RAAS Chapter 29

Carter looked with rage at the letter that was clearly just a mocking provocation, then tore it to pieces.

Barui was an official of the Kro Tribe and the deputy commander of the Eighth Detachment. His investigation and concealment abilities were very strong, but they were not worth mentioning in comparison to the Kro Tribe’s resources.

Resources were the foundation of a tribe, so if they were lost then the tribe would be directly downgraded. That was absolutely intolerable.

Carter calmed down a little. He knew in his heart that Yalike had no intention, from the start, to let Barui go. He had only taken the opportunity to provoke him to anger and nothing more.

Carter had an irascible temperament, making him easy to anger. That was not a secret across the beastman mainland.

However…Carter sneered, Yalike definitely could not look down on him!

According to the current circumstances, it was almost certain that Aimiya had been exposed. However, Aimiya was a strongly developed sub-beast with an extremely strong ability to control beastmen.

Aimiya seized so many beastmen in order to temper his skills. His spiritual power to guide them was so strong that if you surveyed the entire beastman continent, he was reckoned to be first or second best.

On top of the fact that Yalike had long lost himself in the sub-beast, Aimiya was already well acquainted with Yalike’s power cycle. Thus, his influence would only be greater.

Not to mention that his so-called ‘betrayal’ was without evidence, even if it was conclusive, Yalike must have known very well that it would be extremely difficult to break away from Aimiya and his calming abilities.

With the good foundation beneath their feelings, Yalike would surely sink into oblivion again, as long as Aimiya applied his little tactics. By that time, maybe there would be a surprise.

Even though he was an enemy that betrayed him, Yalike must still have had feelings of tenderness towards the sub-beast. Surely, after being calmed by Aimiya, he would want to release him. As soon as that mentality was exposed, it would definitely be enough to cause the Yassin Tribe beastmen to despair!

When that moment came, it would be time for him to flex his muscles and show his strength!

Hatefully, the Yassin Tribe had managed to seal itself off. Since he was unable to obtain any specific intelligence, it was better not to act blindly without thinking.

Carter sunk deep into contemplation and then his eyes suddenly lit upsealing themselves off was a double-edged sword! Although he could not obtain any news, the Yassin Tribe’s external connections would be extremely weakened.

Do not even mention foreign aid after the war, even if they had exceptional subordinate tribes they would be unable to do anything to assist.

Thinking of the troops he had deployed at an earlier time, Carter began forming a plan in his mind.

In accordance with their original plan, that was if Barui did not expose the situation, they were getting ready to mount a sneak attack to capture the Yassin Tribe’s resources these past few days. Barui went to the Yassin territory just recently in order to join up with Aimiya. On the one hand he was there to speed up the process of killing Yalike’s partnered sub-beast in order to give rise to turmoil amongst their people. On the other hand, Aimiya was to grab hold of and share the battle weaknesses of Yalike’s most powerful warriors so they could make the corresponding preparations for combat.

The second objective was certainly not cleared. As for the first goal, although it was impossible to kill the chief’s exclusive sub-beast in order to cause the greatest sensation, but people’s reaction to his treatment by Yalike foreshadowed how it may go if Aimiya could once again capture Yalike. That effect may be even better than killing the little sub-beast.

Furthermore, at the moment Yalike thought he was so clever by choosing to seal off the tribe!

With the feeling of watching an enemy be foolish, Carter could not help but expose a smiling expression.

He had held off deploying his troops for too long. Now was the best time, they could not miss it!

After scheming for some time, Carter called his leaders in to officially deploy. Beneath the scorching sun, his tribes warriors were lined up into units. Carter appeared before them grandly, boosting the soldier’s morale and invigorating the army.

With regards to those actions, he was no stranger. As a leader, one of the fundamental skills needed was naturally eloquence.

After a short half hour, the preparation prior to the battle was complete. The warrior’s blood was surging and they were itching to charge into the Yassin Tribe’s territory, occupy their resources, plunder their supplies, and then snatch those beautiful and moving sub-beasts!

Carter was very satisfied with them, growing more and more confident.

However, once the army had begun to set out, there was a sudden dense mass of birds that covered a wide expanse of sky over the Kro Tribe.

Carter was shocked. Did someone actually attack them? Was it the Yassin Tribe?

He could feel worry building in the bottom of his heart. Since when did the Yassin Tribe possess such a large number of flying soldiers? How could such immense strength be concealed?

Despite that, after all, he was a veteran of a hundred battles, able to make prompt decisions. He ordered the archers to action and numerous bows shot a plethora of arrows into the sky.

Flying soldiers were generally scarce, mostly deployed for raids, and such a massive attack was simply unprecedented. However, although they were formidable, there were countermeasures. Archers were their deadliest enemies!

To Carter’s surprise, the flying soldiers actually did not show the slightest intention stop. They arrived quickly and left very quickly, the flapping sounds growing greatly before fading away…their incredible speed left everyone watching speechless.

In the end, what the hell was going on?

Carter was perplexed and the soldiers were even more at a loss.

When they regained their senses, they discovered that feathers were slowly falling down from the sky…


Innumerable snowy white feathers fell on almost every soldier.

Several feathers fell down before Carter’s eyes. He picked one up and saw some words written clearly on it, filling him up with rage to the top of his head.

The general idea was that your tribe’s deputy commander Barui was not careful at night as he took a walk into the Yassin Tribe where he was caught by our guard. In view of the special relationship between our two tribes we, the great Yassin, do not wish to make things difficult for you. We merely asked for 3000 crystals so that we could return your lost deputy commander to you, but unfortunately, your chief was too stingy and narrow-minded. He was so reluctant to pay money that he tore the letter to pieces, so now we are quite helpless…but that was really too cold. If I (the letter was written by Erha ) accidentally got stranded in the Kro Tribe’s territory, our honourable chief would certainly be willing to come up with ten thousand crystals to bring me home! Our chief is truly amiable and lovely! Take a look at your chief…hey, although we are from different races, everyone is a beastman, I really feel this is unfortunate for you…

At this time there were several archers who cried out in surprise. They had shot a few birds, so once they fell to the ground they could clearly see that they were models, simply not beastmen! Across the entire beastman continent, these were the most common and the cheapest kind of bird mail…

By that time, many soldiers had already clearly seen the contents on the feathers. It was too much, it was difficult to believe.

Who was Barui? That soldier was known to almost everyone. Although not everyone was fond of his moral character, in the end he was still a beastman of their tribe. Within their tribes, beastmen placed the most value on unity and comradeship amongst the beasts, and abhorred the thought of betrayal and abandonment.

Although the content of the feathers was clearly written in the enemy’s tone, they could be certain that Barui had been captured. As for whether the Yassin Tribe had communicated with Carter, they could not judge, but it was true that Barui had not returned.

Just a moment ago, in Carter’s morale-boosting speech, he actually did not mention a thing about rescuing Barui!

If Carter genuinely cared about the people…how could he forget to mention it at such a crucial point?

Even though they knew that this was the enemy’s strategy used to disrupt their morale, the soldiers were unable to prevent a thread of bitter disappointment from taking root.

Carter’s complexion turned extremely unsightly as he finally realized that he had been forced into deep trouble long ago. He thought that everything was fully under his control, but he did not expect that the other side would go so far as to make a false counter-charge! That despicable and shameless Yassin Tribe!


Owing to the rowdy jeering of the beasts present at the meeting, Moya was very concerned that Yier would be overstimulated. There were three fluctuations in a beastman’s developmental period and Yier had already experienced the first. It stood to reason that the first wave was the most trivial. Some sub-beasts may barely feel anything at first, but during the second and third waves, they may have difficulties maintaining control.

Moreover, during the second wave, adolescent sub-beasts would release their gradually maturing hormones on a large scale. That not only gave them a restless night of tossing in their sleep, but could also be picked up by a single beastman’s sense of smell.

The aroma was difficult to put into words. Moya was a sub-beast, so he could not experience it himself. However, he had witnessed many single beastmen be fascinated by the scent, some even going crazy.

A beastman with an exclusive sub-beast could withstand the scent due to the sub-beast’s suppression, but for a single beastman, it was difficult to resist.

That was also an instinct granted them by the Beast God that allowed them to multiply. Any beastman who encounters his other half would be filled with endless desire towards him.

Yier’s constitution was so extraordinary and his first wave reaction was so strong. Moya could not imagine what kind of commotion the second wave would bring about.

He could not help wrinkling his brow. He really wanted to have Yier take some medicine to manage it, but he also felt that this was not the solution. Once he truly began to experience the  fluctuation, that medicine would be of no use.

Besides, Yier already had a beloved person in his heart…hey…it was really difficult to handle.

Moya racked his brains thinking and, at the same time, Shi Qing was also earnestly mulling things over.

Wherever he went, Qin Mo brought Shi Qing along. When he arranged the matter of troop deployment, Shi Qing was also there observing. With regards to Qin Mo’s plan, Shi Qing had complete faith in him.

To be honest, the task did not seem as difficult as he had imagined. At the current pace things were progressing at, unless there was a huge unexpected factor, one month would probably be enough to take care of things.

​​Qin Mo was never very talkative when it came to his plans. On the one hand, Shi Qing really did not have much to do with those things. On the other hand, he was worried about getting involved and making a mistake, then losing face, especially if the plan was to mislead others.

However, he also had his own little idea.

These days he had a lot of contact with the beastmen. He had a very favourable impression towards this passionately bold and unrestrained race. Although the pattern of their society was a bit problematic (men and men loving each other and able to bear children), he had no choice but to acknowledge their matchless loyalty and devotion towards their partners.

It may also be that their inherent qualities led to a high degree of compatibility between them.

Although the beastmen were strong, intelligent, and high in combat abilities, they could not control their own power. Although sub-beasts were small and weak, they had gentle temperaments and powerful spiritual strength that was capable of helping beastmen to suppress their wild power.

Their partnership was more vividly explained with the principles of a key and a lock. They were each an indispensable existence and both needed the other.

With those physiological requirements, on top of their sentimental feelings, their loyalty to their mates was far greater than humans.

That race that was so passionate, brave and loyal left a very favourable impression on Shi Qing. He knew that this was a real worldeven when he and Qin Mo left, these beastmen would continue on with their own lives.

Therefore, he desired to do something for them. He could not start some major event, but he could at least help them improve their food…

When he thought of those officials gnawing on dry bread and pickles instead of something delicious, he felt…Beastmen truly had to experience some hardships.

However…there was a very difficult problem.

That was, Qin Mo kept Shi Qing at his side and carried him everywhere, whether he was a jade pendant, a dagger or even a tiny panda. It made sense, since all of those things were unable to move freely.

At present, he was now a human being. Perhaps he could act on his own?

He was very self-aware. He would not run around all over the place and would not act recklessly. He would not leave the tribe and would not hinder the mission’s progress, so it should be okay?


This chapter was very difficult for some reason. I think because it focused so much on the other tribe so I wasn’t as inspired to get it finished. I’m not really sorry because I’ve been really busy. But I am a little sorry because I’m Canadian. Enjoy! The next ones should go quicker.

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    2. I think that has been done in reality, while at war the enemies throw propaganda from planes to try to make the soldiers desert or create distrust amongst them. Then they were later forbidden from picking the enemies’s propaganda. Or so I remember.

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