RAAS Chapter 31

At night, Qin Mo really took Shi Qing for a walk around the tribe two full times.

However, at that moment Shi Qing was still a little furball. All he could do was stretch out and yawn, the moonlight casting its pale glow on his fur. He actually wanted to let it shine down on his belly, but considering that lying on his back will expose a few tiny secrets…Thus, he gathered his moral integrity and laid on his belly obediently.

With such a small body, he was naturally unable to guide the beastmen to prepare new dishes.

However, Shi Qing also had another plan. He intended to leave some finished delicacies around in this world and open up the sense of taste of the beastmen for development. Then they would realize that ‘there is such delicious food in the world, this dry bread these pickles are truly sub par’. They could learn the truth.

In fact, this was enough. After all, if they could make bread and pickles, they should not be ignorant about cooking. The most likely issue was that they were so busy fighting one another all day long and competing for resources that they did not have the time to develop their food very much. The foods they currently made lasted well in storage and were easy to carry, so it made sense that they would be widely promoted.

As time passed the beastmen grew accustomed to those foods. They were reduced to nothing more than a way to ensure that their stomachs were full. Shi Qing believed that as long as they had a little inspiration, smart sub-beasts would certainly be able to open up a new world.

However, this meant that their walk was not very useful.

At least it served to further wash Yalike’s reputation white, so it was not in vain.

He spent the whole day dealing with the tribe’s business. When, with great difficulty, he could finally rest, he still did not neglect to take a walk beneath the moon with his lover…

Their chief was indeed a good beastman! Yier was going to be so happy now!

Shi Qing merely wanted to chuckle.

After they had gone for a walk and then returned, Shi Qing had successfully fallen asleep. It was strange to say that he had not been so greedy in the past, but these days he was just lying around like a pig. He only ate and slept, then slept and ate—it was like he could not exercise any control over himself.

He did not even realize that at the end of the walk, Qin Mo did not head back to the dirt hut, but instead entered the prison.

Once he walked into the prison, the damp, gloomy and cold atmosphere assaulted his senses. Furthermore, it was accompanied by the heavy stench of blood. Once Qin Mo walked down further, he could slowly begin to hear the sounds of whipping, followed by the utterances of many insults, as well as a feeling of sorrow so powerful he could almost taste it.

He turned a corner and was immediately greeted by quite the scene.

The area was a simple and crude interrogation room. It was gloomy, with only a single white crystal light shining down, giving everything a sinister and frightening appearance. In the middle, a man with ragged clothing was laid out on the torture rack and it seemed that he was already on his last breath. His robust body was filled with lash marks and brand marks.

When the man saw who had entered, he looked up at him furiously, “Yalike! You sure have guts to think of killing me! If I die, you…”

He had not even finished spouting out those provocative words before the one torturing him had struck him across the face with the whip.

Qin Mo reached out, gestured to stop, before slowly making his way down. His neat and tidy clothes, tall and straight figure, clear and handsome complexion, graceful and unhurried pace; everything was inharmonious with this filthy place. Even so, he walked in calmly and seemed to fill the room with an even more powerfully dark feeling.

Qin Mo looked at Barui and asked softly, “Does Carter value you?”

Barui looked at Qin Mo, the malicious look in his eyes almost enough to pierce through the man’s body.

It did not seem like Barui wanted to answer, so Qin Mo smiled and went on to say, “Do you think I left you your life in order to obtain intelligence? In fact, there’s no need. The things you wanted to do, what I need to do, I have long been clear on.”

Barui snorted when he heardhe was not convinced.

Qin Mo patiently continued to explain, “Aimiya used to confuse me, so that I would be at odds with the people of my tribe, so that you could take advantage of the disarray. That would allow you to mount a sneak attack to seize our resources and then occupy the tribe.”

Barui’s face subtly slackened, but he soon realized Aimiya must have revealed something and in his mind he could not guess what to say.

It was Qin Mo’s subsequent words that genuinely alarmed him down to the bottom of his heart.

“You infiltrated the Yassin Tribe for two purposes…”

The chief listed off each detail of their plan, regardless of importance, word for word. Barui’s firm self-confidence began to collapse.

Why…why does Yalike know everything! Since he knows it all, why does he interrogate me day and night?

Qin Mo smiled, then kindly helped cleared up his confusion, “I merely wanted to see what was more important in Carter’s heart when all was said and done. Would it be wealth, or would it be you.”

There was a small change in Barui’s complexion. Some indistinct thoughts began to form in his mind, but he could not be certain.

Qin Mo’s next words were just like a boulder smashing into his heart.

“Three thousand crystals in exchange for your life, yet Carter tore up the ransom note.”

Barui’s calm expression finally showed a small crack.

Qin Mo was calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos and looked at Barui as he began to be filled with doubts and grew confused. Qin Mo graciously helped him affirm the truth, “Barui, Carter has abandoned you. Your chief, your tribe, they don’t want you.”

As each word dropped heavily in his heart, Barui grew more panicky and he began to refute, “You’re lying to me, impossible, no, these are all your crafty plots and machinations!”

“No need for that. Barui, as you know, I know everything. As far as I’m concerned, you have no value to me and I could kill you right away.”

“I let you live,” Qin Mo taunted with a cruel smile playing at the corners of his mouth, “Just because I want to have a look at an abandoned dog who has lost his family and home.”

Barui looked at Qin Mo with horror. He wanted to tell himself that this could not be true—it was impossible. However, the man before him stared at him with those icy-cold black eyes, completely merciless, his sneering look as sharp as a blade. It was as if he could cut open his flesh and gouge it out, and his heart began to beat violently within his chest.

He had been tortured day and night, and he was physically and mentally exhausted. On top of that, it was like he had been plunged into a bucket of freezing cold water. He felt an unprecedented despair invade his body, making him feel chilled. The tribe he loyally defended, the tribe he had loved and respected, that tribe had abandoned him.

All for a mere 3000 crystals.

In the chief’s heart, his value was actually no match for 3000 crystals…

His conviction crumbled. Loneliness and despair overtook him, causing him to curl his tall body up as much as he was able.

Once Qin Mo saw that, he had already completely lost interest. He restrained the mood in his eyes, then turned and left the prison.

A quarter of an hour later, Xing Guan1, the one in charge of punishment within the prison, came to report.

At that time, Qin Mo was examining various markings on a map. He saw him come in and lifted his head towards him, “Speak.”

Xing Guan found that Yalike’s temperament nowadays was forbidding. He did not dare to flatter him carelessly, but instead quickly bowed his head and relayed the news he brought, “After you left Barui fell apart. According to your instructions, I employed several methods and he revealed everything…Carter has hidden a total of five people within our tribe. They are… “

After Qin Mo listened to everything, he proceeded to ask, “Their contact method?”

Xing Guan explained without delay.

Qin Mo waved his hand, “You can go.”

Shortly after he summoned Qian Mianhu2, who was in charge of intelligence in the tribe, gave him the list of names, and instructed him, “Don’t beat the grass to scare the snake. Closely observe these people’s tendencies, restrict their access to and contact with other tribes, and disguise the tribe’s self-blockaded state of affairs.”

Qian Mianhu nodded in agreement, then left to carry out his orders.

Subsequently, Qin Mo convened the three main leaders of the army, as well as Halso (Erha) of the investigation team, to make final plans for the surrounding terrain. They looked for potential targets of a surprise attack and then made plans for their respective areas of responsibility.

That lasted until the light of dawn broke, when everything was at last ready.

The net was already open, they were only waiting for their prey to enter in.



At the time that the army was departing, they were actually thrown into such confusion by the matter. Even if Carter reacted swiftly and promptly with some sort of contingency plan, it was clearly a sinister conspiracy by the Yassin Tribe and an attempt to sow discord amongst the people.

However, strong evidence was no match, since first impressions were the strongest.

Besides, even during times of peace, Carter’s usual demeanor was excessively harsh and ruthless. Even a beastman warrior would not be as irritable and aggressive as him.

It was just that there was never a fuse that had ignited the people to stand up and voice their complaints.

However, all of a sudden it was finally ignited.

Although it was a crucial moment, they could not help but feel indignant towards their chief. The morale boost they had received from his words dropped down below the freezing point.

Carter was aware of that in his heart, but with how things were now, they absolutely could not draw back now!

It was best to do it at once, otherwise the second time they would be tired, and the third time exhausted. That was the case with their current situation, so they truly could not afford to give up the attack.

They could not be sure whether the Yassin Tribe had a follow-up attack plan. Even if they did not launch a surprise attack, if they really had taken Barui as a prisoner of war, they could not simply pay no heed to that.

When that time came, could they take truth as rumour? Or, should he admit that he was a chief that did not value the lives of his people?

Therefore, even if Carter was aware that he had already missed a golden opportunity, he could not stop things. He could only bite the bullet and keep moving forward. The Yassin Tribe was a paper tiger that could only bare its fangs and brandish its claws. Their outward appearance was brash, while they were hollow inside. Even if they gave all they could, only death remained for them at the end.

Although some damage was inevitable, the odds of success were still in their favour!

So, with this plot, Carter gave the order and launched the attack against the Yassin Tribe. Their goal was the land with the level seven resources.

They had just stepped out with one foot and Qin Mo immediately received the message.

Erha was in high spirits and had been gearing up for a while, very impatiently.

Da Bai was always cautious, so he still harboured some concerns at that moment. He could not help but ask, “Chief, there are only three brigades defending our level seven resources. Even if they fight with all of their strength, are they able to hold off the full attack of the Kro Tribe?”

In the face of the attack of the Kro tribes, the Yassin Tribe did not plan to face the enemy head on. Instead, they used the three defending brigades to slow down the Kro Tribe’s pace while they attempted to take over the resources. In the meantime, they took four brigades and mounted a sneak attack on the Kro Tribe’s territory to storm their nest. Finally, two brigades were sent to attack the resources of the Kro tribe.

These preparations had long been complete and the division of labor had also been made clear. The defense of the tribe’s resources would be led personally by Qin Mo and his troops, while the surprise attack on enemy territory was led by Da Bai. Those two battles would likely be the most fierce.

The last two brigades that attacked Kro Tribe’s resources were not actually aiming to take control of their resources. Instead, their goal was to hinder the Kro Tribe’s forces on the one hand, and to create a diversion on the other hand. That would cause heavy psychological pressure on the Kro Tribe fighters, thereby disturbing the other two battlefield situations.

Da Bai did not have any opinion on the arrangement of the latter two groups, but the chief was personally leading the troops guarding their resources and those three brigades had the weakest fighting power. That made Da Bai very worried.

After all, resources were the foundation of any tribe, and the chief was the soul of all the soldiers.

If they suffered defeat there, the impact on the tribe was absolutely unimaginable!

It was a huge risk to take.

Qin Mo raised his eyebrow and looked at Da Bai, “Are you questioning my abilities?”

Da Bai stared blankly before he suddenly felt shocked. He actually committed such a taboo!

The plan had been formed long ago and now was not the time for misgivings. Would that not just cause confusion and disorder in the warriors’ minds? The Chief had worked hard to reestablish his reputation and the faith the tribe had in him. He had used the annihilation of the traitors to bolster the hearts of the people, while also formulating plans to confuse the enemy.

At that moment, the true meaning of his remarks were to persuade the chief to use some more powerful warriors. Yet, if he was just going to exploit his most qualified individuals for his own needs, was he truly qualified to be the chief?

The reason why the soldiers with weaker fighting capacity were arranged here was because the purpose of the soldiers was to defend themselves as well as their resources, and it was sufficient if they could merely stall for time. There was no need to repel the enemy. Under such a precondition, having a strong, wise, and farsighted commander was of the utmost importance.

The chief was undoubtedly the best candidate. Along with his own innate appeal, he had the power to rally supporters and increased the morale of soldiers so that they were more fearless.

The most elite troops were necessary for the attack on the Kro Tribe’s home territory. They needed to swiftly destroy the enemy’s base, then quickly return to the battlefield where they would block the Kro Army from the rear. Thus, it was employing a pincer attack to beat a drowning dog.

Convinced of things, Da Bai immediately got down on one knee and bowed his head, “This subordinate was talking nonsense!”

Qin Mo looked at him and said, “Don’t disappoint me.”

Da Bai thought of the chief’s dedication towards the tribe’s safety and was at once overwhelmed by emotions, “I won’t dishonour you on this mission!”

The battle started and Qin Mo rushed to the Yassin’s resources. Shi Qing, who had been sleeping until that point, slowly woke up. He really could not figure out why he was sleeping so much?

Soon after, he discovered that his body was not in good condition.

“Qin Mo, it’s not good, this body has a problem again!”


This chapter was longer, and it took longer. Also, it was my son’s third birthday so we took him to the museum to see the dinosaurs. He was so excited he almost couldn’t function.

I don’t know if you’ve had the chance yet, but I’ve been proofreading a new project for little while and I 100% recommend it. It’s called ‘Laws of the Other World‘ and has some great action along with a kickass MC and some sweet, sweet side CP. Definitely worth checking out.

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  1. Xing Guan (星鹳) – roughly translates to Star Crane/Stork. It’s like his name, but so far all the side characters in this world seem to have names related to their animal so he’s probably a crane or stork. 
  2. Qian Mianhu (千面狐) – roughly translates to Thousand Face Fox. Good name for the intelligence leader. Once again I have put it as pinyin since I have been all along. At one point MTL deciphered it as ‘thousand noodles naughty nod’. Bahaha. 

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