PUP Volume 2 Chapter 17

Translator: Piper Panda

Editor: Kleep

Hill did not have the slightest degree of awareness that a normal kidnapper would usually possess. He walked with his lover and Zeno and ignored the plague demon who was ravaging Providence Cityhe knew what the plague demon was doing.

While they were walking, Hill had been testing Zeno again and again, and had already figured out his current physical condition.

Zeno was in an awkward position and had to try to shift the subject, “Uncle Hill, how did you find me?”

Hill pointed to the little tarot box on his chest, “This little thing told me,” then he teased him, “How did you get yourself in such a sticky situation? Your little father must not have been careful with you.”

Zeno could not stand seeing others bad mouth his protagonist, and immediately retorted, “It’s not a matter of who’s to blame, he is still small, and I believe he will find me!”

That’s right, the trust of a true fanboy was so direct and pure.

Hill smiled sullenly, “I know, I know, he is incomparable to you, but this time, he definitely would not have found you, little guy. Now you will be staying with me.”

Upon hearing this, Zeno was immediately on alert, “Uncle Hill, what do you mean!”

“What I mean is…ah, we arrived at Providence City. Why is the small plague not gone? It has not come out for thousands of years, maybe its brain has become dull.”

The brown-haired warrior walked in front of the city gate, but there was no movement. He only lightly lifted his hand, and the colourful light curtain that prevented the plague demon from entering silently cracked open into a small gap. The three people walked in smoothly without alerting anyone.

Almost all the strong experts of Providence City were dispatched, even Belle came with her father to help deal with this disaster.

The plague demon’s roar rang out intermittently, but unexpectedly it did not launch an attack.

Principal Colin and the high priest of the temple stood with dignity side by side in the air, “This demon seems to be looking for someone.”

Yes, the plague demon’s roar was it calling out in the demon’s language. Principal Colin, who was well versed, could barely understand what the plague demon said, ‘Maiya’.

One more roar gave off the feeling as if the plague demon was crying blood.

Finally, when the long-lasting roar did not receive any response, the plague demon seemed to have lost its patience and started to violently attack the defensive array that protected the city. The colorful light curtains swayed, overwhelmed, with slight signs of fragmentation.

The evil aura of the plague demon swept through every inch of Providence City, before finally staying on an unexpected personthe candidate for the light saintess, Belle!

Belle was shrouded in the strong evil aura, and could not help but wrinkle her eyebrows. As a magician possessing the light attribute, she was obviously very disgusted with this evil aura. Although Belle was a femme fatale, and her character was not great, that did not mean she wanted anything to do with the plague demon. In addition, their attributes repelled each other. However, it was too late. In order to break the defensive circle, the plague devil did not hesitate, even if it meant he had to sacrifice his life essence.

That was the beginning of Belle’s nightmares.

The plague demon’s aura surrounded Belle and caused her face to turn red and white in deep humiliation. She naturally heard her father’s words. Was it true that this ‘Maiya’ the demon was looking for was her?

It was ridiculous. The future light saintess was companions with a demon?

Belle’s face was getting colder and colder, her white fingers were clenching tighter and tighter, and she was silently preparing for this demon to get a taste of her fist.

Unfortunately, she was still too naive. The fierce demons of ancient times that ran rampant all over the lands were not something a small girl could possibly go up against. Not counting her, even her father and the temple priest’s combined power could not stop it.

They could only hear the long roar of the plague demon before a black wind-swept the future light saintess out of the colorful light barrier and took her far away. Principal Colin tried to stop it, but he instead wound up being seriously injured and fainted.

Belle was wrapped in the black wind could not even move one finger. The intention of the plague demon was unclear. If she could understand the demonic language, she would have known that the demon said, “Maiya, I finally found you.”

Belle did not know that this day was the beginning of her many years in hell.

Hill, who had just witnessed such a good show, thought out loud to himself, “I didn’t expect her to be Maiya.”

Zeno still could not see anything and he did not know what Hill said. He just felt relieved when the evil aura vanished.

After a few days, news about what happened in Providence City had spread throughout the mainland. A plague demon had attacked the holy city and took the candidate for light saintess. It also destroyed the magical array left by the Goddess of Light. For a long time, the whole mainland was heartbroken.

Zeno was bored to death as he laid on the bed watching the magic bulletin that Hill had given him. The person who recorded the video probably used all his courage to not let his hands shake too much, but the shaky video still made people dizzy.

The video was the scene of the plague demon’s attack, and was accompanied by a live report.

When he saw that Belle was taken away, he was unsure if it was a blessing or a curse.

Belle was not a good person, but Principal Colin who lost his daughter was a bit pitiful.

“Little one, why did you sigh like a wise man?”

Hearing this voice, Zeno climbed up hopped on one foot while he tried to put on his other shoe, “Uncle Hill, you have to send me back, Baba must be looking for me everywhere!”

Hill picked up Zeno from the back of his collar, like a kitten, and turned him around so Zeno could look at him face to face before he dropped out a bomb, “Who said I wanted to send you back? I won’t send you back now. Moreover, you won’t see him within the next three years.”

After he finished, he informed Zeno, “Yes, get ready, we are leaving.”

Zeno stood, dumbfounded.

After Hill left there, he went straight to Providence College. Principal Colin had already woken up, but his face looked gray and old. When he saw Hill, there was a glimmer of light in his eyes. If it was this person, if it was him, he would be able to rescue his daughter.

Principal Colin opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, he was interrupted by Hill, “I know what you want to say, but I’m unable to do this. But don’t worry, I don’t mean that others can’t do it. There is a student in your school named Xi Wei. He can help you five years later. Your daughter won’t be in danger of dying.”

After saying that, Hill vanished without a trace

In the high magic tower, Principal Colin crazily flipped through ancient books,  constantly muttering through his breath, “Maiya.”

Finally, he seemed to have found something, he stopped flipping, and the precious ancient book fell from his hands. A gust of wind blew open the pages of the book, and brushed the line of words, “Maiya, one of the seven superior demons, full title, Demon of Envy Maiya.”

Principal Colin closed his eyes and walked away, dejected.

Meanwhile, the brown-haired warrior, who had everything under control, was carrying a heavy load. With one hand, he was carrying a noisy Zeno while waiting for Hill to return.

Hill saw him, and could not help but reveal a smile. Whether smashing the seas, or in the annihilation of an era, he would always accompany him.

Zeno was very resentful. This handsome brown-haired guy simply ignored him. Even if he refused to tell him the reason, he was forcefully taken. There were no human rights for the young! Not satisfied!

Hill picked up Zeno and held him. The brown warrior showed no disapproval, but also did not say much. He always respected Asil’s decision.

Hill patted Zeno’s head, “You don’t want to die quietly as part of the shadow race. With no other adults around you assist you, only I can help you survive your awakening period.”

What the hell is an awakening?!

Seeing no response from Zeno, Hill continued, “Every person from the shadow race will go through an awakening period at about five years of age. After this awakening period, it will be like a butterfly breaking out of a cocoon, but the awakening period lasts for three years. The person will be in a fragile coma the entire time. It is a heavy burden for the caretaker. If you stayed with him, it will not be of any benefit to you.”

After talking about this, Zeno fell into silence. Even though he really did not want to leave, he knew that if what Uncle Hill said was true, then this was indeed the best option.

Looking at the faraway walls of Providence City, Zeno silently said in his heart, Wait for me.

Piper: Hey guys! It’s been a really busy week for me, I’ve been playing catch up with my classes cuz I got a little behind. And I swear my teachers must have conspired with each other to give me homework this weekend! 2 essays, 1 art project and like 6 pages of miscellaneous work. Orz. Anyway did you know that they launched the last ever delta 2 rocket over the weekend? I got front row seats to watch it. It was absolutely gorgeous! K, I’m off to my homework, see you later!

Kleep: I promise I’m working hard on next RAAS chapter. Promise. This chapter is also the end of Volume 2!!

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