RAAS Chapter 43

A quick note: based on some feedback and my own personal thoughts, I have decided to change space to dimension. I’ll go back and change it in the previous chapter as well.

Shi Qing followed along Qin Mo’s line of sight and saw the same sentence.

Honestly, it was difficult to ignore. The large amount of preceding information was all laid out in black, and it was only that last bit that was a conspicuous red in colour.

He took a quick look and frowned faintly. Sealed memory? Don’t tell me that all of Qin Mo’s memories would be thoroughly sealed off so that he would assimilate into that world?

If he could not remember anything, then how would they be able to complete their task?

Shortly after, his line of sight was once again drawn to the latter half of the sentence. If they were able to accomplish that, they would actually be awarded ten times the mission completion reward!

It was not double the amount, or even triple. It was a mouth-watering, dollar signs in your eyes, ten times!

His mind was thrown into disorder by dollar signs flying around, but after a few moments Shi Qing was able to decisively shake his disordered head, take control of his desires, and throw them out.

Although the reward was significant, the risk was too great.

He thought of his responsibilities as a system, then conscientiously and without delay he consulted his System Quick Guide. Sure enough, he found the section that gave a detailed explanation of such tasks.

First, he read it through extremely seriously from the very beginning, and then once again to analyze it thoroughly. Finally, he spoke solemnly to Qin Mo “Sealing your memory refers to the temporary blockade of all your existing memories and experiences, while simultaneously accepting the all the memories of your corresponding role. However, you will still recall the mission objective, and as long as the necessary task is completed then you will recover your memories.”

Once he finished saying that, he immediately explained, “It is unlikely that sealing your memory will have any side effects. The main purpose is to increase the difficulty of the task, so it stands to reason that this type of task will be triggered when the host’s level advances to about thirty. Yet, you are only level five…cough…You have a high mission acceptance rate, as well as a high success rate. That must be the reason why this was triggered in advance.”

Once he finished going through the contents of the manual one by one, Shi Qing earnestly shared his own opinion, “I am not in favour of sealing your memory. Although the reward is very generous, the risk is too large. If you fail, you may never be able to return.”

Qin Mo looked at him and asked serenely, “Don’t you want more points?”

He was able to stump Shi Qing with that question, but at that time he was still very clear in his thoughts. The points were very attractive, but the value of a life was far greater. He would rather steadily and surely earn points than to risk so much on a grand gamble.

Therefore, he proceeded with his analysis of the merits and drawbacks.

While he had said everything in his long-winded explanation, Qin Mo had listened very patiently. Once he finished, he just gently agreed with, “Okay.”

Shi Qing spoke until he had a dry mouth and tongue, so when he felt that Qin Mo seemed to agree with him, he could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

Yet, the next words that quickly followed caused him to feel quite burdened.

“Then seal my memory.”

……He had spoken for ten minutes. Qin Mo had listened carefully to him for the whole ten minutes, yet that was the conclusion he had reached? What did you hear host? No, did you actually listen to what I said?

Seeing that Shi Qing had put on a resentful appearance, Qin Mo reached out and stroked his tender neck, then leaned close to his ear and whispered softly, “Rest assured, I never lose.”

With just a few words, Shi Qing was left thoroughly listless.

How could he forget……

Shi Qing was a coward, while Qin Mo was a gambler from head to tail.

A crazy and extremely intelligent gambler who, even if he needed to give everything he had, would reverse a situation at all costs.

Qin Mo had already decided, so it was impossible to change his mind. Shi Qing was very self-aware and had no more say.

However, he promptly started to take a closer look at the world’s background and the storyline of their mission.

Qin Mo may have chosen to seal his memories, but as the system he did not need to do it as well.

He chose to memorize every detail. When the moment came, he could help out Qin Mo and allow him to smoothly complete the task!

The general background of this world was neither ancient nor advanced in the areas of science and technology. Its overall level was similar to that of Earth from Shi Qing’s time. Perhaps certain fields may be slightly out of the ordinary, while other areas were somewhat weaker.

The external environment in this world was very difficult. Almost the entire world was a desolate wasteland where no crops could grow, and there were no natural resources that could be gathered. The harsh conditions were not at all suitable for biological survival.

Mankind was able survive there by virtue of their innate ability. Each person had their own personal dimension.

Therefore, even if there was no farmland, it was easier for many people to grow food themselves. It did not matter if there were no resources to mine, because there were many personal dimensions that produced a significant amount of mineral resources that were replaced in a slow-moving cycle.

People relied on what they could grow or extract from their personal dimensions in order to trade for what they required.

Your dimension can grow vegetables, and I have wheat in my dimension. You can’t just eat vegetables, and I also can’t just eat wheat, so…let’s exchange them!

In the wake of continuous development, many different trading platforms emerged. People were no longer just limited to bartering, but rather a unified currency emerged so people could sell what they produced and purchase what they lacked.

Slowly, with the establishment of the government, the state took control in order to establish a more efficient utilization of people’s dimensions. A complete society was established and functioned with the support of that alternative energy source. Moreover, it worked well.

Dimensions were thereafter organized into categories. They were the growing class, natural resource class, storage class, farming class, etc. There were too many to count.

So everyone in the world, at the age of eleven, was faced with a dimension assessment. The final evaluation would influence them for their entire life.

After the assessment was completed, the dimension was simultaneously activated and recorded into a government database.

Having an excellent dimension signified not having to worry about clothes and food for a lifetime, but it also contributed a lot to society.

However, even if the dimension was poor, a person did not need to be discouraged. As long as it had a good attribute, individuals could upgrade their dimension through struggling and hard work. As the grade increased, the dimension’s capacity could grow, possibly doubling or even more. At that time, the individual’s business achievements could certainly increase by many times.

After all, only a small minority of people actually possessed excellent dimensions when they were first activated. The great majority of children had dimensions that were only one meter square. However, as long as the environment in the dimension was suitable for the growth of crops, they did not have to worry about it.

Through specialized study and self-growth, a person’s dimension would continue to change and grow. As for how much, it depended on their personal potential and whether they put in a great effort.

After those were all acquired, if the person strove for it, they could change even further.

In order to cultivate more excellent dimensions, the government had established free public educational institutions. All assessed children had to go to school and learn to master their abilities through systematic training. At the same time that they learned to control their abilities, they also learned various ways to enhance the dimension’s rank, as well as some basic knowledge.

The introduction to the background of the world was not much, but the content was very rich. Shi Qing looked at it seriously and engraved almost every word into his mind. Fortunately, even more than that, after crossing into his assigned character, he would be granted their memories. As a result, he should be able to adapt quickly.

The most important part was the plot context.

The plot background and missions were generally intimately related. They contained a good deal of the particulars, so under careful scrutiny good use could be made of the information in order to complete the task more quickly.

Shi Qing lifted his spirits, he wanted to be of help if possible. After seriously reading through, he felt heavily burdened and could not help being somewhat stunned.

The details…were too little!

It was completely different from the background of the worlds’ plots that they had received during their previous missions. The current world’s background information was so simple that Shi Qing could not bear to look at it straight.

Qi Zimo, the eldest Qi son. His mother died prematurely, so his father remarried and he gained a half-brother.

After that?

After that there was nothing!

I’m fucking speechless……it could not be more concise!

In his capacity as a system, Shi Qing could not help but blush with shame. That was too stingy, becoming less and less reliable.

However, there was nothing to be done. It seemed that there was a need to collect more detailed information after they transmigrated into the next world. Shi Qing would store that short bit of information in his heart, especially the name. He knew that it would be fundamental for locating the role taken by his host once they crossed into the world.

After he finished reading the introduction and background information, the mission objective was also revealed.

Just as the description of the plot was unreasonable, the mission objective also left him at a loss.

“Collect the Tears of Life.”

Five words, each word recognizable individually, yet when they were put together, it became utterly baffling.

Although he was barely able to understand its meaning, it was probably asking them to look for something called the Tears of Life. All they could do was wait until they crossed into the world and then slowly explore things from there.

Everything was ready, and Shi Qing felt the burden of heavy responsibility on the body. He solemnly look towards Qin Mo and said, “I’m ready!”

At that moment, Qin Mo moved his line of sight onto the system store.

Shi Qing followed along his gaze and felt puzzled in his heart. Did his host also want to buy something?

Just as he thought that, he saw the destination of Qin Mo’s line of sight.

Since they had cleared the beastman world perfectly, certain special goods were unlocked: the tiny panda body type…

The item icon was a small, furry, black and white guy. It was lazily stretched out and its moist little eyes looked completely watery. With its tiny paws and plump body, it was damned cute.

Shi Qing had a bad feeling.

Thankfully, he immediately saw the price of that thing and his expression greatly relaxed. It cost 100,000 points! Very lucky, very lucky! He couldn’t afford the damned thing!

Of course, Shi Qing never had any thoughts of buying it. Who would want to change into that kind of tiny little guy? He was a man, a real man, the kind of man who was full to bursting with pure masculinity!

But…Host, why are you looking at it with such single-minded devotion?

QAQ, don’t come up with any crooked ideas, please!

Qin Mo carefully looked at the price, and then looked over at Shi Qing. He softly asked, “Can I give you some points to use?”

Shi Qing stared blankly, then promptly stated, “No, our points are separate, they cannot be transferred.”

“Oh, is it possible to purchase something to give to you?”

Shi Qing wanted to resolutely deny him, but then Qin Mo reached a conclusion himself after weighing the matter, “I remember that last time you bought me clothes.”

The implication was that, if you can buy something for me, then naturally I can also buy something for you

Based on that strong evidence from the past, Shi Qing was unable to talk nonsense at that point, so he had no other choice but to say, “…Yes, that’s right.”

A slight smile played at the corners of Qin Mo’s lips. He was in a pretty good mood as he said, “Start the mission.”

After that, he took the initiative to hold hands with Shi Qing. He left no room for the other to refuse, and then finally they pressed the button to start the mission.

Shi Qing’s brain was filled with, ‘I, your father, don’t want to be a little panda again’. ‘Host, don’t push your strange hobbies onto me’. ‘You may like round, furry little dumplings, but I don’t want to be a round, furry little dumpling’. ‘I admit that round, furry little dumpling was adorable, but your father doesn’t want to travel the adorable route’. Those thoughts continued in an unbounded, blustering loop in his head.

He did not snap out of it until they had successfully transmigrated, and the hand that firmly gripped his own had disappeared.

He was a little absent-minded at first because the familiar atmosphere was no longer beside him…Immediately after, he was hit by the overwhelming onslaught of memories, so he could not longer attend to much else.

Shi Qing calmed down his heart to slowly sort things out. First, he extracted the most crucial memories—he needed to examine anything pertaining to Qi Zimo.

He was originally worried that just a name along would not be enough to find anything, but after seeing the memories he came to learn. Qi Zimo……was a celebrity.

Anyways, the part he attached importance to was not Qi Zimo’s identity, but his age.

Yes, that’s right!

Qi Zimo, the so-called eldest son of the Qi family, was merely 10 years and 10 months this year!

A small, cute, 10-year-old boy.

His cold, awesome, ruthless, violent tyrant of a psychopathic host was unexpectedly transferred into a cute little 10-year-old boy!

Shi Qing completely ignored the other memories pertaining to his own role. His brain was filled with a shrunken down Qin Mo……

Oh my…so adorable… (﹃).


The big info dump is over, personal dimension arc here we come. This is the longest arc in the novel. I hope you’re all looking forward to seeing little Qin Mo as much as Shi Qing is.

Hopefully the next PUP chapter won’t be too far away. I have a new rec for everyone: Seizing Dreams. It is one of the more unique novels I’ve read lately, and the translation quality is top notch. The NovelUpdates page can be found here. The description is rather long so I won’t share here, but it’s awesome. Bare bones: it follows the main character through reality and fantastical dreams as he overcomes his struggles and grows stronger. The first chapter is here. This is the same translator for Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being, which is also amazing (Xianxia) and releases around 5 chapters a week. They’re completely different novels, but they are 100% worth checking out!!

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