RAAS Chapter 41

Do not be afraid of practitioners with high cultivation levels. Be afraid of the ones who understand science and technology!

Not only was that technology the most advanced and sophisticated, it was even beyond comprehension for a young person like Shi Qing who had lived in the 21st century.

Light particles……Magic energy……hybrid……even a triple barrel gun!

Listen to that. It could only make someone a wild tyrant, so ruthlessly cool, not to mention the high-end atmosphere and top quality!

Although he did not understand it, the densely powerful atmosphere around that thing made it seem pretty awesome to Shi Qing.

It was probable that the typical weapons and ammunition on earth would not cause much damage to cultivators with high levels of cultivation (at most it may startle them). However, that big thing was obviously not comparable to the science and technology found on earth. It was definitely a product of a higher-level world.

As for what level of damage could be inflicted, it really was difficult to know.

Shi Qing hid behind Qin Mo’s back. Qin Mo was still in a state of emitting extremely low pressure, his facial expression as cold as ice. The air surrounding them was even colder than the murky cave they were in.

Shi Qing was actually somewhat puzzled. It was only a matter of luck, just a trivial matter, so why was he so angry?

He carefully recalled recent events, but it did not seem like he said anything excessive? It seemed like all that he said was that he believed in Qin Mo……Could it be, Qin Mo felt he had failed to live up to his expectations?

Eh…that caused his intense reaction? It was impossible!

However, no one could guess the mind of a psychopath. The facts would not go through the same brain circuits .

Shi Qing decided not to torture himself any longer, and that he would just stay well-behaved behind Qin Mo.

Qin Mo was still wearing the clothes Shi Qing had gotten for him. He was dressed completely in white with no pendants or embellishments, but because of his tall stature and graceful demeanor, his entire disposition was outstanding.

The light inside the cave was very weak, but beneath that hazy illumination, his spotlessly white silhouette appeared even more refined, even though he was surrounded by dirt.

His appearance made one think of an immortal, except that he was carrying a huge military-looking cylinder that was two meters long and one meter wide over one shoulder.

It was the light particle magic triple-headed laser gun from a different world! (T/N: omg that name. Sorry.)

It was that impressive figure that appeared in front of the cultivators. They could only use one sentence to describe their frame of mind in that moment: My comrades and I are completely stupefied!

However, they were even more shocked by what followed.

They had not yet clearly seen the people who had come when they were besieged by a terrifying magic spell. It was not only stronger than a fire magic spell, but also more elusive than a wind magic spell. It was a completely unknown attack technique!

The elements of that technique were extremely difficult to distinguish. They included a wide range of formidable strengths that people simply could not resist.

The dazzling rays of light it emitted made the entire cave as bright as day. A ghostly dark blue was interlaced with fiery yellow that was difficult to gaze upon with the naked eye. It was like something that rose up from the dark abyss of hell, dense and sinister. It totally exceeded the imagination, and the force of the impact was completely earth-shaking!

The Jindan stage cultivators making up the formation were at the most crucial point. They absolutely could not be distracted, otherwise they would waste all their previous efforts.

For a spell with that method of implementation, there were naturally guards appointed. Even so, under circumstances where they were faced with a great calamity, they all panicked.

The first strike only caused the barrier that was protecting them to come down, yet the cultivators’ hearts markedly tensed up.

The guards had already rushed out in order to meet theassault head on. They did not expect that, after a few seconds, the second strike would have already hit them!

It was extremely powerful, at least ten times stronger than the first attack!

The guards were sent flying, and a protective boundary around the circle of cultivators actually showed some cracks.

That time, the group of cultivators it surrounded were unable to sit still.

That type of highly treacherous spell needed a precise degree of coordination to function. If even their minds were shaken, then the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate.

There were already three practitioners who were on the lower side with their qualifications, and they were almost completely unable to support their positions. Their faces were pale and blood overflowed from the corners of their mouths. However, at such a critical moment, they really could not act rashly. They could only hope for reinforcements to come swiftly, or else that the protective boundary would hold until they completed their task!

Who could have imagined that the ‘person’ that had launched two powerful attacks in close succession could once again strike the flint and launch a third attack!

It was simply unimaginable that such a powerful technique, whose consumption of spiritual power must be immeasurable, even if they possessed some powerful artifact, could be utilized. Just one attack was sufficient to completely drain even a powerful Nascent Soul Cultivator. Not only was there no recovery time before the second attack, it was also ten times stronger than the first one. Even if they had a legendary elixir to fully support them and boost their performance, they still may not be capable of utilizing such robust spiritual energy to attack!

The most astonishing thing was that the attack came again a third time!

This…This was completely beyond their imagination. Even if the protective barrier managed to hold on, their own spirit powers could not handle it.

Could it be that…it was actually a Dasheng stage cultivator who was on the verge of ascending as an immortal?

Did the Lingyun Continent already have such a person?

In the cultivation world, strength meant almost everything. At the same time, not everyone had what was needed to reach the pinnacle of cultivation.

They began to feel panic-stricken in their hearts. They were full of fear towards that powerful, unknown ‘immortal’ whose abilities were well beyond their imagination.

Shi Qing simply clapped his hands in applause. Triple-headed laser gun you are so cool, triple-headed laser gun you are so awesome!

Even though it could only perform three attacks, then required three days of downtime, such a powerful attack was enough to quickly kill everything!

Simultaneous with the arrival of the third attack arrived at the same time, the defensive boundary completely collapsed, the formation was broken, and the thirteen Jindan stage cultivators all spit out mouthfuls of blood. In the center of the group, Qin Yue also gradually lost his previous vitality and was reduced to an empty shell.

At that time, because of three consecutive powerful attacks, the cave was finally overwhelmed. A loud rumbling sound rang out, and the entire cavern was on the verge of collapse.

Qin Mo unexpectedly picked up Shi Qing and imbued all of his qi into his own legs. That, coupled with agility before strengthening, allowed him to move very fast as he rapidly threaded towards to cave’s mouth.

By the time Shi Qing returned to his senses, he was already wrapped up in Qin Mo’s embrace. As for that particular situation, he was already calm so he should not be perturbed. As a result, he bravely spoke up to the other, “Qin Mo, my God of a Thousand Miles escape technique is extremely fast.”

Qin Mo shot him a quick look.

Shi Qing’s courage was waning, but he jumped down and began to run like mad. His velocity was so incredible, even lightning would feel inferior.

After going a short distance, he had just barely begun to feel proud of himself when he was grabbed by the shirt collar and pulled back.

Qin Mo: “Wrong direction.”

Shi Qing: “……” He had completely lost face!

He obediently stayed behind Qin Mo and finally, under the correct guidance of the host, escaped from the cave.

The entire journey was wild and extremely exciting. The caves they had attacked in seemed to be the central zone. After they collapsed, it gave rise to a chain reaction. Almost all of them started to shake. There were caves that completely collapsed, while others showed many cracks in the ground.

In short, the whole path they ran, it was destroyed all along that way. It was a sacred place, but stunned onlookers could only see a hole that remained.

In no less than an hour, they arrived in a safe area. They looked back and found themselves looking at the scene of a wreckage.

Fortunately, it was all occupied territory, so there were no ordinary humans or small animals living in the vicinity. There were only cultivators who possessed abilities they could use for self-protection.

Of course……it was hard to say that those cultivators who were vomiting blood in the central area would be able to defend themselves.

However, they were unable to do anything about it. That was called reaping what one had sown, even the heavens could not save them.

They temporarily escaped from danger, and Qin Mo took him to a pretty good place. There was a gurgling stream and soft green grass, so if they ignored the huge mess behind them it was like a little slice of paradise.

Shi Qing’s God of a Thousand Miles technique was quite good, but he could not endure the constant physical exertion. After running wildly for an hour he was extremely tired, and panting like a cow.

At that moment he was so hungry his stomach was rumbling. When he saw that the place was pretty good, he spread a tablecloth, sat on the ground, and then laid out a delicious spread.

He also attentively prepared tea and a few delicious fresh fruit for Qin Mo.

He drank a glass of peach juice and nibbled on two chocolate muffins. In addition, he also ate more than half of a Supreme Seafood Pizza. Once Shi Qing had finally eaten until he was satisfied, he was perfectly contented.

He was now in a relaxed frame of mind, and remembered the exciting scene that had just occurred. He could not help saying, “It was just too cool! Too awesome! I was overwhelmed by my emotions!”

Qin Mo was sitting on the soft cushion, his slender and fair fingers wrapped around the teacup handle. Hearing Shi Qing speak such praise, the corner of his mouth rose a bit and softened his indifferent expression.

After that, he saw that Shi Qing was truly cherishing the triple-headed laser gun that he had been carrying. He was looking at it and petting it, while exclaiming in admiration. His two big eyes were sparkling, but all that filled them was that damn hunk of metal.

The corner of his mouth that had just risen was pulled back down, and his slightly relaxed atmosphere dropped back down low.

Shi Qing’s small animal intuition kicked in immediately, and he discovered that something was wrong. He turned to look Qin Mo, and sure enough he saw that his host had a calm and collected face.

Just now he was not good at all? Why are you unhappy?

Was it possible that he had not finished venting his feelings? Aye, ​​did he have such a good time with that big gun that he could not cool his temper?

Hello host, you’re hard to deal with… _ (: 3 ∠) _

The two involved parties were sitting there trying to discern the other’s thoughts so it became a bit awkward for a stretch of time. Meanwhile, the Lingyun Continent had already exploded with the news.

The Shang Li Mountain Range had collapsed!

Over the course of one night, the Xuan Ming Sect’s Shang Li Mountain Range had been reduced to a wasteland!

With ancient veins tens of thousands of years old that contain a seemingly endless supply spiritual energy, it was like a Holy Land that many practitioners rushed madly to gain access to. Even so, it was actually destroyed…

While there were those filled with regret, there were many people who took joy in the calamity.

The Xuan Ming Sect had always been overbearing. They relied on their powerful sect elders to capture the Shang Li Mountain Range. Once they had appropriated it to themselves, they proceeded to prohibit any outsider from setting foot in the area.

Once the huge mountain range was occupied by them, they forced any cultivators that were originally there to either join the Xuan Ming Sect or leave the area from then on. That resulted in many cultivators being scattered and left without a fixed residence. The loss of their optimal cultivation environment also led to many delays in advancement.

Even if that caused resentment from many individuals, the Xuan Ming Sect was not concerned over the matter. They relied on their power, unreasonably looking down on people as if they were dogs unworthy of their gaze.

Although the cultivation world was one where the weak were prey to the strong, most upheld the heavenly law and were careful to display righteousness and benevolence if they could. The Xuan Ming Sect’s mode of operation was actually considered a disgrace to many other practitioners.

Therefore, with that day’s collapse of the Shang Li Mountain Range, more than half of the people wanted to clap their hands in celebration.

Although the mountain range’s collapse meant the loss of a first-rate location for cultivation, in other aspects it was a fine thing indeed.

Since the Shang Li Mountain Range was destroyed, it could not longer gather spiritual energy. That meant there was no longer the dense concentration of spiritual energy in that location. Instead, it was scattered back across the entire Lingyun Continent. That proved to be beneficial to cultivators across the entire mainland.

In any case, since there were many who could only look upon that place without ever being able to utilise it, it was best that the spiritual energy was scattered. Not only that, but it increased the general level of cultivation within the world.

At that moment, the biggest gossip people were discussing was who was audacious enough to do such a thing.

Many guessed who it could have been, but because no one saw it themselves they could not be verified.

At that moment, the Xuan Ming Sect’s Lord Nan Xiang was shaking like a leaf. He was being suppressed by the pressure of an extremely powerful aura that was causing a cold sweat to continuously flow down his body. Even his formidable cultivation was inferior to that of the one before him. In that man’s eyes, killing other was no different that squashing an ant before him.

A deep, low voice broke the silence, “Qin Yue’s body?”

Lord Nan Xiang opened his mouth and spoke  “…already…already… damaged…” He had just finished speaking when he felt the atmosphere around him grow even heavier. That type of dreadful strength made him feel as if he could not breathe..

“Did you bring anyone?”

Lord Nan Xiang did not dare to think too much and brought out one of the unconscious cultivators that had been part of group in the cavern..

The man standing above stretch out his hand and extended one pure white finger and pushed it against the unconscious cultivator’s forehead. Although he used almost no force, as his finger pressed forward it penetrated the man’s head like it was as soft as tofu.

A few minutes later, he withdrew his hand and slowly wiped the sticky blood from his finger. A look of delight flashed through his eyes, “Qin Mo, you’re still alive.”


So Shi Qing likes big guns. I’m pretty tired as I “proofread” so please let me know if you see any glaring mistakes. There is one chapter left before we dive into the next arc. Have a great week everyone!

A picture (I believe it is a book cover from the physical book) of the picnic scene can be found on the table of contents page for this novel. It’s pretty cute!

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