RAAS Chapter 26

Moya was the chief veterinarian of the Yassin Tribe. He possessed superior medical expertise and was particularly skilled in dealing with various post-war wounds and wound healing. Furthermore, because he was a sub-beast and had the ability to pacify, he could also calm the restlessness of beastmen to a certain degree, as well as being able to calm some non-beast animals. For those reasons, Moya was very popular in the tribe.

Especially recently, during the time free from war, other than a few medical visits he mostly saw a few single beastmen that would call on him for a ‘medical’ visit every day. He was incredibly idle.

Since he was unoccupied, although it was early in the evening he had just finished washing up and brushing his teeth with the intention of climbing into bed. At that moment he noticed that a stupid dog had made its way into his place.

Moya’s complexion sank, “Erha, you are getting more and more gutsy. You dare to charge into my place at night? You really need a spanking!”

The one who came in was that husky who was crazy about sub-beasts; he was also a frequent visitor there. After all, Moya was not only beautiful, but also intelligent and capable, and most importantly he was still single! How could Erha avoid forming a favourable impression of him?

Thus, he came with daily reports of illness and injury.

Moya was not genuinely bothered by him. Compared to other beastmen who tried to flaunt their power and only focused on their sleek fur and large muscles, Erha seemed more vivacious and cute.

It was just that Moya absolutely did not allow any beastman to come in at night.

You should know that the night was the most dangerous time, especially after sub-beast fell asleep. At that time, they had no control over their spiritual power, so the energy they emitted held a fatal attraction for the beastman.

If they could not resist, then they would be charging straight towards calamity!

However, contrary Moya’s expectations, Erha’s behaviour was not stupid like in the past. His brow was furrowed and he spoke in an unusually solemn manner, “Moya, come quickly, the chief had an accident!”

When Moya heard that, he was immediately alarmed!

He immediately threw his cloak over his shoulders, grabbed his medicine box, and rushed out through the door.

When all was said and done, he was only a small beast and his body’s strength was not that good. Although the clinic was not too far from the chief’s place, it would still be a waste of time for him to run there himself.

Without saying anything further, Erha rushed forward and bent down, lifting Moya up onto his back. After that, he quickly took off towards their destination.

Moya had always had a calm and reserved character in the past. He had never been in such close contact with another beastman, and for a moment he actually felt a little panicked.

“Hold on, I’m going to speed up.”

When he heard Halso (Erha’s full name) say that, Moya did not dare to think. He could only hug his neck tightly and lower his own body to accommodate the beastman’s pace.

Although Halso was not a beastman that specialized in speed, his overall qualities were still high. Even though he was carrying a man on his back at this moment, his speed did not diminish in the slightest amount. Within about two or three minutes they had reached the chief’s dirt hut.

Moya climbed down and rushed into the home carrying his box of medicine.

He had also heard about the matter that had passed during the day. Some beastmen from another tribe had mounted a sneak attack against the tribe, but he did not hear that someone was injured. It was already night, did something go wrong with the chief? Don’t tell me that he had hidden an injury?

If so, then who knew what state it could worsen to after delaying treatment the entire day!

In particular, since Yier could not calm Yalike’s restlessness, then medical treatment could prove to be very troublesome. If the chief was somehow incapacitated, then the whole tribe would be in an upheaval—it was truly a crafty scheme by the enemy!

Moya was growing more and more worried. He quickly pushed his way through the door, only to see a strong and healthy Yalike. The beastman did not even have the smallest trace of an injury, so he could only stare at him blankly.

He soon reacted once he noticed the sub-beast held within Yalike’s arms.

That short fluffy silver-white hair and those little furry black ears; these unique characteristics shocked Moya. That was Yier!

What happened to Yier?

Moya and Yier grew up together since childhood, and both of their parents died prematurely so they were mutually dependent for survival. Although they did not suffer many grievances within the tribe since they were sub-beasts, their congenial temperaments and similar life experiences led them to develop a deep friendship.

The moment that he thought Yier may have been wounded, Moya paled. He understood thoroughly how weak sub-beasts were. Even if he was only slightly injured, late treatment may not be able to guarantee his life!

Moya advanced forward carrying the medicine box, and since he saw that Yalike was still holding Yier, he could not help but request, “Chief, please put him down, I’ll do an examination.”

Yalike did not move and answered in an ice-cold voice, “Do it like this, I will not hinder you.”

Moya was stumped for words and he could not help silently cursing in his heart: What are you up to, just now beginning to play at being affectionate!

However, Moya did not dare to delay. He took out an instrument and began to check over Yier’s body.

The more he examined, the more puzzled he became. Moya stared blankly for a moment, then changed his angle, and then continued to check Yier. As the time spent checking extended, Qin Mo’s complexion grew worse and worse, and the surrounding temperature dropped well below zero.

Erha, who was standing next to them, could not help trembling, but Moya did not feel a thing. He gradually shed the tension in his brows from his concerns, and it was replaced by pleasant surprise and a trace of doubt.

He simply put away his instrument and placed his hand directly on top of Yier’s heart. After that he closed his eyes, and after about a minute all traces of concern disappeared.

He smiled faintly and assured Yalike, “Chief, no need to worry, Yier is entering his developmental period!”

Qin Mo frowned slightly, “Developmental period? Why did he lose consciousness?” He had Yalike’s memories, so he understood how a sub-beast’s developmental period should go. However, nowhere could he find a memory that there would be a loss of consciousness.

Moya has always had a face as cold as a flower on a mountain peak, but at that moment he showed some rare excitement, “Under normal circumstances, when a sub-beast enters their period of development they will have three different waves. Generally they don’t have much of a response, and it mostly occurs overnight while they are sleeping. Yier’s circumstances are very special and extremely rare, but they are not without precedent.”

After a pause, he said with more excitement, “This coma occurred during the developmental period, and that indicates that Yier’s spiritual power is extremely powerful. His body was overloaded, so this happened as a self-protection measure.”

Finally he concluded, “Chief, sir1! This is a good thing! This means that Yier is the sub-beast who inherited the lineage of God’s Prophet!”

When Shi Qing finally woke up, it was just in time to hear Moya’s words.

He closed his eyes for half a day; who is Moya? He became aware—he was Yier’s good brother, and at the same time he recalled that Moya was a celebrated veterinarian within the tribe.

Shi Qing recalled what he had personally experienced and in his heart he knew that it was finally time. The Yier that was eighty percent slower to develop when compared to his peers was finally maturing…

That actually did not give him a big shock. What really made him have a dizzy spell were Moya’s words.

Moya cautioned, “Chief, Yier is now in his developmental stage and he needs to be carefully protected. No matter what, he absolutely cannot take part in any intimate behaviour whatsoever. It could stimulate his heart and cause him pain and suffering!”

Qin Mo was unperturbed, “En.”

Moya spoke even more seriously about the matter, “You can’t even kiss.”

Qin Mo grew increasingly calm and collected, “Very well.” He looked down at the young man cradled in his arms, and asked in a very conscientious and grave manner, “What about petting2?”

Moya thought for a moment, taking into account the fact that Yalike’s attitude was very proper, and reluctantly responded, “You can, but don’t be excessive—you can’t touch any sensitive points, you can’t allow him to be aroused…”

Shi Qing could not handle it anymore. He suddenly opened his eyes and promptly coughed loudly, successfully interrupting Moya’s words.

Big Brothers! What the fuck are you talking about, don’t challenge my three world views! Watch out for your moral integrity’s boundaries, they have stripped naked and are out streaking!

Although Moya’s words were interrupted, he did not take offense. Instead, he was earnestly watching Shi Qing.

The young sub-beast before him had crimson cheeks, his pink lips were slightly opened, and his skin was as tender as a peeled honey peach. Even worse, his big, sparkling eyes were perfectly moist…

Deep down, Moya was very skeptical. Even if Yalike could control himself, could the small Yier manage to hold back?

Just look and see the amorous feelings undulating from him!

As everyone knew, sub-beasts have a fatal attraction to the beastmen. However, why was the beastman not always attracted to the sub-beast?

No one was more clear than Moya that little Yier loved Yalike, so if the two were left alone, it would be a wonder if they did not have an accident! He was in the adolescence stage, but he had also entered the developmental period. If he were to shoot accidentally while polishing the gun3, the damage could never be redeemed!

Moya thought a bit and then finally looked to Yalike, seeking his opinion, “Out of consideration for Yier, I suggest we temporarily have him transform into his beast form. It would be good for the both of you.”

Qin Mo frowned slightly—he knew what Moya meant. Although he did not accept Moya’s misgivings as correct, when he took into account the unknown nature of the world, he did not directly reject the suggestion.

When he searched through Yalike’s memory, Qin Mo was unable to find any information regarding Yier’s animal type. That was enough to prove that Yalike truly did not attach any importance to Yier.

Moya also thought of that, so while he was a bit unhappy, he still explained, “Yier is a very rare and cute animal. His animal’s physique is very small and more convenient to protect.”

Very small physique…these three words left Qin Mo very satisfied. He considered it briefly and finally acquiesced, “Good.”

Shi Qing’s face immediately changed colour. He was aware of Yier’s true form, so he tried to resist. Moya did not allow him to refuse; he opened his mouth and stuffed a small round pill inside, then afterwards he was all smiles as he said, “Little Yier, behave, we are doing this for your own good.”

For my own good? Pah!

Unfortunately, he gulped the pill down into his belly, and then Shi Qing felt his body shrink and shrink, and then shrink some more. Originally he had been held in both of Qin Mo’s arms, but not a moment later he was lying down in Qin Mo’s palm.

The timber had been turned into a boat already4. Shi Qing took the cracked jar and smashed it on the ground. He clicked his claw and then lay down flat, very discouraged.

Yier, you are no good. You actually turned out to be a national treasure panda!

Pandas could be ok; it was reasonable to say that a fully grown panda had high fighting potential and could be truly overbearing. So why does it have to be the shrunk down version! Only palm sized!

A palm-sized panda…apart from acting cute, was there anything else it could do?

I’ve been dying to post this picture.

Shi Qing: I don’t like this, so tired.

Compared to his dispirited state, Qin Mo was obviously in a cheerful mood. He looked at the small, plump, black and white animal in his hand, and the corners of his mouth curved up into a joyful arc.

Although he was a bit bigger than the jade pendant, he felt much better to hold than the jade pendant.

Moya stealthily glanced at Yalike. The usual Yalike of the past was not casual in his speech or with his smile, and most people would not dare look at him due to the power and influence he displayed. That slight smile only came out thanks to seeing Yier’s animal type, betraying only a hint of some actual personality.

When Moya saw the two men, he finally witnessed the feelings that should have been there a long time ago.

Yier was unconsciously intimate with Yalike, and Yalike displayed a blatant desire to monopolize Yier.

Although it was entirely different from the past, but…Moya actually thought that this was how it ought to be. After all, they belonged to each other; they were companions blessed by the Beast God.

Appearing as if he had seen nothing, Moya tidied up his things and turned around to leave.

Shi Qing had become a panda. Although he was initially somewhat out of sorts, he soon accepted the situation and moved on. Fortunately, the medicine’s effects would only persist until tomorrow morning, so as soon as dawn broke he could regain his humanoid form. He would not be hindered too much.

The sky was darkening. That, coupled with the day’s series of unforeseen events, as well as the fact that he was lying in a comfortable and warm palm, made Shi Qing feel an inexplicable peace of mind. At that moment, his sleepiness hit him right in the face.

He rubbed his small furry white head against the hollow of Qin Mo’s palm. He spread his short limbs out wide until he was laying flat, and his belly was pressed against that palm. Finally, his tiny mouth opened in an exaggerated yawn.

Qin Mo gently stroked him and that rhythmic action unexpectedly sent him off straight to the land of dreams. It was as if he had long ago arranged to meet the Duke of Zhou (God of Dreams).

Once the little guy fell asleep, Qin Mo placed him on his chest, and then got up and took advantage of the dim light of night to head out the door.

The Yassin Tribe’s prison was terribly cold and gloomy, and no sunshine could enter. Only a single crystal spar sent out a feeble ray of light, barely able to bring the slightest trace light.

Aimiya’s clothes were in tatters, so although he was not seriously injured, due to a sub-beast’s frailty, he had already become very haggard. Even so, he still appeared delicate, lovely, and pitiable.

Click, the sound of the prison door opening sounded and Aimiya raised his head. He looked up and saw a man walking slowly down towards him.

A tall figure walked gracefully, his handsome face hidden due to the lack of light.

Aimiya sneered within his heart, but the voice he spoke in was very weak, “Yalike, with the way you’ve treated me, don’t think I’ll tell you anything!”

The man arrived in front of him, his handsome face covered with a layer of ice, callous and elusive under the faint illumination of the crystal stone, “It’s not necessary.”

I hope that this was worth the wait. Quite a few of you guessed right! This chapter took bit longer than I hoped because it was longer.

The next PUP chapter is…never ending. I will try not to take too long before coming back here for a chapter, but hopefully this will sate your hunger for the time being!

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  1. In this instance, and in a few other, they call the chief “Daren”, which you’ll be familiar if you read STSC. Seriously go read that delightful gem. It’s a respect way to address a leader, but it really doesn’t translate too well, so I stuck with Chief (which they do use sometimes) because I didn’t want to throw too many Chinese terms into here. 
  2. This term can mean – to gently caress and stroke/to pet/to fondle. I hemmed and hawed, but in the end, especially when it comes to dialogue, I try to choose what makes sense…what would people actually say? i.e, I would have preferred to say gently caress, but QM is always very succinct and I don’t see him saying that. 
  3. Shame on you if you don’t know this one. Well not really. But it’s a euphemism. For dick. It’s a penis, and ejaculation. The time is not yet right. 
  4. the timber has been turned into a boat already (idiom) – what is done cannot be undone 

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