RAAS Chapter 27

Aimiya was alarmed when he heard Yalike’s words.

After he was sent to the prison, he calmed down. Since he was not dead, there was surely a way to survive. He was just waiting for an opportunity.

During that time alone, he had meticulously sifted through his memories of the entire course of events. He realized in shock that he was so terrified of Yalike in that moment that he was thrown into a confused state of mind and lost his way. After that he made wrong step after wrong step, which led to failure.

Aimiya could not figure it out. He and Yalike had gotten along very well for a long time. Although that man was indeed as outstanding as the rumours portrayed him, at the same time he was just an ordinary beastman. He was addicted to the comfort that a sub-beast could provide, taking pleasure in the ultimate benefits that existed. He thought that he completely understood Yalike, but the situation from the day brought everything toppling down. At that time Yalike placed him under such immense pressure that he could barely breathe.

By that time, he had calmed down and could not help consoling himself. The circumstances were quite extraordinary after all. Yalike had appeared so abruptly that he suddenly panicked, and his slightly guilty conscience combined with being startled. Under the various psychological factors, he mistakenly perceived  Yalike as especially terrifying.

After thinking things through, the tension eased from Aimiya’s strained heart. Even though he was in prison, Aimiya believed that Yalike would surely come back. Even if Yalike had truly abandoned him, since he had colluded with the Kro Tribe then the Chief would sure be concerned about that matter. He would thereby need to come down in order to uncover any hidden information.

He had to exploit the opportunity when it came and capture Yalike once more!

Aimiya understood very well the deadly attraction that beastmen felt towards a sub-beast.

Aimiya had thought everything out so well and Yalike had appeared just as he desired, but the moment he looked at that man straight on, that crushing pressure hit him in the face once more and he forgot everything. The psychological strength that he built up was on the verge of collapsing and it became as fragile as papier-mâché—one could easily perforate it with a finger.

Aimiya suddenly snapped out of it: No, Yalike must have something to ask, otherwise he wouldn’t have come, surely he-, certainly he must need something!

Aimiya seemed to have emboldened himself. He looked to Yalike, strong and indifferent, and said, “I know that right now it’s unlikely that you will believe me. You must feel like I’ve betrayed you, you trust the other beastmen, but they always looked down on me, they…”

Before he could speak words of ‘being totally devoted’, he was entirely incapable of saying any more.

His pretty head was stepped on and pushed down to the ground. A sturdy leather boot was pressing on his delicate cheek, and Yalike was like a master living high and looking down on him as if he was petty and low like mole crickets and ants1.

“I never talk nonsense,” the man’s low voice echoed in the gloomy and cold dungeon, penetrating Aimiya’s heart with its sinister tone, “I don’t want to listen to nonsense.”

He did not have the slightest bit of pity as he ground that stunning face into the ground, then stooped over and looked into Aimiya’s eyes as he said, “I have something here that suits you very well.”

After he finished speaking, a slight smile played at the corner of his lips, but there was not even the slightest smiling expression in his eyes. They were still detached and indifferent, their hidden depths icy cold.

Was this really Yalike? This truly…

When Aimiya saw clearly what was in Qin Mo’s hand, he completely lost his ability to think. His complexion turned deathly pale, he began trembling all over, and he cried out, beside himself with fear, “No, no…you can’t give that to me, you can’t!”

“Please, don’t, just ask me Yalike, I’ll tell you everything! I’ll tell you everything, just don’t give that to me!”

“Oh, you want to speak?”

Aimiya was basically prostrate, every bit of dignity was just empty talk in front of that thing. He never knew that Yalike would actually have it, and when he called to mind its horror, he could hardly form words, “Yalike, yes that’s right, Yalike, I…”

“However, I don’t want to listen,” said Qin Mo. His deep voice was like the Grim Reaper sweeping his sickle through the dark of night.

Aimiya was unable to say a single word. The despair in his eyes nearly overflowed, right up until that moment he had not know what outcome he had provoked.

Fear, dread, and despair. All of those negative emotions engulfed his heart like a poisonous snake. He finally realized that the origin of the formidable power pressuring him was because the man before him had become a devil. He had no consideration for prior relationships and held only contempt towards life and death. He had no qualms over shedding blood, he was truly a crazy devil!

‘Do you know why you’re not dead? Because, I don’t want you to have a good death.’

Those words spoken before surfaced in his mind, their meaning now clear-cut and defined.

It was better to die than to live.

Aimiya never thought he would attempt suicide, but at the moment, he only hoped to die immediately!

He tried in vain to bite his tongue, but the devil did not let him go so easily.

Qin Mo captured his chin and forcefully fed him the thumb sized thing within his hand.

“Enjoy this bone eroding worm from the Dark Nation.”

The bone eroding worm was the most horrifying existence in the beastman’s world.

It did not have the slightest amount of fighting strength and it was extremely difficult for it to survive. After just a few seconds of exposure to the sun it would be burnt to ashes.

Despite that, it was able to incur a truly terrifying disaster if it managed to enter the body of any living creature.

Organisms invaded by the worm will be unable to control their own body and they cannot move even a fraction. It rapidly consumes its host’s flesh, except for the nerves—they are left intact. They are left able to feel the heart-rending pain akin to death by a thousand cuts.

If that was all, Aimiya would not be so frightened.

Once all of the flesh is swallowed up, that is not the end. The bone eroding worm stimulates the regeneration of the flesh from a cellular level and it is quickly restructured. Once complete, the body is ready for the next round of consumption.

The cycle repeats for seven days, at which point the bone marrow is completely ruined. Unable to rebuild, the process will finally end.

While everything is occurring, the host is forced to remain completely clear-headed. From beginning to end, they must endure the bone-deep agony of their flesh constantly being cut apart.

This was the evil worm, the devil from the Dark Nation, the damned thing that had long died out in the beastmen’s continent!

Even so, it was currently active within Aimiya’s body.

Qin Mo left the dungeon, changed into new clothes, and washed up a little.

By this time the horizon was showing the first glimmer of light. In approximately one hour the sun would rise.

He looked down at the little guy resting in the hollow of his palm who was still sleeping deeply. The small, furry body was curled up in his hand like an adorable little ball.

Qin Mo extended a finger and stroked the soft hair on Shi Qing’s back. He felt the black and white downy back move up and down beneath his touch. It was warm, but it seemed that if he exerted a little force then that tiny body would be broken.

So weak, so harmless. If he lost him, he would die almost immediately.

Qin Mo smiled faintly, and that shallow smile was unexpectedly enchanting in the hazy light given off by the first rays of the morning sun. He bowed his head and dropped a gentle kiss on the little guy’s head.

Shi Qing, you need me. If you leave me, you will surely die, can only die.

The little palm panda turned over and he shifted his small, round head to the other side. His tiny mouth was slightly opened, and there was a little bit of sparkling and translucent…drool.

Ah ah ah, sweet and sour pork, don’t you run away! Braised pork chops, come back quickly. Furthermore, fried chicken, seasoned pork strips, plum steamed pork, you, come to my bowl!

Shi Qing woke up hungry. He opened his eyes and was miserable to discover that the sun had still not fully come out! Why was he still in panda form?

He was muddle-headed for a moment, and when he looked up he found that they were not in the dirt house. He could not help raising his head to ask Qin Mo, “You went out?”

Qin Mo, “En.”

Shi Qing surveyed the path they were taking. Once he studied the route, he immediately jumped up, “You went to the prison?”

Qin Mo, “En.”

“Ah, why didn’t you wake me up? I haven’t taken revenge yet! Don’t you know that Aimiya is the absolute worst! He used to bully Yier and torment him,” He began to grow indignant, “Yier was a fool, even though he was so bullied by him, he was indeed weak and pathetic.”

He then began to rage again, “Aimiya is not only a traitor, he also wants to kill me. This small grandpa2 only kicked him, too enjoyable!”

Qin Mo looked down and watched the little palm-sized animal, now spitting in anger, and frowned a bit. As he knit his brows, he pondered…Unfortunately for Shi Qing, all those emotions were coming from that small head and the whole situation was reduced to two wordsacting cute.

Qin Mo stretched out his finger, took advantage of the little one opening his mouth, and actually placed it inside.

After that…one man looked face to face with one cutie.

Some cutie: Don’t put your huge finger in my mouth, it’s full to the bursting point.

Qin Mo: Tongue is really soft.

The appearance of Erha rescued Shi Qing’s mouth.

“Hey, Chief, the people are all present!” 

The unperturbed Qin Mo regretfully pulled his finger out, stroked the little beast with his hand, then said, “Let’s go.”

Shi Qing obviously felt like he was a hindrance. He had only slept, so when all was said and done, what happened? Was it possible that, instead of sleep that night, his host was working hard on the mission?

Such great dedication! Like3!

He did not ask anymore and was brought along with Qin Mo to the tribe’s meeting hall. Well, to put it bluntly, it was just a larger dirt hut.

However, when they went inside, Shi Qing was actually little scared. There were quite a lot of people.

All of the beastmen of the Yassin Tribe who held any amount of prestige were present, right?

When they saw Yalike come in, the din that originally filled the tribe’s meeting hall ceased and it immediately became quiet. Every beastman turned to watch their chief as he entered.

Erha also found himself a place to sit down, next to Moya. Moya ignored him and turned to the side, but contrary to what one would expect he did not leave.

Yalike slowly walked forward and moved to a raised platform in the center of the room.

All of the beastmen, one by one, stood up in a line to greet their leader. Each and every one took a look at Yalike, then looked at the cute little animal in his hand. After a brief period of confusion, they suddenly realized what they were looking at.

That was Yier right? Hello cute Yier! Yier you definitely deserve to be the chief’s sub-beast!

When they saw that the two were so close, regardless of whether it was a beastman or a sub-beast, their hearts felt greatly at ease. This was how the chief should behave, providing a good example for all of the beastmen to work towards!

Yalike stood before them. First, he stroked the cute little animal in his hand and then he looked at the group all around him. Wherever his line of sight passed, he gave the beastmen the impression that he was examining them very carefully.

The imposing feeling of their chief, as well as the feeling of comradeship each of the six clans below him felt, was handled just perfectly. Somehow the beastmen all felt comfortable within their heart.

Subsequently, Yalike opened his mouth and his low, husky voice rang out to every part of the circular building, which imperceptibly increased the volume.

“I, Yalike of the Yassin, apologize for my unacceptable conduct prior to this point.”

When he finished speaking, he curled his left hand into a fist, placed it across his chest, then humbly bowed.

In that moment an even deeper silence descended in the meeting hall, but it was shortly followed by waves of sound as the people’s voices burst out, unrestrained.


It’s been a bit longer than I wanted, but I hope you can enjoy this.

You have to admit, not many can do revenge like Qin Mo.

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  1. Mole cricket and ants (idiom) – tiny people with no power 
  2. Referring to one’s self as a father/grandfather is an arrogant term of self-address 
  3. Like, as in the cute little like button right below this post (or I guess any social media) 

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  1. The situation of aimiya made me think about this song

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    You can see the wickedness in his eyes
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    (Go back to your place!)
    (Go away traitor!)
    He brought troubles when he arrived
    (So long, farewell!)

    He grew up in resentment
    Defenseless and without love
    Let him go away already
    But never forget, he won’t have forgiveness
    Because he’s not part of our clan
    He has never been part of our clan

    He’s not part of the clan, he’s not from here
    Someone else lied to us, but not this time
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    Why do I feel like Moya is a Tsun?

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