PUP Volume 5 Chapter 2

Translator: Piper Panda

Editor: Kleep

TLC: Sen

Despite being an adoptive father for so many years, Xi Wei didn’t really have any experience with actual children. When Lori started crying, his face became dark, but no matter how unscrupulous Xi Wei could be, he wouldn’t do anything to a little girl who was barely two years old.

So, he just grabbed Lori’s collar and threw the little girl to her father.

Earl Duin caught the girl in a hurry and spent a long time coaxing her down, while also worrying that Xi Wei would leave. Those two worries made him feel as though his head could explode.

If the IQ of a person in love was in the negatives, Earl Duin was probably already at negative infinity. He wanted to talk to Xi Wei but did not know where to start.

With the unceasing crying of Lori in the background, he just stared anxiously.

Zeno seamlessly moved over a step, blocking Andre’s line of sight,  and fulfilling his purpose.

In Xi Wei’s mind, although he was a man who dressed as a woman to deceive Earl Duin, he left behind his pendant after taking the Yulan Water Magnolia, which was an equivalent exchange of items. Anyone with a little IQ should understand.

It seemed that this Earl had no shame. From the beginning he was hopelessly muddled, and it was vexing.

In broad daylight, Xi Wei bet that Andre would not dare to do anything over the top. Xi Wei was a nobody who could afford to have no shame, his respectability was not even worth a few coins. However, Earl Andre was not the same. He was a diplomatic envoy. Even ignoring his own reputation, he could not embarrass the Miya Empire.

So Earl Duin could only be anxious.

Xi Wei no longer paid any attention to him. He dragged Zeno away and continued towards the mercenary guild.

They did not know what the original idea was, but the mercenary guild’s headquarters were not established in Xia Zuo’s homeland, the Miya Empire. It was instead located in the capital of the Violet Empire.

Fortunately, that was much more convenient.

Zeno repeatedly turned to look back while walking. Andre followed behind them while carrying Lori, keeping a distance neither too great nor too small. Zeno frowned, my family’s protagonist is not someone you can covet or fantasize about, you deserve your unrequited love.

Zeno didn’t realize that he was simply unhappy with Andre chasing Xi Wei, completely ignoring the problem of gender.

The headquarters of the mercenary guild was both spacious and bright, and the design was unique and majestic. It had been selected for the list of top ten architectural wonders of the mainland.

The guild was divided into five levels. The first floor was the general tasks hall. The second floor was the group missions hall. The third floor was the high-level tasks hall. The fourth floor was the high-level’s offices. The highest level was the president’s office.

When Xi Wei showed his invitation, he was respectfully taken directly to the fifth floor, while Earl Andre was naturally restricted to the bottom floor.

However, the clingy Earl decided to stand guard and wait for Xi Wei to come back down.

The fifth floor was just like another world. It was created to look like a sky garden. There were many rare plants from different lands, some were beautiful and some ugly, but they were all well placed and planted.

Zeno looked around but he did not see the legendary office, and didn’t see the president.

Regardless, the person who led the way clearly said that the president was here.

Zeno knew of this president. In “Curse”, the president was a big fat man. However, his strength could not be underestimated. He once slaughtered a dragon with his bare hands, exterminated another dragon from the west, and saved a city from annihilation, all before he took the last step and became the president.

However, he was getting old and needed a successor, and later handed his position over to the already powerful MC Xi Wei.

Such a huge fat person, where was he?!

Suddenly, a long, long sigh sounded. Zeno and Xi Wei looked over in the direction of the sound and discovered a big mountain of meat straightening up from among the flowers and plants. ‘Straightening up’, but it was more like a ball laid horizontally had turned over and leaned up vertically.

However, it was such a meat ball that made Xi Wei tense up.

Strong, super strong, extremely strong!

Stronger than Principal Colin.

After all, the college was a place to teach and educate people. Its virtue was the most important. The principal did not necessarily have to be the strongest in the college.

Principal Colin was a good principal, but he did not have strength like this strong mountain.

This meat mountain of a president had the nickname, Thunder. As for the real name, no one really knew.

As Thunder walked over step by step, all the fat on his body swayed. Zeno was even a bit worried over whether the floor would be able to support all that extraordinary weight.

However, since it could be selected as one of the top ten architectural miracles, it seemed that the headquarters of the mercenary guild could not be taken lightly. At least there were no signs of the building collapsing.

While his thoughts wandered, he watched as Thunder seemed to struggle while he slowly made his was over.

He finally arrived in front of them.

Thunder patted his big belly and said, chuckling, “Sorry, I have been trying to lose weight recently, but the results don’t seem to be very good.”

Xi Wei was silent for a while and he sincerely said, “You don’t need to lose weight.”

His tone was really sincere. Anyone who heard it would feel that he was absolutely 100% sincere. Of course, that was only if you did not look at the big meatball in front of you.

Thunder seemed to eat his words up. He immediately said, “Is that so? Actually, I think so too, but they all say that I am too fat, and that I have to lose weight. I have already lost a pound, but they still say it’s inadequate. “

Thunder’s tone was full of grievances.

The word ‘cute’ actually weirdly came to mind for Zeno, what the hell.

Xi Wei’s mouth twitched dubiously, clearly not really accustomed to the president’s way of speaking.

Thunder tapped his head, only then seeming to remember to introduce himself, “Children, I welcome you, I am the association president, Thunder.”

Then, Zeno did not know where he came from, but a mercenary respectfully led the way, bypassing a bunch of strange plants and walking into a teahouse.

The area was quite big, it even made the President look small for a second.

Thunder sat in his special seat and signaled Zeno and Xi Wei to sit down as well.

The mercenary who had just led them there popped out again and served them water, planted himself by Thunder, standing straight as a javelin.

He reminded Zeno of a security guard.

Thunder smiled, “How come there are only two of you? I heard that there are a few young heroes.”

Xi Wei turned his head to look at Zeno, which meant that he did not want to tell this long story, so Zeno should do it.

Zeno had no choice but to help his own taciturn Baba, so he cleared his throat to work as the narrator.

He relayed the story concisely, but hid the matter with the blood seal with a Sword of the Gods, only saying that they joined concerted their efforts and pierced through the heart of the plague demon.

When it came to business, Thunder was very serious. He listened to the end before interjecting, “May I have the honor of seeing that heroic sword?”

Zeno had a guilty conscience. He was afraid of accidentally leaking anything to Thunder. After all, a Sword of the Gods was not a trivial matter, and wealth swayed people’s’ hearts. If Thunder really got any ideas, the mercenary guild was a truly monstrous entity they couldn’t afford to offend. Xi Wei actually did not care, he had something he needed to confirm. Therefore, he displayed the Sword of the Gods in front of the president.

Thunder stretched out his fat hand and touched the handle of the Sword of the Gods. His face became serious. However, he only looked at Xi Wei with a meaningful glance and did not say anything.

Instead, it was Xi Wei who asked, “Do you know its origins?”

Thunder replied, “I only know that it’s the Chen Yuan Sword that once accompanied the founder of my mercenary guild, Xia Zuo. I’m not very clear on anything else.”

Finally, after finishing some more pleasantries, he gave them medals they did not know the point of, senior mercenary badges, and some material rewards to send them off.

It was only after they’d left that Thunder rubbed his fleshy double chin, and muttered to himself, “The Chen Yuan Sword, it seems that person is training him to be his heir. Whatever, I’ve also gotten old, it is time to make way for the younger generation.”

The meeting went smoother than expected, and when he stepped out of the mercenary guild, Zeno stretched but froze half way through. He discovered that a certain Earl and his little girl were still waiting outside.

He’s quite clingy.

The eyes of Earl Duin flashed with a glimmer of joy, but also looked a bit ill at ease. In the end he still came forward, “Xi Wei, can we have a talk?”

Xi Wei glanced at him coldly, and just when everyone thought he would refuse, Xi Wei actually nodded.

In an elegant room at a pub, two teenagers, a young man, and a cute little girl, were facing each other.

Lori blinked innocently with her naive eyes and stayed quietly in Earl Duin’s arms. She probably knew that ‘Mama’ did not like her.

Andre took the lead, “Xi Wei, do you refuse to accept me because I am…I’m a man?”

Xi Wei shook his head.

Andre’s eyes lit up and continued, “In this case, is it because I am a single father?”

Xiwei shook his head again.

Zeno watched as he shook his head, and did not know why his heart felt perturbed.

Andre stood up, and with both arms he grabbed Xi Wei’s shoulder and asked quickly, “So why won’t you accept me? You don’t even want to give me a chance!”

Xi Wei pushed his arms away and looked at him with affectionless eyes, “Because I have a lover.”

Thunk, the cup in Zeno’s hands fell to the ground while he himself choked and started coughing uncontrollably

Xi Wei frowned and reached out to pat him on the back.

Andre’s face was blank, unable to understand what was going on, “What, who is it?”

Originally, according to Xi Wei’s temper, he would not be willing to answer him, but today nobody knew what medicine he took for he actually answered it.

Xi Wei dragged the coughing Zeno over, “This is my lover.”

Zeno coughed even more.

Although he knew very well that Xi Wei was probably just using himself as a shield, for a small moment, Zeno’s heart actually felt a little joy.

=D I was so slow, Sen managed to finish before me, so you get an awesome double update. Yay! Oh and Zeno, poor little Zeno, when will you learn that he wasn’t using you as a shield?

(Kleep: if you don’t see it up refresh in a few minutes, I’ll be posting the next chapter shortly)

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