PUP Volume 2 Chapter 12

Translator: Piper Panda

Editor: Kleep

There were a few kittens in the guild hall, but everyone’s attention was on the task board. After seeing the blue font that represented an S-level task, everyone was surprised and began to look at the conditions of this S-level. Sure enough, they saw on the task listing that it had already been accepted.

The identity of the recipient was self-evident.

Meanwhile, the Mercenary Guild’s mission system had simultaneously updated the news that all the level two Mercenary Guilds and above also owned a Mission Crystal board, could see.

Due to this incident, Xi Wei’s name actually became well-known across the mainland for the first time.

The task levels of the Mercenary Guild were divided like this: S-level tasks were assigned to the Mercenary Guild itself, they did not need to have a mercenary hired to complete them. SS-level tasks were issued to the mercenaries. And SSS-level tasks were issued by the Mercenary Guild to people who posted an S-level task. There was no relation to difficulty level, it was similar to plucking stars from the skyno two stars were the same.

Anyway, it was difficult.

After the mission was released, Xi Wei silently looked over the relevant information of S-level tasks. There was an exquisite booklet with few words, but most eye-catching were the patterns. The designs were very well thought out and the font was easy to read.

The title page of the booklet introduced the origin of task division for tasks at S-level and above, but it was only some pictures arranged like a manhua. The general content was about the last era when the founders of the Mercenary Guild cooperated with the armed forces of the mainland to fight against the invading Demon race. The Mercenary Guild was created with the intention of assigning tasks to kill Demons. When the Demons retreated, the Mercenary Guild was left behind and became one of the giant organizations of the mainland.

The rules for the release and acceptance of S-level tasks were basically just a form of goodwill.

The founder believed that if a person wanted to do something that was worth exchanging their own life for, then as long as it was not wicked, they may as well help.

When people were desperate, one could imagine how important this selfless goodwill was. After all, there would always be things in the world that were more important than one’s life.

So, this regulation had been passed down, and many people called the founder a true lifesaver.

Evan was obviously familiar with this service, but he did not expect Xi Wei would use such an extreme method.

Because this was related to him and his sister he felt regret and guilt. Unfortunately, Xi Wei may die on his assigned SSS-level mission in the near future. Even more humiliating was the fact that this problem was mainly caused by Jonia, yet Xi Wei had to pay the price with his life.

The plague demon was also a fierce existence within the Demon race. Not to mention a Junior Warrior like Xi Wei, even ordinary gods were not necessarily the plague demon’s opponents. Unfortunately, those who existed in the first era and had once sealed the plague demon had long since disappeared.

Meanwhile, on the far side of the distant western border of the Nightmare Forest, a brown-haired, warrior-like man frowned and sat up on his bed and said to himself, “Someone took the task of sealing the plague demon, they’re from Providence City.”

Then the man suddenly disappeared as if he was never there.

The registrar was recording the changes in the tasks. Tonight, there was a new S-level task that caused his hands to start sweating and his heartbeat to accelerate. He had been a registrar for many years, and to tell the truth, this was the first time he was not certain how to process an S-level task. Was he seeing things wrong?

He repeatedly checked the information on the registration form. It was telling him to block Providence City! This was a huge matter and if he made a mistake, his life would be over!

While the registrar was struggling, he felt like there was a cold wind blowing on his forehead. He could not help but shrink his neck. When he looked up, he suddenly saw a young brown-haired man.

The registrar was shocked and stuttered, “This…sir, what do you need?”

The brown-haired youth pulled out a purple badge and placed it on the table, the registrar was in awe. The purple badge was only given to a Guild Manager. Only people who have made significant contributions and were in important positions could own it. This man looked young, but he was obviously not as simple as he seemed.

The young man replied, “Tell me the latest news on the new S-level mission, then bring the person who posted it to come see me.”

His tone was not arrogant, but because of his status, the registrar acted as if he received an imperial decree.

Xi Wei was carefully studying the booklet. His facial paralysis caused him to seem abnormally calm, it was impossible to see any fear. The registrar muttered under his breath, this person is really strange, he’s can’t be a madman, right?

However, he still coughed to catch Xi Wei’s attention, then tried to use a formulaic tone to say, “Junior mercenary Xi Wei, the details of the execution of your S-level mission need to be confirmed with our manager personally. I can register the mission for you, but with a massive undertaking like barricading the city, I don’t have the authority to execute it by myself.”

Xi Wei silently nodded, while setting the book aside. He got up and followed the registrar. In fact, only God knew that he was not paying attention at all. His mind was completely blank.

The brown-haired man looked up at the crystal board just like everyone else. No one knew what he was thinking of, but as he looked at it, the corner of his mouth slightly raised, and his cold face softened a little.

The registrar came up to him with and attitude of extreme respect, “Sir, the person who published the mission is here.”

The man nodded in acknowledgment. However, when he turned and saw Xi Wei, he was a bit taken back. He did not expect a mere teenager to have such incredible courage, although his calm temperament clearly did not match his age.

The brown-haired man waved his hand, and the low murmuring noise in the guild hall suddenly disappeared. Xi Wei reflexively responded to the dangerous vibe given off by the man and shuddered involuntarily with fear.

They were surrounded by a transparent energy field that kept others out. The brown-haired man raised his finger and pointed to the ceiling, “Do you know what taking the mission against the plague demon means?”

Xi Wei nodded.

“So Xi Wei, why do you want to block the entire Providence City? Such a big city, even blocking it for only one day will cause an immense disturbance.”

Xi Wei did not back down and blatantly said, “The Mercenary Guild can’t even follow the rules it set itself?”

The brown-haired man was stunned. He didn’t expect his words to make Xi Wei doubt the ability of the Guild. Honestly, he was just purely curious. He originally wanted to see who decided to take on this SSS-level task was, but he did not expect it to be a very weak looking teenager who did not seem to be in any rush to complete the task.

This young man would probably die in the near future. It was regretful, but rules were the rules, and rules were not meant to be broken.

So the man replied, “Of course not, but you have to tell me the reason for the closure of the city, or the Guild would not have a way to explain why they closed Providence City. If the closure of the city is to be used for evil, then the task will not meet the rules and the Guild can refuse service.”

Xi Wei paused for a moment, as if to organize his words, “My child, he disappeared, someone kidnapped him, they can’t be allowed to leave the city.”

“Your child?”

His child? Xi Wei thought of the little guy who persistently stuck to him for five years while nodding in acknowledgment.

The brown-haired man carefully asked about what happened. After receiving a satisfactory answer, he waved to remove the energy field that was isolated them from the surrounding area. Then he said, “Don’t worry, within three days, you will surely receive a satisfactory answer. As for your SSS-level task, just wait for any notifications from the Guild. We will notify you when it’s time to leave for the mission.”

Early the next morning, many residents of Providence City were surprised to find that they could not leave the city. They asked the guards who defended the city, but they were also confused. It was only when some people discovered a notice posted on the city gate that they were enlightened.

An Aunty who was carrying a shopping basket shook her head, “It’s really awful. It seems like I can’t go pick bamboo shoots outside of the city today.”

There were many similar discussions, but more people were angry at the kidnappers, daring to kidnap people in the Holy City, they were too reckless!

Unconsciously, all the residents of Providence City began to be on the lookout for any suspicious people. Everyone was trying to find who dared to commit such a crime. They were all so angry.

In a dark underground passage, Jia Er paced angrily, “I knew that woman named Belle was trouble. How could her task have been so easy? This trap had to be waiting for us.”

“Lyon,” Jia Er said while admiring his moment of intelligence, he proposed, “It seems that the closure of the city was caused by this child. His Highness Evan can’t use his identity right now. So we better return this child back, then everything can be solved.”

Jia Er’s eyes were gloomy, “Miss Lyon, aren’t you a space magician? Why can’t you do things like teleporting us out of town?”

Lyon slightly smiled, “Providence City is called the Holy City for a reason. Since it is sealed, unless they are a God, no one will be able to pass through the magic blockade. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be a joke?”

Jia Er was annoyed by Lyon’s indifferent attitude, but he did not do anything rashLyon was their leader after all. All he could do was curse that the duke’s illegitimate daughter will never be able to obtain recognition from her family!

After a brief silence, Lyon began speaking, “First let’s first contact Belle to see if the supposed future saintess has any great ideas.”

Meanwhile, Princess Jonia and Zeno were in the dark room groping around. Jonia was very tired, so she instinctively leaned towards the only heat source near her and fell into a lethargic sleep. She occasionally murmured in her sleep, but nothing she said was understandable.

Zeno kept his eyes open. Although he could not see anything, he did not want to close them. After all, Jonia was a fragile teenage girl, on top on falling asleep. It was clear to Zeno that the situation was not optimistic. He had no room to slack off.

He did not think the other party went through all the effort to kidnap them just to let them ferment here, only to be discovered many years later as skeletons.

Sure enough, after the night passed, Zeno felt the originally still air change to a small breeze. Then, the voice of the female space magician sounded, “Oh, this little sister is spirited. Didn’t you sleep at all?”

Zeno opened his mouth and decided to try to extract some information, “Sister, where is this, why is it so dark, I am afraid of the dark, I can’t sleep.”

Then he reached out and rubbed his eyes, making it look like he was tired and afraid to sleep, shrinking into Jonia’s arms.

There was a bit of pity in Lyon’s eyes. This poor ‘little girl’ got onto the bad side of Belle and did not even know what her fate would be. However, they had to obey the agreement to hand Zeno over to Belle. Otherwise, they would have not only run a fruitless errand, but they may also lose their own lives.

Thinking until there, Lyon hardened her heart and moved out of the way for Belle who was behind her, leaving Zeno exposed to the future Light Saintess.

Belle impatiently reached out to grab Zeno’s collar and lifted him up. She saw nothing special about ‘her’. She was baffled as to why her father accepted this imp as an apprentice?

Lyon leaned against the wall and asked, “Miss Belle, we have delivered on our side, when can you arrange for us to leave the city?”

Belle carried Zeno with no effort. She was obviously using magic to lighten his weight. She wrinkled her beautiful eyebrows and impatiently said, “For tonight, I will take away this little demon.”

My cute panda slave has been working hard to bring this to you all soon, despite school starting for her.

Don’t you feel like you keep hating Belle more and more?

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