PUP Volume 4 Chapter 4

Translator: Piper Panda

Editor: Kleep

TLC: Sen

Xi Wei calmly looked back at Xiao Wu with a blank expression, “It’s me.”

He was so frank, Xiao Wu did not know how to follow up. She was speechless for a long time before she could recover from the shock.

Yes, she was that shocked. Just when she mentioned that little girl she knew from her past, that little girl’s Baba’s cold face appeared in front of her. Really quite the coincidence.

She thought for a moment, “Why are you here? Where is your daughter?”

Then she felt the prickling sensation of eyes, the eyes of everyone in the classroom now on her and filled with the heat of gossip, almost cooking her alive.

Zeno could almost read the meanings behind those scorching stares.

The male god actually had a daughter, how is this possible!

He looks cold and aloof, but turned out to be scum

Why does the goddess care about someone else’s daughter?

Xiao Wu was straightforward, so it was only afterwards that it occurred to her that this was not the best place to talk about such things. Under the fiery gazes of their classmates, she could not help but surrender.

“You, come with me,” she said as she dragged Xi Wei out by the arm.

Afterall, Xiao Wu was a magician. If Xi Wei did not want to go, she would not be able to move him, but Xi Wei did not discuss his personal matters in public, so he did not resist her as she dragged him away.

Zeno stayed in the same place with his mind in a mess, he did not how he should react. There was clearly a discussion about him but at the same time he was unrelated 囧.

Although the hottest time of the summer had already passed and the season was starting to change to fall, it seemed like summer was reluctant to let go and stubbornly wanted to use its residual heat to the fullest. It wasn’t until Xi Wei’s forehead was already full of sweat that Xiao Wu finally opened her mouth to speak..

“Big (bastard)… Xi Wei, where’s little Zeno?”

When she heard the news of Ye Sa City’s destruction, Xiao Wu was depressed for a long time. It was unlikely that those two little beggars could survive such a catastrophe. However, who would have guessed that there would be a day where they were able to meet again.

Xiao Wu was really happy.

No matter how much she disliked Xi Wei as a child, it was all in the past. In the face of life and death, none of that was important any longer. Xiao Wu was not the kind of nasty girl who would hate someone to the point of wishing death upon them over a disagreement.

It was nothing more than squabbles between two children. Now, seeing the other person alive, it must mean that the cute and well-behaved little girl that she liked should also be very much alive. After all, that little girl was her only playmate during her childhood.

Xiao Wu also somewhat heard about Ye Sa City’s disorder, so children like that little girl, Zeno, were very difficult to come by. Everyone had more or less a special feeling for their younger childhood friends. She had not seen that little girl for many years, and she would occasionally think of her when deep in her thoughts in the middle of the night.

However, Xi Wei wiped his sweat away and replied with ease, “She’s gone.”

“What do you mean gone?” The meaning had not sunk in yet for Xiao Wu.

“Gone means I can’t find her.”

Xiao Wu was stunned, then grabbed Xi Wei’s shirt collar with violence that was completely incompatible with her lady’s appearance, “Didn’t you promise me that you would take care of her, is this taking care of her? Coming all the way here to live a cushiony life in the college, while your poor daughter disappeared?”

Xiao Wu was completely on the verge of rage, and visualized all sorts of things. She even surmised that Xi Wei had sold his daughter to pay for Providence College’s tuition.

After all, he came from Ye Sa City. Xiao Wu was very clear on how dark, ruthless, and cold-blooded the people there were. When she thought of this possibility, she could not help but sneer. She did not dare to think about where Xi Wei might have sold her, and was angry to the point of shaking.

She asked with only a thread of hope, “You did not sell her right? Moreover, you didn’t sell her to a place like Fenhong1 Street, right?”

Realizing what kind of thoughts Xiao Wu was having, Xi Wei glanced at her appreciatively. She still knew him very well. That was certainly what he would have done according to his personality. So why had he not done it?

Why had he raised him from a baby waiting to be fed, to the awakening period of the Shadow Race? Why had he actually felt pain and anxiety from separation, and why had he felt joy from reuniting again?

Was it because of warmth. The little one gave him warmth and wholehearted trust that no one else had ever given.

Only those who lived in the mud would understand the value of that warmth and trust. Street-rats were always cursed at and beaten, who would stop to give the rat some food and warmth.

Once you felt it, you would never be willing to let go.

Xiao Wu grew impatient with his absentmindedness. She tightened her grip and a button from the top of Xi Wei’s shirt was yanked off, and the sound ‘ping’ rang off as it hit the ground.

Xiao Wu’s face was close and fiercely glaring, “Xi Wei, you are going to tell me now, what happened to little Zeno?”

Xi Wei would not tell her the truth, obviously.

Xiao Wu was the Light Saint now. While Zeno was a Demon. It was impossible to tell her no matter how many ways one considered it. Unfortunately, with Xiao Wu’s character, if he did not tell her, she would not let the matter drop.

After weighing the pros and cons, Xi Wei’s face did not change while he began to run the magic of his lies, “You know, I am poor.”

Xiao Wu, “Ah?”

“Because I am very poor, I really couldn’t afford to raise a child. When Ye Sa City was destroyed, I fled with Zeno. She fell seriously ill. It happened that there was a person who wanted to adopt a child. I sold her to that person. I haven’t seen her since.”

Xiao Wu was startled, the answer was very reasonable. She could not pick out anything wrong, but her intuition told her something wasn’t right.

It was as if punching cotton, extremely uncomfortable, and she could hardly take out any of her frustration2.

Sighing with relief, Xiao Wu found that she and Xi Wei were in an ambiguous posture. Her face could not help but turn beet red, she loosened her hands.

Xi Wei calmly rubbed his neck, “What else do you want to ask?”

Not realizing that she was being bullied, Xiao Wu stuttered, “Tha-that…”

Zeno was hiding behind a tree not far away. When he saw Xiao Wu and Xi Wei’s faces closing in on eachother his heart almost went up his throat. His emotions were indescribable and he had the impulse to go up and pull them apart.

He was not the only one listening in though, almost everyone in the class was either nearby or faraway or sneaking around or openly staring. Zeno kind of wondered what tomorrow’s magic bulletin was going to look like. Poor Xi Wei was most likely going to make headlines again.

Xiao Wu dazedly went back to the classroom, and showed Zeno a small smile, before she packed up and left in a hurry.

When teacher Suji finally came late, the slow Suji could feel the strangeness of today’s atmosphere. Before she had time to ask, she found a person who surprised her.

In addition to the small master, even her own master sat down and looked ‘serious’ as he listened to her class. Suji suddenly felt full of fighting spirit, so today’s class of alchemy was taught with emotion and was quite fascinating.

It was a pity that the two masters were not fully listening to her lecture. Even the other students were staring off into space, apparently not having returned from the big gossip they just witnessed.

Sure enough, the next day the campus exploded. No one knew who recorded this edition’s magic bulletin. This was what you would call vivid, it was simply so in-depth, it even somehow magically dug up the information from more than three years ago, proving the fact that the male god had a daughter.

After all, when Xi Wei moved that stone three years ago, there was a little girl who followed him back and forth.

Thus Xi Wei was the recipient of all sorts of gazes all day, while all the hearts of the female students broke.

Furthermore, there was still the kicker to the news. Xi Wei not only had a daughter, but also sold her for tuition fees, in one day his name suddenly went from male god to scum.

Evan took joy in Xi Wei’s misfortune while he read the magic bulletin to Xi Wei. When he finished, he lifted his chin and asked, “Do you want me to clear your name for you, tell them that your little angel was kidnapped and not sold by you?”

Speaking of that, Evan was still very remorseful. He always thought that the child was kidnapped because of his sister, but then Xi Wie said that the child was sent away after being rescued with Jonia, which made his heart feel a little better.

At the same time, he hated Belle even more, and secretly felt happy when she got kidnapped by the plague demon. Such an evil-hearted woman should be punished. Even a five-year-old girl was kidnapped by her, it was easy to see how evil her heart was.

However, the person herself was no longer here, so there was nothing more for them to say.

Only Master Tassia had come by a few times to make inquiries and was sent back by Xi Wei every time.

While he was feeling guilty for a short while, his gossip loving heart took the upper hand, Evan coughed a bit and cleared his throat, “Anyway, how come you know people from the temple, and it seems like you have known them for a long time?”

Xi Wei was finally fed up with his chatter, and he glanced at him, “You want to know?”

Evan nodded his head.

“Go and ask someone from the temple.”

Evan, who was just played, had his face turn black. He constantly felt that something was off lately. Xi Wei’s mood seemed to be better after returning from the nightmare forest.

Although his face was still expressionless, Evan, who had been Xi Wei’s roommate for several years was keenly aware of the difference.

Evan rubbed his chin. Oh, it should be related to the new underclassman. Xi Wei had even arrived together with that underclassman on that day he returned.

After thinking to there, Evan finally remembered where he had seen Zeno. It was no wonder that he always felt so familiar.

When Zeno went to the basic magic class the next day, he heard the discussion between the girls in the class. He sighed, a good deed would stay secret while a bad rumor could travel for thousands of miles. The power of gossip was truly infinite, only stopping short of digging up the 18 generation of Xi Wei’s ancestors.

Before he could get out of his thoughts he heard Ross’s loud voice shouting from outside the window, “Zeno, the senior Evan from the martial arts department is looking for you!”

All the girls in the class turned to stare at him with a burning gaze.

Piper: Happy New Years everyone! Here is that mass release I was talking about on Christmas, I meant to inform you guys that I wa- cough Kleep was posting these today, but I forgot.. He. He. He ( ̄∇ ̄”) anyway here they are! Please enjoy, hope you have a great new year!

Kleep: There will be three chapters out!

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  1. Fenhong Street was the red light district in Ye Sa City. 
  2. she is frustrated about not finding out what was wrong in what he said, not angry at Xi Wei which is why she felt relief right after. 

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