RAAS Chapter 39

Su Rui did not know why he had such an ability. It was as if he had gone to sleep one night, and when he woke up he found himself able to make time revert backwards.

As long as he wanted, he could go back to a specific point in time. Initially, he thought he was dreaming. However, after many tests, he was awakened to the reality that it was not a dream.

At first, he felt that thing was great and highly suitable for him.

From childhood to adulthood, his character was always somewhat odd. He had an out of the ordinary attachment to things around him. He strove for perfection. Everything was good. If there was a slight flaw, it was that his heart would always be grumbling with some level of unease. He always wished that he could redo something if he did not do it well.

That fault, on top of his natural disposition, actually served him quite well in various circumstances. When he was in school, he had always been in first place. Not only first in his class, or even the first in his grade, he wanted to be first in the whole city. If he could not be the first in his province, or ranked among the highest in the country, he would just pursue higher achievements.

Fortunately, he had a good brain. It was not troublesome for him to learn, otherwise he would have already forced himself to death. At work, he had to interact with all types of people and everything must be lovely. It was due to that and his meticulous character that Su father was able to hand over the family business to him early on and travel around the world together with Su mother.

Having such a son, except for occasionally making them feel vexed, he nevertheless caused very little trouble.

One could say that Su Rui’s greatest imperfection in life was not that he wanted to change himself, but that he wanted to change his friends.

Shi Qing’s character was basically his opposite. He did not strive to be first in everything, and nothing was really a problem. His lovely smile and vivacious personality tended to attract people’s affection. He spent very little time on insignificant troubles, but he was generally able to figure matters out by himself. His optimism was worth admiring.

It was only natural that such a carefree personality would cause him to be careless and haphazard in his behaviour from time to time.

He did not commit large blunders, but rather small mistakes. For example, he forgot to bring his homework to school, forgot to bring a pencil, eraser, textbook…Su Rui felt like he was following a little child around, an animal that would forget its tail if it was not attached. However, while Su Rui was concerned to death, Shi Qing would just scratch his head, smile mischievously and laugh, then turn around and walk by.

That angered the daylights out of Su Rui.

Logically, it was almost impossible for two such individuals to become friends, but they even became close friends.

Su Rui was extremely strange, yet Shi Qing was able to tolerate him. If Shi Qing had ignored him, he would not have had a single friend. For a perfectionist, it was not tolerable if he did not have a single friend, so he held onto the one he had. Shi Qing truly treated him as a good friend, so even if he possessed some unbearable shortcomings, Su Rui had to endure in order for him to have a friend.

Qin Mo would just tolerate his strange temperament, because Qin Mo was also a perfectionist at heart. For that reason, he was unlikely to be nitpicked by Su Rui. The main thing Su Rui observed about him was his innate high self-esteem.

Since they were both close friends with Shi Qing, they involuntarily spent their time together.

Su Rui was quite satisfied with that. All of a sudden, he had two friends, which was right in line with his self-determined requirement to make friends.

The three people journeyed along life’s bumpy road, their affections growing deeper and deeper. Over time, they became close friends.

Now that Su Rui had that time-reverse thing, he held those feelings in even higher regard.

With that thing, he could perfectly cope with Shi Qing, with no need to be afraid of his carelessness. That type of friend, that no longer made him hopping mad, could not be more wonderful.

Only, he did not expect that Shi Qing could actually do so many troublesome things……within a single day, he had rewound twenty-one times…

When time was turned back, the people around him were not aware and stuck to their working routines, but Su Rui remembered everything. Although the actual time that had passed was only forty minutes, he had already experienced over 24 hours.

He was truly mentally exhausted, so the moment he got into the car, he finally felt relieved. He closed his eyes, thinking he could sleep for a while.

He did not think that while he slept, such a thing could actually happen.

He was awakened by Shi Qing shouting in alarm. When he opened his eyes, he saw a huge truck coming towards them. Just when he saw it, it broke through the window and rushed straight at them. At that speed, the force of the collision would definitely leave them with torn bodies and crushed bones!

Su Rui simply could not imagine how he had time, not just to witness things as they happened, but also to respond.

He quickly pushed on a small white spot on his fingernailhe wanted to use the life-saving drive, he wanted to make time flow backwards!

His two most important friends were sitting there, in any case he could not allow them to die!

He pushed down! At the last minute! He pushed down!

However, time did not flow backwards as he wanted. He was astonished when he looked around and saw that everything was completely still. The horrific impact scene had stopped at that moment. He could even look at glass fragments frozen in the air, as well as some fine powder that was often invisible to the naked eye.

The world…was frozen!

Su Rui recovered from his surprise, but he did not understand why there was no reverse in time?

Why, in the most critical moment, did time not flow backwards for him?

He tried to move his body, but he could not move at all. He could only watch.

Just then, an ice-cold, mechanical voice sounded, “With regards to the reversal of life, the host’s spiritual power is insufficient. Time can only be reversed for two individuals. Please make a choice.”

Su Rui was dumbfounded.

That sentence crossed over his mind several times, he knew what it all meant.

Insufficient spiritual power…Yes, he had gone back twenty-one times, meaning twenty-four hours without sleep. He was indeed utterly exhausted.

Su Rui did not think that, due to his nitpicking, he would put all of their lives on the line.

Two people’s lives……Even without taking outsiders into consideration, there were still three of them.

Shi Qing, Qin Mo…and him.

Only two people could live?

In the scene frozen before his eyes, it was like he was surrounded by a moat and only death waited on the other side. Horror and panic, like a poisonous snake, instantly coiled itself tightly around his heart. The crushing feeling left him unable to breathe.

He only had two friends in his life, two people who accepted him as he was. How could he abandon one of them?

Furthermore, they actually loved each other. Also…

If Qin Mo died, Shi Qing would surely fall into despair.

If Shi Qing died…impossible, he could not sacrifice the first person that reached out to him.

Perhaps…he could die…

At that point in time, Shi Qing was so tense he thought that he would die!

Time had frozen but he was still conscious, and he also heard the voice of the life-saving drive. He knew that Su Rui lacked the necessary amount of spiritual power, so he could not save all of them. He was required to choose.

Who would have thought that using the life-saving drive would require spiritual power. Su Rui had used it so many times that morning and consumed too much…Shi Qing could not help feeling some regret. He had consistently stimulated Su Rui, provoking him into rewinding time constantly.

At that moment, he was served with the consequences.

Although he could not act nor speak, Shi Qing was still a system. In the last mission they had succeeded well and earned a lot of points. He immediately sent a message to Qin Mo, “What should we do?

Since he sent the message, Qin Mo could choose to reply. Therefore, Shi Qing received a detailed plan in reply, “I can use my power to lift the force that has frozen time. I will stop the truck’s impact, and at that moment you need to quickly seize the life-saving drive. Afterwards, reverse time again.”

When he heard Qin Mo’s words, Shi Qing immediately calmed down. It was great. When Qin Mo came into that world, there were some restrictions. He could not make use of the techniques he had learned through cultivation, but he still had the strengthened body he had redeemed his points for in the system store.

With his strength, he should be able to stop the truck. Although it would be universally shocking, as long as they could obtain the life-saving drive, quickly activate it, and return back to the last save point, then everyone would forget what had happened.

So now, they were waiting for Su Rui to make a choice about who he would ultimately save.

Although he knew that he would not die, and his time spent in contact with Su Rui was not too long, he was still faintly nervous. He did not know who Su Rui would choose.

In their suspended state, one second could just take one second, or it may take much longer.

Su Rui finally made a choice. He spoke to the life-saving drive, but because of their mission Shi Qing and Qin Mo heard his words.

“Shi Qing and Qin Mo, let them survive.”

He said those words in a serene voice, but it was still a decision over life and death.

Many emotions burst out of Shi Qing’s heart, but he had no time to pay them any mind. Whatever had kept time frozen had been cancelled!

There was no time to lose. They absolutely could not allow Su Rui to rewind time, so that very instant was the most crucial!

Qin Mo moved forward quickly and stopped the truck that was crashing into them. Meanwhile, Shi Qing rushed towards Su Rui at lightning speed, aiming for the nail of his index finger on his left hand.

Yes! Just when time was still, he finally saw clearly what he was searching for.

The life-saving drive turned out to be a small white spot on Su Rui’s fingernail. It was very difficult to find.

Shi Qing quickly took that little spot, then he immediately pressed down. He could not manage to see the details properly, so he just randomly chose a save point.

Shi Qing’s spiritual power was extremely strong. He instantly turned over Su Rui’s decision with the life-saving drive, so although the save point had been altered slightly, there was no need for him to die. Then, the world flowed backwards for everyone!

After that familiar dizzy feeling, Shi Qing’s heart finally calmed down. It seemed they were successful.

Then he felt the familiar hot, naked chest behind him.

Shi Qing’s head went out-of-order for a moment, then he suddenly managed to react.

……He had once again returned to the beginning and was being embraced by Qin Mo……

However, at that moment, he could not worry too much. He was rejoicing from the bottom of his heart for the renewed life after calamity.

At the same time, he was also quite moved.

He was moved by Su Rui.

Not everyone had the courage to leave the opportunity to survive to others when they were faced with death.

Shi Qing examined his own heart—he may be unable to endure such a thing.

Just then, the door was pushed open.

The youth that entered was very delicate, with dark black hair and fair skin. He was dressed from head to toe in clothing that, while it was casual, was well worth a second look.

At that moment, he looked at the two people together in bed, his face quickly reddened, his mouth fell wide open with astonishment, and he stuttered, “You……you……you……”

He just kept repeating ‘you’ for a long time, so stunned that he did not say the rest of the sentence.

Then he slammed the door shut.

Shi Qing stared blankly, then smiled so widely his eyes were bent. It was exactly the same as the first time. Su Rui had forgotten it all.

From behind him Qin Mo lifted Shi Qing’s finger and saw the small white dot. The life-saving drive was now in Shi Qing’s possession.

Shi Qing sighed, “Su Rui was very good, but I took away his thing.”

Qin Mo slowly assured him, “Take it away, that would be the most beneficial for him.”


Just like that, we have almost drawn a close to this arc. A nice, fun one! Not to mention, we got to learn a bit about the restrictions on them when they enter a new world. Hope you enjoyed. The upcoming arc (still a few chapters away) is the longest one in the novel.

Did anyone read the wattpad stories (although I know some have done so before I even mentioned them)? In other news, there are so many great new and not so new stories on NU. Ahhhhh, it’s a good time to be a fujoshi!

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92 thoughts on “RAAS Chapter 39

    1. If it isn’t any bother, can you tell me how you joined our “rotten” club?
      A. Accidental glimpse of SasuNaru.
      B. Hannibal eating Graham-crackers.
      C. Rabid fujoshi friend’s influence.
      D. Harry/Draco, Tomarry or Harry/Voldie.
      E. Rabid fujoshi friend forced/blackmailed you to read explicit MxM.
      F. You are naturally perverted and one day realized that you are pairing males to your crush and that male bestie is the perfect uke.
      G. Was infected by fujoshi/fudanshi’s nosebleed.
      H. Others. Explain. 😀
      Multiple answers are allowed.

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      1. Hahahah. Well. I started off with akatsuki no yona. Then just kind browsed and picked manga. Accidentally chose BL and curiosity got the best of me. Never started a book I haven’t finished. Never looked back. Read through top 100 and some on one site. Kept going.

        As for Danmei, I was already a fan of cultivation novels and then came up omg LMW on exr website. Eventually found NU and more. Never looked back.

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      2. Back when magafox was THE manga site, I got curious and read the straight smutty OhmiTomu’s Midnight Secretary. Then I accidentally watched an episode of Ai No Kusabi. Then watch the whole series, both versions. Curiosity kills a cat, but it made me a pervert instead. Never looked back and proudly infected my sister and cousin. I started using wallpapers with kissy yaoi to gross them off my phone. The twits just read my stash of yaoi, intead. 😀😀😀😀😀

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      3. H. Others XD it started with shounen ai, the then-innocent me was like omg me like this anime X3 it was called No. 6 (a really nice story uwu ahah) until I watched that one episode where the two main characters kissed and I was like wut wut whai theyrth both guys tho wat ?_? From then, it spiralled into me finding this genre called yaoi and I found that I loved the stories (like those legendary stuff like Koisuru Boukun, Junjou Romantica, Viewfinder… uwu) and then I turned my friend into a fujoshi XD and she introduced me to fanfics. That’s how I became a fujoshi XD

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      4. C. Fujoshi’s friend influence.
        She was downgrading her impressive manga collection sometime in highschool and knew I liked detective stories. So she passed me off her seven volumes of “Fake” which, while very light yaoi, had a humorous and impressive cop plot. I was hooked. It’s still one of my favorite manga and I’m still super sad the 2nd series never went anywhere.
        Never got to the point of obsessing over pairings or mentally hooking up peeps in real life, but I pretty much don’t read anything else and haven’t for a long time.

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      5. Yeah, I find it very difficult to read straight pairings for years. I can tolerate gen like Dreaming of Sunshine (Naruto Fanfic) but I break into metaphorical hives with indications of MxF romance especially if the author pushes characters together while they are still younger than 10years old.
        I roll my eyes with published YA novels. Idk, they are cringy and cheesy which is a double standard on my part since some yaoi are cheesy, too. I guess because most YA authors nowadays are too “in your face the MC is my avatar” and can’t stop mentioning the ML’s abs and handsomness every other paragraph. In YA, that seems too thirsty but in BL, it is just adorable since they spin it with humor and self-awareness. Idon’tknow. It is like a mental filter.

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      6. I stumbled on the genre on my own. And, yes, I can’t read anything else unless real honest-to-goodness experienced adults who knows their shiit wrote it like Danielle Steel or Stephen King or anyone NOT with the current-YA mentality. Some fanfics which are categorised as “gen” are good.

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      7. H./C./F. Small me (grade 6/7 -yes, shame on me) looked for comedy anime. Small me accidently watched “Gravitation” and got shocked. Stopped directly after the first episode (MxM kiss was to much for me back then)
        But curiosity really kills the cat. It didn’t take long before I came back for it. And from then on the process of rotting began…
        Watched Gravitation, then Junjou Romantica and since there was not enough anime I had to switch to manga and there lies the real devil that enticed shoujo lovers to the dark side.
        And it gets better! One of my friends was a fellow closet fujoshi and the other one was rather open minded to it (of course her exposure to fujoshis made her a full fledged member too) after our “coming out” our days as fellow fujoshis last till today.
        Now years later I never thought I would ever read novels (never touched a book outside of school before), but now I’m here addicted to danmei. A 10-years long fujoshi career.
        Never regret it and never will.

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      8. Oh. You started with anime, too. Since Ai no Kusabi, I can’t help but ship MxM of everything I read and watch. Especially Villian-types with Protags. I can’t help the impulse. It is like a virus I can’t get rid of.

        And, it will get better as the genre is becoming mainstream(?) On the other hand, I hope it does not become mainstream. I like to keep my dirty dirty big (the stash) secret to fellow fujoshi/fudanshi. 🐰🐰🐰

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      9. If you haven’t seen it Hyperventilation is an amazing BL anime. There are like, 5-6 episodes I think and each is only 3-5 minutes long. It’s Korean I believe. 🤤🤤

        I’ve kinda ruined my hubby though. Now he can’t watch his fave animes without reading more into the bromance. Fufufufu

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      10. For me it was H (other), I’ve always been into anime and later manga since I was very young, one time when I was idk maybe around 12 or 13 yo I was browsing random mangas (because I consumed anything and everything back then), and I accidentally came upon a yaoi oneshot, don’t even remember what it was called, it was pretty cheesy and bad, but I remember skimming through it with an innocent heart and when it came to the (very light) smut part, I swear I could feel steam coming out from my ears from how red my face went lmao. I rapidly closed the tab and cleared my internet history since I was using my family computer, felt very embarassed for a while and never spoke about it, but I’m pretty sure that was my true fujoshi awakening lmao.

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      11. I was new to manga when I accidentally stumbled on love stage . At first I thought izumi was a girl😅
        I was schockef so I closed it. But curiosity got best of me and then there was no turning back~~😈😈

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      12. Ahhh, “curiosity,” it turns 80% of those afflicted “perverts,” 10% scared shitless, and 10% ded or wishing they are ded. 😹😹😹😹😹
        True, curiosity gives you knowledge and certain truths. But, where’s the fun in that?

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      13. I quite like shounen manga and one day accidentally hit shounen ai and stumbled upon No. 6. I didn’t know any better and kept reading and it wasn’t until the last couple of chapters that I realized what was going on. I was hooked after that though I mostly still stick to reading shounen ai manga and only get to the smutty stuff when Im reading novels off of NU in case someone walks in on me

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      14. Haha not quite. I would find that delightful. He more, tolerates my obsession and listens when I force him to as I summarize my fave story at that moment.
        I was thinking of seeing if I could get him to watch MDZS with me some day.

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      15. Ohhhh. Naughty, naughty Kleep. You are reprogramming him!
        Maybe this can help: Obtain BL/yaoi DRAMA CDs and play it (or blast it from the speakers 😎😀😎😀), again and again. 😀😀😀😀 Goodluck!

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      16. I would say that I’m wavering between A and H : P Because it definitely was a ‘glimpse’, but not of SasuNaru in my case XD
        It was probably like this:
        1 this cat was spending too much time browsing DA for her favorite characters
        2 stumbled upon fanarts of a different kind that she had expected
        3 got captivated and added some additional topics to her browsing list
        4 stumbled upon some fanfiction
        5 and also stumbled upon the new (for her) manga genre and started to explore~
        (I’m quite clumsy, so stumbling is natural : P)
        … And it was like this for years! But only relatively recently I added BL novels to the list. And I’m so happy with this choice!
        Luckily, I still can enjoy regular fantasy books without any trouble~ (where the romance is straight, but it’s preferably not the main focus of the story)

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      17. F : when I was 12 I was addicted to manga, and as a true otaku I naturally knew about Yuri and Yaoi. At this time I was quite naive and was embarrassed to read shojo manga with mature content, and thought that same-gender stories will be too kinky for me to read. But deep inside me I already knew that I would like it so… like for everyone else, curiosity eventually killed the cat. When I turned 16 (age of sexual majority in my country) I gathered my courage and typed yaoi on Google. Then discovered MyReadingManga and became nicknamed as The Rotten Queen by my peers hahaha

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      18. Mine is C,my sister watching “Sekaiichi Hatsukoi” in her room (I share room with my sister) and I just curious what anime she is watching because I never watched it before so I silently watch it too.It shocked me when I know it a gay anime?!!After that I never watch it again but I just curious why my sister like to rewatch that anime almost everydays that it scare me so I just tell my problem to my cousin and never expect that my cousin like to watch it too?!!
        She even give me a lot of yaoi manga for me to read.At first it disgusted me since I really like shoujo manga at that time so to accept yaoi is a bit too much to me but after a years being brainwash by them I started to like it.

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      19. Other- When I was young(11) I watched Cardcaptor Sakura, and started shipping Yue and Touya. The I saw Yue x Touya thing than searched it up and saw many many smut…. there we have me

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      20. I accidentally read sex therapist without knowing it was boyxboy at first I was mentally stimulated so I dropped it out of shock coz I was ignorant about homosexuality at that time, then I watched sekaiichi hatsukoi forgot the reason why I did prob in my rec and I got so touched by their romance and thought hey man on man is just two people falling in love which is normal, that’s why I started to read more yaoi mangas and eventually read sex therapist again coz I’m now immune to BL.

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      21. Oh. Indeed. It is just “two people falling in love.” I hope that some people will understand it, too. And, that someday these kind of fics and what they portray will be treated with heartwarming acceptance than scorn and ridicule in some communities. 💗💗💗

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  1. Ayyye, Su Rui is definitely a type of person I don’t get along with irl, but that decision he made last minute really made me respect him. I hope he grows better as a person without that time device! 😀

    Thanks for the chapter! 😘

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  2. I currently reading more than 20 stories.. and that only BL not included non bl… I sometimes even pause.. since I got confuse… there are too many system stories 🤣🤣

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      1. Actually I checked again… its more than 20… to lazy to count.. I am thinking what you currently reading and translating is also in my list hahaha

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  3. Aw.
    Su Rui.
    He’s so cute.
    Aw. I’m sad we won’t see him anymore.
    I was kind of worried this world would become a bit of a love triangle world. But, he really just loves his two good friend. And wanted them to be happy.

    Also~ Kleep klop! I cough wrote a BL! If you would like! I recommend it to you! It’s very good! If I must thicken my face and say.

    Tell me your thoughts haha xD

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  4. Many thanks for the chapter : D
    Su Rui had earned this cat’s respect! And it’s good that he forgot all of this… Hope that these three friends can stay together : D

    Meow! My “to read” list is kind of crazy and recently I’m falling behind even with my favorite stories… So did not read these yet ; (

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  5. Hi. Sorry if I bother you, but I wanted to ask you, if I can take your translation to translate it into Spanish, of course with the respective rights.

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  6. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💦💦💦💦💦💦 Su Rui!!!!! What a good child!!!!! I’m so teary because of him! He was willing to give up his life for his friends!!!! Aaaaaahh 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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