PUP Volume 3 Chapter 3

Translator: Kleep

Xi Wei, looking back and forth, was able to view the entire scene of those peoples’ actions. He watched as the mercenaries attacking this seemingly rudimentary magical defensive array, but for a short there was no way through.

A hint of surprise was revealed within his eyes. It turned out that the words spoken by this young man were not a scam.

However, Xi Wei did not take any action at that time. He still had some things he wanted to verify.

The mercenaries began to grow enraged. It was such a simple magic array, yet it was able to stall those ‘elites’ for a considerable period of time. It was truly a great shame for them to bear. Consequently, they began to use all of their skills with genuine effort, no longer taking it easy to save face. They could all get their share when they were done.

As a result, the magic array was on the verge of collapse. Zeno clenched his teeth and strenuously continued to support it, while simultaneously growing anxious in his heart. Why hasn’t Hill shown up despite how long this fight is taking?

If things continued like that, then he may actually have lost his life before finishing his  magic apprenticeship.

Finally, with a sound similar to an eggshell cracking, the black magic of the array was dispersed—like it had shattered to pieces. This left the weak magician exposed to the group of tigers and wolves before his eyes.

Zeno’s mental power was overused. His face was somewhat pale and he could not help laughing bitterly. This was lucky, there was no pretending otherwise, he may just be split in two.

The chaos of the nightmare forest was no less than that of Ye Sa City. It was a completely common occurrence for one or two people to die. It was not necessary to mention; if Zeno died here, it would not set off any waves, but Zeno was not resigned to that outcome.

He was not reconciled with the idea that he would never see Xi Wei again. He refused to miss the chance to speak to Xi Wei himself, and he was unwilling to die at the hands of these crude criminals.

He had not even started to alter the plot yet. He had not revealed the true colours of those hypocritical guys. He had not yet pulled his favorite Xi Wei out of the endless betrayals he faced. He could not die like this!

A determined expression flashed over Zeno’s ashen face. He began to mobilize his mental power and launched a small magic spell that would only be employed if he had no alternative. The cost was that he could not use any mental power for the following three months, so no more magic spells in that time period.

That magic was no longer an undulation of black, it had become a dazzling white. The mercenaries around him all began howling in pain, unable to stand. The strongest among them was the only one able to resist to a certain degree. Although his complexion turned pale, he was able to remain standing. He saw that all the people around him had collapsed beneath the mental attack, and a ruthless look flashed across his eyes.

He did not expect that the little magician he had never taken seriously from the start could actually be so troublesome for them. He was going to stop that right then and there!

The mercenary who was still awake raised his weapon, the same black spear that had killed Reynold. Without the slightest hesitation, he thrust the spear towards the pit of Zeno’s stomach. Zeno, affected by the magic spell he had just used and out of mental power, was unable to resist in any way.

This blow contained the full measure of the man’s fury, along with a faint sound of wind and thunder. It was more that enough to pierce the fragile magician.

Various fragments of memories flashed through Zeno’s mind. At the moment of life and death, his strong potential erupted within him. His already depleted mental strength once more bubbled forth, though there was not much. Even though it was an arrow at the end of its flight, it was sufficient to handle the mercenary before him.

Right at that moment, the concealed figure holding the unicorn foals finally moved. His movements could not clearly be seen by the naked eye. He wrested control of the spear from the hands of the mercenary with lightning speed. The mercenary was completely unable to counterattack—he would undoubtedly lose his life beneath his own weapon.

Then, the robbers who had long lost their ability to resist lost their lives, one by one, to the spear.

Zeno waited for ages, yet the pain he had anticipated never arrived. When he opened his eyes, he saw such a bloody scene that he nearly vomited, but he managed to restrain himself.

His eyes drifted to the only living person. It was clear that the opposite side must have rescued him, but he could not help but jump a little.

It was truly great to not be abandoned.

After the calamity, renewed life. It was at this time that the fear of facing death broke out. Zeno collapsed face-first onto the ground, gasping heavily for air. He could not even move a finger, so he thought he would sleep for a while.

However, Xi Wei would not let him do what he wanted. He prodded Zeno with his toes and ordered, “Get up.”

Zeno closed his eyes and was confused by the sound of a voice that overlapped with his memories. He couldn’t help but mutter, “Baba, let me go back to sleep.”

After that, he fell asleep.

He was extremely tired. Xi Wei looked at his completely unguarded sleeping face with a wooden expression. In the end, he seemed to compromise. He first collected the mercenaries’ belongings. Xi Wei determined that these things were plentiful enough for him to be able to use for a while.

When he was busying about, Zeno had still not awakened. He was still lying down, sleeping as if he was a dead person. It was not clear whether it was his mental state or the magic spell he had used, but it really had drained all of his strength.

Xi Wei stared at his face for a moment, then threw the two foals on Zeno’s chest. He passed one arm beneath Zeno’s armpits and placed the other arm beneath his legs to pick him up. Carrying the young man, he left the bloody scene behind him.

Zeno rubbed his head customarily into the chest beside him and found a comfortable position to continue to sleep soundly. Xi Wei started to walk forward and then turned his head down for a moment, thinking, his hair, so long.

When Zeno woke up, the moon was already at its highest point in the sky. He was in a daze when saw the red moon in the sky, peeking through the gap between the tree branches in the forest. He was somewhat confused.

The crackling sound of a bonfire caught his ears and it took a little while for him to fully awaken. He finally looked around and found himself near a small lake.

The two foals were nestled up, side by side with each other, their small mouths occasionally opening and then smacking their lips. They were extremely adorable.

By the light of the moon and their bonfire, Zeno saw the shadow of a person by the lake. His intuition told him that it must be Xi Wei, with the same name as his protagonist. He wanted to express his thanks to the other person for the kindness of saving his life. In order to establish a good relationship, he first had to take up a humble attitude.

He was about to take a step, only to discover that Xi Wei had plunged his head into the lake. Thanks to the superior vision of a magician, he saw that Xi Wei washed away a layer of something on from face, exposing an entirely different face.

The new face was well-defined, without any blemishes. The most crucial point was that it was indeed the face of the protagonist, Xi Wei!

Zeno was completely stunned and he grabbed his hair in annoyance. Demons and gods were at work1 where he currently stood.

Yes, how was he so foolish? The same name, the same disposition, even his voice was so similar, but simply because his face was different, he did not think about it.

This was a world where people possessed supernatural powers. It was all too simple to get any alchemist product from a pharmacy to change one’s appearance.

He pretended that he was still asleep, but his mind was already a complete mess. He had thought he would have to travel far and wide looking for Xi Wei, only to find him easily. Did Xi Wei recognize him? He should not recognize him.

Owing to the awakening process, Zeno suddenly grew so big. Due to the special characteristics of the Shadow Race, his appearance was nothing like when he was a child. At present, his outward appearance put him at a closer age to Xi Wei. If he was to suddenly to call him Baba, not to mention that Xi Wei would not be able to adapt, he would also find it unbearable.

So what was to be done now, just follow the other side with such a secret?

He was not at fault, but would letting things remain as they were be justified?

Zeno was caught in a battle between heaven and man. Two small parts of him were fighting in his mind. One side thought that he should acknowledge the other, while the other cautioned that he would be treated as a swindler with ulterior motives.

The inner quarrel made him feel like his head would explode.

At that moment, Zeno felt that there was a movement next to him, so he stealthily opened his eyelids a tiny bit. It turned out that Xi Wei had easily solved the issue by laying down to sleep.

Zeno struggled with his thoughts for a while, but in the end he could not resist his utter exhaustion and went to see the God of Dreams.

When he woke up again, it was the aroma of food that had roused him. The night before he did not eat supper, and his stomach was currently rumbling with hunger. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, and when he looked up, he was immediately greeted by an ugly face that could frighten ghosts.

Zeno: “…”

Although I know that you don’t really look that way, it’s really scary first thing in the morning!

Consider the mental capacity of your little fan here.

Xi Wei was unperturbed, and he did not care in the least that Zeno’s glass heart had just broken on the ground. He merely concentrated on cooking the food.

For someone as hungry as him, the dry food smelled surprisingly delicious. Zeno silently watched Xi Wei’s movements. Ignoring his face, Zeno felt that he had returned to the days of his childhood.

The two were solitary and impoverished, with no one to rely on. The children lived by rummaging through garbage bins and then working together in the mercenary guild. The food they were able to acquire was simple and crude, but it was still a kind of happiness.

In his previous life in China, Zeno was just an orphan. He truly regarded Xi Wei as his most important family, and he decided on the spot to slowly find another opportunity to inform Xi Wei of his identity without scaring him away.

Xi Wei was paranoid, after all. Zeno was no longer the little bean that had no ability to support himself. Now that he could support himself, Zeno was not sure he could find a reason to stay comfortably with Xi Wei.

While he sat there lost in thought, a piece of dry food was placed in front of him. Zeno took it,  overwhelmed by this favour from his protagonist. Don’t tell me that Xi Wei changed so much due to his influence?

Actually willing to share his food with another, was this the Xi Wei he knew?

Although he wanted to think about it, his hunger would not let him refuse. Zeno bowed his head and enjoyed his meal slowly. He felt a prickling sensation in his eyes and he was both touched and overcome with happiness.

Xi Wei asked, “What, are you crying? Your magic will recover after a while.”

Zeno knew he misunderstood, but did not explain, “I’m fine, thank you for the food.”

Xi Wei stared at him with a blank expression, and did not reveal himself. Then he said, “We should go if we are full.”

After he spoke, he extinguished the bonfire, picked up one of the unicorn foals, and walked ahead.

Zeno rushed to keep up, secretly watching Xi Wei’s back while foolishly grinning.

At the very least, Xi Wei did not drive him away. That must be a good thing?

It was enough!

After the two people walked for a long time, Zeno remembered a very important question, “Do you know where the unicorn’s territory is?”

Xi Wei paused, “I don’t know.”

If you don’t know, why are you so full of zeal?!

Zeno truly wanted to kneel before him.

Insert witty remarks here. I am quite tired.

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  1. Curious coincidence/unexplained event crying out for a supernatural explanation 

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  9. I think Xi Wei definitely knows he thought his hair is so long he didn’t have before and him (Xi Wei) being him he wouldnot have thought such a thought after he heard the persons name is Zeno and because he called him “BaBa” subconsciously and also would never offer his food to anyone other than our sweet cutie ZENO dolly

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