PUP Volume 3 Chapter 7

Translator: Piper Panda

Editor: Kleep

TLC: Sen

Xi Wei could not even take care of Zeno and himself before, when eating their meal of the day in the morning meant there would not be another at night. If they ate their fill, it was likely that they somehow brought troubles to themselves. Also, in the eyes of an ordinary person, Suji’s beauty, although not quite comparable with the mainland’s first-class beauty Belle, she was not far behind.

Yet, according to Xi Wei, a beautiful woman was a synonym to trouble. The more beautiful a woman was, the more trouble she brought. From his experiences during his childhood, he did not need a teacher to understand the famous saying of Zhang Wuji, “The more beautiful a woman is, the more she will deceive.”

What did it mean to hide a dagger in a smile, and what was a poisonous beauty? He was all too clear.

Although Suji’s eyes were pitiful, they could not move Xi Wei’s iron heart.

Zeno touched his eyebrows, he did not know what to do. It was undoubtedly inappropriate to leave Suji here alone, but it would be a lot of trouble to take her with them.

As a servant of the demons, Suji played a very important role in many of the following plot events. Many of the protagonist’s adventures were related to Suji. She had lived for thousands of years and had been following one of the seven superior demons, so she had knowledge of many demon hideouts during the ancient times.

Although Zeno was a half-demon, he could not publicly show this. In addition, as an outside variable in this world, he feared that his existence would cause a huge butterfly effect. If that time came then he would lose his advantage of knowing the plot. The gain would not outweigh the loss.

Suji was like a cake with a time bomb inside. Although people would really want to eat, at the same time they dare not do so.

In the end, Zeno sighed and tried to persuade Xi Wei, but his current status was nothing but a stranger who just met him by chance. He could only rely on his own strength or resign to his fate.

“Xi Wei… Big Brother, I think Suji is also very pitiful. It’s better to bring her along. If you can’t take care of her, I can help.”

Suji was stunned, then immediately became happy again. Hey, the little master is really a good person, Suji will be good to the little master.

The protagonist stared into his eyes for a long time, as if to judge the sincerity of his words.

Finally, Xi Wei had to admit that Zeno seemed to be serious.

Then the protagonist pointed at the stunned Suji again, “Do you like her very much?”

Without waiting for Zeno to answer, he continued, “If you like her, then bring her.”

Suji wept. Without the permission of her master, she was unable to leave here even half a step. If Xi Wei did not bring her out, then she could only continue to stay here alone forever.

Now that she could leave here, it made her really happy.

Along the way, out of gratitude to Zeno, Suji was super diligent. Everything was served to him, causing Zeno to be uncomfortable because he did not know how to refuse her.

Xi Wei would not let Suji get close to him, so the overly energized maid used 200% of her enthusiasm on serving the little master.

Wu wu, he was clearly the little master. Why wouldn’t the master let her call him that?

The simple maid was very confused.

However, there were more doubts that could only be kept to oneself. When the master was angry, it was really terrible. Only the little master could appease the master.

In this way, the two of them added a beautiful maid and sister to their group, and the three people set out together to find the territory of the unicorns. The helpful thing was that Suji already knew the specific location.

Looking at the towering tree in front of him, the corner of his mouth was slightly raised, and Zeno silently said, If it wasn’t for Suji leading the way, who would have thought that the territory of the unicorns was just an old tree.

If they were to look for it by themselves, Zeno was afraid that they would never have been able to find it in the Nightmare Forest.

Suji stroked her long blue hair, “I don’t know if they moved. After all, it has been over two thousand years since the last time master and I came here.”

It was not like there was anything good about the Demon of Envy running around looking for the unicorns.

The possibility of them moving was obviously unlikely, since the wind blowing through the ancient tree created a fresh and natural tune, one full of hope.

Then the tree shook a little, and a green light shrouded the three people and two foals.

Zeno blinked and waited for the light to vanish only to find himself in a whole new world.

It was a peaceful and quiet place, free of the feeling of plundering and killing that permeated the forest. The beauty was truly unlike anything he could find in the mundane world.

In the distance, adult unicorns were playing in the water and in the woods. Their arrival seemed to cause some kind of panic, and soon there was the sound of hooves scurrying to find the elders.

Seeing a combination of a mermaid, a person from the Shadow Clan, and a human being holding foals from their family was obviously very strange.

Not long after, a white-haired young man came to invite them to the Elder’s Palace.

A unicorn had not been born for many years, only the elders, a total of five, came out of prudence. Their expressions were very dignified, and despite each of them being handsome or a beauty, they were all ruined by their expressions until there wasn’t much of their good looks left.

The unicorns had always been isolated from world, similar to the elves. However, the elves were a unique race, while the unicorns were a type of magical beast, so they were essentially different.

Only the high-class unicorns could transform into humans. The mother they saw previously who gave birth to the foals was one of them.

The only woman among the elders looked at them carefully, and exclaimed, “The merfolk have been thought to be extinct for thousands of years. They haven’t been seen since the beginning of this era. I didn’t expect to see one of the only remaining of their kind today!”

Suji did not know what kind of species she was. She had lost her memory and had no impression of belonging to any clan, so she only felt bewildered.

The relationship between the merfolk and the unicorns was quite good, so when the Demon of Envy came with Suji looking for medicine he was not rejected.

Unfortunately, Suji did not remember her past, so she was confused.

When they saw that she did not respond at all. The female elder could only shake her head. When they turned to Xi Wei and Zeno, they were not so friendly, “Human and Demon, why are our family’s foals in your hands?”

To the unicorns, the demons were filthy and the humans were greedy. These two people were not likely to be seen together, and their interracial tensions made it extremely difficult to reconcile.

In this case, all Zeno needed to do was move into the background, he was quite self-aware, and complicated matters like this should be handed to the protagonist.

The protagonist was justice, and the location of the unicorn’s territory would not have been found in any normal story.

In the face of such questioning, Xi Wei only bothered to say that the reason he would run such a trip was because Zeno wanted to bring the two foals home, perhaps because he was thinking of his own mother, Evelyn.

Xi Wei carried the two foals, who were sleeping with sweet expression, by the scruff of their necks and threw them to the ill-faced elders. All that with only a superfluous explanation.

The attraction of the coolness, handsomeness and arrogance given off by the protagonist was comparable to the CEOs one would find in romance novels.

Ze-’incurable fan’-no’s HP bar decreased by 10% when faced with his protagonist’s awesome factor.

“Wait a minute,” The female elder bit her lips unwillingly. The pride of the unicorns meant that they did not want to admit that a demon and human had helped them, but the facts were in front of them. The only pregnant woman in the family snuck out and suffered unexpected events. The female had been expelled according to the family rules, but now she was dead, leaving only these two small foals. Nevertheless, to think the royal family’s reign that had lasted hundreds of years could now continue. Also, they could not find her to demand banishment, and to expel their future king was simply crazy.

Unicorns were not ungrateful magical beast, so no matter how awkward it was, they wanted to thank these three.

“The last of the now-extinct merfolk family, whether you are willing to stay with my family, as the last descendant of our ally, you have helped my family so much. We are obliged to take care of you.”

When she heard this, she shook her head like a rattle. She took the opportunity to hide herself behind Zeno. She did not dare to approach the master, so only the little master could shelter her.

While shouting, “Besides with the master, Suji will not go anywhere.”

The faces of the female elder went black.

The descendant of their strong allies had become the servant of a human and demon. The female elder’s head could not help but be run over by 10,000 grass mud horses1. She hated the iron for not becoming steel2 and gave a glance to Suji’s eyes. Her impression of the two teenagers became even worse.

Obviously, the hate of the other party could not kill, but several elders almost got taken out by internal injuries.

However, even if they wanted to send the other party out quickly they could not do so. The entrance to the ancient tree could only be opened, at most, once every seven days. Since it was opened today, these people had to stay in the territory for at least a week before it could open again.

Explaining the reason to the three people, the white-haired young man brought them to the living area.

The five elders were frowning together, but the rewards must be given. The royal family members were not merely cabbages, let alone the two royal twins. This kind of kindness was simply too huge, giving too little would be inappropriate, but they were not willing to give too much.

Just while they were scratching their heads, someone solved the problem for them.

A unicorn rushed in, changed into human shape, and handed a letter to the elders.

The beast was very flustered, “Elders, someone just gave this to me.”

The letter did not even have an envelope, it was simply folded, and the content was very simple: Give them my sword.

The signature was Xia Zuo Youliya.

Xia Zuo’s sword was the Sword of the Gods. The unicorns had kept it for more than a thousand years. It was the first time they had heard from the owner of the sword and this was what he had to say, to give it away? They could not help but be suspicious. This letter was fake, right?

Otherwise, why else would that god give such a powerful sword to a mere mortal?

Piper: Yay I finished, I swear these chapters are getting longer QAQ. Or maybe it’s just me. Orz

Kleep: In case you’re curious, I’m about 80% done next RAAS chapter. Should be out in a short while. Probably.

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  1. Grass mud horse is chinese slang that is a homophone to f*** your mother. =D 
  2. Resent something for not being something stronger. 

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  1. Thank you for the update. If I’ve read right that Unicorn Elder gave way the news that Zeno is a demon? Maybe Soujii already knows but Xi Wei? It’s a bit sad that he’s so indifferent to this legendary creatures (mermaid and unicorns)…

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    1. I think he already knew Zeno wasn’t normal. Hence that cold period that left my poor baby traumatized. I think after XW got over that and decided to care for Zeno anyway, he probably doesn’t care what he is. I mean, he was barely phased at that growth spurt.

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    1. I think it’s more like they don’t trust anyone from the outside world. They’ve likely faced a lot of betrayal and exploitation. All that, over time, probably grew to hatred against a lot of races?

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