PUP Volume 4 Chapter 6

Translator: Piper Panda

Editor: Kleep

TLC: Sen

Although it was very hot outside, the temperature in the room was very comfortable because of a magic array that kept things at a constant temperature.

However, Zeno was dreaming of ice and snow. He suddenly returned to Ye Sa City, standing in front of that familiar broken bridge’s underpass, looking at a small broken boat where he could find every crack and hole with his eyes closed.

Everything was exactly the same, except for himself.

He was no longer a baby or a child, but a teenager after awakening. Zeno hesitated, knowing that this was a dream, but he could not figure out why he suddenly started dreaming of the past.

He could not control his body, he could only watch passively.

Zeno slowly walked towards the boat. It used to be just a small boat but now it appeared even more narrow, Zeno had to bend down to get into the cabin.

As if the dream really read his mind, Zeno really saw Xi Wei in the cabin, but not the protagonist at 14 or 15 years old, but the appearance of an 18 or 19-year-old.

Xi Wei’s expression looked cold, sitting in the cabin and fiddling with the waterproof stove left by Asil, flipping over a dry cake.

Thanks to the addition of Zeno, the cabin was instantly crowded, and Zeno could only sit down very close to Xi Wei, to the point the two were practically plastered together.

Zeno did not want to pursue the reason for the dream. Dreams were always ridiculous, and moreover he could not control his subconscious.

The dry cake seemed to be done roasting. Zeno saw ‘himself’ preparing to reach out, but Xi Wei had already stuffed the hot cake into his mouth and took a bite. ‘Zeno’s’ body froze in that position, as if he could not get used to it.

Xi Wei took a bite of the dry cake, then came closer to Zeno, and pressed his lips against Zeno’s. Then something was passed over, just like feeding bread when they first met.

10,000 grass mud horses1 ran through Zeno’s head while he convinced himself that it was not real. Why would this situation appear in his subconscious!

He wanted to stop, but he forgot that he was unable to control the direction of the dream. He could only look at the two teenagers together in a complicated mood.

Suddenly, the pressure of the plague demon came. The whole cabin was shaking, but the two teenagers were unaware until the vibration of the cabin knocked over the oven, igniting everything in the cabin on fire. The whole boat, including the two teenagers, turned into ashes and sank into the water.

Zeno was sweating profusely and was struggling to wake up. Opening his eyes, he found himself wrapped around Xi Wei like an octopus. He immediately sprang off like he had been shocked by electricity. Wiping cold sweat from his forehead, he thought about the weird content of his dream. With his guilty conscience, he did not dare look at Xi Wei.

Despite the fact that Xi Wei was asleep like a dead man.

At that time, the sky outside had started to brighten, while Zeno, who was in a complicated mood, spaced out and spent a long time trying to calm his psychological mind, telling himself that it was just a dream. He must have been too tired to have had such an absurd dream.

The awkward atmosphere made it difficult for him to breathe. Seeing that Xi Wei’s situation had been very stable, it seemed that there was nothing wrong. Zeno, unable to stay still, could not bear staying for a moment longer. He quietly put on his clothes and shoes, then fled out the door like he’d seen a ghost.

He had just shut the door when Xi Wei opened his eyes and stared fixated on the door. He closed his eyes and touched his lips, where there was still some remainder of a certain someone’s warmth.

Zeno had been hiding from Xi Wei for the past few days. He even skipped alchemy class. Sheltering the little master, Suji pretended not to have noticed.Yup, it was understandable for young people to skip classes occasionally.

In any case, the master was still there.

After failing to meet Zeno for a week, Xi Wei’s patience thinned. Zeno had clearly glued himself to him before, as if he was afraid that he would lose him. Could this change be because he had grown up and wanted to start flying solo?

Xi Wei, who was ready to catch him after class that day, failed to do so because he received a notice of criticism.

According to the campus management method, Xi Wei was severely criticized and punished for destroying the school’s cleanliness and destroying public property.

Clark did not report Xi Wei’s abnormal behavior out of selfish motives. Since he had not been able to find the reason behind Xi Wei’s abnormal behavior, if it was reported truthfully, the investigation that Xi Wei would be subjected to would be incomparable to the punishment for destroying property.

According to the punishment, Xi Wei must clean the library after school every day, and pay for the damage caused to the dormitory. These things were probably worth the money that Xi Wei had earned after working for a full month.

The punishment of cleaning the library was half a month, which meant that within that half a month, Xi Wei would not free to find Zeno.

When Xi Wei, with cleaning equipment in hand, met Evan in the library. He was a bit surprised to tell the truth, but his face was always emotionless so it did not show.

Even if he did not ask, Evan was not a person who could keep his mouth shut, so he would explain the reason sooner or later.

It turned out, the management of the school had determined that Xi Wei would not deliberately destroy the dormitory, so it must have been because of a conflict with someone, and that was the result.

Evan was indignant. “Why, would they think I was the one who fought with you, just because we are roommates. I am a good student who never violates the school rules. What does the school mean!”

Evan was unjustly implicated just for being present, so he complained a lot in front of Xi Wei, but he still obediently accepted the punishment of cleaning the library.

While life in Providence College was a bit rowdy and faintly happy, nobody knew that a crisis was approaching.

In the distant Ye Sa City, it had become a hell on earth, an empty city of death. In the whole city even the cockroaches were eradicated. There was the rancid smell of rotting flesh and a dead silence pervaded the area.

Due to the plague caused by the plague demon, the people had turned to bones and all life had withered.

On the snowy mountain near Nice, the spot where the plague demon had been sealed was now taken up by a prisoner.

Belle’s hands were hoisted up and she hung in the air. Her beautiful face was full of unyielding pride and resentment. Seeing the man standing in front of her, flames of hatred ignited in her eyes.

The plague demon asked coldly, “Maiya, can you still not remember?”

Belle’s voice was colder than his, “I’m not Maiya, my name is Belle.”

Ignoring and cutting off her words, the plague demon reaching out to stroke Belle’s face. A layer of black air poured into the face of this former light saint candidate and Belle gave a painful sob.

For more than three years, all day every day, the plague demon had repeatedly tortured Belle like this, trying to get her to remember things from thousands of years ago.

However, Belle could not remember anything. On account of her natural pride, she would not surrender to a demon. She was such a high-spirited person, no matter how he tortured her, she would not admit defeat and would not be willing to pretend.

Having her admit that she was a demon was more difficult than anything else, may as well let her die.

Unfortunately for her, the plague demon would not let her die. Concerned about the person he had been thinking about for thousands of years, he finally found her, how could he let her die like that?

Maiya Mi, his lover. For her, he caused the devastation of the first era which lead to his sealing.

He asked over and over again, “Maiya, as one of the seven superior demons of the demon race, as the demon of envy, why did you want to abandon your noble demon blood to imitate human reincarnation?”

Belle was too lazy to care for him and closed her eyes tiredly.

Once again he felt the frustration and pain. Finally, he could no longer bear it. He rushed out of the Snowy Mountain and slaughtered several cities near the vicinity of Ye Sa City. It caused another great uproar on the Hong Yue continent.

On the snowy mountain, a beautiful woman stood on the summit and looked down at the plague demon. The corner of her mouth showed a naive smile, while her transparent wings gently flapped twice.

Since the plague demon was unsealed, the whole continent was constantly on edge. Originally, the plague demon had turned Ye Sa City into a dead city, then, he kidnapped Belle. Ye Sa City was a city of sin, and Belle was a high-ranking candidate for the Light Saint. Both had little to do with ordinary people.

Although people talked about the plague demon with fear, it seemed that they were not uneasy to see the plague demon staying in Ye Sa City. As long as he did not come out to destroy the world, there was not much difference even with him around.

However, the plague demon had come out again, and when he came out it was to massacre a few cities. Suddenly, the people of all countries on the mainland were beginning to take this threat to heart.

The daily visitors to the temple were endless. They put all their hope on the temple being able to use the power of the goddess to seal the demon again.

However, the temple was also powerless.

On that day, the current president of the mercenary union received a special order, “Send mercenary number 1008610010, Xi Wei, to seal the plague demon.”

Stamped on the order was the founder’s crest.

Although the president was confused he still followed the order.

Therefore, Xi Wei did not finish out his punishment of cleaning the library. Instead he was greeted by that bolt out of the blue.

Sealing the plague demon again was something that not even the temple could do. To an ordinary student, it was like walking to his death, but Xi Wei had no choice.

This was what he should have done before, and it was the price to be paid for blockading the city.

Xi Wei held the notice for a long time. Evan took a look at it and patted him on the shoulder while laughing like a ruffian. Xi Wei thought he would say something encouraging, but what Evan finally said was, “When the time comes, let me know, I will go too.”

Xi Wei looked at Evan like he was crazy.

Evan was upset, “What are you looking at? You can gain such a huge merit for sealing the plague demon, how can I let you monopolize it? This is an opportunity that should be cherished. It’s not right to eat a feast alone.”

Xi Wei was not stupid, his name going down in history was just a name going down in history, but one must be alive to enjoy the fame. To throw away one’s life was common, but those who actually got their name down in history was rare.

Why would Evan go that far?

Xi Wei may never understand.

The news spread over the continent, and most people did not have any hope, just some regret that there was a young talent who would fall.

Zeno naturally knew about the situation. He rushed to Xi Wei’s dormitory, not caring about his embarrassing dream. There was nothing like this in the original book. Why, why was Xi Wei being sent to seal the plague demon?!?!

Piper: OK, this is it! I know amazing cliffhanger right? I am half way through 64, so it will come out before the end of the week! Thank you for your support! Have an amazing new year!

Kleep: My contributions to these last few chapters have been rather minimal. Go team! Still working on RAAS heh…heh

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