New Translator, New Novel

Hello Everyone!

I managed to ensnare add a new translator to my…team? Do I have a team? Let’s say I do. Shadowfang is a fellow Canadian and fellow mom very similar to me. Discovered danmei, fell in love with danmei, decided to give translating a shot.

This novel is strictly being worked on by Shadowfang, and any helpers they bring along, so it will have no effect on my current projects.

This novel, like mine, will be done through MTL. I have read through a couple chapters, and can vouch for the writing quality.

The title of the novel is “Liu Li Loves Jun” by the author Luobing Ling. I didn’t realize at first, but it seems that this is one of the novels that disappeared with Polar Bear Paradise (rip), although there were only ever 5 chapters out. Good news for those who wanted more! Thanks notjun for letting me know.

The Novel Updates page can be found here, if you want to read the summary.

Without further ado, here is Chapter 1!



7 thoughts on “New Translator, New Novel

  1. NU already has the novel. 5 chapters were previously translated by the now defunct polarbearadise. But it was titled a bit shorter as “Liu Li Loves Jun”.

    And both your chapters is already on NU. (i came from there)

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