PUP Volume 4 Chapter 3

Translator: Piper Panda

Editor: Kleep

TLC: Sen

Zeno was from the Shadow Race. His true talent could not be calculated based on human algorithms. Therefore, human detection could only detect a part of his power, and the rest was naturally hidden.

Although Zeno had been born into the unique Shadow Race, he actually knew nothing about the Shadow Race.

The members of the Shadow Race were the royals of the Demons. It was said that the demon kings with the power to destroy the world were from the Shadow Race, a mysterious and terrifying group.

Of course, Zeno did not know that because, in the book, the author officially summarized this group in one sentence, “The royal family perished, unable to rise again.”

Therefore the one psycho enough to destroy the current era became the protagonist, Xi Wei.

The massive pit in the author’s brain was really something.

Out of curiosity about his origins, Zeno ran to the Magic Tower to find information about the Shadow Race.

That kind of ancient information was not easy to find. He ran to a few different areas, and managed to turn out an old book.

It was a bit dim in the magic tower, even in the daytime. The outside light could not shine in. It was just a bit sinister by the dim magic stone lighting.

The book was about the Demons, and it mentioned a lot of things that were not in “Curse”. After all, it was a novel about the protagonist who was a human, so there were not many mentions of the Demons.

Zeno found a corner and sat down with the book.

The Demons were divided into four levels, the royal family, the upper class, the lower class, and the semi-demons. The Shadow Race was the royal family. Since the first era, the catastrophically powerful demons were all from the Shadow Race. That race had the IQ of human beings. The pure-blooded members of the Shadow Race could even replicate any person’s appearance.

Zeno could not help but be glad that he was not a pure-blooded member of the Shadow Race because he truly could not get used to the idea of being able to copy any person’s appearance like molding clay.

Zeno thought about it for a while before continuing his research. Unlike the royal family, there were not originally any upper class demons. Afterwards, seven upper class demons stood above from the ordinary demons, but after several eras, they were either sealed, disappeared, or dead. Nowadays only the recently unsealed plague demon remained in people’s conversations.

The lower class demons made up the majority of the demon race. The source of people’s familiarity and fear was mostly from the lower class demons.

As for the semi-demons, they were humans who had fallen onto the dark path.

After doing extensive research on the demons, Zeno had a better grasp of them. At that time, a new classmate shouted from over behind a row of bookshelves, “Zeno, the introduction to alchemy class is about to begin!”

Zeno yelled back, “Got it!”

When he went out, his shoulder was patted. This was his new classmate and roommate Ross. Ross smiled brightly, “I thought you were going to spend the entire night in the magic tower.”

The word roommate was no stranger to Zeno. When he was in college in his previous life, Zeno had to work and study hard to stay in school. The relationship he had with his roommates was not very good. However, when he got here, there was a roommate who had an agreeable personality. It was a pleasant surprise.

The two people walked towards the classroom with smiles on their faces.

After they left, two more people came out of the magic tower. This time it was Evan and Xi Wei. Evan was puzzled, “You’ve practically become a stalker, following after this underclassman these past few days. If you want to meet with them I can help you.”

Xi Wei couldn’t be bothered with him and left for his own classroom.

“Hey, wait for me!” Evan shouted as he followed, “We haven’t had a good fight since you came back.”

In this way, after an eventful start, Zeno successfully managed to enter his new life at Providence College.

Before long, everyone in the college learned that the alchemy department had a beautiful new teacher. Thus leading to the sudden over booking of registration for the open alchemy classes.

Even magicians and warriors must have basic alchemical knowledge, otherwise their chances would be greatly reduced if they encountered emergency situations while trying to survival in the wild. For that reason, Providence College required each student to take at least some basic alchemy courses, which were taught by the alchemy teachers.

However, there was something even more special. That was, in the public alchemy classes, even the students learning at the temple could come to participate.

So, when Zeno first attended Suji’s class, he was fortunate enough to see a long-lost friend.

When Xiao Wu entered the classroom, Zeno’s mind could not help but go blank. After so many years, Xiao Wu had completely blossomed. She was no longer the little girl next door, but instead a budding beauty filled with warmth.

She was like a fire, completely suitable for the title of Light Saint.

However, the students did not know that the new saintess was currently in the classroom with them, they only that this year the temple sent a big beauty to come to class. Many people came forward to try to win her over, but they were easily pushed away by Xiao Wu.

Zeno saw the current Xiao Wu and felt a complex feeling. On one hand, he felt the kindness from his childhood and wanted to go talk to her. After all Xiao Wu was the first person in the world to lend them helping hand. On the other hand though, because he grew up so fast after he awakened, if he tried to go up it would not be appropriate. He might even be regarded as crazy person.

After all, humans and demons were different, not to mention the other was currently the Light Saint. They’d grown up together in a chaotic environment, and it wasn’t the same without the protagonist who had always butted heads with her.

So, Xiao Wu always felt that there was a strange gaze on her, a bit different from those that only admired her, but she did not know who it was coming from.

Since there were two amazing beauties, that was, Suji and Xiao Wu, the public alchemy class had become the most popular class in the entire college.

Two weeks later, Evan found an elective application form on the dormitory table.

Out of curiosity, he picked it up and glanced at it, “Alchemy, a public class elective application form. Applicant…Xi Wei?”

Below was the official seal of the college.

He had not finished looking at it yet when a slightly callused hand grabbed it out of his hands.

Evan was curious. “There is still one year left before graduation, weren’t you planning on taking this class in your last semester, how come you suddenly applied again now?”

Xi Wei ignored him, put away the form and left to take a shower.

Evan still did not give up, listening to the sound of the water in the bathroom, he leaned right up against the door, “Have you finally opened up? I heard that there were two beautiful women in this semester’s alchemy class, so could you not sit still? I didn’t expect that from you. So the wooden male god also has days where he can get moved.”

Xi Wei had always been low-key, but because he had agreed with Master Clark that he would become the top student, he had to be very hardworking. His strength was one of the best among his year, but his character was extremely cold. He was so cold that busybodies gave him the title of male god.

‘Male god’ Xi Wei took a combat shower1 before going straight to class.

Due to that, today’s public class was more lively than normal. After the two goddesses attracted a bunch of boys, another male god came and attracted a bunch of girls.

Zeno had never been used to being late, so he was usually one of the first few. While he was reading, he heard a burst of commotion, and the girl next to him whispered, “Look, that is a fourth-grade senior, how come he suddenly came to this alchemy class!”

The other girl took out a crystal slate, “I have to record this for the magic bulletin. This news is going to be explosive.”

When Zeno turned his head, he and Xi Wei’s eyes locked together. Xi Wei, as if he did not see the eyes of the people around him walked straight to the empty seat next to Zeno and asked, “Empty?”

Zeno was stunned. He was just about to reflexively answer no when he saw Xi Wei directly sit down forcing him to change his answer, “Yes.”

Then he silently apologized in his heart to Ross who came late.

What was important about roommates, with Baba around?

So, poor Ross spot was stolen.

Zeno also had not seen Xi Wei in two weeks. During the time he had not seen him he was filled with worries in his heart. Even so, he did not know what he should say now that he saw him.

Strangely put, in fact, Zeno and Xi Wei were not as familiar as people would think. In the beginning, Zeno was pretending to be a child who was ignorant about all worldly affairs, but later when he was exposed, they sort of just separated. They were like very familiar strangers, they could give each other the greatest trust, but had nothing to talk about.

Zeno was quite nervous. He never thought that one day he could sit with Xi Wei like this, simply waiting for an ordinary alchemy class to start.

The person in the book, the life-saving benefactor, the object of life, seemed to become alive all of a sudden, no longer just a name, and he no longer had that aloofness that had kept distance between them.

With that in mind, Zeno’s mouth curved, “Good morning.”

Good morning. Such a simple greeting was a happiness that they had not dared to hope for many years ago. Yet suddenly, the two became closer.

Everyone said that the school was an ivory tower. In a sense, it was indeed.

Just as the atmosphere warmed, Xiao Wu came over. She smiled and greeted everyone, then sat down on the other side of Zeno, “Good morning, Zeno, have you had breakfast yet2?”

“Good morning Xiao Wu sister, I have eaten.”

The look on Xiao Wu’s face was a little nostalgic, “There was a little girl who also used to call me sister. I don’t know how she is now. She has the same name as you.”

‘Little girl’ Zeno was a little embarrassed, he did not know how to answer.

He did not think that after so many years Xiao Wu still remembered him. She really was a kind girl, but Xiao Wu was now a saintess. She had to devote her entire self to the temple, so her and the protagonist had no chance to be together.

When he thought of Xi Wei, Zeno was shocked. How could he have forgotten, Xi Wei was sitting right next to him.

Sure enough, Xiao Wu quickly noticed the extra person on the other side of Zeno.

The four eyes met and Xiao Wu stood up, stunned. The chair was knocked down to the ground while the slender jade beauty looked at Xi Wei and exclaimed, “It’s you!”

Piper didn’t leave me a blurb for everyone, but I know she is working hard on more, so you should not have to wait too long for an update. Hope you enjoyed another baby step taken by our cute protagonist.

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  1. Super fast, to conserve water 
  2. A basic greeting, inquiring after someone’s health etc in a rather shallow manner. 

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