RAAS Chapter 35

Note: For those that read early, I made a slight change to the ‘title’ of the random task at the end of the previous chapter. It now says:

“Random task triggered: Are Save Points accessed by life-saving drives issued to hosts?”

Random task?

Shi Qing rapidly searched for any pertinent information in his brain. Even more than just recalling it, once he thought of it, he was immediately excited!

Heavens! They actually triggered a random task that could be discovered but not sought!

There was a full page in the handbook that went into great detail on random tasks.

In random tasks, the requirements, time, and location to trigger them were all unknown. There was no way to test it out, but as long as one was triggered, the task could immediately be carried out. That was regardless of whether they were in the real world, in other planes (small worlds), or in the system space—it did not matter. After accepting the task, their current location would remain static. Once the task was completed, they would once again return to that specific point in time.

Whether or not to accept random tasks completely depended on the wishes of the system and the host. In that case, the system had priority. If it did not want to accept the random task, it could immediately choose to shoot the idea down. If the system chose to proceed, then the host had the final decision and could determine whether to accept or not.

According to the information in the handbook, if the host and their system did not accept the task and if they were not enemies, then they were absolute morons.

That was because there was no penalty for failing a random task!

Not only was there no penalty, there was even a guaranteed prize: 500 points no matter what. Although it was not much, every point gained was precious. Even if the task was super-difficult, there was no need to fear. If the mission was failed, the worst that could happen was that they would still receive the 500 points.

If they were fortunate enough to succeed, it would be wonderful. Not only would it be possible to receive a reward of 3000 to 10000 points (by random draw), they would also receive a random reward! There was no limit on the type of reward. It could be a valuable item worth tens of millions of points in the system store, or magical items that were not even available in the system store. Of course, there was always the chance that their luck was poor and they would only receive cheap goods.

Even if it was cheap goods, that did not matter. It was free of charge and the main point was, that there was a high probability that it would be an item of the highest quality!

In short, the random task was like an auspicious sign that descended from heaven. They only needed a bit of luck for things to go well.

One could say, once again, the system and host that chose not to accept were completely brainless.

Shi Qing had just gone over that information in his mind when a voice actually began to count down within his head.

“Ten, nine, eight, seven…”

Shi Qing’s heart was tense, afraid that if they did not grab the opportunity it would fly away like a startled duck. He hurriedly chose to accept the task. Immediately afterwards a dialogue box popped up that seemed to be issued to Qin Mo.

Shi Qing was concerned that Qin Mo did not know the benefits of random tasks, so he had quickly included the details along with the dialogue box.

As a result, a large block of information appeared within Qin Mo’s mind. It introduced the benefits of random tasks in great detail and with an enthusiastic tone. Not only that, it implored him, again and again, that he must accept.

At that moment, they were still kissing!

That unfocused guy.

Qin Mo gave a slightly forceful nip to those erotic lips, eliciting a moan from them other. After that, he noted a small trace of resentment flicker in those wide eyes before him.

He was in an extremely cheerful mood. Although he could sense Shi Qing’s rejection, Qin Mo did not release him. On the contrary, he followed his heart’s desires and deepened the kiss even further, completely indulging himself in the man before him. Only then did he choose to accept task.

The two people, still maintaining that position, transmigrated!

Random tasks only provided the mission name prior to initiation. There was no background summary, no indication of what type of world they were going into, and nothing about the types of things they may encounter. It did not even indicate what the mission objectives were—everything was unknown.

That would undoubtedly increase the difficulty of the mission, but thinking seriously, if there were no difficulties, how could there be such a generous reward? That way, it was fair.

Not only that, but the time limit was two days. Any longer and it was considered a failure.

So, although it was a gift from heaven, it was not for everyone.

During the whirlwind of crossing over, some of the confusion in his mind started to clear up. Up until then, he felt that he was still caught up in the beastman world. It seemed that Qin Mo was particularly embroiled in it and was still behaving quite abnormally.

He believed that Qin Mo’s feelings were being affected like his. He was probably still immersed in the role of Yalike and had yet to properly clear his head. Otherwise he would not have immediately kissed him when they entered the system space……Ha ha ha.

The beastman world was very strange. Men and men loved each other without any issues and there was such a strong physiological stimulation associated. It was simply crazy.

He had never experienced a feeling like that in his entire life, especially when the second wave hit him. He gave in to his most base human instincts, it was not like his usual self.

During the third wave, his body’s response was far calmer. Despite that, the instant he laid eyes on Qin Mo a fervent desire rushed forth from his heart and he could not stop it. It was scalding hot and it seemed that in the whole world there was only Qin Mo, and he could only see him.

To compare the two, it was like the second wave came from the body, while the third wave originated from the heart…

At that thought, Shi Qing strangely thought the second one was better!

Ha ha ha, I am thinking too much about myself. What body and heart, all are clouds, I was simply too deep into my role! Once I return to the original world, I’ll be back to normal!

He just needed some time to recover. He took a deep breath and by that time they had finished being transported to the world of their random mission.

Once they had just passed through, Shi Qing could not help being a little glad. The world did not come with any background information, but fortunately he had still received a certain amount of his new body’s memory. It was enough for him to understand the current situation.

The thing was, before he had time to fully gain and examine the details of those memories, he was completely dumbfounded.

He…was not wearing any clothes!

His…naked body was only covered with a blanket!

This! Was! A! Very! Serious! Matter!

The most important point was, there was another person behind him who was not wearing clothes…Also, it was a man!

My God! In the end, what was going on? Was he in another world where it was normal for men to love each other1?

Even so, should he have to transmigrated into that type of situation?!

Shi Qing seriously wanted to die. Just as he was furtively pondering how to escape, the man behind him spoke in a low and husky voice, since it was morning, “It’s me.”

Shi Qing blanked for a moment, then suddenly turned his body around.

Early morning sunlight shone through the chinks between two thick curtains and hit the strong chest of a man. An ash gray, softly textured blanket was draped over his waist, blocking the key parts. However, because of the alluring curvature of that waist, it caused people to indulge in fantasies all the more…

Shi Qing did not dare to look again. Rather than looking down, it was better to look up. Peeking out from the somewhat messy bangs were the other’s exquisite facial features. They were so perfect that even the greatest artisans would not be able to carve such a face. The crowning detail were those deep, dark eyes that gave off the feeling they would steal your soul.

Qin Mo. That was Qin Mo! Not just the soul, even the body was Qin Mo’s!

Were they using their bodies for the task?

If that was the case, then where did the memories come from? What was with their positions?!

Shi Qing was frightened before, but he was currently blushing an increasingly deep red. His cheeks could definitely be compared to a steamed lobster, or perhaps a hot cloud of volcanic ash…

Qin Mo had been watching him attentively the entire time. His eyes easily caught those subtle expressions and found him increasingly adorable.

Shi Qing was very good-looking. He was not the kind of ice-cold beauty that seemed to reject people with their formidable thousand-mile aura, but rather someone who people unconsciously wanted to get closer to. He was like a cozy bonfire whose heart was fiery, but his appearance was not the type to aggressively snatch one’s line of sight. Moths could not help but want to fly towards him. Even though they would be burned to ashes, they still coveted that intoxicating warmth.

Qin Mo’s heart was moved and the corners of his mouth curved up. The two of them were laying on their sides in an embrace. When the other had slightly moved to get up, Qing Mo pushed down both of Shi Qing’s shoulders so that he was completely trapped beneath him, then gazed down at him.

The atmosphere abruptly turned ambiguous and a strong, masculine scent assaulted his senses. Shi Qing felt…he may have been possessed by Yier.

Qin Mo made no sound. He slowly dropped his head down until he felt the heat of that fair neck,  and then used his warm tongue to slowly trace its length, licking from the bottom up. He was like an insatiable and wicked vampire, sampling the delicacy that laid before him as if he was reluctant to swallow him in one bite. For the moment, he was taking his time and enjoying himself.

Shi Qing did not dare to move even an inch. He could feel a hard, hot thing pressing on top of his thigh…He was afraid to move or there may be a big event!

At that moment, the loud opening of the door saved him.

The two turned their heads at the same time, and the black-haired youth at the door was just in time to seem them in that position.

The young man had a delicate appearance, with black hair, dark eyes, and fair skin. He was casually dressed in clothing that looked both comfortable and eye-catching.

At that very moment, he looked at the two people on the bed. His face quickly turned red and his mouth opened wide, and he was completely astonished, stuttering, “You…you…you…”

After repeating ‘you’ for a long time, he was too stunned to say the next words.

After that, he decisively slammed the door shut and stormed away.

With that interruption, Shi Qing seized the moment and slipped away from Qin Mo. He jumped out of bed and began to look for clothes to put on.

Once he was wearing pants, he finally had a sense of security. While he was putting on a shirt, he began to properly accept the body’s memories.

The world of their random task was a modern one. It was a very similar time period to Shi Qing’s home world, but it seemed to be quite different. At least, the city they were in was unfamiliar to him. It was a first-tier city, similar in status to Shanghai, but it was called Haicheng.

Although the development of science and technology was similar, the common-sense matters were far apart. Shi Qing could not help being somewhat disappointed.

In fact, he really had some expectations that perhaps he could return to his own world one day. He would not be too greedy, it was enough if he could look at his family from afar.

Hey…Shi Qing was somewhat disappointed, but immediately consoled himself. Although the world was unfamiliar, they still had many opportunities. Surely they would be able to go someday!

After putting his emotions in order, Shi Qing began to examine the memories he had received.

His body was called Shi Qing, while Qin Mo was also called Qin Mo. In addition, the young man who had just pushed the door open was Su Rui. The three of them had grown up together and were good friends.

The three individuals had very different temperaments. When they were apart from Shi Qing, the other two were not good at interacting. However, since they could only mix with one another as children due to family reasons, they actually grew accustomed to being together. They eventually established deep friendships.

After graduating from university, two of them inherited their family’s business. Both Qin Mo and Su Rui bore that heavy responsibility alone. Only Shi Qing, whose character was relatively soft, did not. He also had an older brother. He was able to remain simple-minded, continuing on with just having fun.

Last night was Shi Qing’s birthday. They got together and they drank too much. When they woke up, it was like this.

Shi Qing could not help kneading his forehead, what is all this!

Shi Qing finally finished getting dressed. He looked up and saw that Qin Mo was still lying in bed, and he had not moved a single jot.

Suddenly, Shi Qing’s head started aching.

He wanted to say something, but in that moment he was hit with a dizzy spell.

The next second…he actually ended up back in bed, naked and held within Qin Mo’s embrace…

In just a second, he had taken off his clothes and put them back into the closet, then the next moment he was back in bed.

Then entire course of actions was identical, with exactly the same movements he had performed in reverse, accurate to perfection! It was simply like watching a movie playback!

This…what’s going on?

Did time go in reverse?!


Hi! Here we are back in modern times, with a fun little twist. I think this arc is lots of fun.

You may notice that, in general, my release rate is slowing down. Well folks, that is because I’m expecting baby number three! And frankly, I’m freaking exhausted all the time.

So now you know.

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  1. In the raws it specifically mentioned men loving each other being ‘lawful/legitimate/legal’. I didn’t really like how this sentence sounded with any of those, so I tried to make it sound more natural, but just so you know, that’s how it was. 

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