PUP Volume 4 Chapter 7

Translator: Piper Panda

Editor: Kleep

TLC: Sen

Zeno was in a hurry, but he was a step too late. Xi Wei was called away by Principal Colin, probably for an explanation regarding the specific situation of this matter.

In the dormitory, only Evan was in the room, and he was packing up. If something looked useful he would throw it into alchemical storage box. Since it was a foreign excursion, the hard-working prince could only use that kind of primitive magic box to pack things.

The dormitory door was not shut all the way, and because the polite Zeno knocked on the door, Evan turned around and was a little surprised, “Zeno, why did you come?”

Zeno hesitated a little while before he decided to ask Evan, “Senior Evan, why is the matter of sealing the demon placed on the hands of Senior Xi Wei who hasn’t even graduated school yet? Don’t you think this is ridiculous and unreasonable?”

Evan rubbed his eyebrows and spoke with a tired look on his face, “This is a long story. Do you remember what I told you about Xi Wei’s daughter being kidnapped?”

Zeno nodded, “I remember, what does this have to do with the plague demon?”

“Because his daughter was kidnapped, in order to prevent the kidnappers from escaping from the city, Xi Wei issued a S-class mission in the mercenary guild to block the entirety of Providence City. You should also know that to issue tasks above the S level, you need to also help out on one other S-class mission or higher. For this task to be released…”

He did not need finish, Zeno understood. Xi Wei took the task of sealing the plague demon in exchange for having Providence City blocked.

He did not know what to feel. Whenever he felt that Xi Wei had done enough for him, Xi Wei always managed to refresh his understanding of him.

It was like someone had taken a needle and poked in a circle around his heart, there was no visible wound yet immense pain continuously came.

Zeno looked on blankly, and decided to wait for Xi Wei to come back. He did not know what he wanted to say, he only knew that he really wanted to see Xi Wei right then.

However, while he was waiting, Xi Wei did not come. Another person came first.

Evan saw that person and could not help but complain.It was too late to hide even if he wanted to.

He could only bitterly say, “Jonia, why did you come?”

Jonia’s cheeks flushed, “Why did I come? If I didn’t come, would my brother be dead without me knowing!”

Evan scratched his ear, “Keep your voice down. And who is dead? Don’t curse me!”

Jonia’s anger was like a hurricane, “My stupid brother was going to run over and provoke the plague demon. What is the difference between that and looking for death?”

Having that brought up, Evan felt a little guilty, so he tried to comfort Jonia. “You should believe me, Sister Jonia, am I so stupid? Naturally, I’ve made full preparations to keep myself safe.”

Joniya sneered, “Fully prepared? Apart from when you tease me, you only call me sister when you have a guilty conscience.”

Evan’s face was stiff. He did not expect to be seen through so quickly.

When Jonia saw his silence, she was even more anxious and angry. She directly twisted Evan’s ear and threatened, “Evan, let me tell you. If you dare to step out of Providence City, I will break your legs!”

Evan groaned, “Can a magician break my leg?”

“What did you say!”

“Nothing, I didn’t say anything, Jonia, please release my ear.”

Jonia twisted twice more before unwillingly letting go.

The atmosphere was a bit depressing.

Jonia’s anger subsided a bit, but on her beautiful face, a trace of worry appeared on her brow, “Evan, you are not an ambitious kind of person. Just why do you insist on participating in this kind of activity where you could try ten times over and still be guaranteed to die?”

Looking at her attitude, it was clear that she would not give up without a satisfactory answer. Evan rubbed his red ear and replied, “Jonia, I can’t forget a favor, if not for Xi Wei, who knows where you’d be still, suffering who knows what kind of torments. Have you forgotten what Consort Mother1 taught you from a young age? This kindness needs to be repaid.”

Jonia’s eyes were red, “It’s all my fault, I brought trouble to you two.”

Evan was still smiling, “Don’t say that, this is the fault of the kidnapper. It’s not your fault.”

Jonia was still not reassured, “Evan, before we left, Consort Mother told me that I, as your elder sister, should take care of you, but most of the time you are taking care of me. This time, let me go instead.”

Evan was taken aback, “You are crazy Jonia.”

“I am crazy, aren’t you the crazy one, what is the plague demon? If you go, it is equal to death, I don’t want you to die for me!”

“Don’t make trouble, this is a man’s business.”

Jonia was not convinced, “Where am I worse than you? You are in the martial arts department while I am a magician. My strength is not inferior to yours. Why don’t we go a round to prove it?”

They were both siblings who cared about each other with a sincere heart.

Evan felt a headache from her insistent way of doing things. He was a bit of a male chauvinist. As a man, he felt that being responsible for protecting his sister was a matter of course. There was no way for him to consent to Jonia’s proposal.

Zeno silently watched them with a bit of envy. He was an orphan and had never gotten to experience that kind of affection between siblings. However, Xi Wei gave him so much, and it seemed that it was more than just family.

They were chaotically arguing in the dorm, and the temple was also in complete chaos. Xiao Wu was kneeling in front of the statue of the Goddess of Light with a stubborn face.

The previous saintess’ face was distressed as she tried to discourage her, “Xiao Wu, you just inherited the title of Light Saint. At this time you should try to stabilize your position. Why do you want to go seal plague demon at this time? The perpetuation of the temple is depending on you.”

Xiao Wu firmly said, “Master, I told you at the beginning that I chose to practice magic in order to help the world’s living beings to the maximum extent. Entering the temple and replacing Sister Belle to inherit the position of Light Saint all came from this original intention.”

“Then you could wait for when you mature!”

Xiao Wu shook her head, “Master, you know of Master Xia Zuo. His started with meager skills, but still traversed this continent. If he thought like you, we would not have had our fourth era.”

The previous saintess was worried. She covered her mouth as she coughed out blood, and Xiao Wu wanted to stand up and help her, but eventually restrained herself. She could not compromise.

Xiao Wu was a stubborn sister. When she decided something, it was almost impossible to change her mind. She went on to say, “Master, as a saintess, we enjoy the worship of our believers. Thus we should give everything for their sake as well. The continent has been peaceful for more than a thousand years. The temple is also becoming corrupt. You have also seen the prayers of the believers. However, the temple has done nothing. I know that you want me to finish assimilating the powers I’ve inherited, but would I truly be able to fight against the demon even after integrating with my powers? “

Her master was at a loss of words for a while. She also knew that, based on the strength of humankind, whether or not Xiao Wu finished stabilizing those powers made little difference when facing off against an upper class demon.

Xiao Wu bent down into a groveling position and knocked her head on the ground several times in devotion. Each knock that slammed on the floor had also pounded heavily on her master’s heart.

Finally, a burst of light ignited from the statue of the goddess and shrouded Xiao Wu. She felt comforted all over her body and her spiritual strength improved.

The previous saintess was completely shocked. That was the first time the goddess had appeared in the last millennium. It meant that the goddess had also agreed on Xiao Wu’s proposal.

Xiao Wu’s master closed her eyes and sighed a long sigh. She turned and waved her hand, “You can go.”

What was Xi Wei doing? He had been stuck in a staring contest with Principal Colin for a long time. No matter how Principal Colin looked at it, this kid was a normal, outstanding student. Principle Colin was filled with doubts as to whether or not Xi Wei would be able to seal the demon and save Belle.

However, since Master Asil had said that, and the mercenary union founded by Xia Zuo had also made such an order, Principle Colin could only try to pretend a dead horse was a living horse and choose to believe in that youth

Principal Colin coughed, “Xi Wei, have you really decided to go?”

“Do I have a choice?”

Principal Colin continued, “In fact, I have been to Ye Sa City many times in recent years.”

Xi Wei finally raised his head. He knew that the principal said this for a reason.

“I have been there so many times and there were many other people trying to defeat the plague demon, but basically they all ended up dead or wounded, even me. Even I had to turn back before I got a chance to see the plague demon.”

Xi Wei listened very seriously. That was the valuable information Principle Colin gambled for with his life. It was not something that ordinary people could know.

It was only late into the night that Xi Wei, who was stuffed with strategies, managed to get back to the dormitory.

The dormitory was unusually lively today, it was as if everyone had made an appointment.

Evan, Jonia, Zeno, and Xiao Wu were all there.

Xi Wei’s eyes flashed with a trace of doubt as he asked, “All of you are…?”

Zeno resisted his own anxiety so he would not let other people see his anomaly.

Jonia and Xiao Wu said in unison, “I will also participate in sealing the demon.”

After the two girls said that, they looked at each other in unison, with inquiry in each other’s eyes.

Xi Wei suddenly could not understand this world anymore. When he was small, everyone was clearly afraid of dying. In order to survive, they could use whatever means possible. So why was it that everyone now was not afraid of death? Why were they racing to die?

Did they have another goal? Was sealing an excuse used to achieve an ulterior motive?

For that reason, the cautious Xi Wei did not immediately answer, but looked at Evan with eyes full of inquiry.

Evan bitterly smiled a bit, he also did not know why it turned out like this. He did not have the right to give orders to Xiao Wu, but as for Jonia, he would never allow her to take risks.

So he shook his head, indicating that he did not agree.

Xi Wei tacitly understood in his heart, and he said coldly, “I will not bring any cumbersome people.”

Then, he glanced at Zeno and entered his room.

Being clever, Zeno immediately followed Xi Wei into the his room, then conveniently closed the door and locked out the three curious pairs of eyes.

Jonia angrily huffed, “What gives him the right to call me cumbersome, that scum!”

Xiao Wu was full of confidence, “Just you wait, Xi Wei!”

Piper: I meant to finish this last week… but i got sick… then school started, but here it is, and it turned out kleep also finished a chapter and Sen isn’t far behind, so keep an eye out for hers! See u later amazing peeps!

Kleep: It’s a double post, so keep your eyes open for the next chapter!

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  1. I’m not sure if it’s going by Chinese imperial harem hierarchy since this novel belongs in the xuanhuan category, but if it is, from what I understand, there is one empress who is considered the legal/highest ranking/”true” mother of all the emperor’s children whether she gave birth to them or not, and ranked below her are the consorts who are the actual birth mothers of some of the children, but are also considered “mothers” to all of the emperor’s children (then under consorts are concubines). The royal family isn’t all that important here, but this is just to give you a bit of insight on who Jonia is referring to! 

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