PUP Volume 2 Chapter 13

Translator: Piper Panda

Editor: Kleep

In this way, the kidnappers reached an agreement with the employer to complete the underground transaction in exchange for Zeno.

In the third era, Providence City was one of the main battlefields during the Demon War. Due to the weakness of human beings, some detours had to be taken. So, at that time, they built complex underground passages and underground darkrooms that were well-connected. This was where the perpetrators were hiding.

However, these tunnels had long since been abandoned. Many places had collapsed and there was no way to form effective connections. Ordinary people would not come to these dark, unventilated tunnels. Some people even transformed their own underground tunnels into a basement to store things.

Belle was very clever. The hiding place she used was almost completely hidden. For such a big city, its underground was mostly empty. Even if someone thought of searching the underground tunnels, it was very difficult to search for several kids in such a complicated labyrinth.

This also provided an excellent time and place for transferring and hiding.

Of course, that was only if they never left the labyrinth.

Even if she was not willing, as a kidnapper, Belle had to hold Zeno personally. Walking through the dark tunnel, her cold, beautiful side profile was lit up by the dim torch-light in the tunnel, which gave it a cold vibe.

Lyon followed Belle through the intricate tunnel. While walking she could not help but praise the people of the third era for their magnificent labyrinth.

As they continued travelling, they passed an unusually tall and wide passage. On the ground were track-like things, and Lyon couldn’t help but ask, “Miss Belle, why is it different from other tunnels here?”

Belle was acting aloof, and replied as if it were an honor to receive a reply from her, “It is said that this road was used in the Third Age, it was called a Magic Train. It was an important means of transportation, just like our Transmission arrays. It was used for bringing important supplies to people who were hiding in these tunnels to get away from the Demons.”

It was the first time Lyon had heard such a story. She grew up during a peaceful era, so she could not help but feel a little fascinated by tales of war.

In the dim underground passage, while the kidnappers were talking about this world’s long lost past, suddenly, a song was heard.

This song was so abrupt, so strange, it made the people in the desolate tunnel feel cold and dreary for some reason

Zeno felt a chill travel down his spine and his hair stood straight up on end. The lyrics were very vague and unclear, but the miserable feeling the song gave hit head on.

Belle said repulsed, “Those disgusting dark elves who can’t be exposed to the light, I will get rid of you all sooner or later.”

Zeno could not see anything. He could only use the conversation of the people around him to figure out the situation. He knew that the seemingly soft and comfortable embrace he was in now was actually that of the femme fatale Belle, and that Princess Jonia was being carried on the back of that space magician. Oh, and their temporary destination was Providence Academy.

Belle intended to bring them back to the Providence Academy and then arrange for them to escape from the city. Unfortunately for Zeno, no one would think that the kidnappers would use the residence of the principal to hide their captives.

Zeno was anxious. That female magician must have somehow given them a magical potion to block their vision. The feeling of not being able to see anything was too infuriating.

However, he really did not dare to act rashly. The original Belle was a horrible, vicious woman. She was only, at most, two years older than Jonia, but when Jonia could only produce two wind blades simultaneously, this light saintess candidate was already at the Great Magister level, one level above Master Clark1. This talent was simply inhuman.

This also meant that Zeno was unlikely to escape just by using his own strength.

It took a lot of effort for Belle to take him back and not simply kill him directly. She must have a purpose. Before she could achieve this goal, there would probably be no danger to his life.

In the current situation, Belle was a knife and Zeno was a fish on a chopping block, he could only take things step by step.

After awhile, Zeno could feel the sun’s rays hitting his face. Then he heard the voice of the female magician, “Miss Belle is really daring, to actually bring us to Providence College. Aren’t you afraid of your father, the highly respected Principal Colin?”

Zeno’s ears suddenly perked up, Providence College!

Belle replied, “What’s so scary about Providence College, I can do anything I want here.”

These words were full of self-confidence. Of course, she had enough confidence to fill the capital. Principal Colin was also very trusting of and loving towards her; he also placed a lot of his hopes on her.

Zeno closed his eyes, his eyes shifted under his eyelids, while he continued to pretend to be asleep, and obediently stayed in the arms of Belle.

Belle grinned and threw Zeno into a chair with a look of disappointment. She wiped her hands, “You come with me. As long as you are honest, I will naturally send you out of the city when night falls.”

When she said this sentence, Lyon opened her mouth and closed it again, her face changed to a vigilant expression, and Jia Er stayed hidden behind the screen in the room.

Right when they got to their hiding place a maid’s voice came from outside, “Miss Belle, you have a guest waiting for you.”

“What guest?”

The maid’s answer was very respectful, “It’s Xiao Wu from the temple.”

Belle’s face changed slightly, “You greet her first, I will be there in a second.”

The maid quietly left, and Belle stood up, lost in thought. Her eyes swept over Zeno, who was still pretending to sleep. She thought that with only two people, one being a small child, they could not cause all that much trouble. So, after telling Lyon a few things, she left to go receive the guest.

Belle’s footsteps were in a hurry. It seemed that this Xiao Wu person was a particularly important person to make the arrogant and aloof Belle move in such a hurry.

The transmission array in the courtyard flashed with a bright light before returning to normal, but now there was a young girl standing on the magical array. The girl was about fifteen to sixteen years old, and full of vitality. Belle’s aloof aura vanished instantly when she saw the girl. There was a kind of intimacy around the two girls that made all the surrounding people smile.

Belle slightly pulled up the corner of her mouth, revealing a suspicious smile. Her voice softened as she said, “Xiao Wu weren’t you going to participate in the Light Magician Tournament, why are you back so soon?”

Xiao Wu happily smiled as if she did not have a single care in the world, “Obviously because I missed you, Belle Jie2.”

Belle stepped forward to help Xiao Wu down from the magical array. Xiao Wu smiled again, and looked around before walking into Belle’s house.

Since there were still people in Belle’s room, Belle could not let her in. She immediately grabbed Xiao Wu’s exquisite hand and said, “Xiao Wu, you haven’t been here for a long time. My father has missed you very much. Let’s go greet him first.”

Xiao Wu did not suspect her at all, she simply nodded to show her consent.

Plans never go the way you want them to. Coincidentally, at this time, Principal Colin’s voice sounded, “You don’t have to inconvenience yourself, Xiao Wu should stay with Belle. This child’s temper is too cold, and you are such a good friend to her. When you are away, she is lonely.”

Belle’s face mouth twitched slightly, and she couldn’t think of any rebuttal. She just stared at her toes and tried to think of countermeasures.

She could not refuse simply because she wanted to. For right now, all she could do was find a way to get Xiao Wu to leave, but she could not just bluntly ask her to leave.

Unfortunately for her, although Belle had a lot of wisdom, there are things that could not be done. Something like that arrival of Xiao Wu was a factor she could never control.

Xiao Wu smiled sweetly and bowed to Principal Colin, “Uncle Colin, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

Colin smiled a little, “How did this year’s Light Magician Tournament end so early?”

Xiao Wu’s face was saddened, “The plague demon’s seal broke, so all the priests rushed back to the temple to find a solution.”

Colin nodded thoughtfully, then asked, “Did God appoint a new Oracle yet?”

Xiao Wu was bewildered, she obviously did not know anything.

Colin asked a few more questions before leaving in a hurry.

Xiao Wu breathed a sigh of relief, then snuck up to Belle’s side, “How’s that little unicorn you raised?”

As everyone knew, unicorns only love pure and beautiful girls, so the one that Belle raised was very well-behaved, and Xiao Wu loved it intensely.

If it was any other time Belle would not hesitate to let her go to see it. But this time was different, Belle did not want to expose the people hiding in her courtyard. She did not want Xiao Wu to know, then get suspicious till the only option left would be to silence her.

When Belle looked up again, she noticed that Xiao Wu had already began to head in the direction of Belle’s room. Xiao Wu frowned, “How come there is such a strong dark element presence near your courtyard?”

Belle’s heart skipped a beat. She forgot that Xiao Wu had an extremely acute sense towards the dark element. That little demon had a huge affinity for the dark element, so this was going to be troublesome.

While Belle was distracted with her thoughts, Xiao Wu had already walked up to the door of the room. When she saw the little demon who was ‘sleeping’, the surprise on her face could not be hidden.

Everyone knew how hard it was to get close to Belle with her cold personality. It was too ridiculous for her to have a child in her room.

Before she could asked, Belle took the initiative to ‘explain’, “This kid was brought back by Vera.”

The simple-minded Xiao Wu did not doubt her words, and when she saw the school uniform on Zeno, she was relieved. Although the child had a dark constitution, ‘she’ was a still an academy student.

This ‘little girl’ looked pretty cute, so it was understandable that the little unicorn Vera would bring her back.

After she lingered for a while, Belle was able to send Xiao Wu away. Belle began consider whether it was really safe to hide those people into the college?

Meanwhile, after Xiao Wu left Belle’s house she thought aloud to herself while admiring the snow-covered view of the college, “Stange, that child in Belle Jie’s room looked familiar3.”

Xiao Wu did not discover the student hiding his presence while he walked near her. He paused when he happened to hear this sentence, before quickly turning around and swiftly departing.

It’ll take me a few minutes, but Chapter 14 will be posted soon. What a good little panda I have!

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  1. Master Clark is a magister, and here are the ranks again in case you forgot.
    Magic Apprentice
    Junior Magician
    Intermediate Magician
    Senior Magician
    Great Magister
    Deity Forming
  2. Means ‘Older Sister Belle’, and in this context it’s probably a term of endearment as well as calling an older disciple in the same area 
  3. It has been five years, we can’t really blame her for not recognizing Zeno. but it’s still so frustrating! 

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