RAAS Chapter 38

“……Like this,” Qin Mo whispered as lowered his head and sucked.

Shi Qing was caught unprepared and in a flash he was stupefied.

…This…this…What’s going on!

He tensed up and immediately felt dizzyQin Mo was actually licking him. With his most sensitive place treated like that, Shi Qing became a total mess. It was completely different from their previous skin to skin, which had been an unavoidable default. It was completely conscious and self-determined. That, this was…a proposition?

When that word popped into his mind, was thoroughly incapable of even pondering it.

Qin Mo gently licked, focusing on those two small, soft, pink circles. Due to the teasing, Shi Qing’s small nipples were standing up slightly. When his delicate skin was exposed to the fresh air, along with contact from that warm, wet tongue, his body was filled up with vitality…Everything together assaulted his senses, leading him to completely forget their original intentions.

He just allowed himself to feel the sensations that affected him down to his heart as he was gently caressed and stroked.

Bang! They heard the sound of a drinking glass falling to the ground. Fortunately, because the living room was fully carpeted, the glass was not broken. Even so, the sound it made was not quiet, and it proved sufficient enough to shock the three people present into collecting their thoughts.

At that time, Su Rui’s thoughts…could only be described as a constant barrage of WTF in his heart!

Initially, he had planned to knock on the door a few minutes later, thinking that giving them time would leave a chance for the two to come out of their own……Unexpectedly, the two were up, but they had not yet left the doorway, and they were even engaging right there!

Was he invisible? He simply did not want to know that they had that type of affair between them, okay?

Can’t they restrain themselves just a little? Show a little consideration for the feelings of any spectators!

His friends were together, not to mention they were two men, the whole situation had a huge impact on him!

Well, thought Su Rui calmly, due to continuous exposure, seeing this type of thing doesn’t give me such a fatal shock.

At least he did not blush! Really great progress, hehehe!

He did not want to think about it. As a perfectionist suffering from severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, Su Rui could not even stand to look at that type of scene. There was nothing he could say. From now on, how could he communicate with those two bamboo horses? It was enough to worry about that it could drive him to old age. Therefore, it was best to treat it like he had never discovered them, and that he did not know any better!

Consequently…he rewound again.

Once again the two men had been returned to bed, naked. After a moment, they collected their thoughts.

Shi Qing wrapped himself in the quilt, still half-panting for a bit until his breathing finally slowed. He now understood clearly what had happened.

Qin Mo’s actions just a moment ago were merely meant to provoke Su Rui. That way, Su Rui would use his ability, allowing them to observe Su Rui’s movements and determine the trick behind that life-saving drive.

At that thought, Shi Qing was relieved. If they could properly complete their task, then his wrecked feelings at the scene they played out would be worth it!

When Shi Qing looked at Qin Mo, in order to avoid embarrassment, he quickly asked, “How was it? Just now, what did Su Rui do to use the life-saving drive?”

Qin Mo showed a rare startled face, and was stumped for words for a while. Then, with a very serene tone, he said, “I forgot to look.”

It was not that he did not see, but he forgot to even look. Why did he forget to look? Because his attention was attracted by something else. What things had attracted it?

Shi Qing: “….”

Qin Mo’s line of sight drifted down to his chest.

Shi Qing jolted in surprise, then quickly jumped out of bed to start getting dressed. While he did that, he absent-mindedly said, “Never mind, the last time we were too hasty. This time take your time, if we go slowly, we can carefully observe!”

Once he finished that sentence, he felt……he just dug himself a big enough pit to be buried alive in with no problem!

Qin Mo did not give him any time to renege, and quickly agreed, “Great!”

That single word resounded powerfully and was spoken with confidence, as if something would be snatched away if he spoke fearfully.

Shi Qing: Only ‘’ can represent my heart.

Then, they were unable to even get out of the hotel.

Embraced waist, rewind…

Chest stroked, rewind…

Traced up the leg, rewind…

Kneaded his butt…

That time they were not rewound, because Qin Mo did not allow Shi Qing to go out. He crudely pushed him down on the bed and climbed on top, then eagerly leaned over to capture the other’s tender lips with his own. He emphatically pushed Shi Qing’s teeth apart, then drove his tongue straight in. Like a spark lighting dry grassland, things quickly went out of control.

Shi Qing did not resist at all because he had been teased so many times already that his brain had long descended into chaos. Any qualms he had were thrown to the back of his mind and he was unable to think or worry about things. The surging heat of his lust had broken off his rationality, and he was thoroughly unconcerned about that.

In response to that heat, Qin Mo pushed forward even more intensely. The inside of the other’s mouth was thrown into disorder, and the fierce attack caused a silver line of saliva to roll down. Even so, he craved more. It was as if his thirst had risen to the extreme, when suddenly he saw an oasis. He gulped down big mouthfuls of water and each one refreshed him to the bottom of his heart, yet simultaneously left him very much looking forward to the next mouthful. He was not satisfied. He had waited for so long and could not wait to be immersed in the water, completely surrounded by each other without leaving even the smallest gap.

That kind of feverish kiss, for an inexperienced person, was deadly. However, that oxygen deprived state made Shi Qing even more enticing. Crimson cheeks and big, watery eyes gave a look of unreserved passion that grabbed the heart and aroused desire. That beautiful picture made it so that even if one wanted to stop, they could not.

Qin Mo wanted to be a little gentle, but he had been accumulating for too long, so long it was unimaginable. From the beginning of that world…no, even sooner. From the first time he held him, the desire had never stopped building up within his heart.

In his most dejected moment, Shi Qing appeared. His sharp and clear voice, along with his indistinct figure, was rather like a god descending.

Shi Qing would never know how important his arrival was to him.

At the moment when Shi Qing was held tightly within his grasp, Qin Mo felt that he had seized God, been saved by his God, his own God…that moment of fulfillment was something that no one had ever been able to give him.

That emotion was morbid and unspeakable, and it was simultaneously carved in his bones and engraved in his heart.

Qin Mo ignited the flame of desire within Shi Qing. There was no way such a young and tender body could withstand such continuous teasing.

It was at the time that Qin Mo pressed their shafts together and took them into his large hand. He began rubbing them both at once, and pumped his hands increasingly faster until they felt scalding hot. The feeling was overwhelming and earth-shattering, to the point that he almost forgot to breathe.

Time stretched out and neither of them spoke. Qin Mo’s feelings overflowed into demanding kisses that were brimming with the desires he had suppressed for so long. Then, with a final push of prolonged stimulation accompanied with moans of ecstasy, that passion exploded as they finally came.

When he reached the peak, Shi Qing felt like he would die.

Lingering in the pleasant afterglow, Shi Qing lay down with his eyes half-closed while Qin Mo gently stroked and caressed his back.

That lasted until a message sounded in both of their heads at the same time,  “The time remaining until the task completion deadline is 24 hours.”

Shi Qing was still somewhat dazed, so it was quite a while before he suddenly managed to react!

No way! We actually wasted an entire day!

Shi Qing could not handle the embarrassment, so he speedily jumped out of bed and began to get dressed.

He pushed open the door to look out and saw Su Rui sitting at the table calmly, eating his breakfast. When he heard Shi Qing come out, he did not even spare him a glance. However, in his heart cursed silently: You brats, daring to do something like that so loudly! So noisy!

However, Su Rui did not look straight at their room, so he did not have to rewind. As for the sounds and whatnot, he just pretended that he did not hear anything.

Shi Qing did not dare to say a word, so he washed up and then began to eat. It was at that moment that he finally woke up to reality and determined that they would no longer stimulate Su Rui that way. He suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder and there were thousands upon thousands of ways to trigger him, so why did they have to choose such a sinfully affectionate way?

Just spilling a cup of milk was enough for him to go back hundreds of times!

The instant he realized that Shi Qing burst into tears in his heart.

When Qin Mo came out a bit later, Shi Qing did not even dare to look at him. As long as he looked at him, he would remember that matter that just happened, and then…his face felt like it was on fire.

Since Shi Qing’s IQ had returned to normal, coupled with the passage of time and the fact that Qin Mo was also serious, they were in a more normal state and able to make some progress.

That time their breakfast was peaceful and without any mishaps, so Shi Qing walked out and played a little trick. He ‘accidentally’ inverted a glass of water over Su Rui’s suitcase with the goal of seeing Su Rui’s green face again.

That time Shi Qing decided to rely on his own efforts, so he turned unblinking eyes onto Su Rui and closely watching his movements.

Yet, from then until time reversed, he was unable to see what Su Rui did.

Even so, that time reversal was still very worthy of celebration!

Su Rui finally grew some brains and changed the save point.

It was no longer the two men lying naked in bed, but rather three men sitting at the table.

Shi Qing ate his sandwich and cursed in his heart. Su Rui you idiot, since you can change the save point, why didn’t you switch it earlier? Why did you let Qin Mo and I embrace one another dozens of times to the point where we actually fired our guns off together if you knew how to change it!

Oh! Shi Qing finally reacted. That thing he and Qin Mo did before seemed more understandable.

Just think! If any two people, as long as they were not completely ugly, were put under a quilt together, naked, and locked in an embrace many times, while putting on a passionate display to ‘accomplish the task’ at least seven or eight times, was there any chance they could avoid being aroused?

Being provoked in such a way, it was human nature that certain desires would arise. If they were not vented properly, they would find a way to come forth.

Once his brain had made that circuit, Shi Qing was immediately relieved. He and Qin Mo simply had no alternative. Under those circumstances, it was normal to forget oneself, and the outcome was mutually beneficial. It should be…no big deal!

Shi Qing had finally found suitable grounds to console himself. With a relaxed frame of mind, not only was he more enthusiastic to complete their task, but he also finally dared to look at Qin Mo.

Due to Su Rui’s presence, Shi Qing could not explain to Qin Mo, so he used some meaningful glances to indicate that he just carefully observed. Even so, it was not clear how Su Rui utilized the life-saving drive.

As to whether Qin Mo could understand……that could only be if he was lucky.

Qin Mo received his attentive gaze and it slightly reduced his dissatisfied mood following Shi Qing’s earlier escape.

No hurry, after the mission is complete, we have plenty of time.

In the previous moment, Qin Mo had also carefully observed what happened. He had a highly retentive memory, so since he was carefully watching, there should be few omissions. However, in the end he still could not determine how Su Rui had managed to accomplish turning back time.

However, there was still time. They could continue to observe.

The three finished their breakfast and then headed out of the hotel. Unfortunately, Shi Qing could not find any chances for any wacky behaviour.

The main reason for that was that Su Rui had increasingly put his guard up, and he almost always separated from the two, so the opportunities to act were severely limited.

The three people got into the car and then it was started and pulled onto the road. That entire time, Shi Qing did not find the right timing to act.

In fact, Shi Qing tried to talk directly about it with Su Rui, but every time any related words tried to leave his mouth, he was unable to give them voice. He did not know if the restriction was related to the mission, or if it had some other cause.

Nothing could be said directly, the item could only be snatched.

Even so, he had no idea how to set about snatching it.

Su Rui was actually quite weary, so he laid his head back on the seat and closed eyes rest.

Shi Qing racked his brain for quite a while, but he did not come to any conclusion. At that moment, he looked out the window and was completely dumbfounded.

A large truck had suddenly lost control and was flying straight towards them at high-speed!


It’s everyone’s favourite truck-san!! I intend to work on translating the next chapter of RAAS next before going back to PUP since I’ve got minions helpers to share the load there. And it’s a little bit of a cliff.

Randomly, I thought I would share a few (BL) recommendations from wattpad. It’s really a roulette wheel there. Sometimes the novel is good, sometimes not, and sometimes it gets dropped never to live again. So, always keep a disclaimer in mind…it may stop one day and never continue.

It’s a Wonderful Life – Dez: basically it follows a system. The laziest system ever. His hosts? Well, he could really care less. They’ll be fine right? This one has slower updates but remains consistent and is really well written.

That Day I Found the Strangest Egg – Janlou Mitsitsiyo: A cutie is adopted by a little egg. Or something. This one updates quite frequently, although English is their second language so it’s not quite as smooth to read. But, it’s still impressive how good it is considering it’s not their mother tongue.

Fairytale System {BL} – Hayoru: Our MC is reborn into fairytales as random characters. It’s quite neat that way since it makes the worlds fairly unique from your usual Quick Transmigration (not that I mind that).This one is fairly regular with updates. I would say the arcs are a little more on the light and short side, but I enjoy it.

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