PUP Volume 4 Chapter 10

Translator: Sen

Editor: Kleep

Upon seeing all these attitudes towards him, Zeno felt around his face, then froze, not having the guts to look at Xi Wei’s expression. Then, acting like an ostrich sticking its head in sand, he turned around and snuck away step-by-step with his head lowered while muttering, ‘you can’t see me, you can’t see me.’  

”Stop right there!”

Zeno didn’t dare move another muscle when he heard that voice. He miserably shot Xiao Wu a look, crying for help, but Xiao Wu shrugged her shoulders to indicate that, as much as she would love to help, there was nothing she could do.

Heaven’s offenses can be forgiven; the self’s sins cannot be survived1. The strategy was perfect, he was the one who messed up.

Zeno regretted it very much. He had been too shaken up from encountering Xia An, that something this important had actually slipped his mind. It was too late to regret now. Originally, he wanted to act first and report afterwards—after they arrived, even supposing Xi Wei found out, there would no longer be anything he could do about it.

Who knew that the cat would be let out of the bag merely halfway through.

In this operation, the person in charge was Xi Wei. Everyone had to listen to him for now. If he did not give his permission, there was no chance of allowing Zeno to remain with them.

Thus Xi Wei said, “Go back to Providence City on your own.”

”No!” Zeno and Xiao Wu spoke in unison.

Xiao Wu reasoned, “Zeno is a knight of my temple. Who I bring is up to my own discretion.”

Xi Wei’s eyes coldly flashed, “Then are you aware that lives will be forfeited on this mission?”

Xiao Wu didn’t speak further, but still stared at him obstinately.

Xi Wei clashed gazes with her for a moment, and then decided to try a different approach.

As Zeno was dragged outside by Xi Wei by the arm, he actually had the time to ponder over something as useless as, Xi Wei is so strong, how many barbells should he be able to lift?

Xi Wei dragged him to a secluded area behind the restaurant. There was a tree there to provide shade from the sun, and not many people passed through either. It was very suitable for carrying out a parent-child conversation, yes.

”Go back.” Xi Wei’s attitude and tone were very unyielding.

”I won’t.” Zeno turned his head, his voice not sounding very confident.

From when he was young to now, as soon as Xi Wei made a look of displeasure, Zeno would always become a good child, very obedient and never giving Xi Wei much trouble. That time, however, he was actually so determined. When he should have been hiding from the Temple, he actually went over to become a Temple Knight. Xi Wei was simply struck dumb.

Perhaps he had been too lenient towards him. He had to properly scold him this time.

With that in mind, Xi Wei took two steps towards Zeno. Zeno’s intuition told him that something far from good was about to unfold, and vigilantly retreated two steps back.

However, it was too late. How could a frail magician prevail over a warrior? So, Zeno was involuntarily thrown over Xi Wei’s shoulder. Just as he was struggling, he was shocked into stillness by the feeling from his buttocks.

Xi Wei, he actually hoisted him up, and was now giving him a spanking!

Counting both his previous life and this one, Zeno had been alive for more than 30 years. Yet never once has someone spanked him before. His entire being was locked in a stupor.

Where did Xi Wei learn this from!

Where had Xi Wei learned this from? He actually learned it from the proprietress of a restaurant. Whenever the proprietress’s son had been naughty, the proprietress would spank his bottom with a stick.

While Xi Wei was working there, he had seen no shortage of the sight. Now that Zeno was being disobedient, Xi Wei followed her example.

It was just that he didn’t have a stick, so Xi Wei had to adjust on the spot and use his palm in lieu of the stick.

Pa pa pa! Xi Wei heaved Zeno onto his shoulder and harshly smacked a few times, “Do you admit to your wrongs yet?”

Zeno’s face was entirely red, feeling like all the blood in his body had converged on his face. He couldn’t quite tell if it was shame or what, but suddenly his whole person felt like it was going to catch on fire.

All of his senses were concentrated on that one, small area on his bottom. Apart from shame, there was something else inexplicable that he could not quite put his finger on.

Xi Wei had truly been angry at the beginning. Anger at Zeno’s disobedience and his seemingly having nothing better to do than to come seek death. However, as he lay down smack after smack, the fury in his heart gradually waned, and he became more aware of the feeling on the palm of his hand from each slap.

Zeno’s buttcheeks were very firm, quite elastic, and the feeling on his hand was not bad at all. 

Finally reacting, Zeno exerted tremendous effort to get down from Xi Wei’s shoulder, and held his bum while his expression was full of complaints. However, Xi Wei had already been accumulating power for a long time, so Zeno pointed a finger at him for a long time but could not get a single word out.

Xi Wei maintained his displeased countenance, but he could not help but rub his fingers together, as if reminiscing over that touch just now.

”Why do you insist on coming?”

With the sudden change of topic, Zeno did not quite react in time and reflexively answered, “Because of you.”


Zeno finally spoke clearly, “I already found out why you have to go seal the plague demon!”

”Evan told you?”


Xi Wei frowned, clearly displeased with Evan’s meddling.

Zeno hesitated for a moment, but still went ahead and tugged on Xi Wei’s sleeve, seriously saying, “You only risked yourself because of me, so how could I just calmly wait at Providence College for your return? I can’t do it. Every time I think about the uncertainty of your survival, I can’t sit still. Even if I’m only accompanying you to death, it’d be easier than living like that.”

Xi Wei clenched and unclenched his fist, coldly saying, “Who said it was for you. We’re just two strangers who happened to meet in Siwa Town.”

This was Xi Wei intending to not admit to Zeno’s identity, however Zeno was not one to give up so easily. With his head still lowered, he continued to clutch at Xi Wei’s sleeve and softly called out, “Baba, don’t abandon me.”

He finally broached the subject, feeling like he had just let out a breath he had not known he was holding.

Xi Wei visibly stiffened.

”I don’t have a son as big as you.” He was still being obstinate.

Zeno didn’t say anything more, just clinging to Xi Wei’s sleeve, head lowered, expressing his resolve in this way.

Xi Wei’s heart softened. He did not know why, but he just could not be harsh towards Zeno.

He sighed helplessly, “There are layers upon layers of danger. I don’t have any way to thoroughly protect you.”

As soon as Zeno heard he had a chance, he quickly grasped at it, “I will properly watch out for myself, but you also have no choice but to take me along.”

Seeing the misgivings in Xi Wei’s expression, Zeno mysteriously added, “Guess who I saw just earlier. I met Xia An-gege.”

Xi Wei’s expression turned grave again, “Him……”

”That’s right, he told me how to seal the plague demon. Coating the Sword of the Gods in my blood will allow the sealing magic spell to activate. If the plague demon can be stabbed clear through the heart, it will be vanquished permanently.”

  Seeing his smug look, Xi Wei felt it was kind of cute for some reason. His fingers became a little restless again, and he unexpectedly said, “I could also just take your blood with me, and I wouldn’t have to take you along.”  

Sure enough, Zeno hopped to his feet. “You can’t do that, the blood will expire if it’s been too long! Once it’s expired, it won’t be effective anymore!”

Look, I’m a fresh blood bank! Was written all over his face.

 Xi Wei patted his head and turned around to return back to the front of the restaurant. Zeno could tell this meant he had conceded.

 Zeno made a gratified hop where he stood, congratulating himself. However, this hop jostled the injury on his behind, making him grimace in pain. Xi Wei had not shown an ounce of mercy, truly giving him a good smacking.

Tenderly covering his bum, he made his way back inside the restaurant at a turtle’s pace. Xi Wei was mid-explanation on how to seal the plague demon. The most vital task at the moment was to locate the Sword of the Gods, otherwise boldly marching up would just be delivering themselves to their deaths for nothing.

Discussion was useless. They could only temporarily make a stop in Roland City and go inquire around the next day.

That night, they finally no longer had to sleep out in the wilderness. They located a hotel and checked in. Come nightfall, Zeno laid on his bed, staring blankly, wait no, he was racking his brains about just where could the Sword of the Gods possibly be.

He quickly ran through the storyline of “Curse” in his mind, but came out empty-handed. The original book had never mentioned any plot point about needing to seal a demon.

As he was pondering, he dozed off a bit when a sudden knocking came from the door. Zeno rubbed at his tired eyes and inquired, “Who is it?”

He slowly got up and went to open the door. Xi Wei coldly stood in front of the door, waiting for it to be opened before entering without waiting for an invitation.

Zeno was bewildered, unable to think of what Xi Wei could be doing, being up at this hour instead of sleeping.

Xi Wei walked to the bedside and pointed to the bed, “Lie down.”


Since he was used to obeying, Zeno obediently laid down, not knowing what was going on.

Xi Wei started pulling down Zeno’s pants. Zeno reflexively grabbed his pants and flipped over, tongue-tied, “You…What are you doing!”

Xi Wei had a jar of alchemic medicine in his hand. He pushed Zeno back down so he was lying down properly and continued to strip him of his pants, “Stop moving.”

Zeno understood after seeing the medication. Xi Wei was going to apply it for him, so he obediently stayed still.

The ice-cold medicine dripped onto his bum, causing his muscles to contract, and he silently shivered. Xi Wei’s callused fingertip lightly brushed against Zeno’s skin. He’d truly been merciless in the spanking during the day. There were red palm prints that made for a rather ghastly sight. Fortunately, Suji’s medicine perfectly suited all his needs. Instantaneously effective, the pain disappeared in a split-second, leaving only a slightly chilly feeling.

Zeno was a bit embarrassed. With the disappearance of the pain, there was a peculiar, relaxed and numbed feeling emanating from his behind and traveling up his spine.

Then he discovered that he had unexpected reaction down below. He was no stranger to having this kind of reaction, having also experienced it during puberty in his past life. Even so, in this life, his actual age was only 8 or 9 years old, happening to be a member of the shadow race. Was this normal? Or was it that demons matured earlier?

Thankfully, this urge passed as quickly as it came. Luckily, he was also lying down, otherwise it would have been really disgraceful.

After Xi Wei finished carefully applying the medicine for him, he pulled up Zeno’s pants and discovered Zeno had already dozed off.

It would not be good for him to fall asleep while lying on his front like this, so Xi Wei turned him over. His butt was no longer in pain, so it was fine to lie on his backside.

Zeno waited until the door was closed, then opened his eyes and looked around to confirm that there was truly no one else around. He then sat up and pulled at his own pants, and tugged at his own hair, vexed. He did not feel like he would be able to fall back asleep.

How could this be!

At this time, someone knocked again. Zeno got a scare and hurriedly laid back down, feigning slumber.

However, the knocks never ceased coming. After some thought, he still ended up getting up and opening the door.

Kleep: Not the papapa you were all hoping for. But, it was something! I had volleyball last night, and since I’m fairly pregnant I think it will take me approximately 4 days to recover hahaha. Even so, I’m still slowly chipping away at the next RAAS chapter.

Fun fact! This is chapter 67 (omg right). This novel has 87 chapters and three extras.

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  1. 天作孽尤可恕自作孽不可活: An idiom meaning you can avoid the calamities brought down by the heavens, but you cannot escape from disasters you bring upon yourself. In franker terms, “you deserved it.” 

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