RAAS Chapter 44

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A shota version of his host. Shi Qing was so stimulated by his own imagination that he started to drool.

His host was only ten years old, and he was a pure host with all his crazy memories sealed off. He was a cute and sensible host.

He could not stop his imaginations. For the first time, Shi Qing really wanted to rush over to his host’s side, okay! He was very eager to verify his own imaginations!

After foolishly having fun with himself for five minutes, Shi Qing finally calmed himself down and began accepting his new memories seriously.

The person he transmigrated into was a man called Xia Nuo that was currently 20 years of age. There was still a month before he would graduate from the dimension school, so this was a critical moment for him. There were many different kinds of assessments in the school, and Xia Nuo has been studying and practicing very seriously every day. He did not possess the brain of a top student, but he had the attitude of one, and he was a classic example of a good child.

Due to the fact that Xia Nuo was born from an ordinary family, he had great hopes that he would be able to change his fate, thus allowing his family to lead a better life.

Xia Nuo’s parents were carriers of the most basic dimensions. Even though his father’s dimension was the more popular resource(gathering/harvesting) type, the minerals he produced were very ordinary and only one type. In addition, its size was extremely small—it was only about a hundred square meters. Its renewal cycle was also very slow. Even if Father Xia focused on taking care of his dimension every day, and toiling away to harvest the minerals, his monthly output was still not too much. However, it was enough to feed his family.

Meanwhile, Mother Xia’s space is much weaker. She was a beautiful woman, but her dimension was truly not worth much. After it stabilized, she had about 200 square meters in her space; but it did not have soil. Instead, it was made up of solid and inorganic materials that could neither be used for planting anything, nor could anything be collected from it. It was called a storage dimension, but the size was truly too small and could only hold an average amount of weight. To transport goods, a space of only 200 square meters was truly inadequate.

Father Xia was also reluctant to see Mother Xia work as a delivery worker. It had to be mentioned that delivery workers with small storage dimensions had very tiring work with very low pay. Not only did they have to load up the goods themselves, they had to run back and forth. Also, there was no need to mention the fact that Mother Xia was a woman. If she was not careful, she might encounter robbers, and her life may even be put in danger.

Therefore, Mother Xia could only stay at home and handle the housework. She would also help Father Xia with his personal dimension; she would help to pick out the ores, arranged them, packed them up, ground them up, and other trivial matters.

Xia Nuo was the only child the two had. When he went through his assessment at the age of eleven, he was found to have a rare dual-use space: it had soil for planting, and even a small water source.

It could be used for planting, as well as cultivating aquatic products. Even better was that these two complemented each other. The water could be used to dampen the soil and irrigate the plants, greatly saving one the costs of purchasing water. The soil could also help to circulate the oxygen when it was being cultivated, saving one the costs of purchasing oxygen supply equipment for the water source.

Personal dimensions were rated on a scale of 1-10, and the rating of Xia Nuo’s dimension was four. It could be considered at the medium level, but that was mainly because the space was too small. At its beginnings, the area of soil measured only about 30 centimeters, and you could barely call the water source a bay.

Even so, the specifications of Xia Nuo’s dimension were already pretty good. At least it was truly a diamond in the rough.

Xia Nuo was an obedient and sensible child. Though his qualifications were average, he was a very hardworking person. In all his ten years of schooling, he had always achieved exceptional grades, it was just that the development of his dimension was slightly slow.

Unfortunately, that was not something he could help. Although the dimension could be upgraded, the materials required for it were very expensive. Without any monetary support, it would be hard for him to get it upgraded quickly.

In addition, during the schooling period, it was stipulated by the government that no students were allowed to sign contracts with any company, group, or clan. Without any contractual constraints, the big clans would not foolishly contribute money for their training. Therefore, even though a child from an ordinary family like Xia Nuo had good potential, the development of his dimension was still very slow during his school years.

Regarding that matter, it was also a way for the school administrators to protect their students. A personal dimension denoted the life of each person. If they were to be used by somebody with ill intentions, who employed malicious or unethical means to catalyze the improvement of the dimension’s level, it may bring profits for the short-term. Unfortunately, it would also affect the health of the carrier, leading them to a premature death.

Therefore, they instituted that ban.

Father Xia had high expectations for his son, but he was also very clear-headed man. He had strictly reminded Xia Nuo not to be impatient, and to focus on his studies, achieving at least a grade B or above in each subject. When he graduated, there would definitely be many clans vying to help him.

The world was filled with opportunities. There was no need to destroy the path to his own future now.

Xia Nuo shared the same thoughts, that was why he tried so hard in his studies. The qualifications of his dimension were already clearly graded; but if he complimented them with a set of excellent results, he would have more rights to speak, and receive more beneficial opportunities.

When Shi Qing transmigrated over, it was the final month of their examinations—a very intense and exciting time.

In his last life, Shi Qing’s physical condition rendered him unable to experience the ecstacy of going through college entrance examinations. Now, however, he was given another opportunity to enjoy a different series of examinations.

Shi Qing was a little nervous, but that was mainly due to the fact that these examinations dictated not his own fate, but Xia Nuo’s.

He was Xia Nuo right now, so if he were to mess up his examinations, it would affect the rest of Xia Nuo’s life.

Due to the memories he received, Shi Qing had a good impression of Xia Nuo and his family. Xia Nuo’s entire family was very normal and ordinary, but they were a very warm family. He had a strict father whose entire heart was dedicated to the good of his own family, a warm, loving mother, and a son who was motivated to better himself. They all had their own goals and hopes, and they all worked towards them together.

At this time, Shi Qing was only using Xia Nuo’s body temporarily, so it was stressful because he had to worry about not screwing up their lives.

Early on during their run in the beastman world, Shi Qing had specifically spent some time to look through the system manual. Every world they transmigrated into was real, and everyone was truly alive. Their lives would not end just because of he and Qin Mo’s departure, they would continue to live on.

After he and Qin Mo completed their mission and left that world, the system’s 3-hour shutdown phase would review the progression of the mission, as well as making repairs and patching up that world.

The traces of he and Qin Mo’s existences would be erased or rationalized, while the original host would receive those memories. With the assumption that those were their own experiences, they would have no suspicions. At the same time, the characters whose bodies were used in the transmigration would be rewarded with a certain amount of compensation to satisfy one of their deep desires.

Shi Qing was very curious about the purpose of their missions, but that was not explained in his system manual. It seemed that it was something that had to be hidden away, even for a ‘system’ like him.

Shi Qing took a deep breath and settled his thoughts.

However, that interruption had also put him back to focus. When he transmigrated over, Xia Nuo was not in a very good mental state. Perhaps it was due to the stress that he was also not very good at resolving, so he had been overly-anxious, causing him several sleepless nights. With him in that state, he might only be able to bring out 60% of his best. Even if he put his whole mind into it, it would be very easy to make mistakes.

Even though Shi Qing was somewhat nervous, the state of his mind was still much better than Xia Nuo’s. He kept on telling himself that this knowledge belonged to Xia Nuo, and Xia Nuo had already worked hard. He only had to show off Xia Nuo’s own ability, that would be enough!

It was useless to be nervous now. His task had already started, and it never came with a pause button.

The examination month was definitely tense, but what bothered Shi Qing even more was how he was going to meet up with Qin Mo.

Qi Zimo was the eldest child of the Qi family, a very influential family in this world. Three level ten dimension holders had already appeared in that family, so they had a strong voice in politics, as well as the availability of countless resources.

At the moment, the head of the family, Qi Zimo’s father Qi Lu, was himself an extremely rare level eight dimension holder. It was said that his dimension was vast, and the food produced each season within it was enough to feed an entire city for a whole year!

In addition to that, his dimension was also a rare tri-use type that could plant two types of crops, and also provided a set amount of mineral resources.

It was precisely because of his excellent dimensional ability that he had emerged from his brothers, becoming the current patriarch of the Qi family.

Qi Zimo was that man’s eldest son.

With this identity, he was set to be the typical powerful second generation type.

While Xia Nuo was the standard commoner.

That was the reason why Shi Qing was so worried. With such a distance between them, how was he supposed to get in contact with Qin Mo?

If the situation was played out on earth in the 21st century, it was tantamount to an ordinary student that was going through his college entrance examinations trying to rub elbows with the child of some country’s leader.

Also, it was even a son of only ten years old……

Was that realistic?

Heheheh…If you weren’t daydreaming, then your head was broken.

There was still one fortunate point; they were from the same area. No matter how high Qi Zimo’s status was, he still had to be assessed, and then enrolled into the school to study.

Unfortunately, there was only one month to go before Xia Nuo graduated, and Qi Zimo still had two months to go before he was enrolled into school…the two just barely missed each other.

Shi Qing was worried. Before that, he would still try to find ways to get away from his host, but now that he really did, he was racking his brains trying to get back to him. It was very upsetting.

He combed through his memories, and after a careful analysis, he found that the most feasible way for him to meet Qin Mo was to stay in school.

Owing to the special nature of the dimension school, students were no longer allowed to enter after they graduated. Unless…they chose to stay in school to teach.

So to say, he had to work hard in order to become a teacher?

Um…becoming Qin Mo’s teacher…doesn’t sound too bad at all!

The more he thought about it, the more confident he felt that his plan would work. Not to mention that if he were to work in the dimension school, he would receive good treatment. Even so, the most important point was the fact that he would have a lot of time and resources to upgrade his dimension, and he could also become an independent force in the power struggle between the big clans.

When his dimension reached a certain level, he could also use his dimension to make a lot of money. It was not wrong to work two jobs, more importantly, he would even have a very high social status. It was different from the government, and the clans could also be ignored; the school was neutral, and would never be overtaken.

Father Xia had also mentioned several times for Xia Nuo to stay in school. Even though Xia Nuo had not completely settled to the idea, he was still leaning towards it.

However, there was a very strict condition to staying in school.

You could have poor qualifications to your dimension, and it was fine even if it was scrap; but you had to pass all the examinations, and each of their results had to be an A.

Shi Qing had never thought that he would one day become a dedicated scholar for his host!

He even had to study subjects he had never come across in his life…such as soil composition, crop basics, sowing and nursing wheat, methods to pike breeding, ore identification and processing, mult-function gathering studies…

After going through those highly grounded subjects, there were also some rather mysterious ones. Take for example, dimension application studies, gas cycling studies, resource reuse and recycling, the forces of time and space…

To bury my head in my studies to become a studious top student, Shi Qing expressed, please call me China’s top system!


Central District, Qi Residence.

Beneath the deep blue eagle banner that represented the Qi family was a ‘castle’ built with crystals in dark red. Its colour was so deep that it almost appeared black.

There were three floors in the building, and it occupied ten acres of land. It was an exceptionally extravagant and gorgeous place, but at the same time, it held with it the cold feeling of loneliness that could not be hidden.

The first room at the east wing on the third floor was the bedroom of the eldest child of the Qi family. At that time, Qi Zimo had long fallen into his slumber, while his attendant, Yan Qi, slept right at the small adjoined room outside. Even though it was late at night, his focus was still perked for fear that his young master might wake up for a drink, or to relieve his bladder.

Just as he was thinking about it, the rustling sound of a person waking up suddenly came from the room. The sound was very loud, as if he had woken abruptly from a nightmare.

Yan Qi nearly rolled down from his bed as he quickly put his shoes on and went over in a quick sprint. He turned on the small lamp at his bedside, and sure enough, his young master had woken up.

Yan Qi started to speak with him in a quiet whisper, “Young master, you…”

Before he could finish, he found himself unable to continue.

The icy eyes of the young boy were locked onto him in the dim night. His unique black eyes were frigid like a cold winter lake, bringing about a bone-biting chill, as well as releasing a killing intent that sent tingles across one’s scalp.

Yan Qi was shocked by this thought, and his voice came out awkwardly, but he still tried his best to say, “Young master, may…may I help with anything?”

“Get out.” Calm, without any ripples, it was completely unlike the voice of a child.

Yan Qi did not know what happened, and it sent his mind into chaos. After bowing to him respectfully, he excused himself from the room. It was not until he saw the dazzling night crystal in the corridor that he came back to his senses abruptly. The scene that had just happened earlier felt like a nightmare.

What happened to his young master?

Qi Zimo sat on his bed, unsure of why he had woken up. Or, perhaps, he should be asking why he had been asleep?

The moonlight shone into his room through the big windows, and the pale illumination seemed lacking in vitality. As the light fell onto the grey bedding, the entire scene appeared even more quiet, like an icy tomb.

He looked down at the palms of his hands, and felt a strong sense of violation.

It was not because of the small size of his palms, but rather due to their emptiness.

The thing that belonged to him was not at his side.


Author’s notes:

Sweat, how did you all guess that it was his younger brother… Well, Qi Zimo was only ten years old, and his little brother was even younger, two little buns…how were they going to be gay do their mission!

Cough, even though brothers are cute too, let’s just enjoy the teacher/student experience for now!

Speaking of which, even when his memories were sealed, host, you’re still a mental patient!


This chapter was a big info dump, but I think the plot really gets going next time. The nice thing is, we got some clear answers about the worlds they travel into and the hosts that they inhabit.

Also, that little panda is supposed to be loving the shota on its head…it’s the best I could do. Also, in the author’s note, she isn’t implying that they are brothers. Rather, she is saying why that guess for Shi Qing’s identity wouldn’t work lmao.

Once again, a huge thank you to Rai for this chapter <3.

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