PUP Volume 3 Chapter 8

Translator: Kleep

TLC: Sen

This letter, was it really written by the person himself?

Of course it was, except for the unicorn clan, the only person who knew that the Sword of the Gods1 was here was its master.

Even if it was grudgingly, the elders present had to accept that cruel reality.

After all, Xia Zuo was a human being, so it was understandable that he would choose another human being as his inheritor.

There were many strange and fantastic races on the continent, some of which were already extinct, some whose numbers were expanding, and some that simply struggled on whilst at death’s door.

However, mankind was the only race that had existed since the birth of the continent and had never faced extinction. Ever since ancient times, humans had considered themselves as something like the mainland’s masters. Their numbers were so great and their vigour and vitality was breathtaking. Who could say how many times, when other races thought that mankind was going to perish, that they could not only survive, but manage to live even better.

The name of the godly sword, Chen Yuan, was also regarded in the same manner as humanity’s saviour to some extent. Consequently, it was therefore enshrined in the most sacred temple hall within the unicorn territory.

The three in Zeno’s group had lived there for a week, yet could hardly ever see the shadow of another person. The unicorns only liked pure and beautiful women, showing no interest in two young men. It appeared that they were avoiding them, as if they carried some sort of virus on their bodies. It was enough to feel depressed.

It was not until the day before the old tree that served as the gateway for the territory was able to open that the elders seemed to recall that there were some additional guests. They solemnly invited them over.

The only difference between the King’s Hall and the Elder’s Hall was where they were located; the Elder’s Hall being in the front of the palace and the King’s in the back.

Zeno and the protagonist went to the Elder’s Hall, where the difference from the last time was that a long sword was placed on a sword rack that was not very eye-catching, and it looked quite like it just belonged there.

The sword was about the length of Xi Wei’s leg, the appearance was very simple and unadorned, and the gray colour was not eye-catching. The sword’s blade was somewhat curved, and it gave off an aura that made people dare not to look at, like it was filled with a murderous spirit.

That was a sword with a story.

Practically at first glance, Xi Wei liked it.

The female elder pushed the sword rack in front of his face, but even with the strength of a high level unicorn, it was unexpectedly somewhat laborious.

Xi Wei gazed at the sword and took a deep breath. He slowly lifted his hand and grasped the hilt. Then, drew it out!

Drew it…out…

He could not draw it out.

Everyone saw it. The blue veins were popping out on Xi Wei’s arm, but the sword only moved a little. Therefore, the protagonist had to stretch out his both hands and grip the hilt, then expended a lot of force once again.

At last he was able to take the sword off of the sword rack, but he could not bear the immediate and relentless gravitational force acting on it. The sword point and the ground stuck to each other like two lovers, and a large pit was smashed in the floor of the Elder’s Hall.

The elders were unable to even feel regret, and everyone was stunned by the dull sound of the floor being struck.

Zeno began to sweat with anxiety. Why on earth was that sword so heavy? It would be difficult to even chop firewood with it. Although it looked like a good sword, unfortunately it was simply not practical. If he used it against an enemy, before the enemy could even strike he would first be crushed to death by his own sword!

If it were not for the solemn expressions of the unicorns and their serious air, Zeno would suspect that they were being duped.

That sword had not been mentioned in “Curse”, so what was the importance of it for their mission?

It seemed that Xi Wei genuinely liked Chen Yuan. Even though it was so heavy and he had to work so hard to move it, he had not yet relinquished it.

After that, then, they were politely ‘asked to leave’ the unicorn’s territory. It seemed that they were quite unwelcome.

Xi Wei dragged Chen Yuan. That was right, dragged. He honestly could not lift it. He attempted to put Chen Yuan into the ring, but that failed. As a result, he could only drag that big thing to the town of Siwa.

Zeno watched the awkward and clumsy display, but he was unable to do anything about it. He and Suji were a weak magician and a weak woman. They were unable to help however much they would like to, so they could only watch the protagonist with distress as he dragged the big sword along on that hot day.

Zeno wanted to covertly throw the sword away in the middle of the night so that it would be lost, but he could not move it. It was really the number one anti-theft sword in the world!

It took a week to return to the town of Siwa. During the period of time that they were ‘guests’, something relatively big had happened in Siwa.

Earl Duin came to Siwa to select a new wife. His first wife was reported to have died two years ago due to a difficult birth. Only a tiny girl who cried piteously for food was left. The Earl was left deeply sorrowful and chose not to take a wife for two years. The Earl was fine without a wife, but the child could not be without a mother. The poor young lady who lost her mother was finally at the age where she would start to form memories, and she wanted her mother.

The Earl then took his beloved daughter to the place where the husband and wife first met, Siwa. His goal was to find a suitable partner.

Zeno’s ears pricked up and listened to the mercenaries around him gossip with great interest. For example, some Earl’s betrothal gift was a precious Yulan Water Magnolia2, and for instance how many heaps and heaps of benefits the new Countess would obtain, and so on and so forth.

When the topic turned to the new lady and a prospective child, as well as the misery experienced by the former countess, Xi Wei frowned. He swept over the people with a cold gaze, thinking that all those people must have been really bored. If they had all that time to gossip, would it not be best to think about how to make more money, or to increase their martial arts level?

Xi Wei looked at Zeno once again, who was sitting with his ears trained on the conversation. Xi Wei was already scheming how to correct that behavior.

Xi Wei himself probably did not realize that this kind of thinking would usually be considered ‘educational’.

After he finished eating the simple meal, Zeno asked tentatively. “Xi Wei, if you don’t mind it go to my home for now. Consider it my gratitude for saving my life.”

That was right, Zeno owned property in town. Not long ago, Hill gave Zeno the house they had lived in for three years, saying that the house originally belonged to Evelyn (Zeno’s mother). Thus, it suddenly turned into Zeno’s family home.

On one hand, he thought about how he actually just invited a stranger to go to his home, yet on the other, he also thought that he must go. He did not realize in the slightest that the protagonist he was deliberating over was nodding cheerfully.

“All right.”

“Why won’t you go, I’ll go with you…Hey? You agreed?!”

Zeno, who had prepared for a lengthy discussion, stared blankly. He coughed a few times, and thought in his heart, since when was it so simple for someone to lure the protagonist back to their home!

Although he was not required to waste much saliva speaking, Zeno felt sullen and gnashed his teeth, thinking that he must not be permitted to maintain that bad habit in the future. There were many bad people in the world.

Unexpectedly, the two people who had reached a high degree of unanimity had not discovered each other’s dissatisfaction, and they seemed to be calm and in sync.

However, there was not a soul in sight in the house.

Zeno only found a piece of paper that read, “I’m going away on an urgent matter, don’t worry about me.”

That was also good. Just in case they met, he did not know how to explain things, and he could not bluntly point out Xi Wei’s identity.

The home was not very big and there were three rooms in total. One had belonged to Evelyn and it had been abandoned for a long time. One was Zeno’s, and the remaining room was where Uncle Hill lived together with his strange friend.

Speaking of that friend, he seemed to be a very arrogant man. Some time ago, Zeno had snuck out despite being forbidden and accidentally come across him outside. However, he was treated like air and ignored.

Of course, Zeno was not aware that he was not behaving that way due to a proud nature, but because he was face-blind. In his eyes, everyone had the same face. If he wanted a face-blind person to recognize an acquaintance on the street, it was even harder than reaching the heavens.

After considering matters carefully again and again, he decided that Suji could not stay in the same room as two grown men, so they let her stay in Evelyn’s room. As for Xi Wei, Zeno was a bit unsure. He could not live in Uncle Hill’s room, but he was worried that his intense vigilance would prove troublesome and cause him to refuse.

So the ultra-fan weakly handed the decision over to the protagonist. Xi Wei had no objection, and naturally dragged Chen Yuan into the house, leaving behind only a small reader whose soul had flown out as he stared blankly.

Once again, his protagonist was so ooc3!

That evening, Zeno could not sleep from the excitement. He did not dare to toss and turn, lest he disturb Xi Wei’s rest. He had no choice but to listen to the movements and stillness with his eyes closed. Xi Wei seemed to fall asleep, but he did not sleep very well.

Xi Wei had a dream. In the dream, there was a man whose appearance he could not see clearly standing on top of a mountain peak. In his hand he held a sword; Chen Yuan to be precise.

The man was practicing swordsmanship and the heavy Chen Yuan appeared light as a feather in his hands. As he brandished the sword, it displayed a certain grandeur and biting cold that required courage if anyone wanted to approach.

After the swordsmanship display was complete, the man disappeared and only Chen Yuan remained, its tip stabbed into the ground. Xi Wei walked over after watching demons and gods at work4, gripped the sword, and imitated the man’s movements to raise the heavy sword.

He did not notice the seven words on the ground, ‘Chen Yuan Seven Styles First Sword Form’.

At first Xi Wei had difficulties lifting the sword, but after practicing over and over he gradually made somewhat of a sword movement. That happened until Zeno kicked him awake.

Outside, the first glimmer of light coloured the sky. Xi Wei grabbed his wrist. That dream was too real, because the feeling of wrist pain caused by practicing the sword was brought with him into reality. He turned his head and looked beside him, reaching out to run his hand along the Sword of the Gods beside him, looking at it pensively.

After that, he was kicked once again.

Xi Wei glanced at Zeno expressionlessly. He saw that he had changed his position, so his head and tail were completely opposite, his feet were resting on Xi Wei, and he slept soundly.

He rubbed the center of his forehead and pulled on Zeno’s ankle, placing him in the right position. After that, he dragged Chen Yuan out into the yard.

Xi Wei practiced until the day was splendid and bright, but even so Zeno had not yet awoken. It seemed that their days spent outside the town had truly exhausted him.

Suji opened the door out to the yard and respectfully told him, “Good morning master. Suji has already almost finished the thing that master asked for, and only one thing is left before it can be fully completed.”

“What’s missing?”

“Yulan Water Magnolia.”

The thousand-year-old Yulan Water Magnolia, it seemed…where have I heard of it?

Well, this took a while because it did, but you’re all in luck. A few minutes after this chapter goes up, the next one should follow. Hurray double release!

Also, I found this chapter to be delightfully funny. Our proud and cold protagonist, stubbornly dragging a sword behind him everywhere he goes like a small child.

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  1. This sword is, specifically, a double-edged sword. More like one you’d find in Western fantasy. Or that one manga about the guy who transmigrated into a sword teehee. Maybe. 
  2. Yulan Water Magnolia: Flower species Magnolia denudata, native to China. The ‘water’ part is added by me based on the name. We can assume that in this instance it has some sort of valuable properties, likely for alchemy. 
  3. In case you don’t know, ooc means ‘out of character’. Their behaviour was outside of their usual actions. 
  4. Demons and gods at work (idiom): unexplained event crying out for a supernatural explanation. 

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