LLJ Chapter 3

Chapter 3   Confucius says: Qing Ran

Author: Luo Bing Ling       

Translator: Shadowfang

TLC: Miki995

“Erm… If you don’t mind, you can change into my clothes.”

An Jun Yue looked at the empty-handed person in front of him. He didn’t appear to be carrying any bundles, so he took out his own clothes from the carriage’s cabinet and passed it to him. An Jun Yue’s clothes were all light-colored, mostly white and green. He handed Liu Li a set of white clothing.

When An Jun Yue saw that he had taken the clothes, he didn’t speak further. He lowered his head and meticulously took care of  the child’s hygiene.

Liu Li took the clothes and thought, ‘I guess I will change into this clothes as I can’t  really have another set of clothes just materializing on my body in front of him now, can I?’

“Let’s just take it all off. It’s ruined anyways.” An Jun Yue’s murmur made Liu Li’s hand that was in the middle of undressing himself shuddered. However, he then realized that An Jun Yue was talking about the baby.

Liu Li looked at the person in front of him and pondered. ‘I’ve had never seen anyone who can not be influenced by the fox demon’s innate charm of seduction. But I don’t sense any peculiar aura from An Jun Yue’s body…’

Liu Li simply took off his clothes and changed in front of An Jun Yue. He still saw that An Jun Yue had no reaction, being as calm and indifferent like usual. Liu Li’s mood brightened for no reason; he was used to the desires and evil intentions expressed by human beings and other creatures that he had faced. Unexpectedly, he had met a person who could get along with him calmly and it felt pretty good.

An Jun Yue didn’t know what Liu Li was thinking nor did he care. He just carefully took all the dirty clothes off of the baby and set them aside. He then wiped the baby clean with a clean cloth towel before placing the little fella in his birthday suit under the quilt.

An Jun Yue casually took off his dirty robe. He had ignored it just now because he focusing on attending to the baby, but it was uncomfortable for him to continue wearing the soiled clothes. He took out a new light green robe and put it on, before he turned to look at Liu Li.

An Jun Yue didn’t like complicated clothings, so he wore a simple undergarments and robe fashion style. Liu Li was even simpler. He directly skipped the undergarments and wore long trousers and a jacket with a belt casually tied around his waist. The slightly large neckline revealed his delicate clavicle and white skin. The white color of the robe enhanced Liu Li’s charming bearing while adding a touch of ethereal atmosphere to him. Liu Li didn’t care about this at all and An Jun Yue, accustomed to modern people’s revealing clothes, had no reaction to his dressing.

“What is this?”  Liu Li asked as he pulled a jade pendant from the  pile of the child’s dirty clothes. “Qing Ran… Calendar Year 57, 11th of September.”

“It’s his name and birthday.” An Jun Yue recalled seeing from a book he had read before. It was mentioned that children of influential families all had this kind of small jade to bless the child to be safe and sound in their life which they wore from childhood. It was a popular custom.

“It’s March in the Calendar year of 59 now, so the child should be one and a half years old.”

“By the way, my name is Liu Li. What is yours?”

Liu Li was a little fascinated by this man. ‘Is he a scholar? Why hasn’t he introduced himself? Isn’t that human’s courtesy?’

“An Jun Yue.”

An Jun Yue smiled faintly and said nothing more.


The neglected Qing Ran was unhappy due to the lack of attention on him and wanted to climb out of the quilt in his birthday suit.

“Stop calling me your mother again!”

Seeing that Qing Ran was about to crawl in his direction, Liu Li hastily went over to An Jun Yue, pushing him toward Qing Ran.

“Stop coming over! I won’t hold you!”

An Jun Yue was somewhat surprised by Liu Li’s sudden contact. He didn’t like to be touched by others, but Liu Li had only pushed him a little. Hence,  An Jun Yue didn’t feel discomfort.

An Jun Yue wrapped Qing Ran in the quilt. When he saw the child was wholeheartedly trying to reach Liu Li, he made a realization. ‘It seems this child is fated to be with this person; it seems that I’m not destined to have a Master and disciple relationship with Qing Ran…’

“You’d better hold him or he’ll cry again.”

“Damn it, why is he so adamant in calling me his mother?!”

Liu Li indignantly embraced Qing Ran and tried his best to save his hair from Qing Ran’s small hands.

“Why doesn’t he call you Mother and call me dad instead?”

“It should be due to you being more beautiful as compared to me.”

An Jun Yue said it as a matter of a fact.  He felt that Liu Li was more beautiful than any of the so-called beauty that he had seen before, so he could say that frankly.

Liu Li blinked and looked at An Jun Yue with big eyes. ‘What does he mean by saying something so frivolous… But he looks so serious as if he’s just stating facts.’

Liu Li thought An Jun Yue was very strange. ‘Is he really a human?


Qing Ran was dissatisfied with being ignored, and while tugging on his ‘Mother’’s hair, he reached his hand toward his ‘Dad’.

An Jun Yue looked at Qing Ran and thought for a moment before putting his finger into Qing Ran’s waving  small hand. He then saw his tiny fingers trying to grab onto his finger with great effort. An Jun Yue smiled. ‘It seems this child has some fate with me too.’

An Jun Yue could see that Liu Li actually liked Qing Ran very much. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so disturbed by the child to the point he felt frustrated and rage.

‘I may as well help them out.’

An Jun Yue’s cultivation was on a foundation that went about going with whatever his heart feels, so he just acted upon his thoughts.

“This place isn’t far from Bei Quan city. If Liu Li doesn’t mind, can I bring the two of you there? I can also temporarily help in taking care of Qing Ran.”

Liu Li looked at the little guy who was smiling candidly at him in his arms, smiling helplessly.

‘I was the one that picked him up after all and he is so reliant on me, even though he is just a human child…  Whatever.  I will raise him up for now.’

“In that case, I’ll have to trouble Mister An.”

With a gentle smile, An Jun Yue got up and closed the door of the carriage. Then, he took the reins and drove the carriage in the direction of Bei Quan City.

An Jun Yue drove his carriage all the way to Bei Quan City. Bei Quan was a large, city as it was located on the main road of traffic. Hence, it was really prosperous. Even though many people were still looking at him as they walked on  they were naturally more polite. An Jun Yue asked for directions before driving straight to the largest ‘Jing Quan Mountain Villa’. The Jing Quan Mountain Villa consisted of several small courtyards of various sizes. It was also a place where travellers and businessmen choose to stay.

When An Jun Yue drove the carriage to the entrance of the inn, there was a diligent servant who helped him pull the carriage. Seeing that there were many diners in the inn, An Jun Yue did not want to attract attention, so he directly expressed to the servant he wanted to arrange for a peaceful and elegant courtyard.

At that moment, a sudden cry came from the carriage. After that the door was pulled open, it revealed Liu Li’s somewhat embarrassed smiling face. In his arms, Qing Ran was wailing miserably while flailing both of his hands. Liu Li whispered to An Jun Yue, “It’s nothing. I only pinched his face gently after seeing that he has fallen asleep…”


However, it was obvious that Qing Ran would not give him face and struggled to be held by An Jun Yue.

An Jun Yue looked at them with a faint smile and whispered, “Let’s head in first. We will talk more about this after making our arrangement here.”  The two bright red fingerprint marks on Qing Ran’s small white face were naked to the eyes. An Jun Yue knew that Liu Li’s `gently’ was an obvious understatement…


Liu Li agreed sincerely. He then obediently carried Qing Ran back into the carriage and closed the door. He sat on the mattress again, feeling somewhat curious. ‘Why am I listening and doing whatever this human that I just got to know says so well?? Can it be due to him looking rather matured?’

Liu Li frustratedly held on to the struggling Qing Ran, and began to rub his little face furiously.  

“Because of you, I was laughed at by him…”

He was rewarded by Qing Ran with a louder cry. With a guilty conscience, he hurried to carefully hug and coax Qing Ran with a smiling face.

When An Jun Yue heard Qing Ran’s crying had gotten even louder outside, he knew that it must be Liu Li bullying him again. He could not help but chuckle a little ‘This Liu Li is like a big kid.’

“Mister, your Madam is really beautiful! The young master is also extremely pretty.”

The youthful servant blushed as he looked at the closed doors of the carriage before he lamented while smiling at An Jun Yue.

“That’s right, she is really compatible with Mister.”


The guests agreed one after the other, instantly making An Jun Yue be the center of attention.

“… Oh, thank you. Can I trouble you to please take us to where we’ll be staying first? The baby is still crying.”

An Jun Yue didn’t know what to say for a moment nor was he interested in explaining anything to these people. He simply diverted the crowd’s attention away from him.

“Yes, yes! This humble servant shall guide Mister to where you will be staying!”

The servant reacted and hurriedly led along the horse carriage, leading An Jun Yue towards the side door. An Jun Yue smiled politely at the crowd who were focusing their attention on him before he followed after the servant and left…


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