RAAS Chapter 45

Translator: Helli

Editor: Kleep

Shi Qing studied hard all night, leading to his lack of vitality the next morning. He was drowsy, and prayed every moment that he could throw himself onto a bed and sleep until the sky crashed down on him.

However, the tragic part was, he had to go to school today.

After having breakfast and walking out of the dormitory, he bumped into a yellow-haired kid.

It could not be said that this blondie was young. In truth, he was 5 days older than Xia Nuo. At the age of 20, he was also due to graduate soon. His surname was Huang, meaning yellow, and his favourite colour was the same. Somehow or another, due to genetics, he was also born with a head of yellow-blonde hair.

Thus…the nickname of “Blondie” was born.

Xia Nuo was not the most popular guy in school because he came from an ordinary family, but his personal dimension had good qualifications, belonging to the group with potential. With all the students of this school that were elites, they were separated between those that were born elites, as well as those who were fed by their parents with a silver spoon. Regardless of which type they were, they were a strange bunch.

The natural elites were full of arrogance. They could not stand looking at guys like Xia Nuo that came in from the countryside, and played ball at the very edge (dimension qualifications only level 4). To those who acquired their qualifications thanks to their parents assisting them, they may be slightly worse off in terms of qualifications, but no one could stop their family from being so rich. Being cultivated from a young age with a great number of excellent materials, their dimensions were definitely much stronger than the average person.

Of course, that did not conflict with the same prohibitions that were mentioned before. The school prohibited students from signing contracts with family clans, but it did not prevent their families from taking care of them.

In fact, to be able to receive nurturing with such expensive materials just after their dimensions were activated was good for every child, but these materials were too scarce and expensive, thus it was not commonly done.

Children that came from families with large clans had the good fortune to be nurtured, but children from ordinary families could not even dream of it.

If you did not sign a contract with one of such clans, there was no way they would contribute such expensive materials so selflessly. Would it not be a waste of affection if they ended up raising an ungrateful child?

The reason individuals were forbidden from signing any contracts with those family clans were mainly to prevent the malicious acts from certain types of people, but if a kind clan were to agree to offer these materials to you without the need for a contract, then…The school administrators would be able to do nothing more than look away. If such a good thing, as if a pie had fallen down from the sky, happened to a person, who would try to control that?

Blondie was one of such elites that was brought up with a silver spoon in his mouth, but he had his own dejections as well. The Huang family had some level of status in the Central District, but unfortunately, Blondie came from a branch of a branch of a branch of the Huang family. To what extent was he distanced from them, you ask? Probably, if you count four generations up the list, his ancestor was a descendant of the Huang family.

The reason why Blondie still belonged to that family clan was because of his father: a rare level six resource type dimension, as well as the super well-received harvesting/gathering type. There were three types of ore within his dimension, and although one of them was a common ore, the other two were rare ores that were highly sought after.

With such an excellent dimension, there was no way the patriarch of the Huang family would let him go. They immediately recognized him as one of their descendants. Whether they were four generations away, or even eight, he would still be able to climb up the Huang family ladder.

Moreover, Blondie’s mother had a very decent dimension as well: a level five storage type that fit just perfectly with Blondie’s father. The two could cooperate well and formed an intimate relationship.

The downside was that Blondie himself had a relatively weak dimension. He did not inherit the same type of dimension as his parents, but rather a plant cultivation type. However, it could only grow fruit, and was single-use. The most terrible part was, at the point of activation, the size was super small…only ten centimeters.

It was simply the smallest of small dimensions.

Thanks to Blondie’s father’s wealth of funds and materials, as well as the fact that one of the ores required was one that he himself produced, Blondie had been strictly nurtured since he was a young boy until he reached the age of 20. That allowed him to develop the scale of his dimension. In estimation, if he was reevaluated, he may at least be able to reach level 5.

Due to Blondie’s half-baked ‘powerful young master’ reputation, as well as the dismal qualifications of his dimension, he could barely fit in with the others in the Central District Academy.

He was a very enthusiastic person, but nobody would play with him so he lived a very suffocating life until he finally met Xia Nuo. Xia Nuo was very quiet and was not unused to being by himself. However, he did not try to reject Blondie, who had latched onto him.

As time went by, the two became good friends.

Shi Qing’s personality was actually quite different from Xia Nuo’s. Shi Qing had been pampered well by both his parents and came from a good background, as well as having a big brother who spoiled him just the same. If he had not contracted stomach cancer, he would definitely be able to live a peaceful and happy life.

Since he accepted Xia Nuo’s memories, so he could still understand his character. He was not a cold person, just quiet. He was down to earth, serious, and would give his all in doing things.

If not because he was too good-looking, as well as being cold and unsociable, creating the illusion of “I am very aloof”, then he might even be bullied by his peers.

At the very least, Blondie was able to figure this out after deepening his friendship with him.

Can’t finish your paper? Doesn’t matter, look for Xia Nuo.

Can’t deal with this subject? No worries, Xia Nuo’s here.

Something wrong with your dimension? Easy, Xia Nuo again.

So to say, it was fortunate that Blondie was the only one, otherwise Xia Nuo would’ve been bullied to death.

However, he also had to thank Blondie. Even though he wasn’t very good in his studies, his background was still considerably tough; but the best part about him was his loyalty. Though, he was very careless. He did not care whose son they were, or what the qualifications of their dimensions were, if anyone came to bully them, he would fight them before figuring out the rest.

Most of those elites did not enjoy messing with ‘little punks’ like him, and the young masters would also not lower themselves to the point of fighting. One had to know that their attendants were not allowed with them in school.

Over time, Blondie made a resounding name for himself, and silently protected Xia Nuo.

Shi Qing knew very clearly of all such matters, and perhaps it was because he was a bystander, but he still understood way more than Xia Nuo. That was why he was very fond of Blondie.

In any case, considering that he was now Xia Nuo, he still responded only with a simple hum of acknowledgement when faced with Blondie’s enthusiastic greeting.

Blondie had long been used to this behaviour. He was annoyed that his next class was going to be the practical use class of dimensions as that was his worst subject. The teacher would enter each students’ dimensions one by one, and carried out his lesson and inspection within it.

There were so many factors that had to be assessed, that just thinking about it was enough to blow the top off one’s head. Things that were looked over were subjects such as the available space of plantable land, the state of the soil, the atmospheric environment, the flow of air, and so on…

With just a few questions, Blondie was already prepared to throw himself onto the streets1.

The worst part of this class was the fact that he could not cheat. Xia Nuo could not help him… TAT.

When Shi Qing found out what Blondie was fussing over, he could not help but curl up his lips in a smile. This was his own fault for having too much self-confidence, now he could only be piled up with problems at the critical moment.

Blondie moaned the whole way through till they came to the door of the classroom. And it was then that Shi Qing threw a bundle of information at him.

Blondie looked down at the papers. After flipping through them, he was simply jumping for joy!

What was recorded within the papers were the details of the various elements within his dimension! As long as he memorized them, he would definitely be able to get past this teacher!

“Aaah, Xia Nuo! You’re my savior!” Saying that, he pounced over towards Xia Nuo for a hug.

Shi Qing knew early on that he would pull that, but he was not weak like Xia Nuo. He did not walk the path of immortals for nothing. With just a flash, he evaded the bear hug.

After catching nothing but air, Blondie was shocked. Damn, Xia Nuo had skills now!

With his interest piqued, he turned for another strike.

Shi Qing evaded him easily, but he did not wish to continue on with this game. Thus, he said, “You have ten minutes before class starts, can you memorize it without looking at it?”

With that, Blondie slammed down on the brakes and sat down quickly, concentrating on memorizing the information.

Shi Qing had also taken a seat. The seats of the classroom were in steps, much more like university lecture rooms than the usual high school classroom. However, Shi Qing kicked the bucket before he had the chance to go to college, so it was not easy for him to judge.

Seeing the seriousness of Blondie’s back, Shi Qing couldn’t help himself from yawning. He tried very hard to study last night, and he had wanted to fall asleep at midnight, but after studying, he slowly combed through the knowledge that Xia Nuo had learnt in the past. He found that this guy was mostly the type to rely on desperate memorization, so the information he knew lacked coherence.

With that, he still had a lot of practice to do. At that moment, the benefits of being a system were finally being made apparent.

The memories he accepted from Xia Nuo were like movie scenes, and each image was very vivid, he could even replay it. There were no omissions whatsoever between them.

With this, he could bring them up and use them at any time. Xia Nuo’s seriousness was also useful here. Even though he could not understand it, he could still successfully remember it, so Shi Qing would only need to focus on figuring out the kinks.

Moreover, just thinking about it was not enough, it was best to have some experience.

Firstly, he carried out a serious analysis and evaluation of Xia Nuo’s dimension, and following that, he found that he had detailed memories of Blondie’s dimension.

And so, he simply decided to go along with his restlessness, and sorted out information about Blondie’s dimension as well.

With all that, he ended up fainting halfway through the night unknowingly. Subsequently, it was Blondie who enjoyed the boons from his endeavours this morning.

Since it was a one-on-one class, there were five professors and five teaching assistants in the classroom at the same time, but the students still had to queue up.

Blondie had great luck and picked the number 30. That gave him enough time to memorize the materials.

Shi Qing’s luck was also great, getting number 3. That way, he could be done with class early and would have the chance to catch up on sleep.

The teacher in charge of Shi Qing in the current class was the head of the subject, Professor Wang, Wang Yang. At 40 years old this year, he has achieved great success within the subject of the practical use of dimensions, which also related to his own personal dimension.

His personal dimension was a rare one that could only be seen once in a hundred years, and it had many uses. He could grow almost every single crop, collect more than a dozen minerals, and also included various functions such as farming.

With a dimension such as that, he had earned the right to turn up his nose at the entire world.

However, God was fair. He was given a dimension with so many abilities attached, but the space was so small that there was almost nothing that could be done within.

It was only 30 square meters.

When a dimension with so many uses was cramped into such a small space, it became useless…

Fortunately, that did not discourage him. He made full use of his dimension, and though he could not plant or produce anything in his dimension, he could still conduct research and do experiments, allowing him to procure a mass of data that would benefit everyone.

At the same time, that was how he created his outstanding achievements in the subject.

His success allowed those who had given up on their dimensions see hope. It gave them their place in the world back, allowing them to find new and better ways to survive in this world.

Xia Nuo admired him very much, and so did Shi Qing.

So knowing that he would be in charge of him, Shi Qing felt just a little bit nervous.

Fortunately, the homework he passed in was solid, and Xia Nuo had not made much progress due to the limits of resources. His dimension had not progressed much, and with only one square meter of plantable space, as well as a small water source that barely grew, it was simply too small.

With such a small space, Shi Qing could only wish that he could go back to the past, and turn over every stone to study all its properties.

But Wang Yang did not make things hard on him. He asked a few detailed questions, and seeing Shi Qing responding with fluency, he could see that he had done his homework and nodded agreeably. Then, he corrected several of the mistakes he made.

After the assessment was over, Wang Yang carefully added in a few words, laying out the subject, and asked Shi Qing to begin trying out the planting of new seedlings.

Shi Qing put all of the suggestions in his mind, and in the blink of an eye, their short ten minute session was over.

However, both of them still had things they wished to say.

Before he left his dimension, Wang Yang asked, “Xia Nuo, have you considered staying in school?”

Shi Qing paused for a moment, but responded immediately after, “Professor! I was just preparing for it!”

Wang Yang nodded and continued, “Then, good luck, your grades have always been very stable, so I’m sure you can do it.”

Hearing this encouragement, Shi Qing felt even more energetic. He could not help curving his eyes into pleasant crescents before speaking ecstatically, “I will.”

Wang Yang was slightly stunned by this response. Though he had many students, he always had a very deep impression of Xia Nuo. This child was both hardworking and diligent, but he just was not very fond of talking, and had a very low feeling of existence.

He did not expect to see him smile today, but it was truly quite a pleasant sight.

Hm, with a beautiful assistant by my side, I’m sure my practical use of dimensions class will be brought to glory!

Shi Qing did not know that this seemingly profound professor of his whom he admired had his thoughts going so out of line.

After he finished his class lesson, he jotted down the points mentioned by his professor, but then the drowsiness started to hit him. After saying his farewells to Blondie, he strolled back to his dormitory, collapsed onto his bed, and fell asleep.

While he slept, the thing that finally woke him up was the sound of buzzing right by his ear.

Shi Qing was dazed for a moment, but he quickly came back to his senses. He looked towards the watch-like object around his wrist. It was a communication tool, and needless to say, its function was the same as a mobile phone.

He activated it and saw two messages.

A message from Mother Nuo: she asked whether he was going home this weekend, and whether he needed Father Nuo to come pick him up.

The other was from Blondie: He received a big, smug smile, and following that, a thousand words of gratitude. It seemed that with due thanks to those materials, this guy was able to pass through successfully. And finally, he invited him out for dinner, the great Young Master Huang had offered to treat him.

As Shi Qing looked at the message, he recalled that it had been awhile since he had last seen a text message. It gave him both a familiar yet strange feeling.

First, he responded to Mother Nuo, saying that he would return on his own, not needing the help of his father. Very quickly, he received a response from her. She responded only with ‘alright’, but he could feel the dense feelings of happiness flowing out of it.

Shi Qing could not help but smile. Just as he was going to respond to Blondie, what he saw on the dialogue box suddenly caused him to come to a stop.

Following that, he gave his head a hefty slap!

Damn it! How could you be this stupid!

Why would he need to visit Qin Mo face to face? He could just send him a message!

Not a text message, a system message!

Shi Qing quickly opened it up, and as expected, he could still send a message to his host. Even though it would cost 50 points, he already had a small savings of ten thousand points accumulated. How could he feel pain from spending this pittance?

When he opened the dialogue box, Shi Qing felt a little hesitant. What should he say?

Right now, Qin Mo could not remember him at all…

After some thought, Shi Qing still typed out a proper message, “Hello, I am Shi Qing, I am your…” But before he could finish typing the word ‘system’, his hand slipped, and he sent it out!

Shi Qing’s face turned into a 囧 in an instant… What the hell is this! What the hell ‘I am your’…


Just as he was looking for a way to save the situation, he saw a response. It was a short and concise message of three words, “Where are you!”


A thousand blessings on Rai for translating this monster chapter. It’s good that Shi Qing finally remember his cute lil psycho bun.

As far as other projects, several chapters are in the works for PUP. No clue on actual release times. LLJ should have a new chapter fairly soon, seems life has calmed down for Shadowfang.

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  1. 扑街 falling down on the streets is an insult commonly used to call someone unlucky 

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