RAAS Chapter 33

The kiss was not the slightest bit gentle or soft. From start to finish it was feral and rough, invading and occupying. It was like a raging inferno was ignited, powerful enough to consume everything before it until there was nothing left.

At the moment when Shi Qing thought he would actually suffocate and die, Qin Mo finally released him.

A complete lack of oxygen caused his legs to go weak and Shi Qing almost fell to the ground. His brain completely crashed and he could not focus his thoughts on anything, only managing to gulp in giant mouthfuls of air.

Qin Mo gently caressed and stroked his back. A kiss could not satisfy him, instead it was like an appetizer before a feast. The only effect was to arouse a person’s appetite, so that they looked forward to the meal to come.

Qin Mo lived for long enough and he had not practiced abstinence like a monk. He had plenty of experience, but he had never felt anything akin to his current feelings. This type of longing, he just wanted to drive through the young man before him. Regardless of the consequences, he wanted to fulfill his desires.

Ultimately, his rational thoughts prevailed.

He properly tidied up Shi Qing’s disheveled clothes, took out a pill to revert him into his juvenile state, and handed it to Shi Qing without saying a single word.

At the moment Shi Qing saw the pill, he felt like he saw his savior. He really did not expect that something he had originally viewed as being so loathsome would actually become so lovely.

Without any hesitation, Shi Qing swallowed it.

After changing back into a tiny panda, he finally relaxed. Although in his mind everything was in disorder, at that moment his body was truly exhausted. For half the day he kept fighting to open his eyes, but he finally gave in and fell into a deep sleep.

Erha heard that Qin Mo had already rushed over with Yier. He went to report the time while Qin Mo was on the road, but felt very awkward. Ay, ​​the chief dearly loves Little Yier, he takes him everywhere he goes. Once Yier reaches adulthood, will he ever get off the bed?

Yalike still had not tasted his mate, yet he was already drowning in him. He already valued him so much, if the two mated, hey, hehe, Chief, you can’t just keep him in your mouth all day!

That exclusive sub-beast and beastman pair have a super-high degree of compatibility, so their ability to appease and incite would also be the strongest. For that reason, the chief and Yier would be able to experience passion and pleasure a hundred times greater.

Hey, I don’t know when I, Halso, can experience it nicely for myself!! Boo hoo hoo, my own adult sub-beast, why haven’t you thrown yourself into my embrace!

Erha had run all the way there until he reached Yalike’s location. As the number one detective in the tribe, Erha’s ears pricked up and alarm bells began going off in his mind.

Low pressure!

High anger!

What the fuck, weren’t the Chief and Yier all warm and sweet together? What’s the matter with this atmosphere? So scary QAQ!

The next moment, Erha’s dog nose played its role as it ought to, and an intense wave of fragrance surged forth and rushed into his nose. The sweet and unctuous scent caused the husky to be flushed with excitement as soon as he smelled it!

Even though it had already dispersed a lot by that moment, Erha could not help his imagination from running free. Oh God! Too intoxicating! I could really die in this room.

When he was lying down, an ice-cold gaze pulled him out of his warm, sweet, sweet dreamscape.

Erha quivered and managed to suddenly sober up.

Fuck, this smell…did Yier just go through his second wave?

Oh fuck, was the chief keeping watch the entire time? Yier…Yier, it’s nothing!

He quickly looked up and saw the sleeping Yier. He only just managed to bring his heart around, but he was both tense and astonished.

My heavens, in spite of everything, the chief could hold back! Just now, he was taken in by the mere after-effects of the smell. Even so, he was even his beastman at heart, and that smell should have truly undone him. How did the chief endure?

At that moment, Erha’s admiration for the chief was overflowing like the Yellow River, with billowing waves surging. It was something that simply could not be controlled!

What a powerful achievement in restraint, it was a fiercely burning true love…etc!

Erha suddenly became aware of a very serious problem. Having to exercise this level of self-control…the mood at the moment…damnit, it was absolutely dark the extreme.

He just so happened to come to give report at this time, what could he do to prevent himself from being beaten up?

Fortunately, Erha did not do anything stupid in the end. he did not dare to fall into any holes in his brain, and quickly reported his information to lower the hostility being directed at him, “Chief! Carter’s tribe has already approached within three miles!”

That sentence succeeded in saving Erha.

It also provided Qin Mo with a direction to vent his anger.

“Go!” The chief voice rang out hoarse and gloomy, causing Erha to tremble and shake. He slipped behind them, then rushed along in the same direction simultaneously. He remained uncharacteristically quiet the whole way, obediently bearing the chief’s fury! Amen!

Carter rushed to the Yassin’s resources. He had been lurking within their territory for some time, and had finally broken through the blockade. That was their latest information.

Looking at the information on hand, he could not help feeling happy.

As he expected, Yalike had long been prepared for that and troops had been moved into position overnight.

However, it was clear that neither Aimiya nor Barui leaked any news, so Yalike was unable to determine exactly where Carter was attacking. As a result, he dispersed the troops and half remained to guard the tribal territory, and the other half was stationed by their natural resources.

As a result, the Yassin Tribe fell to a disadvantage.

It was important to note that although both the Yassin and the Kro were high-level tribes, the Kro tribe had already been there for three generations. With high quality resources, the soldiers had been trained very well and reached a high level of fighting power.

It was precisely because of this that Carter was targeting the Yassin Tribe. His goal was to annex the emerging high-level tribe before it could become established.

Originally there was a gap in combat effectiveness, then Yalike also stupidly dispersed his troops. So, no matter where he would attack, Carter thought he should easily be able to break through and destroy them.

Carter was once again filled with confidence. As long as he captured the Yassin tribe, occupied their resources, and took their sub-beasts, he believed that his people would worship him as a god. Where would he have room to care about Barui?

In the final analysis, only the final victory was the genuine victory, so what was a little bump halfway through?

Although he thought as much, when they were approaching the area with the resources, he still sent scouts ahead to feel out the enemy’s defenders.

When the scouts returned, the news they brought back gave him even more surprises.

There were only three units there! Yalike that sleepyhead, he was no match. Shouldn’t they just prepare to bow and give way?

Carter pressed down his excitement, conscious that there may be something wrong. The Yassin Tribe was not that weak, could it be that there was some kind of conspiracy?

He thought for a long time. Afraid of being fooled, Carter sent in many scouts to examine the situation many times, but the reports he received did not change.

Carter finally finished pondering, then eventually decided to send his troops in on the offensive!

Even if Yalike was capable of planning a conspiracy, the resources were only protected by three brigades as fragile as a piece paper. Their entire army could rush in directly and immediately occupy the area.

In order to hold on to the tribe’s resources, was it possible for Yalike to have countless plans prepared?

This was an opportunity he had to seize!

What he did not anticipate was that all of the reports he had heard based on what the scouts had seen were meticulously arranged to be that way. His eyes were blindfolded and his ears were deceived. Even though Carter thought that he had sharp ears and keen eyes, he did not realize that he had already entered the game.

Waiting for him was just like catching a turtle in a jar1.

The Yassin beastmen were all fired up!

In addition to invading another tribe and trying to seize control of their resources, which was more important than life, the other side threatened their survival. They would not forgive any person who wanted to invade!

They were brave warriors and fearless defenders, in order to protect the tribe they were willing to shed blood!

They were on the verge of battle, and at that moment it seemed like the beastmen were actually a little timid. When they saw their chief rush out and take the lead, their courage ignited!

This was the Beast God’s blessing, like he was the holy beast!

The cheetah ran almost as fast as lightning! He struck down the middle of the enemy lines, instantly opened a huge hole to divide them. Wherever He went there was certain to be sharp claws tearing at throats and blood became the most garish and beautiful decoration on the battlefield. It was like he was painting a road of red wherever he went, but the cheetah was so fast that not even a single drop of blood could touch his lithe figure.

It would be no problem if it was simply one strike followed by a quick withdrawal, but he continued on the offensive. Underneath the jade sky was filled with blood as he violently swept the enemy’s five brigades. He simultaneously weakened the enemy force’s military strength, while at the same time instilling fear and quelling their courage.

This was simply the god of death brandishing his scythe and harvesting lives!

Carter had long known of Yalike’s military glory, but he did not actually expect him to be powerful to that degree. Such boldness, such combat strength, across the entire beastman continent he was certainly reckoned to be the first or second best.

At the mere start of the war, five brigades were already lost. Carter’s complexion was very unsightly, but he still had enough composure to figure out his next move. This time he completely emptied the nest when he dispatched his troops. Except for the basic guards remaining at their own territory and resources, they had brought 15 of their brigades to attack.

Despite the loss of five brigades, they still had ten brigades remaining. In the face of the three brigades defending the area, they presented an overwhelming force.

Even more, Yalike was only a single man after all. After his show of excessive power, he should be reaching his limit!

At that time, Carter actually thought that after all of those powerful attacks, the other party would obviously be vulnerable. Although he was even tougher than they had imagined, they would sooner or later break through the Yassin defenses.

He had just begun to feel like they were gaining the upper hand when one of his messengers brought him news that shook him to his very core.

“What did you say? Our territory was attacked?”

The messenger was scared and his face was drained of all colour, but he still braced himself and reported, “Our resources have also suffered an attack.”

Carter was furious and smashed the table with his hand, reducing it to dust, “Impossible! How could Yalike possibly come up with this type of force? How could he dare to mount a sneak attack against our tribes!”

The messenger whispered, “There were only two teams of people who have reported that their location was attacked.”

Carter’s heart thumped loudly.

Two teams! Only two teams!

“How many were in the territory?”

“…five teams.”

Carter stopped and stared blankly, then an ice-cold feeling began to well of from the bottom of his heart. He finally became aware that he had been thoroughly toyed with.

So brazen, such a huge risk…this Yalike…it was simply insane!

Carter sat down in a chair, aware that the situation was already outside his control.

The advisor beside Carter had listened from the beginning. His heart was filled with horror, but he remained strongly supportive and gave advice, “Chief! We must immediately give up on the Yassin resources and hurry back, we should still be able to defend our territory!”

Carter snorted coldly, “Return to defend? The most elite five brigades attacked the weakest territory guards, how long would it take to succeed? If we retreat to our territory, we will be attacked from both sides and face thorough eradication!”

When the advisor heard that, he suddenly became speechless.

Carter sat in silence for a long time, then finally stood up, his eyes fierce and malicious, “Seal this information, we will not reveal the matter of our tribe and resources being attacked. Incite the entire army, prepare to go all out for this battle at the risk of our lives!”

Since they could not retreat, he would cut a bloody path across the battlefield!

As long as they could occupy the resources of the Yassin Tribe, as long as they could kill Yalike, then they would be able to reverse the direction of the war!

Shi Qing just managed to wake up and the previous scene with Qin Mo began to play across his mind like a movie film.

Qin Mo kissed him.

Kissed him



Fuck! He kissed another man!

The little panda slowly got up, his ears unconsciously trembling. He took one look at Qin Mo’s face and felt an even stronger sense of enmity.

However, his pupils suddenly constricted and his line of sight was immediately drawn to a shocking slash of scarlet blood.

The little panda’s soft voice immediately rang out loudly, “Are you hurt?!”


Have a fun Halloween everyone! We are approaching the denouement of this arc.

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  1. Catch a turtle in a jar – and idiom that means to set oneself an easy target 

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