PUP Volume 4 Chapter 1

Translator: Kleep

TLC: Sen

It had been a long time since they were in Providence City. The people looked to like they were very happy, and it seemed that the plague demon’s attack did not leave any shadow over the people of the Holy City.

It was just that since it was mid-summer, there were just a very few people on the street. The song of cicadas could be heard everywhere, and the noise was so irritating that the people could not help but be a little fidgety.

More than three years ago, the plague demon took away the future Light Saint Belle. While the impact on the general public was basically non-existent, the greatest blow was to her father, Principal Colin.

In recent years, Principal Colin had hardly shown any interest in the school. There were even rumours that the principal intended to seek out a successor.

That was rare. The average life expectancy on the Hong Yue Continent was about 150 years. Magicians and high-level warriors could generally live to be 300 years old. Principal Colin was only 130 years old at present. He had only taken on his role in Providence College for the last ten years, and it was not necessary for him to abdicate so early. It was obvious that the matter of his daughter had really hurt him.

Zeno used one hand to fan himself, while he used the other to wipe off sweat. When he saw Providence College right in front of him, he exhaled and asked, “Would you like to go back to college Xi Wei?”

Xi Wei shook his head and answered, “I don’t live in the college, but I had to return to deliver my homework.”

“Homework? Oh right, homework.”

Zeno recalled it only just now. Providence College would arrange extra homework every year over summer vacation. In the two months of summer vacation, at least one assignment would have to be completed in order to successfully enter the next semester.

The reason why Xi Wei went to Siwa was to complete that homework.

The fourth year homework was to bring back the antler of a magic reindeer, which was a unique magical beast that was native to the Nightmare Forest. As a result, Zeno had been sure that the protagonist would definitely travel to the town of Siwa during the summer vacation of his fourth year.

Since the protagonist was so poor, he could neither afford an antler, nor could he hire others to help him. He could only walk around personally.

Fortunately, the school had not arranged for the homework to make things difficult for the students. That kind of magic reindeer was not difficult to catch, but its habitat was distant. It was just that the weather was blistering hot in summer, making it seem a bit arduous.

The cruel sunshine made the road hot enough to roast something. Zeno and Suji were both wilting and listless, and followed after Xi Wei in a dispirited and downcast manner to Providence College.

Suddenly a gust of wind came from behind. Zeno had not even had time to appreciate that the weather felt a little cooler when he saw Xi Wei’s hand, gripping a saber, as it flew past his ear at the speed of lightning and blocked the attack coming from a person behind him.

Then, under the scorching sun, he watched as the two people moved about and exchanged blows.

After about a quarter of an hour, the uninvited guest raised a hand and surrendered. He muttered unwillingly, “You’ve changed. Once again, you improved.”

Xi Wei admonished him, “Evan, next time, I won’t be as polite as I was today.”

Zeno turned his eyes and saw that it was certainly Evan. He had thrown off the figure and appearance of a young man, and at first glance he appeared to be noble and inviolable.

In fact, he was nevertheless still a fighting maniac.

Evan paid absolutely no mind to Xi Wei’s warning, and instead he smiled happily and came over. He put his arms around Zeno’s shoulder and introduced himself, “Hello, little brother, my name is Evan. How did you end up following this block-headed man?”

The ‘Block-headed Man” Xi Wei’s gaze swept over Evan’s unruly arms placed around him, and if it had been possible, he probably would have already removed them.

Evan-the-Dense wasn’t aware of the ill-intent coming from the protagonist. He just displayed this show of intimacy with Zeno while Zeno gave him a blank stare. He gave his name and then his attention was no longer on Zeno.

That fighting maniac who immediately fought when meeting someone and had just wanted to mount a sneak attack

After harassing Zeno, Evan discovered Suji, who had been sizing him up with a curious look.

Abruptly going through a transformation, he became a noble and elegant young lord. He walked over and addressed her with the courtesy of a knight, “Beautiful young lady, could you tell me your name? I would gladly be your most devoted knight.”

Knightly customs were already around in the previous era, and Suji was not unfamiliar with them. So, she extended her hand out in front of Evan. Evan stared blankly for a moment, then immediately placed a soft kiss on the back of Suji’s hand.

The current knight’s ceremony was only a formality and rarely was the kiss still performed.

Fortunately, Evan received education in the most formal royal etiquette from an early age. Otherwise, it would have been very shameful.

Suji smiled at him. Unexpectedly, she did not dislike that rude guy.

Xi Wei was disinclined to pay attention to them, and proceeded to the Academic Affairs Office where he handed in his homework.

Xi Wei had acquired the magic reindeer’s antler before the two unicorn foals. Fortunately that was the case, otherwise Xi Wei would not have been able to complete his homework, and in the worst case he would have had to repeat a year.

To Zeno’s surprise, the teacher working in the Academic Affairs Office turned out to be Tassia, the female teacher who helped Zeno do the innate talent test. When he saw her, Zeno felt a sense of familiarity and finally felt like he had really returned to Providence College.

This time, he was no longer a primary school student taking compulsory education classes, but a student who was preparing to become a magician.

Summer enrollment at Providence College was about to begin, and Zeno had full confidence that he could pass the entrance exam.

After handing over the homework, Evan proposed they all go out to dinner. Of course, he would be treating—there was no way the miserly and penniless protagonist would offer to pay.

Despite obtaining a great inheritance from Suji’s former master, those precious gems could not be brought out to sell for money. One misstep, and they would certainly be targeted. Like this, having was the same as not having, and the final outcome was that they were still paupers.

They lacked the corresponding ability to protect their property, and no matter how many treasures they had, they would only become a stepping stone for others.

Evan did not try to take them somewhere fancy because he knew that Xi Wei would not want that. The higher level the place, the more likely that Xi Wei would not go.

The pub they were eating in had always been a well-known place to hear gossip, so they were fortunate enough to hear a certain piece of news.

That was, after Belle had been missing for more than three years, the Temple of Light seemed to have finally given up the plan to seek out and retrieve the future saint. The current Light Saint was almost completely burnt out, so they must choose a new Light Saint.

Zeno ate his food absent-mindedly and listened to the gossipers around him.

“Have you heard? The Light Saint of this next era has already been decided.”

“Didn’t they already select Belle? Is there even another person the temple can choose?”

“It’s true. My uncle is a Templar. He said that hosting a selection for the next Light Saint was just for appearances sake. In fact, the candidate has already been determined.”

“What was so special about this new Saint candidate?”

“It seems they have a pure light constitution that only appears every 100 years.”

“It’s no wonder then.”

The Light Saint was predetermined to be a person with a pure light constitution. Even if they had already been chosen, that rule was indisputable. The people of the temple all believed that it was the will of the Goddess.

Zeno was fascinated. A pure light constitution sounded like it would be very powerful.

There was no such thing in the original work. He did not expect the butterfly effect stemming from his childhood to be quite so powerful. The little boss Xia An did not die, yet the plague demon was released smoothly. The demon had captured Belle, and so the Light Saint had changed.

That series of changes stemmed from Zeno’s transmigration.

Thinking of that, Zeno suddenly had confidence in the road ahead. Since the plot could be altered, then it would seem the fate of the protagonist was not unchangeable?

At least the crossing of paths between all those beautiful people and the protagonist was very minimal.

Xiao Wu would not save the protagonist and develop affection between Xi Wei and herself. The Elf Queen had disappeared without a trace, Joniya wouldn’t fall in love with Xi Wei after quarreling, and the femme fatale Belle’s life or death was unknown. Suji and the protagonist’s ambiguous interactions had also gone up in smoke, so when he thought about it, everything was developing in the right direction.

In a cheerful mood, Zeno could not help eating another bowl of rice.

Xi Wei cast a glance at him, unsure of what had made him so happy.

They had actually returned at an opportune time. The selection of the Light Saint was tomorrow, and it was announced that the succession ceremony would be held the following day. It seemed that the temple was really anxious.

After eating, Evan went back to the college, while Xi Wei brought Zeno and Suji back to his rented house.

The house was quite small, but it was neat and tidy. Leaving behind Suji and Zeno, Xi Wei then went out to work.

Zeno stealthily followed after him and watched the protagonist change between three different places for work after night fell. He was a waiter at a restaurant, and even a courier for the post office.

At the thought of the past years and how hard Xi Wei had been working to survive, Zeno felt his eyes start to sting.

Readers only saw the protagonist’s glamorous, domineering side—few people wanted to know about their hard times.

Although he had entered Providence College, Xi Wei’s life did not seem to have improved in any way.

Zeno pretended not to know, but that night he suffered from insomnia.

The selection process of the Light Saint would not be made public, but the succession ceremony would be open to the general public.

Thus, three days later, Zeno picked up and dragged Xi Wei to attend the succession ceremony of the Light Saint.

The succession ceremony was bustling with noise and excitement, and many devout believers were silently praying to the Goddess of Light.

The Light Saint was the spokesperson for the Goddess of Light. Since they could speak with the Goddess and listen to her, it was considered a very sacred position. It was for that reason that, within the novel, Belle was made to be so powerful.

Once the first rays of sunlight shone down, the incumbent Light Saint came out. The veil that covered her face all year round had been removed, revealing a dainty face that was pure and holy. However, that young appearance could not cover the exhaustion and vicissitudes of her eyes—she was very old.

She was like an old lamp that had burned nearly all of its oil.

Following the succession ceremony, the new Light Saint was invited out. Her figure was light and graceful, her eyes were brimming with vitality and hope, and although she wore a veil, it could not conceal her youthful atmosphere.

When the new saint appeared, Zeno felt a little dizzy. That was not just some other person. Even though she wore a veil, he could recognize her at a glance.

The new Light Saint was Xiao Wu—the daughter of Mr. Xi Lun, who ran Fenhong Street in their childhood.

Hi everyone. I have a couple things to say.

First, I intend to work on two chapters of RAAS in a row before I come back to PUP, but lucky for everyone my cute Panda pal will keep going on this one.

Second, if you don’t read my other novel, RAAS, you would have missed my announcement. If you notice releases are slower, it’s because I’m expecting baby #3. In May. I’m just more tired. Don’t fear though, I will continue and see everything through to completion. (Also, someday, make sure you read RAAS wink wonk)

Have a wonderful Christmas, or whatever you celebrate at this time of year.

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