PUP Volume 3 Chapter 10

Translator: Piper Panda

Editor: Kleep

TLC: Sen

Earl Duin’s full name was Andre Duin, and his daughter, Lori Duin, was the child of the unfortunate first Countess.

Suji, who just learned this matter, was shocked for a long time and she could not even close her mouth. It turned out that men could be together with other men.

Xi Wei and Zeno were much calmer. One had been in the filth of Ye Sa City and had seen many abnormal situations over the years. The other one was very knowledgeable and lived in modern times. It was nothing to make a big fuss over.

The feeling of worship in Suji’s heart rose to the next level. It was no wonder they were worthy of being called the master and the little master!

Originally, Zeno also felt that his protagonist’s behaviour and actions were not appropriate, but after knowing all the facts, he could not help but feel that Earl Duin deserved it.

It was not enough that he had harmed one innocent woman. He actually proceeded to set up a huge blind date, and planned to hurt a second.

In the blink of an eye, the banquet was already halfway over. All the beautiful people present were somewhat nervous, and the Earl had not even appeared yet.

Just as Zeno whimsically felt that the Earl found his conscience and intended to cancel this ridiculous act,  a team of servants came andthat wasn’t Earl Duin in the back, was it?

Zeno shot him a look of disappointment and gave him the title of scum.

“Scum” was unaware of that. He looked like his usual elegant and noble self standing on the stage, and raised his hand to signal everyone to be quiet.

Honestly though, the genes of Earl Duin were very good. He was young and very handsome, that was, if you could ignore what he was currently doing.

The beautiful women in the audience all showed their excitement. Most of them came for the status and wealth of a Countess. They did not expect that the appearance of the Earl was so handsome.

This was simply a huge benefit.

Earl Duin spoke up, “Thank you to all you beautiful ladies for taking the time to participate in this banquet. I am very grateful. I believe everyone knows that I need a kind and beautiful woman to take care of my daughter. She is a poor child and worthy of obtaining the best of everything.”

The girls in the audience had all shown their sympathy and understanding in a timely manner, like they were all good wives and good mothers.

The Earl opened again, this time he with amazing news, “After some observation, I have chosen the most suitable lady. Other than this, the rest of the ladies can get a gift as a courtesy from me, I am very sorry to bother you with coming here.”

Everyone was shocked. Did the Earl spend all that time hiding in the dark to observe them?

When they thought about it, some people were annoyed, while others were proud. The annoyance in those people was too obvious, while the ones that were proud were more restrained.

Under the intense gazes of everyone, the Earl did not continue speaking on the stage. Instead, he walked down the stage with some urgency. Everyone’s eyes followed his footsteps to see which person obtained the great honor.

Finally the Earl stopped, and the person he stopped in front of was Xi Wei.

Xi Wei still had no expression, giving off the impression that this result was not too unexpected. He was very calm.

Andre planted both feet in the same place and, hiding his worries, he once again revealed a confident and charming smile. Shocking all those present, he kneeled on one knee, while the attendant offered a wooden box at the same time, and the Earl took the wooden box and raised it. In front of Xi Wei, he opened his eyes and with them shining, said, “Beautiful lady. Please accept my, Andre’s proposal to become the new Countess.”

Zeno’s mind was a complete mess. The protagonist was being proposed to by a man!

Readers, do not throw rotten eggs1!

The author was not guilty. Is your book review area okay?!

Though they should have thought of this kind of result when they were busy getting done up as women, just thinking about it compared to experiencing the full impact of reality were nowhere near close to being the same!

Zeno’s mind went blank, as he looked at Earl Duin’s hateful smile. This brain-dead fan, whose whole being was dedicated to the protagonist, nearly could not keep himself in check and almost rushed up to kick the other man down.

Then stomp on you a few more times while you’re on the ground!!

Was my family’s protagonist someone a vulgar person like you could defile?!

Nevertheless, he still had common sense. He understood the consequences of acting like this, so he could only glare at Andre.

In the wooden box, a fist-sized amber was lying in it, wrapped in a treasure that made countless people crazyYulan Water Magnolia.

Suji and Zeno were the sisters of the future Countess, so they stayed in the Earl’s House with Xi Wei.

Andre was happily preparing for the wedding.

It appeared as if he was completely happy to take care of his wedding to this ‘woman’.

Zeno was very confused, was the news that Suji got fake? Otherwise, how could the Count of Duin be so happy with a heterosexual marriage?

Or, had Andre long seen through the real gender of Xi Wei? It seemed that only the Earl himself knew.

While Zeno was uneasy, Andre came on time every day with Lori Duin.

Little Lori was not tired of chasing ‘mother’ Xi Wei every day, and did not seem care about the protagonist’s cold face.

Zeno’s heart was uncomfortable. If Earl Duin was not a homosexual, how come he did not want the stunning beauty, Suji? Why did he have to like the protagonist!?

There was also that little tot. You, yes you, who was your mother, that is my Baba!

This reader simply became a gunpowder barrel that exploded.

Achoo! Xi Wei sneezed, and Suji looked worriedly out the window. She could see a glimpse of a person’s shadow that was looking around stealthily, and unable to bear it anymore she said, “Master, is it okay to let the little master stay out there all the time?”

Xi Wei shook a medicine bottle with a crystal clear lilac liquid inside and asked instead, “Is this done?”

Suji dared not lie, “Yes master, the Yulan Water Magnolia was real. As long as he drinks this bottle of alchemic medication, the magic and mental strength of the little master will completely recover, without any after effects.”

Xi Wei nodded, and with his ice-knife-like sight he passed over the neck of Suji. The maid trembled, she knew that this was the master’s warning to her. If Suji dared to lie, the consequences were self-evident.

Despite this, Suji secretly made a decision. When she made the medicine, she retained the taste of the Water Magnolia, only dispelling the aroma so that others could not smell it. Only the one who drank it would discover it.

Master, Suji can only help you to here.

Zeno was standing guard. He always felt that the Earl was bad. He had to guard Xi Wei, lest Andre do anything to him.

At that time, Xi Wei opened the door. He still wore his light-colored dress. The protagonist’s acting was superb. He looked just like an icy beauty. He held a cup in his hand, walked over to Zeno and handed it over, “It’s hot, drink some water.”

Zeno felt moved to the point that he did not even look at it and just took a drink.

Then, he tasted a familiar flavor. When Andre was proposing marriage, the smell in the box was exactly the same. It was the Yulan Water Magnolia.

Zeno’s eyes widened, but he could not say anything before he fainted.

Xi Wei had been prepared and reached out to catch him.

Putting him on his shoulders, he went to go back into the house.

“Xi Wei,” a shout came.

Xi Wei turned his head and looked impatiently at this uninvited guest, Earl Duin.

The strange posture of Xi Wei caught the attention of the Earl, “What happened to your sister?”

“Heat stroke.”

“Then, would you like me to find a doctor to take a look at her?”

“No need.”

Earl Duin was a little embarrassed, he could not find the right words. He had never tried this hard to curry favor before. The lady who accepted his proposal was always so cold, but surprisingly his majestic earlship didn’t feel a hint of anger..

Taking a deep breath, Earl Duin seriously said, “Xi Wei, I have something to tell you, do you have time?”

Xi Wei finally gave him a glance, “Five minutes.”

Andre was full of joy and shortened what he was going to say, “Xi Wei, I have always thought that I am different from others, and before I met you I…I really liked men. I tried to be good to Lori’s mother, but I couldn’t fall in love. She, I was the cause of her death, but after meeting you, I realized that I can also like women, thank you Xi Wei.”

Xi Wei was staring at him strangely, Earl Duin’s hands were sweating, nervously, waiting for his sweetheart’s judgment.

Then Xi Wei extended his hand to grip the hand of Earl Duin. Duin was very excited. He felt that his sweetheart accepted his feelings.

Then Xi Wei put Earl Duin’s hand on to Xi Wei’s chest and pressed it up.

A vast stretch of flat land!

Earl Duin was dumbstruck, standing in the same place while his soul left him. That night he kept turning over and over in his sleep, unable to get even a wink.

After throwing this large bomb, Xi Wei threw Zeno on to his bed. He took off his clothes, and covered him with thin blanket. Then laid naturally beside him, his heart calm.

The next day, Andre, with a pair of panda eyes2, knocked on Xi We’s door.

“Xi Wei, I’ve thought it through, even though you are a man, I’ll take it, since the goddess destined me to only like the same-sex, and since that person is you, as long as you are willing, Lori will be our daughter, you will be my wife!”

Suji had just gotten out of bed, and when she walked out the door, she heard such a confession. She could not help but clean her ears. Her first reaction was Oh no, we’ve been exposed!, but the second reaction…The Earl really fell in love with my master?

Her beautiful face paled in her panic. The confession that Earl Duin said would move an individual to tears, but Xi Wei was not an ordinary individual, he just nodded in understanding.

Then he thought in his heart, I can’t stay here any longer.

Hehehe…. I got caught up reading some absolutely amazing BL novels… and mangas… But here is the next chapter! If you guys are tired waiting I can recommend some really good ones (¬‿¬).

I saw this other translator do a translator’s corner with the characters in their book, so I thought I would try.

Piper: Hello!

Zeno: Who’s speaking!

Xi Wei: Looks around warily while protecting Zeno from the strange noise

Piper: o(╥﹏╥)o Don’t be scared I’m just translating your book…

Zeno: Translating.. book?… Wait does that mean my existence is affecting the novel!?! Is everyone reading all of my mistakes?! Even foreigners!? Orz

Piper: Ya… maybe trying to talk to you guys wasn’t that great of an idea…

Zeno: Sitting on the floor thinking about all he did that changed the course of the novel (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Xi Wei: -_- …. What’s going on….

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  1. The readers would be raging since “Curse” was not supposed to be a BL novel. 
  2. sleep deprived = dark circles = panda eyes, being punched in the eyes also means black eyes which can be called panda eyes. Yay Pandas! 

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