RAAS Chapter 40

Shi Qing quietly sorted through the memories of that world’s Shi Qing, especially those memories related to Su Rui. He chuckled as he smiled, “Indeed, taking it from Su Rui was a good thing to do.”

Since he had acquired the life-saving drive, Shi Qing learned the rules that regulated the use of that thing. It was indeed a very frightening ability to possess.

A person could set up a maximum of three save points, and reverting to any of those points was free as long as the host had enough mobility to press the button. That would erase everything that happened and restart from the chosen save point.

Even so, none of the people on earth would notice its effects. They would merely keep to the working routine, with no difference the second time around.

Even so, the person with the drive could still change and directly influence the behavior of people around them. In other words, after reloading, all who had contact with that person would be affected. As to what kind of impact occurred, that would depend on the person’s desires.

It was possible to save someone, so of course it was also possible to kill someone.

It gave a person too much power to make decisions about too many matters.

Not to say that possessing that ability would necessarily change someone’s personality, but it almost drove Su Rui mad by tormenting him through his small character flaws.

It was not just Shi Qing’s wacky behaviour. Even if it was normal, Su Rui, the perfectionist, would encounter countless unsatisfactory things in his life.

Without the life-saving drive, he could not alter things, he could only learn to tolerate them. The days of his life would continue on. To some extent, that could still have some therapeutic effect on his illness. In his memory, Shi Qing always tossed Su Rui about, but also hoped that he would get used to it and change a bit, rather than allowing his life to just pass him by.

With the life-saving drive, Su Rui completely abandoned any treatment and solely followed his own wishes. If he was even a little dissatisfied with something, he would start over again. His mysophobia, perfectionism, and obsessive-compulsive disorder were enough for him to waste away his life nitpicking at every little detail he disliked.

The final outcome may not be that the weirdo Su Rui would try to control the world, but rather that he would exhaust himself until he died…

A normal person may be able to resist and just hold onto that thing. Su Rui, that abnormal human, would certainly play with it until he died.

For that reason, retrieving that item was truly beneficial to Su Rui.

As for the car crash just a moment ago, Shi Qing and Qin Mo had made the necessary alterations to avoid the disaster.

That meant that after, if there were more accidents, there would not be any people who could take control.

When he thought of that, Shi Qing could not help feeling a bit lonesome.

Qin Mo knew what he was thinking, so he quietly consoled him, “Su Rui will merely have to face things head-on without an easy out.”

Shi Qing was slightly surprised for a moment, then immediately became convinced.

Yes, Su Rui was just a regular person now. He was born and would grow old, get sick and die someday. He could experience happiness and sorrow, anger and joy, lucky times and unlucky times. All of those were things he would meet in his life, and he should confront those himself.

The life-saving drive was not the type of thing that a person should have control over. Even if it granted the ability to reverse time to save a life, there would still be accidents, and in the end the user would still have to make a choice.

In the previously prevented accident, without their intervention, Su Rui would have lost his life. Even with the life-saving drive, he still could not have survived.

The more mastery a person had over it, the heavier the burden, the more troubles that they would face.

It was both an advantage and a burden. It could bring about fortune, but also cause the owner to face disaster.

Shi Qing took a deep breath, thoroughly relieved.

It was then they hear the sound of a bell. The random task had been completed and they would leave after thirty seconds.

What! Finished the mission!

Shi Qing could not help but feel happy, so when he heard that he was about to leave he suddenly remembered something. He hastily got dressed and rushed out of the door in ten seconds. He caught Su Rui, who was still in a daze, and said to him loudly, “Su Rui! Thank you!”

The young face was bewildered, but then proceeded on to being flushed. Thank you, thank your cat ah. I-I’m only guarding your secret okay!

Returning to the system space, Shi Qing also felt his enthusiasm surging. He was a little regretful about leaving, but he would always remember Su Rui. The Su Rui who was willing to give up his own life in order to save his friends!

That thought left him a bit disappointed, but then the sound of a huge amount of information practically crashing into his ears came.

Shi Qing sorted out his mood and pulled himself together. He immediately sent the information along to Qin Mo so the two of them could look at it jointly.

The random task was achieved perfectly. Sure enough, the goal was to retrieve the life-saving drive, but unfortunately it did not stay with Qin Mo and Shi Qing. Instead……it disappeared into thin air.

However, thanks to the random task, they gained a new feature. That feature, although it was a bit different from the life-saving drive, was basically a different method that could lead them to the same results.

In the future, every time they crossed over into a small world they would have the chance to choose a single save point that could be reloaded one time. As to where that save point was and when they returned to it, that was completely determined by the host of course. If the system and the host had a good relationship, they could discuss it together. After all, completing the task well was beneficial to both parties.

Since there was only one chance, the situation should be very terrible. In the event that anything irreparable occurred, they could return to their save point. That would undoubtedly increase the success rate of completing their missions.

Generally speaking, Shi Qing was still very satisfied.

So, next was the point reward. The points awarded for random tasks were also random, ranging from 3000-10000, randomly selected.

That type of heavy responsibility, Shi Qing handed over to Qin Mo.

Qin Mo asked, “You don’t want to try?”

Shi Qing looked at him, “I believe in you!”

A smile teased on the corners of Qin Mo’s lips and, in a pretty good mood, he responded, “Good.”

Then, under Shi Qing’s watchful gaze, he spun a wheel before them.

Shi Qing prayed silently in his heart, 10,000 points, 10,000 points, please be 10,000 points!

In the beast world mission, because they completed their tasks so early, in addition to the base point reward, they received a total reward of 10,000 points. Based on the settings, Shi Qing was awarded 5,000 points (since he was a system).

Another advantage of random tasks was that the system would not face any point reduction, regardless of the total reward.

For that reason, Shi Qing was super looking forward to it. If they got 10,000 points, he……he could become a local tyrant!

The rich blue wheel suspended in the air spun about loudly, and after a full minute it finally began to slow down towards a stop.

Shi Qing hurriedly moved close, fervently watching the pointer.

The pointer moved across 8,000, through 9,000, and when he saw that it was about to reach 10,000, Shi Qing held his breath, very much look forward to it!

The pointer arrived at 10,000!

Shi Qing was just about to jump up and cheer, but who would have imagined, that damn needle had not stopped. That wretched thing slowly crawled forward at the speed of a snail…

Shi Qing was flabbergasted. To the left of 10,000 was 9,000, but on the right was the lowest amount, 3,000!

He could not help but want to shout at it to stop, but it was like that fraudulent pointer was playing with him. He watched, stunned, as it slowly yet leisurely dragged along, upright and firm as it slowly shifted…

“Congratulations, you have received a random reward of 3000 points.”

Shi Qing, “….”

Shi Qing had regret written across his whole face and he could not help wanting to sigh. However, he immediately sensed a clear drop in pressure to his side.

He turned his head, and sure enough he saw that his host’s face was entirely black…

That……that was the prelude to an explosion!

Shi Qing reacted quickly and ran over to stroke the other’s hair, “Those points are merely worldly possessions, we……”

Unfortunately, before he was ready to finish stroking the other’s hair, he had to stop.

Since they had completed the random task and its reward, the system space was being closed.

Shi Qing did not dare to speak any superfluous words, and quickly sent a message to Qin Mo, there’s only thirty seconds, if you’re fast enough you can buy some things from the store.

Consequently, thirty seconds later, he and his still low-pressure host left the system space and returned to the dim cavern that had already become unfamiliar.

At that moment, he was once again looking at the cultivators before them that were sitting in a circle. Shi Qing watched them in silence.

He rejoiced that they were able to find a suitable target for Qin Mo to vent some of his anger on. Someone to help him deal with that low pressure host, it could not be better!

However, Shi Qing was a little puzzled. He had watched just then as Qin Mo exchanged for some things in the system store, but because his technique was too fast he was uncertain what he got in the end. At that moment he was really curious.

Fortunately, in Shi Qing’s capacity as a system, was able to view what was contained in system storage. He explored it with his mind and found a kind of giant lying in the storage space.

…A very mystical weapon from a magical world.

It could utilize light particle magic, hybridized with two triple barrel laser beams1.

That thing could blow them all to heaven!

Host…you actually bought this thing, what are you doing?

Although they had gone through 10 days in the beast world and a bit more than one day in Su Rui’s world, making close to 12 days in total, not even a second had passed in Qin Mo’s world.

What were they going to do that time, what were they coming back to?

Qin Mo’s only brother, Qin Yue, was still sitting in the middle of the circle. Around him, according to the requirements of the array, were the 13 Jindan stage cultivators.

All of them were completely focused, mobilizing their qi, and concentrating on guiding Qin Yue’s soul back into his body.

This was a very difficult magic spell to cast. Although it was not a forbidden technique, it was actually more restrictive than some prohibited spells because of its conditions. After all, in a sense, it caused someone to rise from the dead.

However, there were many prerequisites for that revival.

First of all, the body of the deceased individual should be preserved perfectly. It could not be decomposed, damaged, or corrupted by any type of demon or monster.

The body should be gathered just at the moment when the person drew their last breath and sealed while it was still perfect. Moreover, the actual cost was immense, requiring many rare and precious medicinal ingredients. Lastly, it always required a Nascent Soul level cultivator to keep watch.

That was the only way to ensure that the body was not contaminated.

Even so, all of that was just the beginning. If someone genuinely wanted to create the circle, it required 13 Jindan stage cultivators to perform the spell in harmony, combining their qi for 47 days2. Only then could they call the soul back where it belonged.

Jindan stage cultivators were not uncommon, but certain constitutions were. They must possess heavenly single spiritual roots, and all of them must be compatible with one another.

It was important to know, single spiritual rooted cultivators, even if they were only at Jindan stage, absolutely could not be discounted. Even though the road ahead of them was long, they were still only at the beginning. Most of those cultivators were arrogant in nature and seldom would they pause in their cultivation. Unless, of course, they were spurred on by a great interest.

Therefore, the person who had planned the procedure in front of them was certainly not ordinary.

That person wanted to bring Qin Yue back to life. Qin Yue and Qin Mo, although they were brothers who shared the same mother, were separated by a blood-born hatred as deep as the ocean.

Therefore, the instigator behind it, regardless of their actual scheme, would certainly be harmful to Qin Mo.

Of course, even if that was not taken into consideration, Qin Mo would not let his good brother who had died come back to life again.

Shi Qing hid off to the side and silently watched this obviously super-bad, but also awesome, situation as it played out.


I don’t know exactly what it was, but this chapter really made me laugh (despite being a teensy bit repetitive). Well, really it’s Qin Mo that made me laugh. Good luck Shi Qing!!

Does anyone else have random sites (for reading novels) that they can’t use well? Like, I find certain sites, usually ones that end in home.blog or some people’s non-generic WordPress sites, I can’t “like” or sometimes even comment. And I’m obsessed with doing both of those things. This is from mobile, it’s fine from my computer. I probably won’t do anything about it since I can still read fine, but I was just curious if I was the only one.

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  1. So, this was kind of annoying to try to figure out. It’s called a giant of sorts, and is from a magic world, but looking ahead it sounds like a bazooka type thing? When I did an image search of the name I just got pictures of literal giants. Anyways, forgive me, but just know it’s a freaking deadly gun/bomb/death thing. Also, it technically says the weapon has two cannons, but if we’re talking light cannons etc, I can only picture lasers/something more technologically advanced. 
  2. I may not quite be grasping all the complexities here, as the actual name of the technique may have been in there and there was a lot of xianxia lingo, but it’s a very minor detail and won’t be visited again. 

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