LLJ Chapter 1

Deep in the quiet woods of the mountain, the mild spring sun shone on the ground through the verdant foliage, as the little animals played in leisure; it was a warm scene.

Suddenly, a light flashed under a towering ancient tree in the forest, and after the light scattered, a man dressed in a long white gown, slender and upright, lay quietly on the grass under the tree.

The man’s facial features were soft and delicate, his skin tender and white. Even in a coma, it was difficult to conceal his elegant and gentle temperament. The small animals curiously watched, and seeing him motionless, they finally dared to lean into his side to play.

For a long time, the young man’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and the long, slightly curled eyelashes trembled lightly. Finally, a gentle hum overflowed from the thin, pink lips, and he woke up quietly.

The little animals ran away cautiously, but they didn’t run far. The breath of this person made them feel at ease. The man finally opened his eyes slowly, and his gentle, watery eyes revealed a faint daze.

An JunYue looked around at the unfamiliar forest doubtfully. He had clearly been watching his Shifu and Shibo’s fighting methods on the cliff of Huashan Mountain. How could he suddenly be inexplicably unconscious in a forest?

An JunYue was just 21 years old this year. He had been picked up and adopted by his Shifu, An Yuan, when he was a baby. He later practiced cultivation with his Shifu until he was 16 years old and was driven to the mundane world to learn through experience by his Shifu. He was now a sophomore in the Chinese Department of Shanghai XX University. Because he was indifferent and unwilling to interact with people, he practiced cultivation all day long with books and computers as his companions while watching the world.

However, although he was reluctant to cause trouble, because of his handsome appearance and gentle temperament, he was rated as one of the four most handsome men in XX University, and was nicknamed the “Wenyu Scholar”.

T/N: Directly translated ‘wen’ is meaning ‘to review (a lesson etc)’ and ‘yu’ is meaning ‘jade’

Originally, if it was only the entanglement of those infatuated girls, he could still hide in the apartments and other places where girls could not enter, but then inexplicably, boys began to entangle with him too. He tired of it and ran back to his teacher’s retreat mountain. Then, Shibo came to exchange fighting techniques with his Shifu while he watched.

At that time, there was a crack in space and he was just unlucky enough to be dragged in.

An JunYue sat up gently and began to meditate as he took a look inside. Ninety-nine percent of his true strength was lost. He speculated that the jade of his armor, which had been sent by his master, had absorbed the chaos of space. The jade had disappeared, and he presumed that it had shattered when he opened the space.

“Now, I am not much better than ordinary people.”

An JunYue stood up and observed himself. All the modern articles on his body were gone. Fortunately, his clothes, shoes and socks were woven with Heavenly Silk, which was specially supplied by his Shifu. It had resisted the destructive force in the space gap, otherwise, his situation would be embarrassing.

All that was left was the perfect soft sword, “Condensation”, on his waist and the small storage ring on his hand (two cubic meters).

An JunYue looked at the ring with his spiritual energies. He usually used it as a suitcase, so all of his daily necessities and sundries were inside. Fortunately, there were some potions and spiritual stones. He wondered if they could be used in this world.

There were a few bottles of water but no food. It seemed that the problem of food should be solved first.

An JunYue’s cultivation time was still short and he had not yet reached the state of inedia. Although his qualifications were high, his ability was limited. Although he had a master’s panacea to make up for it, it was only equivalent to that of ordinary people who had practiced cultivation for more than 30 years. He was not afraid of ordinary mortal masters, but it would be dangerous if he encountered people of high cultivation.

In this strange place, he did not dare to rush into deep cultivation to restore power. It took him about two months to restore it by himself. “Let’s get out of here first…”

“I wonder what this world is like?”

An JunYue looked around and wondered if it was a world dominated by human beings. After all, anything could happen in the universe. Although, it seemed that the environment here was similar to that of the earth.

An JunYue smiled and said “Get me out of here…” to the rabbits, deer and other animals around him. His voice was gentle and mellow, just like his person.

An JunYue’s “Qingming recipe” was natural and honest skill, so it always made people feel amicable. The animals in this forest obviously liked him too, and An JunYue left the ancient tree slowly, following behind a few small animals.

In a relatively clean inn in a small county town, An JunYue sat quietly at a table in the corner of the first floor, eating vegetarian dishes. He had been in this world for three days and had gained an idea of the general situation here by applying a few tricks to passers-by.

This was a world dominated by ordinary human beings, a place similar to ancient China. At present, the mainland was ruled by a unified ‘Shuo’ dynasty. There were also some other ethnic groups outside the border. Generally speaking, it was still peaceful and strong. There were also Buddhists, Taoists and other practitioners, as well as demons and monsters, but they were rare. People still lived ordinary lives. Ordinary dynasties changed while ordinary martial arts rose and fell, very similar to that of Earth.

An JunYue glanced lightly at the diners in the building. Sure enough, most of the people were looking at him either from the shadows or openly. He knew that his kind of appearance was rare in such a small town, but he did not expect to attract so much attention. He had brought the jade talisman made by his Shifu to mask the dust-producing qualities of cultivation practitioners.

He didn’t like to change himself because of others, so it was hard to tolerate.

He’d go to a busier place so nobody would pay special attention to him.

An JunYue quietly thought that he did not like the boring and monotonous life on the mountain.; he liked a cozy and comfortable environment , along with the mental and physical joys of calligraphy, painting and musical composition.

“Ok, let’s go to Beijing.”

An JunYue put down his bowl and chopsticks, and politely followed the waiter to an upstairs guest room. As he expected, the value of jewels were universal. The things in his ring were enough to support his life here. As he traveled, he would recover his strength. He was adaptable and would always be able to go with the flow.

Only when An JunYue’s shadow disappeared up the stairs did everyone gradually start to talk about him.

“A handsome boy, I don’t know where he is from… ”

” At first glance, he looks like a scholar. A scholar who wants to go to Beijing to take the exam…”

“He must be the young master of a rich family. Maybe it’s a big official family. That demeanor…”

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  1. I didn’t even know what this story is about, but if you translate it, it must be good. This first chapter seems interesting… so An JunYue was in the modern world and went back… or something, I guess.

    Thanks for this new novel!

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  2. I’m so happy and grateful that this novel has found a new translator and home. Thank you! I’d followed this before and had even tracked down the raws so I could continue reading it, but it is so much nicer to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Concerning the story, as the chapter described An JunYue waking up, I couldn’t help but picture the scene in the Disney movie about Snow White as she is in the forest with animals around her.

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  3. welcome!

    also AJY (ノ*>∀<)ノ♡ he's a lovable character so far!
    being slow (and gentle) aaaaaaaaa
    im excites!

    thank you for the chapter!

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