PUP Volume 2 Chapter 10

Translator: Piper Panda

Editor: Kleep

Colin’s unusual actions caused Xi Wei to be more vigilant. When he excitedly approached, Xi Wei pulled Zeno’s collar and took a few steps back to avoid him.

His attempt to dodge was commendable, but as a Sage, and the figure at the top of the pyramid, how could Principal Colin let Zeno slip through his fingers?

He had just lifted his hand gently, when the sturdy collar that Xi Wei confidently grasped disappeared from his hands. Zeno appeared in front of Principal Colin instantly. Xi Wei’s pupils shrank and he clenched his fist so hard his nails broke the skin of his palm, and his hand started bleeding, but he did not notice.

Zeno was taken away from him right beneath his nose, and he was powerless to resist.

Colin did not consider the thoughts of this young ‘father’. He took a closer look at the little tarot card box that was hanging in front of Zeno’s chest. His voice seemed a bit awkward because of his excitement. “Child, you have met Master Asil, right?”

Zeno also felt a bit awkward. Asil? Who was that? As far as he knew, the only famous person named Asil was the wife of the first warrior Xia Zuo, whom Xiao Wu had constantly blathered on about. He was also the founder of the Providence College; but were those not characters from the third era? This was basic knowledge of the background in ‘Curse’. How was it related to this?

After thinking about it, Zeno still shook his head firmly. Asil’s name may be easy to borrow since he had such amazing accomplishments. However, because the principal possessed such great magical abilities, it could bring trouble to the protagonist if uncovered. That kind of loss made feigning acquaintance a poor decision.

Seeing the little girl in front of him firmly shaking her head, Principal Colin also calmed down a little bit, but he would never admit his mistake. That snowy, windy night five years ago, a fabled figure from legend that had disappeared for hundreds of years suddenly appeared in front of Providence College, asking to employ all the forces of the college to find a woman with a baby. At that time, he personally saw this little wooden box hanging in front of that person’s chest.

This wooden box had a magic mark left by Asil and it was very obvious. It was unquestionably left there as a sign for Principal Colin that was clear and easy to see. It was intended to serve as a warning to him to not only assist this child, but to ensure that no person was allowed to harm them.

When he remembered that time, the location they ended up narrowing in on was Ye Sa City, where Xi Wei was from. It was impossible that this was just a coincidence.

It seemed that person did not tell the two children about his identity, so they would be unaware. Colin was the principal of the Providence College, and his speculations were actually eighty to ninety percent of the truth. Once he was able to use his skills to determine this, he immediately decided how he would answer from now on.

Profoundly aware of his blunder, Principal Colin covered it up with a cough, then he let go of Zeno and returned to the table. When he sat back down, he returned to being that calm and wise principal.

After this incongruity in Colin’s behavior, Colin’s mighty vibe started to feel a little fake.

“Well, let’s talk about your business,” Principal Colin took another sip of tea, “This child needs my guidance in order to gain control over her mental strength, but it is well-known that every magician has their own, in-depth style of controlling it. That is the essence of every magician, and is not taught to anyone other than a formal disciple.”

Speaking of this, Colin stopped and looked pointedly at the two people in front of him with a smile.

The meaning was very obvious. He wanted Zeno to acknowledge him as his teacher?

This was not a problem. If Principal Colin accepted him as a disciple, Zeno would not be losing anything. Although his talent was high, he was not at the level where he was a rare prodigy.

However, Xi Wei did not speak, and left the decision making to Zeno. He just watched quietly. Since he knew that the child’s mind was not as ignorant as he looked, Xi Wei did not want to make the decision for him.

There was a saying that people must learn for themselves in order to grow.

Zeno seriously thought; this was almost the first time he was able to make an independent decision after crossing into this world. For the first time, he would be able to actively choose his the direction of his future. Even though this decision seemed to be a no-brainer.

Principal Colin did not urge him. In fact, he also had some misgivings. Do I really want to accept this child as a disciple?

As a matter of fact, there was no loss in doing so, but Principal Colin had other ideas. He wanted to see Master Asil again.

Thinking that way, Principal Colin had a new idea, so before Zeno started speaking Principal Colin interrupted him, “In fact, I don’t necessarily want you to be my disciple. As long as you promise me one condition, it is not impossible to help you solve your problems with your left eye and your bursting mental power.”

Zeno was very puzzled. The principal of the Providence College is so powerful. What does he need my help for?

However, even though Zeno could not understand the thoughts of Principal Colin, why did he feel that he did not want to accept him as a master! To become the disciple of the Providence College’s Principal, how many people had dreamed of it?

Apparently, Xi Wei also thought this way. It seemed that there was some strange matters going on in this situation. Was there any conspiracy by Principal Colin?

Colin had been in a high position for many years. He had not been seen like this. He used a cough to cover-up, “This condition is not difficult,” and then he pointed his finger at the wooden tarot box on Zeno’s chest, “I believe you must have seen the original owner of this box. He is a very powerful person. This person is acquainted with me and I always wanted to see him again. So, if you happen to see him once again in the future, please mention this to him. Then I will agree to help you.”

Zeno promised, after all he had no reason not to agree. Of course, his intelligence caught the eye of Principal Colin, but when he thought that this was the child valued by that great man, it put him at ease. If it helped him stand out from the masses, then she was worth his meticulous attention!

Of course, this also showed from another aspect that this was a very talented child. As a Master, there was not much difference whether it was in practice, or just nominally. Principal Colin was worried about making that great person unhappy. In order to remain on equal footing, he was careful not to cause offense.

Things seemed to be settled like this. Even though Zeno was never worried about it, he would have gone insane because of his absurd mental powers. If things could be solved smoothly, so that there would be no side branches growing out of a knot1, that seemed like it would be to everybody’s delight and satisfaction.

Today was the start of the weekend, when students of Providence Academy and College were on holiday, so many students would go out to play to take a load off their minds. Zeno also wanted to go out and play; he had not seen the real scenery of the Hong Yue Continent. Ye Sa City was morbid and corrupt, and just like a remote mountain village could not represent the scenery of an expansive city, Ye Sa City could not be considered a true representation of the Hong Yue Continent. Since Zeno came to this world, he had continued to stay within his own familiar space, never leaving. It was truly inexcusable. The most important thing now was that he wanted to show Xi Wei a different world from his past. As soon as possible, he wanted him to join the ranks of normal people.

In such a land full of strong people, the necessary level of vigilance and high fighting strength were indispensable. However, if those things become the sole focus of one’s life, then that would truly be a lamentable life. Zeno faintly thought that perhaps Xi Wei’s tragic ending in the original book was inseparable from his core character.

He mulled over the thought that Xi Wei never took the initiative to consider the opinions of others. Since he feared death, he chose to be alone; he was not a fool. If you wanted to harm others, others would also harm you. Xi Wei was a person, not a god. He was not able to resist people’s calculations and was framed. The best way to avoid this was to become invisible. Once no one could see you, your safety would be greatly improved.

This way of thinking was not technically wrong, but it was really how people with autism would think. Although the protagonist did not have autism, his personality did seriously affect his interpersonal relationships. Human beings were always very sensitive. Who believed in you? Who did not believe in you? They could all feel that you had never really been sincere towards them, and of course they would not return any sincerity.

Therefore, in Xi Wei’s life, there were always many friends who eventually encountered each other. When the feelings between people were not deep enough, then they would start doing things for their own interests.

When stimulated, they would choose a more favourable path for themselves to balance feelings that had long been spurned.

In that case, could you still count on them and give up the benefits at your fingertips for their sake? In fact, there was a reader who said something very accurate, ‘There is no loyalty in the world. Loyalty is only given because the weight of betrayal is worth it’.

For example, there was Evan, who on one side had his mother’s bloody vengeance, and on the other side had a friend who had never been outwardly sincere towards him. Although his conscience caused him to feel guilty, he had chosen to sacrifice the protagonist for his own revenge.

Thinking until here, Zeno snuck over and scratched Xi Wei’s palm to signal that he had something to say. Xi Wei looked down and stared at Zeno intently. Zeno was suddenly a little apprehensive under Xi Wei’s eyes. Since his disguise had already been uncovered, he no longer knew how to face the protagonist.

It truly seemed that acting like a child had become instinctual. He had almost forgotten how he used to speak properly and act like a functioning adult member of society. If he was an adult then there would not be much of a problem, but it was strange with the appearance of a child. This made Zeno very distressed.

Luckily, Xi Wei was surprisingly patient when it came to matters related to Zeno. Perhaps this was fate.

Zeno struggled for a while before saying, “Baba, want to go out to have fun?”

His eyes held unpredictable expectations that made him difficult to refuse.

Xi Wei did not answer at all, instead he directly took Zeno’s hand and led him to the entrance of the college. The corners of Zeno’s mouth slightly lifted. He did not know why, but whenever the protagonist acted like this, he could always feel a sense of inexplicable excitement.

Our own Piper Panda is at it again. The next chapter in this is an absolute bear. The last 10 or so chapters have been about 3000 Chinese characters long. The next one is 9000. So, look forward to it!

Piper is going back to school next week, but will still help as she is able.

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  1. Side branch growing out of a knot. An idiom that means when side issues keep arising. 

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