited quietly for the other party’s response.

He could not understand it, nor could he explain it, but he could not go back to sleep ever since waking up. Sleeping felt so strange to him, as if it was something he had never experienced for hundreds and thousands of years.

In his mind, he believed that he did not need to sleep, but his physical exhaustion was increasing by the day.

The incessant torment of being unable to sleep plagued him to no end, and he could not understand why he could not sleep. Clearly, his memories proved that he had always been able to sleep normally in the past.

No matter what though, his mind would always remind him: you can’t sleep, you don’t have to, if you fall asleep…everything will fall out of control.

Those emotions made him their prisoner, causing his mind to be tense all the time, further increasing the fatigue of his body.

He knew he needed sleep. If such a weak body was denied sleep, the consequences of it would be unimaginable.

Despite that, no number of reasons could convince him to sleep. The emptiness of his palm, the things he lost, the anger that came with it was like a raging flame running amok within his heart, that all put him in a state of irritation, so much so that he wanted to…destroy everything.

If all was broken, then all control would be lost. If all was destroyed, he would be able to keep by his side all those who left, who ran, and those who left his grasp. He could keep them in his palm once more, even if the only thing left was a pile of their scraps/residue, even if it no longer had vitality.

That was all fine, as long as he could obtain him again.

The wild beast in his heart was howling out for it, and it almost made him lose his mind.

That was until suddenly, he received a message that appeared in his mind out of nowhere. That strange and mysterious phenomenon was unable to trigger his sense of crisis, instead, his eyes were glued dead onto that sentence.

That name was so familiar that it felt as if it had been carved into his bones, and his emotions finally found an outlet. He hated that he could not hold that person in his hands through those words, and lock him into his embrace.

Almost without any hesitance, he yelled out, “Where are you!”

Tell me, and I’ll find you; then, I’ll never let you go.

Shi Qing stared dumbfoundedly at the three words that he had been sent. They were only three words, but the momentum was so huge, especially with the exclamation point at the end. It really allowed him to feel the burning rage boiling within the other party!

What the hell was this!

Didn’t his host lose his memories?

Where was his silly cute little bun? Why does this feel not too great?

Could the sealing of his memories have failed? But that’s not possible!

Shi Qing was slightly worried. It truly was no good to provoke a crazy person, but as he had already done so, it would be hard to run away and get himself out of this. He would still end up suffering when the time came.

After pondering for a long time, he decided not to be rash, and attempted another message, “I am studying in the Central District Dimensional School.”

In what almost seemed like a short second, he received a reply, “I can’t enter it.”

Shi Qing, “…” Of course not! You’re not even eleven yet! But this tone, this attitude, host, did your memories really get sealed? QAQ…

Shi Qing continued to ponder before replying him in a soft tone, “You will be able to in just two months.”

“That’s too long.”

Shi Qing really did not know what he could say anymore, but following that, he saw another message.

“Shi Qing, I want to see you.”

In an instant, Shi Qing’s mind turned into mush. Following that, he felt a strange and inexplicable surge of emotions. It felt so messy, complicated, and difficult to describe, but when that ended, his heart went soft.

A scene of a small Qin lil’ Mo bun in a foreign world appeared in his brain, with a wolf at his front, and a tiger at his back, as well as foxes and hunting dogs on both his sides. They were all bullying the lovely, super cute chibi Qin lil’ Mo, leading to his helplessness, bad mood, and all around pitifulness.

Then, he had to count on his powerful system to save him from this sea of suffering.

Look! He even said such soft words, he’s definitely been wronged a whole lot.

Shi Qing: QAQ, so heartbreaking!

But as his heart broke, he started to get impulsive. He immediately came back to him with a response, “It’s Saturday tomorrow, and I’ll be going home. At that time, I’ll definitely come looking for you!”

“Where is your home?”

Without even thinking about it, Shi Qing reported his address.

After that, there was no other reply from the other side.

But Shi Qing found it difficult to conceal his excitement. Thinking that he would be able to see the cute and pitiful Qin lil’ Mo tomorrow, he was so excited that he could not even sleep. He tossed and turned in bed, whilst a complicated feeling played about within his heart.

He started to imagine the look of the adolescent Qin lil’ Mo, but in the next moment, he seemed to have also thought of the grown up Qin Mo.

After falling asleep in a daze, he had a dream.

He seemed to have returned to the beastman world in his dreams, but Qin Mo did not appear with Yalike’s appearance. He still retained his own body and appearance, dressed in his well-worn riding robes, making him appear even more tall and well-postured, while a faint smile played by his delicate eyes, making his perfect face look even more attractive.

They seemed to share a few words, then, he was held in Qin Mo’s embrace. His husky and alluring voice softly strummed like the strings of an instrument pleasantly in his ears, “Shi Qing, I…Miss you.”

It was just one sentence, but it was like a flame that ignited a bunch of fireworks within his heart. Shi Qing burned up in an instant as the feelings in his heart overflowed. The full, bursting sweetness and numbness covered his heart, but he could not explain that feeling.

Following that, the fiery heat he felt within the beastman world was boiling within his body. It was like he went back to that time when the feelings of his body were fluctuating violently, that strong sense of desire was almost consuming his mind.

All the while, the colour of Qin Mo’s eyes turned deeper and deeper. A deep scarlet spark emerged within his ink black eyes. With a focused gaze deep with unconcealed desire, as well as his annoyance and impatience, he lowered himself down for a violent and strong kiss that he could not help himself from.

So intense, so hot, that lingering feeling… the hounding of his mouth cavity, the inseparable tips of their tongue, an unreserved demand was made from both of them to the other like a beast that had been starving through winter. In a state almost at the point of madness, they feasted on their prey as if they could wish nothing more than to become one with it.

Qin Mo lowered his head and licked his neck, gnawing, and nibbling softly. For his weakest point to be treated in such a way by the other, Shi Qing seemed to feel as if he was going to bite down on him; like he wanted to have all of him, and was trying his best to declare his ownership of him.

Those thoughts made him unable to resist the trepidation, while wave after wave of the gushing rapids seemed to make it unbearable.

Kissing, caressing… these actions were unable to satisfy the burning flames in his heart; he wanted more, he thirsted for more…

As they undressed, a moan of pleasure almost spilled from his lips as their skin touched.

He was starting to forget everything else as greed and enjoyment filled his mind, he still remembered that mind-numbing pleasure from last time. Under Qin Mo’s lead, he climbed to the peak, and was brought to the heights of his orgasm.

After his mind turned blank, Shi Qing woke up abruptly.

A burst of cool air came gushing over, instantly fanning away the flames of his afterglow.

He sat up in shock. This was the school dorm, he was in bed, and he was alone.

Yet he still had such a dream. The stickiness between his legs reminded him how ridiculous it was for what had just gone on…

Shi Qing did not even dare to think about it. With a red face, he jumped off the bed, took his clothes off, and started to wash himself in the middle of the night. Only when the sun came up did he finally manage to force himself to calm down.

When he curled up in bed again, he found himself unable to sleep.

His mind was filled with Qin Mo, filled with his fascinating black eyes and seductive voice.

He was a little scared; these strange and unfamiliar feelings were putting him at a loss.

He would see Qin Mo every time he closed his eyes, he would think of the kiss they shared, as well as…the mutual solace they shared as they lost themselves to the flow.

Thinking about it put his heart in a bit of a mess.

In a curious coincidence, he turned on his system messages, and saw those words…

“Shi Qing, I want to see you.”

Seeing those words again still gave him the same strong feelings, as if a current of electricity was flowing through his heart. They were clearly only seven words, but he could imagine what face Qin Mo had on when he said these words.

He stared at those words, and subconsciously, his hands ended up in his own trousers; his little buddy that had already raised his head was being held tightly.

Shi Qing did not care about anything anymore. He stroked himself quickly with his eyes narrowed, while his mind was filled with things he should not be thinking about. Without any ability to hold himself back, a soft whisper leaked from his lips, “Qin Mo… Qin Mo… Qin Mo…”

His voice was so soft, just like a feather landing on the ground, almost inaudible, but it was fluttery like a feather brushing past his heart. It was so stimulating, so shameful, his unspeakable emotions had all turned into a current of electricity that made him forget all reason.

When his hands were once again covered with that moist feeling, Shi Qing slowly came back to his senses.

It was one o’clock in the morning and the sky was still dark, but the naughty moonlight had peeked through his curtains, illuminating Shi Qing’s red cheeks.

He looked as his palm in a daze. There was no way he could comfort himself after this.

He woke up from his dream, and while calling out Qin Mo’s name, brought himself to the peak…

Shi Qing shook his head desperately as if he could shake off all those thoughts in this way…When his brain started to ring from dizziness, Shi Qing finally felt a little more normal again…

With a face blushing to his ears, he got off his bed once more, leaving his second pair of pajama pants out on the balcony to dry.

Thankfully, with Mother Nuo’s thoughtfulness, she prepared three sets of pajamas for Xia Nuo. Otherwise, Shi Qing would have nothing left to wear today.

This time, he really did not think any more of it. Perhaps he may be feeling fatigued after venting, but as soon as his head landed on the pillow, he fell deeply asleep.

Right outside the ordinary houses in the East 8th District, a car that was out of place with the environment was parked there.

There was a dim light in the car, and a young boy aged about eleven or twelve was sitting on the left side of the back seat.

He had delicate features and jet black eyes, staring fixedly at the residential building on the opposite side. Through the car window, his gaze landed on the second window on the third floor

Shi Qing, I’m waiting for you.


The first line is technically a title, but however I did it seemed weird. Hope you liked the little treat teehee.

I’m hoping to get a couple PUP chapters out this weekend, since they’re both almost done, but we shall see. Unlike me who waddles around awkwardly and tries to survive, others helping me have exams. Not sure which is more fun.

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