PUP Volume 5 Chapter 1

Translator: Kleep

TLC: Sen

Zeno was a little uneasy. He did not want to have any secrets between Xi Wei and himself. However, he had genuinely just forgotten, rather than actually trying to cover up the truth.

Zeno’s expression was unable to conceal that, so Xi Wei clearly understood his thoughts at first glance. Xi Wei knew him better than Zeno imagined. That little idiot must have forgotten.

That kind of feeling was wonderful, being able to trust one person wholeheartedly. It was such a beautiful thing to have such a person.

The accompanying concealed unhappiness was also diluted a lot. Xi Wei just glanced at him and then looked away, so Zeno was able to relax a bit.

“How do you want us to help you?” Xi Wei questioned.

Xia An reached his hand up and touched his eyes. “I am a half-useless person. It is already impossible to ascend the throne in the usual way. I’ll have to take risks and win by surprise.”

Evan finally found his sense of existence, “The Violet Empire is unlikely to allow a blind man to be Emperor.”

In fact, no country would allow that.

Xia An smirked, “I insist on being the first one.”

Xi Wei was silent for a while before he spoke again, “Tell us about your plan.”

Xia An smiled, but his smile harboured malicious intentions, “In all likelihood you’re unaware, but news of your heroic deeds has spread over the entire continent. The Mercenary Guild has already released any related information the all branches through their communication system.”

Xi Wei looked somewhat serious. He had no other choice but to seal the demon, yet it caused such a big disturbance and made him famous. That was not what he wished for.

However, things were a foregone conclusion, so they could only take it step by step.

Zeno suddenly felt some profound insight. The world-destroying protagonist in the book had unexpectedly become the world’s saviour. That kind of setting…It was quite moving, thinking about it.

It was also at that time that Zeno suddenly realized something. The world he was in now was a real world that couldn’t be any more real. What happened now was a completely separate matter from the plot of “Curse,” and had little to do with the original. Except for the fixed location of various treasures, Zeno’s ability as a prophet was basically entirely lost. At best, he could be considered a treasure hunter.

From the moment he had initially crossed over, his imperceptible influence had altered the story line. Nowadays, it had changed beyond recognition.

Here on this side, Zeno was still stuck in a daze, reeling for a moment.Over on the other side, Xia An saw Xi Wei accept his words, and then continued speaking, “You have no way to help me with your current status. Therefore, I need you to accept the Mercenary Guild’s recruitment and use the guild’s power.”

The Mercenary Guild was founded by Xia Zuo. The Violet Empire and the Miya Empire were, to some extent, in-laws. If they were supported by the Mercenary Guild, the resistance would be much smaller.

“For this period of time, temporarily live here with me.”

If there was free food and lodgings, Xi Wei usually would not decline.

At that moment, news that the plague demon was eliminated had already spread across the continent. The people were elated and excited. Even the travelling bards were singing of the tale. Of course, most people thought that it was through the efforts of the Light Saint from the temple. In any case, when the story became a legend, hardly anyone truly cared about its authenticity.

The majority of people was not all of them. The people of the Mercenary Guild were not a part of that group. Their high-level minds had the clarity of mirrors; if the Light Saint had such great abilities, why would the people of the temple have waited until now? The temple’s people would have already started aiming for fame much earlier.

Therefore, the key to the matter was definitely with the mysterious teenager. Just what was his background, for the founder to be moved enough to personally give an order?

After giving serious consideration to all aspects, the current president of the Mercenary Guild decided to personally meet those fresh and brave young men.

So, on the second day after arriving at Xia An’s palace, before their bums even had a chance to warm up the stools they were seated on, Xi Wei received an invitation from the Mercenary Guild President.

The invitation was concise and respectful, and all members of the demon sealing squad were invited. It more or less meant that they were heroes and they were to be commended by the guild.

Everyone was having breakfast except for Xiao Wu and the unconscious Belle, so the basic group was all present. Xi Wei looked over the entire invitation and then handed it to the next person.

After Evan quickly looked it over, he passed it on to Zeno with no interest. In his capacity as a prince of the Miya Empire, it was naturally impossible for him to accept a title from the Mercenary Guild, in order to prevent the empire from relying on the power of the mercenary union and using its strength to bring disaster to the continent. There was such a provision in the royal family’s teachings that no members of the imperial royal family were allowed to serve as high-ranking guild members.

In any case, Evan’s role was just to accompany the Crown Prince in his studies. To repay Xi Wei’s favour, it was already a blessing to be able to return alive. It was not so important for him to receive any awards of commendation.

Zeno chewed the bread in his mouth and held out his hand to take the invitation. When he saw the emblem representing the president, his eyes flashed a little. In “Curse”, Xi Wei was the president of the Mercenary Guild. It was only after experiencing many hardships that he was able to climb into that position. Since he had now made such a great contribution, was it possible for him to reach heaven in a single bound?

Thoughts were only just that—thoughts. That kind of thought could not be revealed. Zeno drained his cup of milk in one gulp, swallowed the rest of his bread, and with a milky white circle around mouth he asked Xi Wei, “Are you going ?”

Qiqi meowed to reinstate her presence. Xia An stroked her fur and revealed an anxious look, “In fact, I don’t want to be an emperor. It was good for me to live with Qiqi like this. As for the other me, the plague demon was originally released by him, so technically he shouldn’t have had much of a right to ask you for an exchange.”

After saying that, his tone of voice suddenly changed, “You’re still not hurrying up and going, don’t tell me that you’re going to go back on your words?”

This transaction was done with Boss Xia An. Although what the good youth Xia An said wasn’t wrong, but there was no reason that Boss Xia An had to have told them the method for lifting the seal.

In addition, climbing to the top of the Mercenary Guild was very beneficial and of no harm. It was a win-win situation. However, he could not have his cake and eat it too. If they wanted to eat walnuts, then they would first have to pry open that hard shell.

Xi Wei stared at the milky white circle around the rim of Zeno’s mouth and then took a napkin and scrubbed hard with it.

“Ouch ouch ouch!” With the strength in Xi Wei’s hand, Zeno’s mouth was rubbed until it was bright red, taking on a shiny luster.

Zeno covered his mouth with one hand with a face full of grievance and indignation. Xi Wei was used to doing that type of thing since his childhood. How could he still be so rough and aggressive? It must be deliberate.

The little red area was covered, and Xi Wei was a little disappointed. However, he still answered Xia An as if nothing had happened, “Go after we finish eating.”

Xia An’s face showed happiness one moment, sorrow the next. He displayed a perfect example of split-personality disorder.

At that moment, Xiao Wu ran over energetically, her face filled with anxiety, “Not good, Belle-jiejie is gone.”

After she had finished speaking, without even giving them a chance to speak, she hurriedly added, “I am going to look for Belle-jiejie.”

Then she rushed off in a panic.

It seems that she was truly in disorder and she did not even think to find someone to help her with the search.

The genuine temple knight that came with her put down his half-eaten bread, wiped his mouth, and chased after Xiao Wu.

Xi Wei did not like Belle. If it were not for Xiao Wu and Principal Colin’s exhortations, he would not have even cared about her life and death. Therefore, he indifferently finished his breakfast and then dragged off the stunned Zeno and left.

No one else went to the Mercenary Guild, so it soon became just the two of them who left while still holding hands.

Xi Wei walked along in low spirits. Since he had eaten breakfast, he was digesting while walking.

Zeno thought that it was not appropriate for two grown men to walk hand in hand on the street. Many people were pointing at them. However, feeling the temperature of Xi Wei’s hand in his left him a bit reluctant to let go.

It’s just hand holding. You all can’t see me, can’t see me.

Having tried to deceive himself for a moment, it still felt inappropriate, too unnatural. He furtively tried to pull his hand away, but Xi Wei squeezed even tighter, so Zeno had to give up.

When they passed by a children’s toy shop, a girl’s crisp voice suddenly rang out, “Mama!”

Zeno was distracted and felt that the voice was a little familiar. He had the sensation of his pants being grasped firmly pulled on, so he lowered his head to take a look. Say, wasn’t the little girl with her head tilted, biting her finger, actually Little Lori from Earl Duin’s household?

However, Little Lori had only pulled on his pants because Zeno stood in her way. She rapidly pushed Zeno to one side and her eyes shone brightly towards Xi Wei.

Xi Wei pulled her back by the collar, squatted down, and looked at Little Lori with a wooden expression. He attempted to make things clear, “I am not your mama.”

However, not all the children in the world had Zeno’s intelligence at such a young age, making them able to understand the words of adults. His words to Little Lori fell on deaf ears, and she merely waved her hands about and exerted all of her strength to reach for Xi Wei.

Zeno rested his forehead in his hand. If Little Lori was there, then…

“Xi Wei!”

Zeno reluctantly looked back and saw Count Duin, who was also looking their way with the same brightly shining eyes.

Andre’s expression was ill at ease, but it was clear and easy to see that he was pleasantly surprised.

He had come to pay a diplomatic visit. The emperor of the Miya Empire was not used to him constantly looking like he’d lost his soul, so he was kicked to the Violet Empire.

He did not expect that he would actually meet the person he had yearned for day and night in the Violet Empire. Thank you, Your Majesty, for your great benevolence!

Little Lori was still unable to reach him after a while. She did not know what was going on, but her mouth curved down and she started to cry. Xi Wei’s hair stood on end and he had an ominous premonition.

After all, except for the times he put on an act, Zeno could be regarded as a model child when he was young. He truly did none of that noisy and protracted crying.

The author has something to say:

Well, the current story has basically separated from the original work, and there is unlikely to be any more connections with the original in the future. They can now fall in love~

I don’t really have anything to say. I’m not as sick as I was. We are trying to sell our house right now, so I’ve been cleaning more than I want to clean. For a fat pregnant lady. Woe is me.

Honestly, it’s not that bad though. I like my life. My plan is to work on RAAS for a few chapters now, but Piper and Sen are still truckin away on PUP so there shouldn’t be any delays here.

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