RAAS Chapter 34

Carter was going all out at the risk of his life and the results were very obvious.

The intensification of the military meant that all the beastmen in the army should be enhanced. It was not difficult to accomplish, but it was very risky. After the enhancement of the beastmen’s fighting strength, then it should be a cinch for them to withstand even ten enemies. Yet, at the same time, after the intensification was complete then the beastmen would enter a period of strength depletion. During that period, even a small beast could take them down.

Therefore, in general, the intensified troops were divided into smaller squadrons, their role to surprise attack and help control the battlefield. After the enhanced period was completed they were quickly replaced, allowing the troops proper time to adjust and rest. If they wanted to be enhanced again, it required a lot of resources, plenty of medicine, and the presence of sub-beasts. This was obviously very difficult to provide to an army engaged in combat.

As a result of Carter’s actions, they were really putting their lives at risk with this mission.

Either win or die, there was no other way out.

However, this point also proved that Carter truly deserved to be the chief of a high-level tribe, he truly had that imposing attitude. Although it seemed very risky, the other side only had three brigades. They already outnumbered them by ten to three, so after they enhanced the whole army it practically became one hundred to three. They would not dare to claim that they could instantly break through the other side’s defense, but from a conservative point of view, with their enhanced troops a speedy handling of their enemy’s defenses was certain to be no problem!

Once they had occupied the resources, there would be time to recover. If they made use of the large amounts of resources and plentiful medicines, then forcibly took the other tribe’s sub-beasts, then they may be able to catch up with the Yassin Tribe’s reinforcements and stall their momentum. This thought reinvigorated them.

Carter believed he was right. However, when they carried out their operation, they truly discovered that the Yassin Tribe’s soldiers were fearless and valiant!

In addition, Yalike was an even tougher and more formidable warrior than they could have anticipated. He was fighting without enhancement against enhanced beastmen, easily holding his own against three at a time. If his sub-beast matured and became capable of intensifying his strength, the power would be truly terrifying.

Carter could not help thinking that if he was able to survive this, no matter what price he paid, he would definitely kill Chief Yalike’s exclusive sub-beast!

Owing the the enhancement of the beastmen troops it had become truly fierce. Even if Qin Mo had received a few injuries, if anything arose that was related to Shi Qing and setting him aside as a sub-beast, then he would immediately stand up and fight without any scruples.

When Shi Qing woke up, he saw that Qin Mo’s left arm had been injured. Blood flowed steadily from the wound, the flesh around the laceration was torn up, and even a quick glance was enough to realize that it must be exceedingly painful.

However, this wound was not really worth mentioning to Qin Mo. When he heard Shi Qing’s voice, he just serenely said, “It’s nothing.”

Yet, no matter what, Shi Qing could not tear his eyes away from it.

Logically speaking, Qin Mo had encountered countless tribulations in his own world. Those who imposed on him there were more than a hundred times stronger than the current enemies. At that time, Shi Qing was spitting with rage, but it was completely different from the present situation. His heart was thumping wildly and it ached deeply.

He was unable to describe that type of feeling, as if his spirit and his body had been separated. He told himself plainly and incessantly that the wound was nothing to Qin Mo, in fact it was likely that he would not even frown because of such pain. There was no need for him to be so anxious.

Even though he told himself that, it was impossible to convince himself not to feel that way!

Qin Mo was not able to stay for a long time. The battle outside had reached a climax, so he had just come in to issue some orders.

Although Carter felt like the odds of success were going his way, he neglected a fatal point. If, at this moment, Qin Mo was to launch troops in a sneak attack on Kro Tribe territory and forcibly take over their territory at high-speed and return for back-up, the Kro Tribe troops that would be exiting their enhanced state would be like lambs waiting to be slaughtered. That scenario was a complete dead-end.

Even without the occupation of their resources and territories, if the entire Kro Tribe army was decimated, how could they manage to maintain any of those things?

Once arrangements were completed for the messenger soldiers, Qin Mo quickly joined back in on the fighting. The pressure against the three brigade was massive, they had to guard their post with their full strength until reinforcements came to support them!

Qin Mo stroked the tiny panda on the front of his chest and placated, “Be obedient, don’t move around.”

He did not wait until Shi Qing responded and he rushed right back into battle.

Shi Qing’s heart was suffering waves of pain. He began to realize that they may actually be the feelings of the body he was in, because Yalike was his exclusive beastman. The bond between the two was physiological in nature. It seemed like it fluctuated over time, and the feelings that came from it were so intense that Shi Qing could feel its will and determination.

Shi Qing took a deep breath and tried to suppress those strange feelings. He kept reassuring himself that Qin Mo was all right, Yalike was all right, they were both all right, he should no longer worry!

With emotions like that, even if he tried to be brave, he could not overcome them. The more he tried not to think about things, the more fidgety and anxious he grew. A burst of pain like nothing Shi Qing had ever experienced seized his heart, it was simply insane!

At that time, a damn huge black bear pounced on Qin Mo. Owing to the large gap in their body sizes, it was like hiding the sky and covering the earth. Even though the cheetah managed to get out of the way, the giant bear’s claws still scratched his cheek .

Blood dripped down onto the little panda’s face.

This drop of blood felt like hot magma, and Shi Qing instantly felt as if his restless heart would burst.

He could no longer control himself! Did not want to control himself! He was worried, anxious, and scared about those injuries! What’s going on?

When he saw the giant bear rushing over, the little panda was filled with wrath. He closed his eyes, opened his mouth, and bellowed, “Get lost! Fuck off!”

Due to that shout, that drop of blood was actually incorporated into his body at an extremely fast rate, and instantly disappeared.

Shi Qing felt a burst of burning heat rise from the bottom of his heart, then an unfamiliar and yet familiar heat began to rise up.

He did not reject it, nor did he refuse. He simply allowed the burning flames to sweep over his whole body. In the next moment, he felt his entire body expand.

Free from his shackles, the young man with his silvery crescent ears stood on the ground.

His fair skin and slender figured appeared clean and delicate. His appearance was obviously incongruous with the bloody and cruel battlefield, but his brave posture in that environment gave him a strange kind of beauty.

He completely disregarded everything around him, the only thing in his eyes was the graceful and imposing cheetah.

Kneeling down on one knee, he gently held the cheetah’s huge head. He narrowed his eyes, with a look that held both sincerity and infatuation, and kissed the beast’s forehead as if he was offering up a sacrifice.

At that moment, time seemed to stand still.

Then, with him as the center, an enticing scent was suddenly released. It was simply crazy!

The third wave unexpectedly arrived at that strange time!

The reaction this time was similar to that of the second wave, except that because this time was the last wave of the developmental period, the fact that he would be an adult made it distinct. Therefore, the scent emitted by the sub-beast at that time was to announce to the whole world: I am an adult!

At the same time it also tempted all of the adult beastman who were seeking out their perfect match, their other half!

This was the ability bestowed on them by the Beast God, the one that every sub-beast would experience. The Beast God was showing them the road they must travel in order to survive.

However, during the developmental period of the average sub-beast, they could only affect beastmen within three or four meters. The extent of the impact was not excessive, only causing a ripple for those within range. For those who already had a mate, there was not even the slightest effect.

Therefore, it simply would not create a stir.

Yet, Shi Qing’s body…stood out from the masses.

His second wave almost bewitched all the beastmen in the tribe, and the scent of his third wave would only be stronger.

Unfortunately, it just so happened that he was in that type of place at the moment it started!

Even if it was Qin Mo, he could not help staring blankly.

There should have been a one to ten day interval between the two waves. How could it happen so quickly?

No one could explain it. Even though it concerned himself, Shi Qing simply could not imagine what was going on.

First, the beastmen around Shi Qing, owing to the deadly scent he was emitting, began to move slowly. As if in a trance, they were unable to refuse, could not resist—it smelled way too good! Not only did it rush in and fill their nasal cavity, it invaded every pore of their bodies and infiltrated all their cells. The effect was so shocking that they nearly lost control of their bodies.

They just wanted to lose themselves, to forever be intoxicated.

Soon after, that tempting atmosphere began to spread rapidly. In the end, it affected the entire battlefield!

Complete chaos!

Completely crazy!

It was the most unspeakable battle since the beginning of the Beastman Continent’s history.

A single beastman completely out of control, and that beastman had a partner none could resist.

However, generally speaking, the Yassin Tribe was fortunate that their beastmen had not been enhanced. Although this alluring atmosphere could make their consciousness unclear and their manners frantic, they would not incur any harm.

On the contrary, the Kro Tribe was in deep shit.

The reason why the beastmen were enhanced was because the sub-beasts used their own spiritual capabilities to catalyze the powerful internal forces of their beastman partners, so as to strengthen their physical prowess and enhance their fighting capabilities.

The sudden situation caused by Shi Qing was fatal to them.

On account of the enticing smell, the irresistible atmosphere completely disrupted the spiritual power exerted within their bodies by their own sub-beasts. The restricting force of that power was thrown off and the enhanced beastmen became even more frenzied than before.

Not to mention fighting, they were unable to act and could only passively receive the strong backlash from their own power.

The battlefield that was practically raining blood instantly halted and became nothing more than a farce.

After the ten minutes of the wave passed, the frenzy-inducing scent gradually receded. The beastmen began to recover their minds and the first thing they noted was the scene in the middle of battlefield. The only man who remained standing was there, holding his exclusive sub-beast in his arms.

His ears and tail had disappeared. He had beautiful posture and a fair, delicate and pretty appearance. That charming sub-beast had finally grown to adulthood.

The enemy had already been utterly defeated, their enhanced state had faded away, and they were lying on their backs like dead fish.

Yalike watched the beastmen that had followed behind him as the soldiers suddenly cleared their heads. Like a swarm of bees, they descended on the ‘dead fish’ Kro Tribesmen and caught everything in one net.

In the face of an enhanced military forces that had triple their numbers, they unexpected achieved victory with almost no casualties!

Although the course of events was unexpected, at the same time this outcome really made people wild with joy!

They took advantage to pursue and attack to gain victory. The Yassin troops were able to successfully invade the enemy’s land, occupying their resources while also successfully seizing their tribal territory!

They occupied a high level tribe so easily, the Yassin Tribe’s entire population was ecstatic.

Yalike and Yier’s names resounded through almost the entire Beastman Continent.

Qin Mo and Shi Qing’s mission was also completed successfully at that moment.

They were returned to the system space in a split second. Qin Mo wrapped his arms tightly around the young man’s slender waist, leaned down, and gave him a heated kiss similar to howling wind and torrential rain.

Shi Qing was slow to release the aftereffects of the last world, he passively accepted that eager and feverish kiss, becoming completely intoxicated.

His brain soon crashed and he really was not sure how he should react.

A message abruptly formed in his consciousness, “Random task triggered: Are Save Points1 accessed by life-saving drives issued to hosts?”


Phew. So tired. Arc is done!! As for that last sentence though, I’m not totally sold on the name for the thing yet. Could change. Proofreading was very half-assed. Huzzah.

Happy (upcoming) Thanksgiving to my American readers.

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  1. This is name of something. You’ll find out. It’s not a literal translation since I find the original name to be awkward and clunky. It won’t affect the story in any way. 

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