RAAS Chapter 28

Before Yalike’s mind was taken over, he was an arrogant man who would not acknowledge his mistakes. Not even if he died. Of course, he had outstanding abilities and his contributions were numerous, so the beastmen showed more tolerance towards him. They did not tug at him too much, after all, every home had its own matters right?

Even regarding the affair with Aimiya, the beastmen were only just beginning to dislike things. They were disappointed with the situation, but they could only stand in a circle and watch, waiting expectantly for their chief to wake up.

As long as Yalike separated from that beauty before he botched things up, they would not snub the sub-beast and they would still be willing to forgive him.

However, even if they beat him to death, no one expected that Yalike would ever stoop to apologize to them!

The quiet at first came from their disbelief, but the carousing afterwards came straight from their hearts!

Yalike’s attitude was now upright, modest, and more moderate, yet he did not lose that wise and farsighted, heroic aura from the past. Not only did he let go of the outsider Aimiya, but he also repaired the relationship between he and Yier and brought them much closer together. The various species of beastmen felt their original dissatisfaction and frustration go up in smoke.

At that time, Da Bai stood up and gave a detailed explanation of what happened.

So, actually, as it turned out!

Aimiya actually colluded with a beastman of the Kro Tribe and communicated with their enemies in a vain attempt to topple the Yassin Tribe’s political power!

The reason Yalike was behaving so absurdly was because he was unexpectedly under the influence of passion-confusing powder!

Passion-confusing powder was the most offensive drug for beastmen. If it was taken by a beastman, the power of their heat over their mind would be doubled and their wildness and power would be uncontrolled, surging through their bodies in waves. If they were not pacified by a sub-beast they could actually explode and die.

The beastman in that state had no resistance whatsoever to any sub-beast that presented themselves at the door. Aimiya had long ago developed his abilities as a sub-beast, so he was matchless when it came to his ability to control a beastman in that state through their desires.

After being drugged and then psychologically controlled, it was no wonder that Yalike would be so captivated by and even crazy about Aimiya in such a short time.

After hearing this explanation, the beastmen were even more stirred up.

As expected, their chief was not the scum they had begun to imagine him to be!

Leaning forward in his position in Qin Mo’s palm, Shi Qing could not stop his mouth from dropping open. He got to see such a good show so early in the morning, how could he begin to express his complex mood?

Should he admire the extraordinary acting of his host? Or should he sigh with sorrow at this purely nonsensical white-washing?

Passion-confusing powder your sister! Yalike was merely confused my ass! Yalike was, pure and simple, being his high-maintenance, sinful self. Yalike was completely delighted to kneel down below Aimiya’s skirt, unwilling to manage his responsibilities due to his arrogance. He was under the impression that he was the greatest under heaven and that he alone held supremacy, so he thought he had no limits to his actions and disregarded his proper business.

However, now that Qin Mo wanted to regain the peoples’ hearts and unite the populace, it was unavoidable that they must wash Yalike’s scum behaviour white at once. The passion-confusing powder was indeed a good excuse.

When the beastmen finally calmed down, Qin Mo began to speak once again, “The Kro Tribe arranged for Aimiya to infiltrate so that I would be at odds with everyone, to manufacture disputes, and cause civil unrest. They planned to wait until we were fighting amongst ourselves, at which point they would send troops mount a sneak attack. They wanted to invade our land and resources, occupying our homeland for themselves!”

The last sentence was particularly loud and clear, as if it was a hammer smashing directly into the beastmens’ hearts.

Once the beastmen had their passion ignited, Qin Mo once again burst out in speech, “We are the Beast God’s children! We yearn for freedom and love our tribe. We are born warriors, willing to fight without fear, and defending our homeland is our lifelong mission!”

“All invaders, provocateurs, and aggressors will be gone forever! Use your sharp claws to tear their bodies to shreds and your large teeth to rip open their throats! Let them pay the price of repentance for their arrogance and folly with their blood and their lives!”

Such inspiring words, every sentence struck their very core. Just a brief half-hour meeting managed to bring the Yassin Tribe completely to life!

First, he acted below his station and apologized, then started an ingenious and suave self-whitewashing campaign, followed by throwing out Aimiya and the Kro Tribe to pull the people’s hatred, and finally he delivered an impassioned speech to raise morale…

Shi Qing, Host, you’re truly a bear.

After the meeting, where each new high point was replaced by another, ended, the beastmen began leaving the meeting hall and created quite a stir.

The effects of the medicinal pill Shi Qing was given finally wore off and he immediately felt a little off. Before he could even jump down, his body quickly became larger and in the blink of an eye he was back to his human form.

He was originally lying in Qin Mo’s hands, so when he suddenly became larger, the palm of a hand was naturally not big enough to hold him. However, Qin Mo reacted very quickly, placed one hand behind Shi Qing’s back, and held him firmly within his arms.

Shi Qing had still not adapted, so he could only passively wrap his arms around Qin Mo’s neck in order to prevent falling to the ground and landing flat on his ass.

As a result, the two men appeared even more intimate.

The beastmen who had initially left made all sorts of rustling as they furtively looked back over.

They were so excited to see Yalike and Yier embracing so sweetly!

One brazen beastman roared out, “Chief! Give him a kiss!”

Soon, all of those beastmen brimming with enthusiasm were heckling the two. At the moment their chief was full of ‘love and respect’, and that was coupled with the fact that Yalike and Yier were a legitimate couple. Everyone really loved to see and hear public displays of affection.

Therefore, although the meeting hall had just been filled with the discussion of official business, it now echoed with the raised voices within, “Kiss him! Kiss him! Chief, give him a kiss!”

Shi Qing was already foolish with anger, Motherfuckers, are you playing a joke? He merely came to play the role of an NPC, he was not so enlightened that he would die a martyr!

Although this system has calmly and coolly accepted your world setting where true love exists between a man and a man, do not expect if of my body, okay?

Everyone was foolishly creating such a careless disturbance!

Although his side had flown into a complete rage out of humiliation, Yier’s honest and open face opened up a huge pitfall for him. Regardless of why his face was red, his expression could only appear bashful. Sorry, rather than repelling others, that expression was too adorable!

Qin Mo stood completely motionless and looked at the young man he held in his arms. He noticed that his ears were slightly trembling and he could not help shifting his deep eyes to look at those beautiful pink lips.

Shi Qing was stunned and in his heart he was thinking, Brother, there’s no need to be so dedicated! You don’t have to play along to this point! Really, no need!

Ultimately, the veterinarian Moya stepped in and calmly interrupted the exuberant atmosphere.

“What’s all this noise! Yier is in his developmental period, you are prohibited from any aggressive behavior whatsoever!”

He only needed to say this one thing and all of the beastmen let out deep sighs, they felt that it was truly a great pity…but, most of them had already been around the block. Even if they had not experienced it personally, the beastmen were also well aware of the sub-beast’s developmental period.

As a result, no one dared to keep heckling the two and instead chose to share meaningful and heartfelt words.

“Chief, you have to persevere, during the period of development sub-beasts can’t blah blah blah…”

“Chiefs, it’s vital that you maintain control. After the developmental period you can immediately…heh heh heh…” While that perverted advice was being said, the sub-beast next to the speaker gave him a look and the beastman quickly shut up.

Once Shi Qing could finally escape, he quickly took advantage of the opportunity and jumped down, then began to run away.

Before he ran far, his wrist was tightly grasped. Qin Mo looked at him and ordered, “Stay by my side.”

Shi Qing, “…” Returning in silence, he thought he had better let the host calm down so the man did not get ill. Such a generous system as he was certainly rare in the world!

Qin Mo often handled matters competently and in a terrifying manner. The previous two missions were good examples. The current task had a time limit, so in order to acquire the most possible points, he had to execute it all the more rapidly. There was not even a little time to waste.

To fully unite the Yassin Tribe, Qin Mo immediately gathered the tribe’s officials.

The beastmen had all been discussing matters for a long time and hunger began to pull at their stomachs. Moreover, a series of commands were issued and they had reviewed more than ten different plans to face an attack and meet it, progressively refining the particulars.

From beginning to end, Shi Qing was an observer. At the beginning he was exhilarated to be able to listen to all the official talk. Eventually, the more he heard, the more dull it got. He tossed around from side-to-side, it was so troublesome with all of the crafty plots and machinations. It hurt his brain cells and really wanted pull some food from the storage bracelet hidden beneath his sleeves!

He had been hungry since early that morning and while sitting still he grew even hungrier. It was a pity that his host was a psychopath that would not let him leave. It was truly a tragedy.

At long last there was a gap in the proceedings, so Qin Mo asked him, “Hungry?”

Shi Qing nodded hurriedly, practically weeping, hungry!

Qin Mo turned around and instructed, “Everyone, let’s eat a meal now.”

The other officials sighed loudly. They did not dare to abandon the chief’s request, even though there were still business matters to attend to. They were not matters of life and death.

After a short while the food was laid out. After only a quick glance, Shi Qing’s face went green.

How could he forget this matter, the beastmen’s food was really crude!

Dry bread, large flavourless pickles, meat boiled in nothing but clear water, as well as several unusually shaped fruits.

According to Yier’s recollections, this was already a ‘sumptuous’ meal, since a chief of that rank would be fed finer foods.

When Shi Qing saw it all he suddenly had a full feeling.

He examined the officials, a piece of dry bread in their left hands and a chunk of thigh meat in their right hands, gnawing, biting and consuming. Wasn’t that a joy?

Shi Qing thought longingly of the countless delicacies in his wristband…but in a public place with numerous people, he could not just magically pull it all out.

Qin Mo had always been very apathetic to those ‘mere worldly possessions’ and fully demonstrated the sublime level of enlightenment present in high level cultivators.

Despite that, when he saw that Shi Qing did not eat, he thought that he understood a little bit.

Shi Qing coughed, hesitated for half of the day, then finally said, “I have something to do, mind if I go into the house?”

Qin Mo glanced at him, then stood up and answered, “Sounds good.”

Shi Qing was excited and he quickly rushed back to the house.

He headed into the house and quickly pulled out a tray of delicacies. He happily began to eat while simultaneously mulling over things. The beast world was not without ingredients; the main problem was that no one had taken the time to master their use. Although he was no expert, perhaps he could pretend to come up with some samples to inspire them?

Whatever the outcome, at least the beastmen could begin to improve their low living standards. They lived in dirt houses, had only rustic wooden furniture, and also ate poor food dishes. There were too many hardships in that kind of daily life.



Chief Carter was pacing back and forth in the room, that guy Barui had been gone for so long and there was still no news!

Aimiya had already infiltrated the Yassin Tribe more than six months ago and had succeeded in capturing Yalike. According to the plan, Yalike had already begun to neglect government affairs. By that time, Aimiya would incite him to dispose of his sub-beast partner and that should be enough to cause anger in the citizens! After, he planned to lurk within the Yassin tribe…

Carter had not finished going over his current train of thoughts when an emergency notification was brought to his door.

He quickly let the person, who was in the form of a black bat, into the house. The beastman immediately reverted to his human form.

He kneeled down on the ground, his facial expression terrified, and reported, “Chief! Barui was caught!”

Carter was furious. He grabbed the wooden chair beside him and broke it, “That waste!”

“What about Aimiya?”

“I was temporarily unable to contact him. The Yassin Tribe was sealed off, so those on the inside did not dare to act blindly without thinking.”

When he heard those words, Carter’s face turned cloudy and undecided.

Soon after, another letter was flown over. The signature: Yalike.

The chief swiftly read over the contents and his rage rocketed, “The big eagle has started to talk! He’s just a small deputy commander, but Yalike actually wants to use his life in exchange for our tribe’s resources! He really is fucking crazy!”


The beastmen are true bros. Kiss him! Kiss him!

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