RAAS Chapter 30

When he thought of it that way, Shi Qing felt somewhat ridiculous.

Why did he think that way? It felt like he was a primary school student that wanted to go out and play, but prior to that he had to obtain his parent’s permission. Not only that, but it was like he was worried that his parents would not agree and that they would dismiss his views…

However, it was like those ideas were innately ingrained in his mind. In the end those misgivings arose involuntarily.

It was simply like a kind of instinct.

Just like when a rabbit saw an eagle and when a deer saw a lion, escape was the only instinct. It was because they just wanted to survive.

When he thought of it to there, Shi Qing thought that perhaps he had thought of it too much. Qin Mo’s skills were greater, but he absolutely would not kill him. In a sense, he was actually capable of helping Qin Mo a lot.

He and Qin Mo’s relationship was not that of a rabbit and an eagle!

After reflecting on things, he no longer thought about it. Even so, it still seemed that he still felt a little uneasy deep in his heart, but he could just overlook and take no account of that.

Ultimately, he still decided to speak with Qin Mo. They were, after all, in a collaborative relationship. The success or failure of the mission was of great concern to both of their interests. Qin Mo should also inform him about what he was supposed to do.

Following that line of thought, he waited until Qin Mo had some free time. Then he quietly suggested they find a moment.

Qin Mo did not hesitate to get up and return to the house with him.

“Hungry again?”

When he heard Qin Mo’s inquiry, Shi Qing was 囧囧. Fuck, does that mean Qin Mo knew every time he had avoided people it was so he could eat? Was it so obvious?

Oh…if he thought about it carefully, he had pulled Qin Mo back to the house at least three times, it seemed that every time they truly came in to eat… o (╯ □ ╰) o.

Shi Qing coughed to clear his throat. He wanted to say ‘not hungry, I have something on my mind to talk about,’ but then he heard his stomach release an untimely rumble.

Qin Mo looked at him with a face that said he understood clearly.

Shi Qing: Elder Brother Belly, could you not make me lose face like this?

That rumble certainly showed that he truly was a little hungry. Anyway, he had already lost face, so he might as well smash the broken pot. Just chat and eat!

Shi Qing had no trace of politeness as he pulled a small bamboo basket filled hot white steam buns. He also selected a few fresh and tasty side dishes, and finally put out a pot of green tea.

The buns and side dishes were his and the tea was for Qin Mo.

According to the way Shi Qing’s brain worked, he could not comprehend the way Qin Mo cultivated. So many fine foods and delicacies and he was not even interested. Instead he only liked to drink tea…tch, truly wasteful.

Of course, Qin Mo also had a physical body. He still had to eat food, but he was not unrestrained like Shi Qing. He did not desire to eat three meals a day, but he still enjoyed an afternoon tea and midnight snack…

It just so happened that it was time for afternoon tea, so Qin Mo just drank that.

The bamboo basket held only six small steamed stuffed buns. They were about the size of a dumpling and could be eaten in a single bite. These buns not only had a cute size and shape, they were also super-flavourful and delicious. The nicest surprise of all was that the six small buns each contained a different type of filling. It was pleasurable to eat each unique kind, coupled with fresh and cool side dishesit was simply excellent.

Shi Qing’s original plan to eat and chat was decisively changed. He would only eat.

It was not until he had finished, and was perfectly contented, that Shi Qing suddenly recalled…his proper business had not actually begun yet!

Shi Qing’s fury was undeniable: Elder Brother Belly, ah Elder Brother Belly, I’m telling you, whatever the outcome, we must put up a good fight!

Trembling Belly: What the fuck, this shameless master!

See that he finished eating, Qin Mo also had enough rest, so he got up and said, “Let’s go.”

Shi Qing stood up immediately afterwards and finally started to talk, “Qin Mo, I now have a human form, so it’s a lot more convenient for me to act. You do not need to consult with me over matters.” While he was speaking, he unconsciously scratched his head, then continued to speak somewhat embarrassed, “Mainly, I am unable to offer any useful ideas. I cannot keep up with the rhythm of things, so I just sit there and doze off.”

Qin Mo stopped and turned to look at him.

Locked onto by the other man’s pair of deep black eyes, Shi Qing grew more and more uncomfortable. However, the words had been spoken already, so he bluntly said, “I want to go around the tribe to see if there is anything I can do to help.”

Qin Mo stared at him for quite a while, then said, “Wait for the evening, I’ll go with you.”

Shi Qing, “…” I was just trying to say that I didn’t want to go together with you! In addition, what would he see at night? How beastmen sleep?

Anyways, this time he was not being fooled, so he resolutely said, “I want to go by myself.”

The moment he stopped speaking, Qin Mo’s ink-black pupils constricted. His originally impenetrable gaze grew increasingly deep and unmeasurable, followed by his voice which had dropped down below the freezing point, “You, yourself?”

Shi Qing stared blankly for a moment, but shortly after he found himself somewhat vexed. Recently Qin Mo had behaved in such a normal manner that he had forgotten that his host could ‘fall ill’ from time to time…he had just said a bit, how could it be he had already poked him into exploding!

Shi Qing was at a loss as to how he could tactfully express himself, while Qin Mo immediately approached him, pinch his chin, forced him to look up, and then gazed into his eyes. Those black eyes barely concealed the rage seething within as he spoke, “I said, stay by my side.”

The two stood very close together. Everything that was said was like a hot breeze; Shi Qing heard it with his ears, but it also blew into his heart.

Shi Qing took this rare opportunity to look closely at Qin Mo.

The man before his eyes had an unfamiliar face, but he knew those eyes and their expressions very well.

Those eyes were proud, powerful, and discerning. Simultaneously, they did not have the slightest sense of security and there was no trust towards anyone—only paranoia. Their impenetrable darkness devoured every ray of light.

Quite abruptly, Shi Qing’s brain flashed back to Qin Mo’s appearance the first time he saw the man.

His cultivation was crippled, he was battered and exhausted, and he should have had despair towards everything. Yet, he was obstinate and unresignedin any case he was not willing to give up.

Fate set him on a rough path, but he vowed he would never surrender. He would survive at all costs, then bring an end to all who had sinned against him!

Shi Qing knew that, at that time, he had felt moved by Qin Mo.

He had suffered from stomach cancer in his past life and had his fill of torment. In the end he was truly unbearably tortured. Even though his parents loved and pampered him, he only wanted to die early and put an end to his suffering.

Qin Mo experienced tenfold the suffering that Shi Qing did, and his desperation was a hundredfold greater, yet that man had such a powerful heart. He never showed even a trace of retreating.

He was proud, persistent, and unyielding down to the bottom of his heart. He pushed himself to move forward, step by step.

Even if the path was filled with thistles and thorns, even if he was surrounded by boundless darkness, his honour did not allow him to glance back.

Thinking of that, one could not help becoming soft-hearted.

Hey, forget about it, who allowed him to choose to sign a contract with Qin Mo in the beginning? At that time he knew his experiences and his condition, and now that he had looked once again, he knew that this was not his style.

Shi Qing closed his eyes and took a deep breath. After calming down, he blinked at him and then said very seriously, “Okay, I will stay by your side.”

Qin Mo’s eyes stared back at him without blinking. A promise was the most powerless thing on earth.

Shi Qing knew how to treat the person in front of him. Saying more was useless, he had to show that his words were true.

Therefore, he took out a small round pill from his chest pocket. He made no hints for Qin Mo to leave, and in one motion he opened his mouth and swallowed down the pill.

This was what Moya had pressed Shi Qing to accept, the medicine that could put him into the childhood stage temporarily. He had originally thought that he certainly could never use it. He did not expect that he would indeed be using it…

The effects of the drug came on very quickly. He immediately felt that the things before him were growing bigger and bigger, while his body rapidly shrank. After a few moments of slight dizziness, he grew accustomed to a panda’s field of vision.

Qin Mo quickly reached out and caught the little panda as it began to fall down. He landed softly in the man’s palms and he was so light that Qin Mo almost did not feel any weight.

He stared fixedly at the soft and obedient little guy in his hand, and the violently surging darkness of his heart was suppressed a little bit.

He bowed his head, close to the furry body of the little panda, and narrowed his eyes while he spoke in a quiet voice. Even so, both of them could hear his words clearly.

“Don’t resist me.”

The little panda, with his round eyes opened wide, did not make a sound. Instead, he rubbed his tiny head against Qin Mo’s palm.

He waited until Qin Mo got up, then he just shifted his body and found a comfortable position. Once he settled himself, he began to contemplate things within his mind.

When dealing with a psychopath, one could not meet force with force. He had to obey and follow along!

As to Qin Mo’s sore point, Shi Qing faintly felt an emotional stirring to some extent. When he made his contract with Qin Mo, it was after that man had been thoroughly rebelled against and deserted. At that time, Shi Qing’s appearance, with regards to Qin Mo, was absolutely drift wood in the sea—a life-saving straw. The level of his importance was self-evident.

Qin Mo himself was extremely insecure, so naturally he would not let go of the ‘system’ that might pull him out of the abyss.

Therefore, the ‘system requesting to leave’, for Qin Mo, was touching his reverse scale1.

With such a thought, Shi Qing felt that he touched on the quintessence of the matter.

He began to ponder over a workable solution that would allow him to move a little while still staying next to Qin Mo.


He could be divided in two!

Ai! Shi Qing felt extremely clever, he wanted to give himself a like, thumbs up ah!

That thing, the system store actually sold it!

It was a pity that he had spent all of his points…he was already poor. He could only to wait for the successful completion of this mission.

However, it was enough that Shi Qing was excited and found a solution. Shi Qing suddenly felt that the future was bright. With all his dealings with darkness, according to the development, after a while he should be able to publish something that would benefit future generations, “The Rules of Conduct to Get Along with a Psychopath,” don’t you think so?

Qin Mo left the house carrying a tiny panda. That plump little guy had completely moved on from a state of contemplation into a deep sleep.

Qin Mo’s slender fingers gently caressed and stroked the glossy fur. He was slow-moving and maintained an elegant posture, but with careful observation it could be seen that his fingertips were trembling slightly. They exposed the truth of his heart.

Intense desires filled every nook and corner in the bottom of Qin Mo’s heart. He felt crazy, like he wanted to hold him tight in the palm of his hand, trapped in his hand, without even a trace of a small crack. Even if he was in pain, even if he cried out or wept, it did not matter.

As long as he belonged to him, he would never be able to escape.

These unspeakable thoughts swallowed up his heart like poisonous snakes. By all possible means, they had to be suppressed. Otherwise, they would ignite and become a raging inferno, burning whomever they touched.

After quite a while, Qin Mo dropped his line of sight, and looked down right in front of his eyes.

He looked down, restrained, morbid, and with a cold feeling in the bottom of his heart, at the little black and white creature. He dropped a very light kiss on him.

——Don’t resist me, don’t give me a reason to completely confine you.


I was gonna recommend a novel but, I’m way too tired man. I hope you enjoyed this chapter, 30 feels like a good milestone for no particular reason. Somehow this chapter was pretty easy and I got way too carried away finishing it today.

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  1. In some Chinese lore, dragons have a single scale that grows the opposite direction of the rest on their throat. They don’t like it if anything touches it, and will usually go on some sort of rampage if that happens. 

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  1. I am an absolute sucker for Qing Mo’s type done perfectly to represent a psycho with huge obsessive tendencies coupled with his ruthless persona. Like it terrifies me thinking if I ever saw a psycho in reality cause no one wants to court death but at the same time, that fantasy of being singularly obsessed over to the point of wanting to be held as the only one in Qing Mo’s sight is enviable. I mean psycho’s in reality can’t be comprehended with logic so you never know what’s in their heads. And I for sure doubt love is the first thing they think about when they wake up in the morning.
    In reality it’s basically suicide but it paints a guilty fetish in my fantasy dreamland when thinking of being the recipient of that morbid, twisted and dark possessive love.
    Though at this stage Qing Mo isn’t in love yet as he sees SQ as his and only his, I still can’t wait to see more of their interaction.
    SQ acting carefree like in front of a psycho like QM is something I applaud him for, grandly. Like I would never have a heart to stay myself if put in that situation – facing a threat like QM every waking moment would have me on edge. I like that it’s due to SQ encounter with death, that let him still retain the carefree, bright and funny personality, that he can be empathetic towards a psycho like QM. Sure he doesn’t him completely but he does make up logical forbearance to QM’s actions with his own insight that SQ actions doesn’t come off as silly or the general white lotus trait. Like sure his comical and cute antics are there in every chapter, most of the time, but you also get to see his inquisitive side that’s followed up by his own observations and insight when watching over QM. And what’s even more adorable is that he actively takes on QM’s side like a cheerleader – always cheering him in praise and worship as well as loyally helping out. And he came to this conclusion even with faced with such a murderous psycho that has no shred of mercy towards others unless it achieves an ultimatum and results in his final end.
    As cute as fuck as this story goes its rather riddled with such a complex of careful considerations, meeting halfway, and a gradual relationship built up that is so well done to have more themes badgered into it seamlessly.
    Thank you so much for translating this Kleep it’s so good (ી(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)ʃ)

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    1. Omg your thoughts are so perfect and I agree wholeheartedly. That’s one of my favourite aspects of this novel. The characters and how their respective personalities are balanced.

      Thanks for reading 😘♥️

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  2. Somehow I want QM to feel secure enough because living like gripping to straw for safety can be deadly dangerous and he himself already knows..and I like SQ to have such compromised personality after careful consideration of the whole situation.. Most people felt compromised is weaknesses but I personally felt it as a type of strength… Compromised not the same as defeat or surrender in my mind.. They have different meaning..

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  3. “Unless…Oh!

    He could be divided in two!

    Ai! Shi Qing felt extremely clever, he wanted to give himself a like, thumbs up ah!”

    Does this mean what I think it means?

    Waiting, waiting…


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  4. ….That is a very terrifying yandere flag. I hope the ML doesn’t end up committing rape and ruining their relationship later. I wonder how he’ll react when he finds out the MC can be in two places at once.

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  5. My only comment is we should add the word ‘Husband’ in the end of this -> The Rules of Conduct to Get Along with a Psychopath, right?

    I feel like the splitting into two would anger a certain psychopath!

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    1. Heheh thanks for reading 😘😘😘

      I was gonna Rex KoD and Ghosts know what I’ve experienced, the horror ones ya know. Or else Laws of the Other World since I edit. But I was brain dead.


  6. Oof that ending line but i must say SQ has a keen sense of preservation it hasn’t led him astray yet 😂😂

    Looking forward to how this arc goes, keep at it but don’t overwork yourself, hang in there~!

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  7. …I’m not against rape, why not?.. Oh, sorry. ………… But why not? Hey, why are so many people against?!.. Just a reason . Perhaps the pheromones of an omega in the next world… (///^///)

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  8. Well at least SQ understood QM to an extent and knows how to calm him down a bit.
    See this is why translations (👍) are better than my spoilers lol, i got this scene wrong, for the spoiler I interpreted the mtl as QM giving SQ the pill rather than SQ taking it himself…. SQ taking it himself is alot better than QM forcing him to take it which relieves QM’s anxious yandere mood.

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