RAAS Chapter 37

The feeling was unfamiliar at first, but he became well accustomed to it soon enough. Three times or four times, it did not matter.

Shi Qing was now able to remain perfectly unruffled. So what if skin was sticking to skin and he had been gathered into an embrace again? Anyways, everything was wrong in that outlandish world, it did not matter to him!

Compared to first several times where he had left the bed swiftly, he was far more calm this time. He took that unoccupied time to allow his thinking to diverge.

That went on until Qin Mo’s hands grew more and more dishonest. They actually began to slide down his waist, passing by his lower abdomen, while Qin Mo leaned in close to his ear and whispered, “Shi Qing.”

Such an intimate conversation, so close that he could feel the other’s hot breath tickling his ear, coupled with those ambiguous words, caused Shi Qing’s calm heartbeat to speed up considerably.

What calm and collected! This small grandpa cannot handle this, this grandpa needs to put on his pants and run!

He had not even jumped out of bed when his arm was grabbed and he was thrown down on the bed. His head missed the pillow, hit the soft mattress, and his hair was instantly in complete disorder.

Short hair covered his forehead, just sweeping across his eyebrows due to its length. His eyes were slightly narrowed, causing their originally rounded shape to become more like a crescent. His delicate nose, along with the slightly open pink lips below, all glowing in the early morning sunshine, created a very seductive appearance indeed.

It seemed as if…he was being seduced, enticed.

Qin Mo’s eyes appeared bottomless. He felt like he was experiencing the restlessness he had felt when he was in the beastman world and his heart was ignited. He desperately wanted to lower his head and kiss, to taste those soft lips. He knew from experience that he would taste a sweetness that would invade his heart and body, a refreshing feeling that would be able to ease the raging beast within him.

In that brief moment when he was lost in thought, Shi Qing unexpectedly made a clever move and seized the opportunity to extricate his body out from beneath him. He practically flew towards the wardrobe, took out his clothes and got dressed hurriedly, and then rushed towards the door. In the end, Qin Mo could only pull a wry face.

Qin Mo continued to stare blankly, but shortly after revealed a slight smiling expression.

Shi Qing turned his head and caught that look by coincidence. His originally ridiculing mood was instantly frozen. A surge of emotions all welled up in his mind at once as he just stood there silly.

It was truly good-looking, Qin Mo’s smile…

At that moment, according to the regular pattern, a knock at the door came. Su Rui tried to remain calm, but his voice still belied a faint fury, “Shi Qing! Get up!”

Very good, that time he was even more succinct. Fellow Su Rui, you are becoming more and more disrespectful!

Shi Qing finally collected his thoughts, quickly shifted his eyes to look down at the floor, and then said, “We should finish our mission without delay. Two days cannot be regarded as too long. Although there are no penalties for failure, there are no rewards either. That would truly be a pity.”

Qin Mo looked at him for quite a while, then gently said, “En.”

Shi Qing immediately felt as if he was relieved from a burden and relaxed. However, in the end even he himself was not clear on exactly what heavy burden he had been liberated from.

Su Rui finally managed to be a little smarter in the current attempt. He took that damned ketchup and moved it out of reach before sitting at the table. Without much extra effort, he prudently took all of the liquids on the table that could spill and shifted them to a safer location, fearful that the past would somehow repeat itself.

Shi Qing did not dare to tease Su Rui at that time. He politely ate the sandwich that he had already eaten several times. Even though he was still slightly hungry, he no longer made any attempt to get any milk, aiming to continue on without delay. He began to observe things closely in order to get to the bottom of how they could complete their task.

After getting through breakfast, Su Rui was greatly relieved. For someone suffering from mysophobia, to be able to free himself from being covered in ketchup from head to toe was truly a life-saving event.

However, if he really thought that things would go how he wanted, then he was too naive.

After eating breakfast, they packed up their luggage and left the hotel, following the prescribed order. They were entirely compliant with the requirements of fellow Su Rui’s perfectionism and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Even the car that he had booked ahead of time had already arrived at the reception area. He had ordered an elegant model of car that was driven by a chauffeur, and the interior decor completely complied with his standards.

Naturally, regardless of whether it was the interior or exterior, the car was spotless. There was no trace of dust and the windows shone so brightly they could be used as mirrors.

Su Rui could not help smiling faintly. His hazy mood for the day was finally starting to improve a bit.

He climbed safely into the car, and was satisfied with his seat in the rear left. He took off his gloves and then urged the others in dissatisfaction, “Shi Qing, can’t you hurry up?”

Shi Qing’s face filled with black lines. He was moving so slowly in the first place to cooperate with that nitpicking guy. Your sister, this grandpa has never been so cautious in his life.

At that moment, Shi Qing heard the dissatisfaction in Su Rui’s voice. It put him in a poor mood and he ‘hmphed’ a few times in indignation.

That bad mood caused him to take his focus off of his surroundings. Due to his lack of mindfulness he missed some stairs before him and he unexpectedly found himself walking on empty air. The flight of stairs was not very high, but he could not stop himself due to the inertia he had gathered. Shi Qing could not maintain control for very long and was about to fall down…

Qin Mo, who was ahead of him, suddenly turned around. He extended one long arm around his waist and lifted him, while Shi Qing habitually hooked his arms around the other’s neck as if it was completely common. He was stunned, because due to the world they were in previously, a princess carry actually became a habit.

They were still standing right in front of the door of the five-star hotel that was occupied by dozens of doormen, who were all watching them. Yet those two grown men…one was carrying the other!

Su Rui…his face was once again green! Those two aren’t ashamed! Even if they were rolling around together in the hotel with no problem, how could they still go out and make public displays of affection!

Clinging together in a public place with numerous people, who are you? He turned back, bristling with anger, how could your father and mother even let you off?!

Fuck, there were such friends, they really changed even after such a long friendship!

The instant Shi Qing saw Su Rui’s green face, he knew at once that it was not good. He almost shouted out ‘don’t rewind again!’.

What a pity…he was a step too late.

Once again they wore no clothes, and Shi Qing felt he had become a dead fish.

Every morning he woke up next to his naked host……so tired… _ (: 3 ∠) _

Qin Mo did not move, while Shi Qing lazily turned over and wrapped himself up in a blanket. After that he turned around.

Last time when the other had climbed on top of him he was charming and gentle, but something was erect and sticking out awkwardly, that time……Shi Qing sincerely felt that it was no problem to just trust one another fully.

Contrary to what one might expect from the Qin Mo who was not too well-behaved the last few times, he remained very tranquil at present with his brows furrowed in contemplation.

Shi Qing threw down and broke the already damaged jar. He placed his hand against his cheek to prop himself up, then sized up the dazzling Qin Mo under the bright morning light. Regardless of how many times he looked at him, he still had to exclaim in admiration. Qin Mo’s outward appearance was truly blessed by heaven. He had never seen a single person who looked better than Qin Mo in either of his two lives.

His features were exquisite, not even a single blemish could be picked out. He was like a naturally formed fine jade, even without any carving a person could not stop their eyes from being drawn in. However, that jade was not gentle. While it was extremely beautiful, it was simultaneously unattainable. Since it was so naturally stunning, the feeling it gave off was one of alienation, no one dared even entertain the thought of touching it……

Shi Qing stared blankly, stumped for words. A bitter feeling suddenly burst forth in his heart. The feeling was unfamiliar and he had never felt it before, but Shi Qing clearly realized it in the end.

He and Qin Mo…

“What are you thinking?” Owing to the fact that his train of thought was interrupted by that low, sexy voice, Shi Qing suddenly snapped out of it. A hint of confusion flashed through his eyes, but he concealed it with a few blinks, then hastened to say, “I…I was thinking…thinking about…human existence!

Qin Mo was very conscientious, so when he had a job he was always meticulous. He sensed that Shi Qing was being peculiar, but he did not investigate. Instead, he got up and while he was getting dressed he spoke to Shi Qing, “Based on the experience of these past few times, we can confirm that Su Rui has the ability to reverse time. Perhaps he has the Life-saving drive that the task referred to.”

Seeing that Qin Mo was talking about business, Shi Qing was greatly relaxed by his tone of voice. He pricked his ears to listen carefully.

“Although we weren’t given a mission objective since it’s a random task, the task’s name mentioned a Life-saving drive and it seems like a crucial point. Su Rui holds that ability, making him the key figure. The ability reverses time, and it certainly isn’t just for us three individuals, but rather the entire world’s time.” After he finished speaking he paused for a moment, then continued speaking with added emphasis to his words, “With that ability, Su Rui is the god of this world.”

Shi Qing pondered over what he had said, and could not help being alarmed.

Seeing that Shi Qing reacted, Qin Mo spoke again, “After seeing these last few situations, Su Rui is not conscious of what a terrifying ability he has.”

“Yes, that’s right,” Shi Qing could not help answering, “He must have just recently gotten this power. These time reverses were because of a few small problems and nothing else, but over time he will certainly come to understand just how powerful his ability really is. When that moment comes… “

If even Su Rui himself thought that he was the god of the world…then…what would happen? It was simply unimaginable.

All at once, he completely figured it out.

His  large eyes shone exceptionally bright, and Shi Qing reasoned rapidly, “We want to stop Su Rui, so the mission objectives must be to take away his ability!

Qin Mo’s words perfectly confirmed Shi Qing’s originally simple conjecture.

At that time, Shi Qing thought that way but he was not confident. Now, he was able to come to a judgment.

Qin Mo nodded, then tossed out the most important topic, “Since we are capable of taking his ability away, then there must be a concrete object. Our goal is to find that thing.”

Shi Qing was even more excited. He pushed himself up and spoke with high emotions, “Right! If we can find it, we can complete the task!”

After he finished, he noticed that the direction Qin Mo’s line of sight had stopped was not quite right.

Shi Qing reacted slowly, then bowed his head to see his own bare buttocks sitting on the bed. His little brother was also exposed to the breeze, and Qin Mo’s gaze…just fell right on it!

Shi Qing was embarrassed and quickly jumped out of bed to get dressed.

Qin Mo did not remove his line of sight, and in the end it was not surprising that his words delivered a killing blow, “Very cute.”

Shi Qing, “……” But……cute…what cute ah! Don’t use random adjectives!!

While Shi Qing was in a flurry trying to get dressed quickly, Qin Mo watched leisurely and said, “Concerning how to find this thing, I have an idea.”

Shi Qing was just putting a t-shirt on, and his fluffy head had not yet poked out. In a slightly muffled voice he asked, “What?”

Qin Mo’s line of sight wandered up that fair chest to the two pink spots. His eyes darkened slightly, yet his voice remained serene, “When Su Rui uses his ability, there should certainly be some sort of action, so we should make him reverse time incessantly.”

“Keep going back?” Shi Qing finally finished putting on his clothes, poked his head out, and glanced over with his big eyes.

“Yes, that’s right, just like…” said Qin Mo as he opened the door. He suddenly reached out and pulled Shi Qing over and pushed him against the door frame. He lifted his two arms above his head and held them there with one hand while the other hand lifted the just worn t-shirt once again. The young man’s pale chest was exposed, the two pink dots appearing additionally eye-catching.

“…that,” breathed Qin Mo as he lowered his head.


Very cute. One shot KO. I don’t have a lot to say. Hope you all had a great New Year’s Day. I spent mine stepping on toys scattered around my house and cleaning. As well as this. Oh, and laundry. Forever laundry.

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