RAAS Chapter 32

The resources of the Yassin tribe were several dozen kilometers away from their main territory. Even with a rapid advance, it would still take at least half an hour to arrive there. However, the Yassin troops were already in place as early as the previous night, and Qin Mo rushed over to join them.

With his animal type, it would take just two or three minutes to reach since he travelled at lightning speed.

However, this particular cheetah was currently carrying a tiny and cute panda. Taking into account that he was too weak to stand up to the wind, the cheetah had no choice but to slow down. He took no less than a full eight minutes, successfully setting the record for the slowest travel time for a cheetah.

However, even so, Shi Qing was blown about and disheveled by the wind. Although the cheetah’s shock absorption was very good, he was nevertheless completely exposed to the elements. Under the fierce wind that made his hair stand up in all directions, he was now even more like a ball.

In fact, they had just arrived at the location of the resources, and Shi Qing had not yet awoken. Even so, he already felt bewilderingly uncomfortable. By the time he had thoroughly awakened, he could clearly feel a difference in his body.

He called on Qin Mo for help once again, and his body had already begun to respond.

His body began to expand. He actually forcibly broke through of the restrictions of the  pill that transformed him into his juvenile stage, and changed back to his adolescent form.

Qin Mo immediately transformed from his beast form to his human form, simultaneously standing up to catch Shi Qing with both hands. The chief looked down and frowned faintly.

The young man before him had a flushed complexion and his eyes were misty, making the originally bright and crystal clear eyes take on a hint of colour. Due to the hot flush, his pale lips had been coloured seductively. That tempting curve would make any man want to take a taste.

Owing to this thought, Qin Mo felt his heart pounding in his chest and the inherent strength and wildness of his current body began rolling over him in unprecedentedly intense waves. The fiery waves were like volcanic eruptions, scalding hot and pouring over him incessantly.

He pressed those reactions down and spoke softly, “It should be the second wave of your development, let’s endure it.”

In the back of his mind, Shi Qing thought of the education Moya had given him at an earlier time about this situation. Although he felt that taking over such a body was very unlucky, he had to learn to accept it, so he listened conscientiously.

The second wave of an ordinary sub-beast was a little more intense, it probably made them dry and hot. The effect was similar to taking a certain kind of stimulant, a person would become very hot, awfully hot, extraordinarily hot… but its duration was very short, not much more than ten minutes and it would pass. However, most second waves happen in the middle of the night, and after process was complete they would be completely awake and unwilling to fall asleep again.

Shi Qing’s body was a little different and his second stage surprisingly began in the early morning. Moya had already reminded him that his developmental waves may be stronger than ordinary sub-beasts and they should not be taken lightly.

At the time that Shi Qing was listening to that he ridiculed himself. Although he had died a wizard1 in his last life (you understand), but it was the age of the internet, so Shi Qing had furtively read a few things, giving him some understanding.

To speak frankly, this so-called fluctuation was just like consuming an aphrodisiac!

Although he had never eaten an aphrodisiac before, he had read so many x-type novels. This thing was something that would appear in almost every book. Either the male lead would eat it, or else the female lead would eat it…anyway, once that had been done then they would at once need to do thaaaaaaaat.

Every time he saw this kind of plot, he found it a little inconceivable. Was it truly so effective? Still, he now had to…test it out.

He simply did not expect that the thing which he had never encountered in his past life would be brought to him in such a strange way.

Shi Qing was certain he would not have any problems. He was still very calm and collected when Qin Mo said, “Do not worry, I will sit with you for a while. No more than ten minutes, it will soon pass by.”

When the other had finished speaking, Shi Qing spoke with a feigned nonchalance, “Carter’s troops have already set off, you go first since you’ll be busy, I’ll stay by myself…”

Qin Mo looked at him, his eyes gradually getting colder.

Shi Qing was sensitive to his moods and noticed, then hurriedly coughed and changed the directions of his words, “Of course, if you could wait for me that would be better.”

Qin Mo frowned, then ordered, “Sit quietly.”

Shi Qing did not say anything further, because to be honest he was a bit out of control. His body had suddenly heated up and he was caught unprepared.

In fact, in the beginning, he was just a bit stuffy. It was like being trapped in a sauna—piping hot and making one unable to breathe easily. For a moment he was a bit confused and disoriented, but it was just heat emanating from the outside that made him want to escape .

However, immediately afterwards, a heat generated internally arose and became genuinely troublesome. The heat from the five viscera and six bowels rose straight as an arrow to the top of his head, and it was like a hot current travelling up and down that steadily grew more difficult to tolerate.

There was nowhere to escape.

At that moment, Shi Qing was unable to remain calm and collected. Originally he was able to sit still, but at this moment he simply could not even remain seated. He got up, fidgeted around, paced back and forth, and finally went so far as tearing open his collar. Even though his loose clothes were ripped open, it did not bring the slightest degree of relief from the heat. He could only wish that he had an iceberg to help him cool down.

Even more frightening, he did not know exactly where it originated, but he actually smelled a trace of something fresh and cool that was hard to describe. It was like walking in the scorching summer heat for a long time and then suddenly smelling the sweet scent of ice cream. It could both quench his thirst and extinguish the flame in his heart.

Shi Qing could not help walking toward the smell and it soon led him to Qin Mo. The face was unfamiliar, but he knew those deep, black eyes well. At that time, he still had some reason left so he knew that it was his host and that even though he was beautiful, he was still a man…thinking to there, in his distracted state he actually saw Qin Mo, not Yalike. Qin Mo, with his perfect and unblemished appearance, a matchless beauty that would make anyone who saw him exclaim their adoration while simultaneously making their heart race.

Together with this thought, he suddenly lost control over himself. His head was burning up and when he looked out through his misty eyes at the man before him, he could not help moving towards him. As if he was in a thrall, he actually stood up on his tiptoes, extended his pink tongue, and licked the white neck before him. He had not yet had time to be amazed by the taste when he felt his entire body stop in a deadlock. He did not feel the slightest amount of pain, he only felt that standing so closely together was extremely comfortable. The feeling went down to his very bones!

Moya, a military doctor, had led an assistant to sort out the equipment when he suddenly smelled someone incredibly sweet. Immediately after, he noticed a look of longing and desire appear on the faces of the nearby beastmen.

He suddenly had a sinking feeling in his heart, this is not a good thing!

Without worrying over his assistant, he ran wildly to the chief’s location. When he pushed open the door, he was greeted by the scene of Yalike and Yier tightly wrapped around one another.

The room exuded a scent strong enough drive all of the beastmen wild with its temptation. This was definitely the second wave!

You must be separated from Yier, otherwise it will be a huge disaster!

Moya had barely opened his mouth to speak when Qin Mo suddenly cast his line of sight onto him, and he spoke in a low voice that was husky and restrained, “Get out!”

His gaze was too passionate and Moya was affected. He quickly condensed his thoughts, wanting to explain, but was pinned down by Qin Mo’s tenacious gaze, “Don’t make me kill you.”

The thick killing intent that filled the air caused Moya to perspire profusely, but Yier was his close friend and he really did not want him to be ruined. Sub-beasts going through their developmental period absolutely could not engage in any sexual activities. It they stealthily tried to taste the forbidden fruit, they would lose the Beast God’s blessing, gradually deteriorating until they died.

He ground his teeth and then risked his life to say something, “Please, don’t ruin him.”

Qin Mo’s pupils contracted and he pushed down the violently surging desire within his heart, then said, “I know.”

If Qin Mo was determined not to leave, Moya did not dare to stay there any longer—he was afraid that it would only add fuel to the fire. Moya knew that he had done everything he could. There was nothing left for him to do but to close the door and turn away.

As for what had happened just now, Shi Qing was completely unaware. He only enjoyed the sense of comfort brought by sticking close to Qin Mo’s body. Unfortunately, after some time had passed, he had grown dissatisfied. The heat could not be subdued, but it instead intensified because he had tasted the sweetness that sated him. He had a dry mouth and tongue, an itchy body, and there was a smell filling his nose with an almost fatal temptation.

Shi Qing’s rationality had long fled from his brain. He began to feel that the clothing between the two of them was nothing but a big obstacle, like a wall blocking him so he could not reach, could not touch. He was longing for more and more, with every cell in his body clamouring from top to bottom. Shi Qing was completely following his instincts and recklessly began to tear his clothes.

Once the clothes had been half removed, he began to touch that strong, hard chest. It was as if he was completely infatuated…

Qin Mo had to hold back from his waist by force. His eyes that had been icy cold before had ignited, now flowing with magma. He was not doing any better than Shi Qing, that was to say, his reaction was even more intense.

As far as Qin Mo’s body was concerned, the half-naked and confused young man before him was his exclusive sub-beast. He could completely invade and occupy him, enter into, and without scruples he could continuously thrust inside him. He could then listen to his wonderful moans, make him cry out loudly—only together with his mate could their mutual lust bring them both to heaven.

Physiological expectations stimulated a psychological desire.

This person was his and belonged to him. They were attracted to each other. He could possess him, take control of him, and integrate him into his own body.

That morbid desire to monopolize was completely in his mind at that time. Qin Mo could still restrain the restless emotions rioting within his body, but he was almost completely defeated by the psychological obsessions he was having.

When you enter him, you will be inextricably linked.

Take possession of him, he is completely yours.

Even if he dies, he will be even more inseparable from you.

You won’t be betrayed, won’t be abandoned, what you have can remain in your hands forever.

Is this not exactly what you are longing for?

“Qin Mo, help. Help me, I can’t stand it.”

Shi Qing’s weak voice sounded in his ears. It was obviously an invitation, and it was certainly meant to entice him, but instead it suddenly pulled him back from the abyss of madness.

Qin Mo closed his eyes, suppressed the demons in his heart, and restrained the impulsive hands that wanted to push the young man down. He comforted him with a husky voice, “Soon, Shi Qing, just bear with it.”

Just eleven minutes, but it was as if a day dragged past like a year.

After he had thoroughly endured, Shi Qing recovered to a calm and sober state.

Finally out of the grip of that terrible heat, Shi Qing collapsed. He leaned against Qin Mo’s body, his voice hoarse from the experience, “I…nothing.”

The man who was embracing him tightly was rigid as iron. When he heard Shi Qing’s voice, he suddenly pulled him away from his body in order to look at him face to face.

His black eyes were scorching enough to burn a person, and Shi Qing’s disordered line of thought was brought to a stop.

A second later, Qin Mo clamped down on Shi Qing’s jaw, forced him to raise his face, and placed an overbearing and strong kiss on those pink lips.

He was filled with a desire that almost made him lose his mind. He set aside all thoughts, and was finally able to taste that sweetness. It tasted like a delicacy even better than he had imagined, but it could not satisfy the wild beast in his heart. He thirsted for more, wanted even more, and the desires he had kept shackled were finally liberated. Without a trace of apprehension he plunged his tongue into Shi Qing’s mouth and forcefully captured the other’s soft tongue. He plundered and occupied that space, as if he wanted to swallow him completely!


I hope this chapter was worth the wait for you all!

Do you like this novel a lot? Long Qi actually has a lot of great novels, and a number of them are being translated. One that just started up is called ‘The Marshals Want to get Divorced‘ and it’s a system type novel. Despite that, it’s a really unique take on the genre. Although, if they’re enjoyable, I’m happy to read them all. Tropes don’t bother me.

Otherwise you can go onto the novelupdates page for RAAS and just click the author’s name. There are six in total you can find by doing that. Also, I only rec things I like, no one asks me to. In case you were wondering. Oh, you weren’t?

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  1. In case you don’t actually know, this means that he died a v-v-v-viiiirgin. Also, if you’re thinking sage, perhaps you’re into Reincarnate as a Slime (which rocks), but sage comes at 40, and great sage is at 50. The original meme used wizard. Anyways. Don’t worry too much about the wording is what I’m getting at ;-) 

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